The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 20 - Self-destruct Button

Breaking 20 – The Self-destruct Button

*Arlene’s POV*

I am now on my way to see Janine in their mansion. Stuart had just proposed to Patricia which means the consummation of my marriage with Mago will happen soon. I was actually anxious about the thought that is why I asked my friends to meet up so we can talk about it.

“They are waiting for you at the entertainment room,” the butler told me as soon as I entered the mansion.

I simply nodded at him and then went to the entertainment room. The butler doesn’t need to guide the way for me since I’ve been visiting this place often; thus, I know where to find the entertainment room.

“Budz,” I called Janine as soon as I entered the room. We fondly called each other as ‘Budz’, a shortcut for buddies.

“So, have you done it?” she asked.

“Not yet,” I answered as I leaned on the sofa and then added, “I know and I can feel that he wanted us to do it but I think he is still stopping himself.”

“Have you done the things that I taught you to do?” Janine asked again.

“I did,” I replied.

“Maybe you did it wrong,” she uttered.

“I felt it. It was as hard as a policeman’s club,” I expressed.

“Really?” she got excited and then continued, “then why won’t he do it. I thought he is a sex machine.”

“He is probably saving it all for the big one,” Patricia butted in and then added, “but do not worry, as soon as he gets a taste of you; he will ask for more. I am saying it based on my experience with Stuart.”

“I doubt it,” I slouched.

“Oh Come on!” Patricia patted my back. “Mago already admitted to his friends that he is married to you. Soon, he will admit to them that he loves you.”

“That’s a wishful thinking. Mago is different. I don’t even know what’s the point of him telling his friends about our marriage if he made it clear to me that he does not want to have kids with me,” I told them.

“Seriously?” Janine was surprised.

“Seriously,” I confirmed and then added, “we went to a doctor. I thought he wanted us to see the doctor because he wanted us to have children; but I was wrong. We went there because he asked the doctor for birth control options.”

“What the fvck! He really did that?” Patricia blurted.

“Yes, and before I could even say no, he has already told the doctor to give me birth control pills,” I said.

“He is crazy,” Patricia got frustrated, “so he just wants to have sex with you, is that it?”

“That’s exactly what he told me. He said that our kids will just be unfortunate because we will just eventually get separated,” I said.

“That’s absurd! How can he think about separation when he has not even tried to be your husband?” Janine expressed.

“That is why I asked you to be here,” I uttered. “I need to find ways for him to stop thinking about our separation.”

“Make him taste heaven and make sure he’ll get used to it, so that he will definitely sense the hell when you will be gone,” Patricia angrily suggested.

“How? I don’t even know how to do it,” I asked.

“I’d rather not tell you about it. I don’t want to spoil the experience,” Patricia giggled.

“That is exactly her problem, Pat,” Janine interrupted. “Mago did not know that she is still a virgin.”

“What?” Patricia rose from her seat in surprise and then she added, “you have to tell Mago. He has to know that he has to be gentle on you.”

“That is exactly what I told her,” Janine uttered, “but she does not want Mago to know that.”

“He can’t know that I am a virgin because he might change his mind. Remember, he only agreed because he thought I have already given away my virginity,” I explained.

Both Patricia and Janine sighed, and they were obviously worried about me, so I tried to explain further, “did you forget that he once told me he does not want to have sex with virgins? Now that he agreed to have sex with me, I do not want him to have another reason for it not to continue.”

“What for? Just for you to be his bedmate? If yes, then for how long?” Janine asked.

“Come on, girls, just support me on this one,” I pleaded.

“And how can we help?” Patricia shrugged and then said, “besides, he will still know that you are a virgin.”

“He will know that once we’ve done it. Which means that it would be too late for him to back out; therefore, I have to make sure that will really happen,” I reasoned out, “I need your help. I need to know how to act so that he will not realize that I am still a virgin. And tell me what to do to seduce him so won’t back off in case he’ll realize earlier that I am a virgin.”

“Are you listening to yourself?” Janine worriedly uttered and then added, “no, erase the question. What I mean is, do you even know what you are taking yourself into?”

“I know what I am doing and I am determined to consummate our wedding,” I said and then pleaded, “as my friends, teach me what I need to know about having sex.”

“Are you really that desperate?” Patricia blurted.

“I was just like you,” I replied.

“Fine,” Janine sat straight and then said, “I was just worried but if you really want this then we’ll tell you what we know would be effective.”

“Just remember, when you do it. Make sure you moan a lot. It would really turn him on,” Patricia started.

“Moan?” I unconsciously blurted.

“Yes. The aahs and oohs! Make sure they are loud and seductive,” Patricia replied.

I listed Patricia’s suggestion so I would remember it.

“Make sure to prolong the moan,” Janine added.

“Prolong?” I looked at her.

“And do a lipbite while doing it, as if you really like it,” Patricia suggested.

“Does it really feel good?” I asked.

“You are a pain in the head,” Janine massaged her temple, “it will hurt at first but when the pain subsides, you will begin to feel a distinct sensation.”

“And guys like it naughty, especially guys like Mago,” Patricia added, “you will have to keep up with him. Never back out to whatever sex adventure he’d like to try.”

“I see,” I nodded as I took note.

“Oh I almost forgot,” Patricia uttered, “you are still a virgin; therefore, you must be ready when he enters. Take a deep breath and don’t fight him.”

“And that’s the part that I am afraid of,” Janine got worried and then said, “your first experience might be traumatic.”

“It won’t. I will surely like it even if it will hurt me,” I convinced them.

“Arlene,” Patricia held my hand, “you can ask him to be gentle before he gets in.”

“No!” I remove my hand from her, “I can’t do that or else he will realize that I am a virgin.”

“Then maybe you can set-up a romantic ambiance,” Janine suggested. “Maybe the ambiance will make him be a little gentler.”

“Knowing Mago, he wouldn’t be gentle. The reason he is called a ‘monster in bed’ is because he likes it wild and naughty,” Patricia uttered and then she held my hand again, “you need to get used to that because I really think he is not the gentle type.”

I honestly felt nervous when Patricia said that, but I am also determined to consummate my marriage, so I should not back out just because I am going to have sex with a man they called ‘monster in bed.’

“So how do I get wild?” I asked.

Janine and Patricia looked at each other first before Janine said, “We can’t explain it but I think it would be best if we show it to you.”

“Hell, NO, Janine!” I refused, “I don’t like to watch you and your husband do it, especially that you are pregnant. I am alright with just descriptions.”

“Seriously! I did not mean to have live sex in front of you!” Janine’s voice raised.

“But you said you would show it to me,” I said.

“What Janine meant is that we will watch some porn videos, so you will have an idea how women handle men,” Patricia explained.

“You want us to watch porn movies?” I uttered.

“Yeah, but we should watch this ‘Kamasutra’ movie first,” Janine suggested.

*Mago’s POV*

I joined the men in Marco’s office because we talked about Angelo’s problem. I don’t actually think I could help, but as a friend, I still came to show my support.

“Mago,” Stuart tapped my shoulder, “you’ve glanced at the calendar for the nth time. Are you counting the days when Arlene’s menstruation would end so you’ll have sex with her again?”

I just smirked at him and drank beer. I did not notice that I was actually counting the days since we visited the doctor. We were told that we need to wait for weeks to make sure that Arlene won’t get pregnant.

“Come on, I am curious,” Stuart chuckled and then said, “why were you looking at the calendar?”

“Why were you watching my moves? Are you falling for me?” I uttered.

“Why are you irritated? Did Arlene put you on a sex diet?” Stuart joked.

“Arlene cannot put me on a diet. I was just too preoccupied with business matters.” I made an excuse.

“Really?” Stuart chuckled, “well then you’ll need to brace yourself. I learned the temptresses are together right now. They may brew some plans to get you to fall for Arlene.”

“Plan all they want. They cannot make me fall to my knees. Arlene is not the woman who can change me.”

“Don’t fight it, Mago,” Stuart uttered, “don’t waste your chance. Don’t wait for the time when Arlene will five up on you.”

“I will be the luckiest if she’ll give up soon,” I said.

“I hope you will not eat what you said. Believe me, it is not that easy,” Stuart said.

*Arlene’s POV*

Breathing heavily, I kept walking back and forth in our room while trying to keep myself calm. I have been like this since 2pm today and I think it was because Mago and I agreed that now is the day when we will consummate our marriage. We planned to have a dinner date first and then the sex will follow. I never thought scheduling our first sex would feel this awkward. The thought kept running in my mind, causing me to take a bath many times during the day because I could not decide which perfume to wear. I even brought out every sexy underwear so I can choose which to use.

Eventually, I wore a pair of red laced strapless lingerie under my black venetian cut ballgown.

“Should I wear a make-up?” I remembered asking Janine, “or not because we will just have sex, anyway.”

“You’re wrong about that,” Janine said, “men are naturally visual. If you want to be irresistible, wear the right make-up.”

“But don’t wear heavy make-up,” Patricia interrupted, “wear red lipsticks and pair it with merely eyeliners. It would be better if you use liquid eyeliners to avoid smudging. And don’t forget to wax or shave, whichever is comfortable for you.”

I did as Patricia told me. Soon what should have happened two years ago would finally be happening. I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection. Probably, this will be the last time that I will see the old Arlene Mejorada, because after tonight, I have already given myself away. I do not know if this is the right thing to do, but there is one thing that I am certain about, and that is my love for Mago Concepcion. I will do everything that’s possible just for him to learn to love me.

I was fixing my hair when I saw Mago through the mirror’s reflection. He was standing by the door, watching me.

“Y-your home early,” I nervously turned to him.

“Does it matter?” he asked.

“N-no,” I stutter and then said, “b-but I am not yet done.”

“Then stop what you are doing,” he ordered in a husky voice.

“I-I thought we are having dinner,” I tried to fake a giggle, but I did not expect what he told me.

“Let’s skip the dinner,” he uttered while taking a few steps towards me and claimed my lips.

It was hot. It was dauntless and fierce, as if he thirsted for my kiss for several years. I could not remember how we reached the bed, but I felt him squeezed my butt before pushing me to lie on the bed. He was indeed wild, but I mentally reminded myself that I have to match with him.

I saw his burning desire as he removed his necktie while saying, “I don’t want to destroy your dress so you better undress now.”

‘Can’t he be gentle? Can’t he try to make me feel he is eager to undress me himself?’ I wanted to disobey him, but I remembered he thinks I am no longer a virgin. I should not be expecting any romantic gestures like a virgin would expect on her first sex.

I tried to hide my uneasiness by saying, “I can undress as fast as you.”

“You’re a tease,” he said and then licked his lips.

I felt a burning sensation as I saw his tongue wet his lips. I can’t believe how that turned me on.

“Are you excited, Mr. Concepcion?” I challenged him.

“Hmm, you want to play,” he said and then challenged me, “if you remove all your clothes first, I will let you dominate me tonight.”

‘Shit, DOMINATE?’ I nervously thought, ‘how can I dominate him if this is my first time?’

“But if I finished first, you’ll be my slave tonight,” he continued.

I don’t know but his words were so sexy, I felt I am getting wet. Besides, I’ve always been his slave, so it does not really matter to me. Tonight, I will make sure that he will never forget our encounter.

“Game?” he asked.

Patricia told me that sexy games before having sex is really a turned on so I said, “Game!” as I undressed.

“You’re naughtier,” he said as he tried to keep up and undresses as well.

My hands were trembling while I tried to reach for the hook of my bra because I saw him removed his pants, revealing that enormous bulk behind his briefs. I then gulped when he adamantly lowered his briefs and his large member sprung from it. The lights were on and I could see his whole naked body.

Looking at his member, I now understood why he is considered a monster-in-bed.

He reached for my feet and pulled me towards him, saying, “slow poke!”

I stared at the ceiling as he positioned himself between my legs. He was already naked, but I still had my panty on. In a split second, he was already on top of me saying, “from this day on, I own every part of you.”

He sucked my lower lip and then said, “I own these lips,” and then kissed me again. This time, it was a possessive a kiss. A kind of kiss that weakened my knees. When he was done exploring the insides of my mouth, he moved to my neck and gently suck my skin.

I let out a soft moan as I felt his hot tongue licking the soft skin in between my neck and my shoulder.

“Let it out, Arlene,” he whispered and then said, “I want you to moan for me.”

He found his way to my nipples and, as he sucked one of them; I let out a loud moan. I run my fingers through his hair and arched my back to give him more access to my breasts. One of his hands probed my body and when he reached for my panty, he tore it away from me.

“Ouch!” I shouted as I felt the garter of my panty snapped towards my skin.

I never thought it would be painful because the gesture looked so sexy in the movies.

Mago continued to suck my breasts while his fingers discovered my wet pearl. I thought I’d go crazy when he circled my throbbing clit while saying, “this is all mine.”

I was lost in the sensation he gave me until…

“Aargh!” I could not stop but shout when his manhood entered my cave without warning.

“Shit! YOU’RE STILL A VIRGIN!” he said in disbelief.

“I-I’m s-sorry,” I said as my tears escaped my eyes.

They warned me it would be painful, but I never thought it would be this painful. It felt like it tore me apart, so I tried to free myself from him.

“Don’t move. It will hurt you more,” he calmly uttered.

“S-stop,” I cried, “please, it hurts.”

“I can’t stop, Arlene,” he answered.

*Mago’s POV*

“Arlene, look at me,” I worriedly told her.

“No,” she was still crying, “I don’t want to do it anymore,” she said as she unsuccessfully tried to push me away.

“We have to finish this. You wanted this,” I reminded her.

“M-mago,” it broke my heart when she cried my name and said, “I-it hurts. I can’t take it anymore.”

I held her thigh so she can’t move further and then I sealed her lips with my kiss. I felt her body trembled, so I decided not to penetrate her further, hoping that my kiss will calm her.

I couldn’t explain the joy I felt when I learned I was his first; but I can’t help but also worry that I made her first, traumatic. If I only knew, I would have been gentler. I would have prolonged the foreplay to prepare her.

‘I will make it up to you, Arlene,’ I secretly made a promise.

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