The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 21 - That Wild Thing

*Arlene’s POV*

“Hmmmph,” I tried to endure the pain when his manhood entered my innocent cave but I did not expect the excruciating pain so I scream, “Aaargh!”

“Just relax, Arlene,” he tried to calm me down.

“I-I can’t,” I cried.

“Don’t fight it,” he said as he lifted his head and then said, “look at me.”

With tears still flowing my eyes, I looked at him and saw the blazing intention in his eyes. I knew then that there was no more turning back.

“Breathe,” he said in a very coarse voice.

I followed him like a slave.

All my senses are aware of what he’ll do next. For a while, he did not move, possibly to allow me to get used to his enormity. He lowered his head to kiss me and once again, I got lost. His tongue explored the depths of mouth, warming my body; then he his hips starts to move again.

I gasped as his member penetrated further; it still hurts but the sweet sensation subdued it. He pushed further as I bit my lips, tolerating the bittersweet sensation until I no longer feel any pain. The air was filled with music that we make with our moans. I clenched tightly at the headboard as his thrust grew more rapid.

“M-Mago,” my body shivered.

“You can scream as loud as you can,” he told me.

I let out a loud moan as my body quiver as if something in me is going to explode.

He filled me. My mind goes numb. We both panted as his body dropped on top of me. I could feel his heartbeat as I blankly stared at the ceiling. This is it. This is the beginning of the new chapter of our relationship. This is the chapter where he will begin to love me, or he will hate me more.

He rolled to one side and then I curled on the opposite side. My body is aching but I have no regrets. I’ve finally given myself to him; we have finally consummated our marriage.

I was surprised when I felt the blanket over me.

“I got a new blanket because there’s blood on this one,” he said and then he hugged me from my back.

I froze when I felt that he is starting to have another hard on. Gosh! Are we going to do it again?

“Sorry,” he uttered and kissed my shoulder.

Sorry? Sorry for what? Is he sorry because what happened a while back? Or was he sorry because he has a hard-on again. I do not know how to react so I decided to stay quiet.

First, he gave me small kisses on my shoulder but it turned to sensous licking and then sucking.

“M-mago,” I turned to him hoping that I can beg him to stop but he sealed my lips with a kiss. It was a long passionate kiss but when I got the chance, I said, “I-it still hurts.”

“I know,” he uttered and then pressed his forehead to mine saying, “I just want to say, thank you.”

A bead of tear fell from my eye.

I don’t know what the ‘thank you’ for, but it is not what I want to hear from him.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“Don’t expect it,” he coldly uttered and let go of me saying, “I’ll make your sex life the best thing you can ever have but that’s the only thing I can give you.”

I bit my lip as I tried to stop another bead of tear from falling. I should not forget. I was only his revenge. He wanted to hurt my father for taking his mother away from him. He showed kindness while we were having sex, but like what he said, he’s here for the good sex only. I should be contented for now; but in time, the broken pieces of his heart will be completed. I am going to make sure that he will learn to love again.


The ray of the sun woke me up but I was too tired to open my eyes. With eyes closed, my hand searched for Mago but I realized that he is no longer on the bed. I rose and searched the room, but he is already gone. It was then that I realized that I have officially become his sex buddy. I should not expect us to cuddle when we wake up. I was a fool to expect that Mago will change after what happened to us last night.

*Mago’s POV*

“Naina, can you please bring this to our room and tell Arlene to eat?” I asked as I placed the breakfast tray on the table and then said, “she might still be in pain.”

“Hmm,” smiled and said, “I heard you last night.”

“Are you spying on us?” I joked.

“Of course, I did not! Your voices are loud that’s why I know you did something to your wife,” she chuckled.

“Sorry,” I laughed and then added, “we were used to having the house for ourselves. I forgot that you were here. I just can’t resist my sexy wife.”

“Well then, show her that you really love her because you obviously do,” Naina uttered but that surprised me.

“What?” I asked.

“I know that what happened last night was the first time for both of you. That told me that you have a problem and whatever it is, I hope you’ll settle it. Remember to always love your wife,” Naina said.

“I don’t believe in love,” I said bluntly.

“You love Arlene, I knew it and I felt it,” Naina insisted and then added, “besides, you won’t marry her if you don’t really love her, right?”

“I have reasons for marrying her and love is not one of those,” I said as I remove my apron and then told her, “Bring this to Arlene. I need to go now.”

I have no reason to leave the house but after Naina talked about my relationship with Arlene, I decided to leave. I don’t want to be confused and I want to be in control, but no matter what I do, I can’t forget what happened to us last night.

‘What have you done to me, Arlene?’ I asked.

I’ve bedded a lot of women, but as soon as I got out of bed, I also forget about them. But last night was different. I remembered every detail as if it is recorded in my thoughts.

“Sh1t!” I parked on the side of the rode and adjusted my pants. I couldn’t believe that I had a hard-on with just simply remembering the details from last night. The melody of her moans kept repeating in my mind.

“This can’t be happening,” I thought.

I started the car again and went straight to the bar. I need to get myself busy so I will not have a chance to remember what happened last night. I can’t go home or else, I might not be able to stop myself from taking her again. After last night, I assume that she is still sore. I should let her heal first.

“Fvck! Why was I worried about that?” I scolded myself, “Arlene is indeed my alluring temptress and I am going to savor every part of her from now on.”

*Arlene’s POV*

I stayed on bed as I reminisce the things that happened last night. It was both traumatic and fulfilling; and I still have no regrets about it. It may be painful in the beginning but I learn to like it once the pain is gone. Just the thought of it, I felt my body becoming warm.

I heard the door opened so I closed my eyes and pretended to be still sleeping.

“Arlene?” I heard Naina’s voice, “Mago asked me to bring this breakfast to you.”

I heaved a sigh and rose from the bed.

“He cooked for you,” she said as she placed the breakfast tray on the side table.

“He did?” I couldn’t stop my smile.

“Yes,” Naina confirmed and then added, “I was actually surprised to see him up early and I found him happily preparing breakfast.”

I excitedly checked the food that Mago prepared for me and could not stop but giggle at what he cooked. After what happened to us last night, Mago intentionally cooked a sausage and eggs.

“Isn’t he going to eat with me?” I asked.

“He left,” Naina sadly uttered, “I think I scared him off.”

“W-why?” I looked at her, “what did you tell him?”

“I just tried to convince him that he loves you,” she replied and then further explained, “I just knew that it is what he really felt for you.”

“But he did not show it to me,” I sighed.

“Arlene, believe me. Mago loves you. His past is just bothering him but in time, he will acknowledge his feelings for you,” Naina tried to encourage me.

“What do you think I should do?” I asked.

“Don’t give up. Make sure that you are all over him. He can’t escape your presence because you are living in one house and you worked in one place,” she answered.

I was about to answer her but my mobile phone rang so I decided to check who was calling.

“Janine,” I answered the call after seeing that it was my bestfriend who was calling.

“How was it?” my bestfriend immediately asked.

I waited for Naina to leave the room before I answered Janine, “it happened.”

“Really? So how was it?” she excitedly asked.

“I yelled, it was too painful.” I said.

“I told you it would be traumatic if Mago won’t be gentle,” she uttered frustratingly.

“He entered without warning,” I complained.

“Of course, he would. My husband told me that Mago abstained from having sex for almost a month,” she uttered worriedly, “so, are you okay?”

“My body still ached but I think I can manage,” I told her.

“You buy some pain reliever and because it already happened, expect that it will happen again soon,” Janine advised.

“Will the second time still be painful?” I asked.

“It will be painful if you are not ready for it,” Janine said.

“I see,” I nodded and then added, “I need to get ready. I have to work.”

“Okay, call me if you need any help,” Janine said.

“I will,” I uttered and dropped the call.


Mago was very focused on his work when I entered our office but I tried to act normal though the silence in the office made me feel awkward. There are times when I our eyes meet and when it happened, we are quick to turn away and pretend that it was nothing.

Honestly, I wanted to talk to him but I can’t seem to find the right words to start a conversation. We were like this until it was time for lunch break.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

“Kumusta ka na?”

We spoke almost at the same time and that made the atmosphere awkward again. Our eyes met for a while but I was the first to turn away. I thought there’d be another moment of silence but I was surprised when he made a few strides, cupped my chin and then he claimed my lips.

His tongue filled my mouth with lust, awakening every cell of my body. He pulled me up and lead me to lean on my table. His hands were fast because the next thing I know, one is already caressing my thigh while the other is at my small back.

Because of the pain last night, I thought wearing pants will be a bad idea. Now that he is sexily stroking my bare thigh, I was thankful I made the right decision. I went gaga when he lightly sucked my lower lip. He was slowly savoring it while moaning softly, as if my lips was the sweetest lips he had ever tasted. That kiss and the touch of his warm hands is like a torture because I never thought I would want more.

After what happened last night, I should be afraid; but his alternate childlike peck and sucking of my lips made me forget about any pain. I placed my hand at the back of his head and gently pulled him to deepen our kiss but I panicked because he pulled away.

He lifted my body so I can sit on my table, and then he slowly pulled my dress until his hands were on my panty. He did all these while not breaking our stares.

“I want to do something,” he said and then added, “and I want you to focus on the sensation,” he ordered.

I nodded and then I felt his hand slide into my panty. I gulped when his finger went between my folds. I took a deep breath when it touches my wet pearl, and then his finger started to play.

I could feel my juices dripping, my back arching, wanting for more.

“Do you know what else I would like to do?” He asked in a coarse voice.

I shook my head but eyes were still close. I bit my lips as his finger continued to circle my wet jewel.

“I am going to go down and taste you juice,” he said as his finger entered my slimy hole and then continued by saying, “I’ll suck you and make you quiver.”

I felt goosebumps after hearing him but before I could react, he kissed me again. This time his toungue explored my mouth. It did not last long because his kiss went down to my neck while his hand pulled my panty down. When he successfully removed my panty, he pulled back and looked at me saying, “Let me know that you liked what I am doing.”

I let out a moan as his finger found its way to my wet jewel again. This time, he was rubbing it.

“Moan for me, sexy,” he uttered.

Did he just call me, ‘sexy’? I can’t contain the happiness I felt. It may not be, ‘I love you,’ but calling me by his former pet name for me game me hope.

“Open for me,” he said when I started to shiver.

“M-magoooh,” I could not help it anymore.

“I,” I tried to speak.

“Want,” I tried to keep up with my breath.

“Yhou,” I moaned.

“Inside,” my voice trembled.

“Me,” I uttered breathily.

“Say it again,” he ordered.

I took a deep breath and again, “I want you.”

I moaned again. It was both pleasure and pain. I felt like I am going to explode.

“Yes? Say it,” he pulled me towards him.

“Please, Mah-goooh,” I moaned again before saying, “get inside me.”

“Are you commanding me to do something, sexy?” he playfully asked.

“Phhhleeeasee,” I begged.

“I still have to taste you,” he said and went down, opened my legs and buried his face between my thighs.

I arched back as my hand is on the table in order to support my weight.

His tongue circled my jewel before he sucked me. It felt so good that I cannot even catch my own breath. No one warned me it would be this good. I clenched some of his hair as I reached my orgasm.


Arlene cumming on my face gave me a different satisfaction, the kind that I never experienced with other women before. Her body was still quivering when she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Please get inside me,” she continued to plead.

“I am worried I might fuck you so well that I might ruin your life,” I told her.

“I don’t care!” she said and then added, “consume me! Take me! Own me, Mago! I am yours; you can destroy me in every way you want.”

I gently pushed her to lie on her table and positioned as I gently plunged deep inside her.

As I go deeper and harder, she became noisier and wilder. It did not bother me since my office is soundproof.

“Fvck! I’m cumming,” she yelled as her body to begin to quiver again.

“Wait for me, I am almost there,” I told her.

Fast, noisy and rhythmic moves enveloped our bodies; and just like a train that reached its destination, we both let out a loud moan as we reached the seventh heaven.

I was wrong. I did not fuck her. I was fucked up. I was consumed. I was taken. Arlene Mejorada just destroyed Mago Concepcion.

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