The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 3 -Never Give Up

*Mago’s POV*

“What now? Mago!” Libra angrily asked, “where can we now find another wedding singer?”

“I’ll just sing it in solo,” I suggested.

“Are you crazy? The song was intended for a duet!” she tried to control her voice, “I can’t believe she just backed out in this last minute. The rehearsal was perfect last night, why did she just backed out?”

“Don’t worry, Lib,” Marco interrupted, “we’ll try to fix this.”

“You better do that!” Libra stumped her foot.

“Damn man! You were together last night, what did you do?” Marco turned to me.

“Nothing,” I shrugged, “I just brought her to her apartment.”

“Now that explains it!” Kaz blurted, “we know you, man. When you’re in a woman’s apartment, it is impossible that nothing happened.”

“What? Don’t tell me,” Libra squinted at me.

This is what I hate about girls. They were the ones who flirted and offered their goods. I only came for the free taste but I have no intention on purchasing the whole deal. It’s not my fault that they expected to much.

“I know someone who can sing,” Janine butted in.

Janine, another girl who expected that Marco would take her seriously. Ah girls!

“Thank goodness,” Libra was relieved, “you better take her here in an instant so we can now start the wedding.”

I don’t know but I suddenly felt nervous as I watched Janine leaved. I hope it is not the girl I met in Angelo’s island. I do not know but I seemed to fear meeting her again.

*Arlene’s POV*

I have not been myself this past three weeks because I could not believe that I actually shared a bed with Mago Concepcion. But that is all that happened. After that the day, I was only left with a memory because I haven’t seen him since then.

Because of this, Janine and Patricia decided to take me to a wedding of Marco’s brother. They thought it is the perfect opportunity for me to meet with Mago again.

“Arlene! Come with me!” Janine pulled me and when we reached the group of familiar faces, she suddenly exclaimed, “here she is!”

My tongue tied when I saw Mago in front of me but he seemed not interested with my presence. He simply looked at me and then went up the mini stage.

“Follow him,” Janine commanded.

“Are you crazy?” my eyes grew wild when I realized what she set me up to, “I can’t! I am not ready.”

“You can do it,” she convinced me, “besides, this is your chance to showcase your talent to Mago.”

She was right. I told Mago that I am member of the Music club but he hasn’t heard me sing yet. In fact, only my family and Janine heard me sing. But I am not ready. What if I’ll get embarrassed?

I wanted to say no but I froze when Mago looked towards me. His eyes were so tantalizing, it was as if calling me to come near him.

I stood next to him and made sure that I could read the lyrics clearly. We sang a few songs but that was just it. He never looked at my way again or even talk to me. He is as cold as ice! When we finally sang our last song, I gathered all my strength and followed him.

“Are you avoiding me?” I asked.

“Why would I?” he replied.

“Then why are you not talking to me?” I continued to investigate.

“What for?” his simple answer.

“Did you forget? We had an agreement, remember?” I reminded him while I continue to follow him until I bumped on his back because I did not know he’ll stop walking.

“We did have an arrangement but until there is no result, we have nothing to talk about,” he was serious, but sexy serious.

“C-can we not talk as friends?” I asked.

“I don’t make friends with women. You should know that,” he answered.

“Well then, treat me like how you treat other women,” I shrugged.

“You do not know what you are talking about,” he looked at me intensely.

“Then explain it to me,” I moved closer but he caught me off guard when he suddenly pulled me close to him and kissed me.

His tongue entered my mouth and I do not know how to respond. He was in too deep and he was too quick, but I learned the dance of his tongue. I responded to his every move and my eyes slowly closed as I savored the moment.

I can’t compare this kiss with anything else because this is my first. If this kiss is a punishment then I would submit myself to be punished every day. I thought he’ll end the kiss quickly, but I was wrong. He pushed me towards the wall, held my hands to the side of my head and continued to crush his lips into mine. He pressed his body towards mine until I could not breathe so I struggled.

“I’m a mad man, darling,” he whispered when he ended the kiss, “I can be too sweet; I can be too bitter, but I can never stay in between. You can’t handle what I would like to do to you so you better run while I still can control myself.”

I sudden gush of fear enveloped me but it was not enough to make me run away. I have a feeling that behind Mago’s stubborn image is a soft person who simply needs understanding.

“I-I am not leaving!” I uttered.

“Aren’t you afraid?!” he hit the wall.

“W-why would I?” I tried to be firm, “let me get inside your heart and allow me to prove to you that you are capable of loving.”

“Can’t you understand?” he clenched my jaw, “girls come and go in my life and none of them succeeded to enter into it.”

He stepped backward and fixed his tuxedo before saying, “you better fix yourself. We will still have one more song to sing.”

My tears fell as I watched him leave. I guess I am a masochist for choosing to stay. I wanted to understand him. I wanted to change his wrong idea about love.

He avoided me after our last encounter so I decided to choose his bar for my on-the-job training. I know this crazy, but this is what I want. I cannot tell my heart not to beat for him. I cannot command my mind not to think about him. I cannot scold my eyes so that it will not cry for him. There is nothing I could do because even if the whole world will tell me that he is not the right man for me, my heart will still insist to love him.

“Are you listening?” the employee of the bar asked.

“H-huh? I-I’m sorry,” I answered.

“If you want to survive your first night here,” she warned me, “you better master your listening skills. Bartending is a difficult task. You do not only need to understand drunk men, you also need to be keen with what they ordered or you will serve them the wrong drink.”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am,” I apologized again.

“Just call me Dessa,” she uttered, “we call each other on first name basis here. Anyway, if in case you forgot the combination of the drinks, just look at the copy I placed here,” she pointed at the lower part of the counter.

“Okay,” I tried to absorb everything that she said.

“By the way, Arlene,” Dessa uttered, “we are in a night club so your lipstick should be in a darker shade. You better add eyeliners also. You cannot look too innocent here. Men will just take advantage of you. Try to look fierce to gain control.”

“O-okay,” I mentally checked myself.

“And by the way,” she added, “you are pretty. I just hope you will not be like the other women who came before you.”

“Hi, I’m Quinn,” the guy cleaning the counter interrupted.

“Arlene,” I introduced myself.

“Don’t get intimidated with Dessa,” he blurted, “she’s been in this place for two years. I think she is the only woman who survived that long.”

“Why? What happen to the others?” I asked.

“Our boss flirted with every girl who works here,” he explained, “if she takes the deal, she must not expect more than just a night with the boss, or else, she’ll go home broken hearted.”

“And why didn’t he flirted with Dessa?” I got curious.

“Because Dessa has no taste for men,” he chuckled.

“You mean?” my eyes grew big when I realized what he meant.

“Yes,” he confirmed, “she’s T-bird as in lesbo.”

I turned to look at Dessa who is now instructing the other crew members on what to do. Who would have thought that she is a lesbian? She is pretty, sexy and has a great taste for fashion. I cringed when she looked at my way and then she winked at me.

“Be careful with Dessa,” Quinn teased, “she has courted more women than I do.”

I am supposed to react but I froze when I noticed Mago came in the bar. I don’t know why but I hoped that he’ll look at me. He did looked at me but the moment our eyes meet, he immediately checked his phone and went directly to his office.

‘Why did I hope?’ I asked myself, ’I think it is because when you love someone, you hang on to every hope you’ll find.”

*Mago’s POV*

I was surprised to see her near the counter of my bar. I didn’t know she’d go far as apply as an apprentice in my business. I hate myself for making the wrong decision. I should have not kissed. I just learned that she hadn’t been in a relationship before and that convinced me to stay away from her. She cannot fall in love with me. I cannot let her because all the women I get involved with were dragged down because I am not capable of loving anyone. I am cheater, it is in my blood, it is innate to me.

My mother cheated on my father and that was the reason why my father was so desperate to impregnate her, to prevent her from leaving us behind. I did not want to believe him until I saw it with my own two eyes. She left us and went with a married man. She left me and never looked back.

*Arlene’s POV*

I followed Dessa’s suggestion. I wore bloody red lipsticks and added Smokey eye shadow. It was a good thing that Patricia taught me how to do it and I am glad that the small make-up kit I have in my bag came handy.

“Miss, can you give me a blow job?” the silly customer said.

I did not answer him but I immediately took a shot glass and then poured a coffee liquor and Irish cream. When I am done, I placed the the drink in front of him. The customer smiled mischievously but I did not get intimidated. In order for him to know that I am waiting for his payment, I leaned forward and raised a brow.

I think he understood me but he wanted to test me further. He took the shot glass and drank all the contents in it.

“Wow! That was such a great blow job,” he exclaimed, “can I have one more?”

“This is not a charity business,” I uttered, “if you want another blow job, you must pay first.”

“Wooow! That was sexy,” he teased me, “can you please say it again? I love the way you pronounce, ‘blow job’.”

“How about I’ll give you a gorilla fart? It’ll be on the house,” Mago interrupted.

“Gorilla fart? On the house? That’d be great!” the guy said happily.

I watched Mago as he mixed the drinks to create a gorilla fart. He is indeed an expert. He did not only do well in mixing the drinks, he added a little excitement by performing some flair bartending act. When he is done, he served the drinks to the guy and then pulled me away from the counter.

“Are you sabotaging my business?” he angrily said.

I know he is scolding me but why does it sound so sweet? Is that how I really missed him?

“If you do not know how to handle the customers,” he continued, “you better get all used glasses and have them cleaned in the kitchen.”

I actually do not know where his problem came from. I served the customers and asked for its payment. Why would he consider it a sabotage to his business? But I cannot complain. I am only the apprentice; he owns the business.

I took all the used shot glasses and placed them on a tray. I hated the fact that I finally had the chance to show him what I got, but he was never impressed with what I did. He did not even notice how I looked tonight.

I did not stayed long in the kitchen. As soon as I emptied the tray, I immediately went back to the counter where I still find Mago, entertaining the customers.

“Hi,” a female customer greeted Mago, “what’s your best martini recipe here?”

“That depends on your taste,” Mago flirted.

“I don’t know,” the woman tilted her head and started to play with her hair while showing off her cleavage, “why don’t you,” she stopped to bite her lower lip and then said, “tell me what I should order.”

“Hmmnn,” Mago leaned on the counter, almost kissing the woman, “I have two choices for you: Sex with an alligator or orgasm?”

The woman giggled and said, “I’ll have sex with an alligator here and the orgasm later.”

Mago immediately took the shaker and started mixing the sex with an alligator martini. When he is done, he placed the drink in front of the woman and said, “I have a private room in my office. Would you like to have your orgasm there or would you like to have it here?”

“Hmmm,” the woman bit her lips, making me roll my eyes but I can’t believe her answer, “that is if you’ll give me a bottomless orgasm in your room.”

“You’ll never know how drunk you’d be if you wouldn’t try,” Mago seduced her.

I did not want to hear further so I took the used shot glass and placed it on the tray so I can have it cleaned in the kitchen. I stopped by the door and looked at them. Indeed, Mago and the woman headed to the office.

‘What did Mago see in them? Why can’t he treat me like these women?’ I asked myself.

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