The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 19 – Only Exception


“Missed me, baby?” Sapphire wrapped her arms around my neck and then seductively whispered, “I hope you don’t mind having my cousin around.”

I did not answer. I came here not to talk. I pulled her closer and devoured her lips. I tried to feel the urge to have sex with her, but I can’t seem to push myself into doing it. I have a great appetite for sex, but this is the first time when I don’t have the zest to even undress the woman in front of me.

It is crazy because when I was kissing Arlene; I felt the intensity of wanting to reach orgasm; but now, I lost that feeling. I tried to keep up with Sapphire, hoping that I’ll have the urge for sex soon; however, Arlene invaded my thoughts and soon, I imagined that I was kissing her.

For a while, I let myself drown in my fantasy, but I opened my eyes because I should not be thinking about her. I tried to find lust in watching Leigh as she took her blouse off; but fvck! I imagined that it was Arlene who was undressing in front of me.

I pressed my eyes close and tried to forget Arlene, but I failed. Her lovely face, her curves, her soft skin, her entirety was all I can think of.

Leigh came closer, so I let go of Sapphire’s lips and ravished hers. I felt Sapphire licked my neck while I sucked Leigh’s lips, hoping that these two women can help me forget Arlene.

“Ouch!” Leigh complained when I her lips.

“I did not know you’ve become a sadist, Mago,” she said as she wiped the blood from her lips and then said, “but I can play as your willing victim.”

Leigh licked my cheek, but I pushed her away when she bit my ear.

“What is wrong with you?” Leigh complained.

“I-I am sorry girls,” I stepped back.

“Come on, Mago. We needed this!” Sapphire uttered.

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said and went straight to the door.

“What kind of joke are you playing, Mago? This isn’t you. You always satisfy our lust!”

“Yeah,” I pointed at Leigh and said, “I agree with you. I should not be depriving myself of this lust that I felt.”

“Then come back here and let’s finish what we have started,” Sapphire demanded.

“No,” I shook my head and said, “I will not torture myself anymore.”

“What are you talking about? Is there something wrong with you?” Leigh asked.

“Sorry girls,” I smiled at them, “I just married a lady sexier and lovelier than both of you,” I said and then left the room.

I hurriedly went back to the private room, which was connected to my office. She was still there, sleeping like an anger. I unbutton my polo and took off my shoes before slipping into the blanket that was covering her. For a while, I stared at her and then thought, “why am I depriving myself when she was willing to satisfy my lust?”

I am going to satisfy myself until I don’t want her anymore. She chose to be in my world. She has to endure it. I kissed her, but she was too drunk to respond. I don’t like to have sex with someone unresponsive. And since I was not her first, I want her to remember our first more than she’ll remember her experience with sex.


I woke up and felt Mago’s body on top of me. I immediately checked myself and realized that I am still wearing the clothes I wore last night. I don’t know what happened last night, but I like the thought that we slept on the bed together. I wanted this to last longer, so I decided not to move and to wait for him to wake up. It felt so good to be trapped in his arms again, so I am going to savor this, for I am not sure if this would happen again.

I felt him moved after a few minutes, but it surprised me when he hugged me tighter and he buried his head in between my neck and my shoulder. His warm breath tickled me, causing me to move a bit. This woke him up, and he immediately moved away from me.

“Are you awake?” he asked because I was still closing my eyes.

I sighed and turned towards him so that our eyes will meet. I tried to understand what his stare means, but they were cold and they were obviously not out of love.

“Stuart is going to propose to Patricia,” he said.

For a while I wondered why he told me about Stuart’s plan to propose to Patricia, but I later understood when he said, “you won and as agreed, we will consummate our marriage.”

I was stunned but said nothing, so he continued to speak. “We will do it after Stuart’s proposal. Just remember, we have three rules to follow.”

He rose from the bed as he continued to speak, “don’t tell anyone about Stuart’s plan to propose. He wanted it to be a surprise so we should respect that.”

I was still at the state of shock when Mago uttered, “you better get ready. We need to be home now. I would like you to meet someone.”

“Who?” I asked as I rose from the bed.

“My nanny when I was young; she is going to live with us,” Mago answered.

I just nod at him so he continued to say, “remember rule number three? Since you are my wife, you are expected to satisfy me because if you can’t, I will find that satisfaction from someone else.”

I don’t know if he was just warning me or he is warming me up but he continued by saying, ” You will surely get tired after all the things I would like to do with you so it is timely that my old nanny will be with us. She can do the house chores while you will focus on satisfying me. I have a great appetite for sex, Arlene. So, brace yourself.”

Should I be excited or should I be afraid? How can I keep up with a monster in bed? I can’t deny the fact that I have been longing for this to happen to us and I don’t mind if he is going to do it out of lust. I hope that time will come when he will learn to love me again.


“Naina, this is Arlene, my wife,” Mago introduced me to his old nanny. I did not expect him to really utter that I am his wife, but I was happy that he did.

Naina smiled at me and then greeted me, “I am so happy to finally meet you Mrs. Concepcion.”

“Just call me Arlene,” I said.

“Well then, it is nice to meet you, Arlene. Have you eaten your breakfast?” she asked.

“We haven’t,” Mago answered.

“Well, I will prepare breakfast for you. Would you like me to prepare you some coffee?” Naina said and headed to the kitchen.

“That’s okay,” Mago said as he followed Naina, “I got this.”

Mago took two mugs from the cabinet and made two coffees. After which, he gave one mug to me.

I thanked him but I immediately looked at Naina when she asked, “so when did you get married?”

“Last year,” Mago casually answered.

“I see,” Naina reluctantly nodded.

“Why did you ask?” Mago asked.

“I just noticed that you were not wearing a wedding ring,” Naina blurted.

Mago and I looked at each other but felt awkward, so we both looked away.

“Your breakfast is ready,” Naina announced after she finished cooking.

She proceeded to preparing our breakfast at the dining area and then started cleaning the how.

We watched Naina left before we started talking to each other.

“You need to move your things to our room. You also lost the game last night, so you should start removing your pictures,” he uttered.

I said nothing, so he continued to speak, “do not confuse yourself when I said, ‘our room.’ We have rule number two. All we have is paper and what will happen between us is merely physical attraction, so do not expect love to follow after we’ll have sex.”

My shoulders dropped as I sighed. I just remembered that by agreeing to his terms, I agreed to be his bedwarmer. I am an idiot and a total mess. With everything that he uttered, I should run away from him; but I stayed, willingly embraced the life Mago wanted for me.

Mago is a broken man and I vowed to be the woman who will try to fix him. I let him use me if that is what it takes for him to get rid of all his pains.


I was alone in the house the whole day because Mago went with Naina to visit the doctor. I learned she fainted when she met Mago in the cemetery and that is why Mago had her checked. While in the house, I used the time to move my things to Mago’s room and as agreed, I also removed my some of my photos in the room. When I was done, I prepared to go to work because I expected Mago won’t come back for me to go with him to the bar.

I was already dressed when I heard my phone ringing.

“Janine,” I acknowledged the call.

“Have you talked to your husband?” Janine asked.

“About what?” I wondered.

“About Stuart’s plan to propose to Patricia,” Janine said.

“Yeah, but he did not tell me when this would happen,” I shrugged.

“That’s tomorrow, Arlene,” Janine exclaimed, “are you ready for what will happen after Stuart’s proposal?” Janine worriedly asked.

Janine knew about my agreement with Mago. She knew that if I won our bet, Mago will be forced to agree to have sex with me. I hoped for this, but now that it will soon happen; I am nervous about it. What will be Mago’s reaction when he’ll learn that I am still a virgin?

I need to prepare. The consummation of our marriage should happen because it is through this that Mago will reconnect with me and hopefully, will soon love me again. I know that he still loved me and his love for me will overpower the anger he felt towards me.

“Janine, I need your help,” I uttered.

“How can I help you?” Janine asked.

“I need you to teach me. I need to know how to act so that Mago will not notice that I am still a virgin,” I said.

“Mygosh, Arlene! Are you seriously not going to tell Mago that you are still a virgin?” Janine exclaimed.

“He can’t know that I am still a virgin. If I tell him that, he might not agree to have sex with me,” I replied.

“But that’s the problem,” Janine frustratingly blurted, “you are about to have sex with a man considered a monster in bed. Sex with him will surely be a wild one. How will you keep up with him if the only experience you had is just a French kiss?”

“I can keep up with him. I’ve watched a lot of porn movies,” I insisted.

“Fine. But I am worried about your first time,” she sighed, “you are a virgin and Mago should know that so he’ll know that he should handle you gently.”

“I will endure whatever he’ll do to me. Just tell me how I should act so won’t suspect that I am still a virgin,” I insisted again.

“How can I tell you? Mago is different from my Marco. Mago strikes anywhere whil Marco likes it intimate. I don’t even know if Mago fondled. The way I see it, Mago’s sex life is just like a hit and run,” Janine said.

“I need this, Budz,” I pleaded, “if getting hurt is the only way for Mago to love me again, I will endure it.”

“You really are dumb. But I can’t blame you,” Janine said. “after all, he is your husband.”

“So? What should I do?” I ask again.

“Talk dirty and be aggressive,” Janine replied.

I smiled after what Janine said. Talking dirty is easy. I learn this from flirting women in the bar every night. It was the “be aggressive” part that was difficult. How can I be aggressive when I have not done this before?

I sighed, but I saw Mago entered the house, so I ended my wall with Janine.

“Ready?” Mago asked.

I just nodded at him and then I went down the stairs to meet him and Naina in the living room.

“How’s the visit to the doctor?” I asked Naina.

“I am fine. I just had a minor hypoglycemia,” Naina answered.

“You should not over-exert yourself. I can help you with some chores in the house,” I said.

“She needs to rest; and we also need to go to the bar early,” Mago interrupted.

I smiled at Naina and then nodded at Mago. I followed him towards his car, but I was surprised that he opened the car door for me. He had not done this since I came back. I was about to enter the car when he called my name and handed me something.

“Wear this,” he commanded.

I looked at his hand and was astonished to see a diamond ring.

“Don’t overreact,” he blurted and then said, “Naina asked about the ring so I decided we should have one.”

I looked at his left hand and saw that he is already wearing the other pair of the ring.

He simply handed me the ring and then went to the driver’s side of the car. It may not be romantic, but I am still happy about it. This could be the beginning of everything that I have asked for.


I don’t know what got into me when I dropped by the jeweller where I had our wedding ring done a year ago. I was a fool then. I loved Arlene without really knowing everything about her. All I thought then was the love I felt for her, and the hope that she will be the one who will help me forget the pains in my past. What I did not know was that she was actually the one who will remind me of every pain I endured.

“Wear this,” I told her when I handed her the ring.

I noticed a hint of a smile from her face so I reminded her that the ring was just to keep Naina from asking about it. Naina did not actually bother to ask further about the ring. I just don’t have any other excuse for giving her the ring.

She quietly received the ring and wore it. I tried not to bother about it but while I was driving, I could not help but look at her hand to make sure that it fit her. But I noticed her tears on her cheek.

“Why are you crying?” I asked.

“N-nothing,” she said as she wiped her tears.

“I already told you,” I said without looking at her, “expect nothing. That is just a ring. It meant nothing.”

“Don’t be too sure about that. I know your heart is not as hard as stone,” she uttered.

“Stop hoping for love to happen, Arlene,” I said as I parked the car. “Love is abstract. It is just an intense feeling that will just fade away.”

“I love you, Mago,” she faced me, “I will do whatever it takes just for you to love me.”

“You were just challenged, Arlene,” I said as I got out of the car.

“I am not challenged, Mago,” she also went out of the car and stood on my way.

“You just loved me because you think I am different.” I looked straight into her eyes, “you just want to prove to yourself that you can change me. Love? That is a big lie!”

“If you really think that love is not true, then don’t stop me from what I want to do because I am going to do everything for you to learn to love me,” she said.

“You will just hurt yourself,” I said and tried to walk past her, but she hugged me from my back.

“You don’t care. So it does not matter if I get hurt and I do not care if I do,” she told me.

I removed her arms around me and then held her shoulders as I pushed her to the wall. I thought I was in control, but I pressed my body towards her, trapping her between my body and the wall. She felt so delicate that I want to crush myself into her. I avoided her eyes, so I lowered my head and my lips were near her ear.

“If I start to want you, I don’t think I will ever stop wanting you,” I whispered.

“Then don’t stop,” she said.

“I will only want you for your body, but I cannot give you more than just a mere sex,” I told her.

“Then let it be,” she said as she raised her knee and then her tie gently caressed the bulk between my legs while saying, “you own me, Mago.”

I took a deep breath before uttering, “you do not know what you asked for, Arlene. I could take you here, but I still respect you. I will give a nice decent sex.”

I lowered my head further until my lips touches the soft portion between her neck and her shoulder. I felt her fast heart beat as I gently suck her neck.

“Just a thought of it made me want to cum,” she uttered.

I bit my lips and then said, “You don’t have to imagine it because there are only three things that might happen.”

“You’d probably cum in my mouth,” I said and then gently bit her ear.

“and on my fingers,” I continued as I run my fingers down to her chest

“and many times all over my d-i-c-k” I said as cupped one of her breasts and then I kissed her.

This is it. I will win the battle of our body, but in doing so, I have lost the war of our hearts.

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