The Woman He Broke

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Broken 1 - Bring the Pain

*Mago’s POV*

I was speaking to the new batch of on-the-job trainees when I caught a glimpse of Arlene when she entered the function room. She was just right there, standing next to the big empty cabinet while watching me. I don’t know why I felt so drawn to her and I tried to resist going to her and kissing her in front of everyone. She was so dawmn hot and watching her watching me makes me want to fuck her here and now.

I felt her and I still could not get enough of it. Everything that happened to us in the office kept flashing in my thoughts. I can’t help but fantasize on how she shivered while I licked her clit. It was swollen and wet, and I enjoyed sucking that little diamond which made her eyes flicker. Her moan is like a song that kept on playing in my mind.

“What have you done to me, Arlene?” I thought.

She was just standing there, lazily leaning on the wall while her finger is playing the pendant of her necklace. I wondered if she’s aware that I have been trying to hide this growing bulge in between my legs. I should admit, everything that she does is magnified as sexy and tempting. The way her shoulders move as she took a deep breath, the way she innocently bites her lower lip, all of it are so damn sexy.

“What am I doing here? Why am I stoping myself?” I asked myself.

She is my wife and she agreed on my terms. I can have her anytime, anywhere, whenerever I want to. She is mine and she did tell me that I own her. So what’s the point of stopping myself?

“Dessa will give you a tour around the bar and she will also introduce you to the different drinks we serve here,” I told the trainees and then ended my speech.

One-by-one, the trainees stood to follow Dessa who is now at the door. Though they did not move slow, I still feel impatient as I want them to leave right away so I can do whatever I want to do with my wife. That is why when everyone already left the function room, I took a few steps towards Arlene and kissed her. No words, no gimmicks, no sweet nothings, I just claimed her sweet, tempting lips.

It did not disappoint me because as soon as my lips touches hers, she immediately succumbed to my desire, as if she’s been waiting for me to do it. But I wanted more than a kiss. My hands glide down and felt her round butt. I was tempted to rip her clothes off but I don’t want her to go home naked so I tried to control myself.

I gently pinned her to the wall and slide my hand into her pants.

“Expecting this?” I smiled as I circled my finger on her clit.

“Yhes,” he answered breathily as if trying to catch her breath.

Her moan encouraged me to do more.

“Uhm, Mahgoh,” she moaned and then said, “the trainees will be here soon,” she reminded me.

“Then don’t be noisy because this function room is not soundproof,” I ordered.

“Stop what you are doing,” she uttered.

“You don’t give me orders, Arlene. Remember my rules,” I reminded her.

She closed her eyes, bit her lower lip and took a deep breath – the gestures that encouraged me claim her lips. I sucked her lip and then lowered my head to lick her neck. I want to taste all of her.

“M-mago,” she whispered when we heard the trainees are already on their way back to the function room; but I don’t want to stop so I reached for the cabinet door, opened it and then pushed her inside it before closing the cabinet door behind my back.

I smirked as I saw her surprised look at me especially when I pulled her pants down and let it fall saying, “I have never fucked someone inside the cabinet.”

She gulped but she obviously got excited so I said, “stay quiet.”

*Arlene’s POV*

I did not expect what Mago wanted to do but I have to admit, it turned me on. After our hot encounter in the office, I can’t help but think about when it would happen again. I did not expect for it to be this soon, and I never thought of doing it inside a cabinet while the orientation for the on-the-job-trainees was going on.

I cannot believe I would let him do this but I cannot say no. The challenge of trying to keep quite and make sure not to get caught is very enticing. I freed myself from my pants and then helped Mago remove his. The trainees couldn’t see us but I can see him from the inside of the cabinet. I did not know having a secret sex while a meeting is going on will be this exciting.

Mago lifted one of my legs and anchored it in his elbows, allowing him to position his member towards my entrance. I wrapped my arm around his neck for balance while his other hand was around my small waist.

Slowly but expertly, he inserted his to mine. I bit my lip trying not to maon while I heard Dessa explaining to the trainees, “One of our famous drinks is the ‘wet pussy’. You should know how to mix this drink.”

Fvck! Is she seriously going to discuss the naughty names of our drinks while Mago and I are having sex in this wine cabinet? I took a deep breath as Mago went in deeper and faster.

“I heard that this bar’s ‘Multiple Orgasm’ shot is also best selling,” one of the trainees mentioned.

‘Oh yes! It was really good,’ I thought as I felt that I am nearing orgasm.

I looked at Mago’s eyes, trying to see love in it. But all I see was lust. I held on to him as I felt my legs starting to shiver. I don’t know how long I can keep my moans until Dessa played the music for her flairing exhibition. I let out my loud moan as the techno music drowns it.

“I’m bursting,” Mago uttered before I felt him explode inside me.

We were both panting as we tried to recover. I felt his heart beat and wished it was beating for me.

“You’re a bad girl,” Mago whispered and then added, “I told you not to be noisy. I will punish you when we get home.”

I don’t know why but instead of feeling fear, I was more excited to go home. I will endure everything so he will finally learn to love me again. Soon I will no longer be just his bed warmer because I will be his wife who will bear him his children.

’I will break your walls, Mago Concepcion; and I will make sure you will love me,” I vowed to myself.


I went to shower as soon as we arrived home while Mago received the call of my boss from Singapore.

“Arlene is here, would you like to talk to her?” I heard him say when I came out from the shower.

“Yes, please. I also want to hear her report,” I heard my boss told Mago.

Mago stood and transferred his laptop to his side cabinet before going to me.

“Wear this,” he handed me his shirt.

“I have my nightie,” I told him.

“Are you going to speak to your boss wearing your nightie?” he asked.

“O-oh, okay,” I said and received his shirt then wore it. I was about to get my panty when he stopped me.

“Remember? I will still be punishing you,” he whispered.

I looked at him wondering. Is my punishment just about not wearing underwear for tonight?

I admit that I was a little disappointed about it. I was expecting that the punishment will be something else, but I guess I’ll never predict what Mago is thinking.

I stood in front of the laptop to speak with my boss. My camera only showed my face until my shoulder level so my boss did not see the bed behind me.

I opened my journal and started reading my report to my boss but I was surprised when Mago sat in front of me and guided my legs so that he is sitting between my feet.

‘Shit! Don’t tell me he is going to torture me with pleasure? Is this the punishment he has in mind?’ I thought.

I sighed a little and started to read my report while Mago moved closer to me, his head between my thighs, his breath on my throbbing clit. I tried to focus on what I was reading while Mago started to lick me down there.

I cleared my throat and then said, “the first week of operation is, ahm, g-good.”

I tried not to moan.

“How good is good?” my boss asked.

“Ve-ry good,” I answered breathily but I know my boss wanted details so I tried to add, “reaah-ly, really ghood.”

“Hmm, I heard that the new concept of the bar brought new patrons,” my boss said. I actually did not understand the rest because Mago’s tongue is doing its job so well that I could not concentrate on what my boss was saying.

“Ooooh yhes! Yes! Yes,” I couldn’t stop from uttering while I held on the side cabinet to keep my balance.

“I could see and feel the excitement, Arlene,” I saw my boss nodded while he seems to be reading something and then he added, “I think you are doing a great job there.”

“No, it is Mago who is doing a great job,” I tried to keep my senses but Mago alternately suck my clit and then circled his tongue on it so I gulped.

“Uh-huh,” my boss nodded and then asked, “so you think that he is really an expert?”

“N-noh doubt, sir!” I shook my head so my boss won’t notice me closing my eyes and then I added, “he is truuuliiih an ex-phert!”

“So I guess I should stop sending suggestions for the club,” my boss said but I Mago’s expert tongue started to make me shiver so I accidentally uttered, “D-don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

“So you still want me to check on the progress of the bar and send you my suggestions?” my boss asked but I can’t seem to comprehend his message because started Mago finger me while sucking my pearl.

“Y-yes, sir. Let’s do that but I really have to go. The house is on fire and I need to help mago cool down,” I said and ended the call before I let out a loud, long and satisfying moan as I succumbed to another orgasm.

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