The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 4 - Hearts on the Ground

*Arlene’s POV*

I watched them go towards his office at the second floor of the bar and I can’t help but pity myself. What right do I have to stop them? Nothing! He did not promise me anything but why do I feel betrayed?

I heaved a sigh and went back to work. If he likes bitches, then I’ll show how I can be the bitchiest bitch he’ll ever meet. I need to release this negative vibe. Patricia was right, crying is just a sign of weakness. I should not cry. I’ll show Mago that I can play his game as well.

I saw Dessa preparing her props for a flaring exhibition and that gave me an idea. I was considered the best in this field and in fact, I won champion in the inter-school flairing competition. This will be my ticket to being close to Mago.

I stood next to Dessa and prepared the bottles and the glasses I need. Dessa looked at me as she realized what I am planning to do. I think she liked the idea because she nodded at me and signaled the DJ to play a techno music for our exhibition.

It was Dessa who started it. She let the glass roll on her arm and then threw it on the air while taking some ice. Next, she threw the wine bottle on air while catching the glass. She juggled the bottle and ice before finally pouring a drink on the glass.

As soon as she is done, I immediately took two wine bottles and juggled them. When I finally got the correct timing, I took a glass and juggled it along with the other two bottles. I played around, alternately juggling them and throwing them from my back.

Dessa winked at me encouraging me to do it again, this time, we will perform simultaneously. The crowd grew excited as Dessa ended with a nesting positing while finished with a snatch. People then starts to raise their money, challenging us to drink as we perform. I took the opportunity to drink. I actually know the technique on how to drink without really drinking and getting myself drunk, but I plan not to do it. I wanted to get drunk. I simply want to get wasted.

“Arlene,” Dessa became worried, “I think you are getting drunk.”

“I can take care of myself,” I assured her.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

I did not mind her but I knew I am drunk. I felt the alcohol in my system. My vision swayed along with the dancing lights in the bar and everything seems to look blurry. I have never been drunk before but I did not care. I climbed up the counter, making all the customers more excited, and started dancing. I felt so free. I felt like I can do everything I want because being drunk is a good excuse for being crazy.

*Mago’s POV*

Even though the woman in front of me is pretty and sexy, she does not seem to really catch my attention. She has tried seducing me with a lap dance but even when she took off her clothes, my mind still lingers on something or someone in the bar. The noise from the outside of my office also distracts me. Curiosity made me want to see what is happening and when I took a peak, I saw that there’s a flairing exhibition. It got my attention, more than the naked body in front of me.

“Hey,” the woman uttered when I stood, “are you just going to leave me hanging here?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I smiled at her, “I’ll ask the waiter to bring you your orgasm drinks here. It’ll be on the house.”

“How dare you embarrass me like this?” I saw her took her shoe so I hid behind the door when she threw it at me, “I didn’t embarrass you. You were the one who anticipated that something’s gonna happen between us.”

I went down the stairs and stayed at the dark side of the bar. I watched my apprentice perform in front of the audience. She clearly has a talent. Everyone enjoyed the exhibition until she climbed up the counter and started dancing.

‘Fuck! Is she drunk?’ I can’t help but wonder.

Dessa took a bottle of tequila and that only mean one thing, they are going to play tequila shots. I do not want to give her an idea that I care, I mean, I really did not care. It really did not bother me so I did not move.

“Who wants to drink tequila from R’s navel?” Dessa announced, “bidding starts at two thousand!”

I saw Arlene lie on the counter.

“Three thousand!” one customer shouted.

I moved towards the counter.

“Five thousand!” another customer shouted.

I increased my pace.

“Six thousand!”

Ugly men tried their luck but what really pisses me off is the thought that she seemed to like the idea that she is being sold like she was a prostitute. I know she is drunk and I know that she has no idea that these men won’t just settle on drinking tequila from her navel. She is too naïve!

“Twenty five thousand!” everyone was silenced when I spoke.

Shock was painted on her face but I did not give her a chance to process what had just happened. I stood next to her lying body while Dessa poured tequila on her navel and placed some salt on her bosom while she is now biting the slice of lime. She breathed unevenly and fuck, I find it very enticing.

I felt her froze when I licked the salt and sipped the tequila so I decided to cup her face as I bit the lime that was on her mouth. Her eyes were close when I took the lime from her mouth. Her lips were red. Her cheeks blushed. Darn! She is indeed a temptress and I have to fight my urge. She is a virgin.

Everyone cheered when I carried her. I am not taking her to my private room in the bar, I am sure the naked woman was still there. I decided to bring her home. I have never brought any woman to my house. I fuck women in the private room near my office but none of them have laid on my bed, in my house.

“Do you know what pissed me off?” she said when we entered my house, “I have been trying to catch your attention but you cannot even flash me a smile. What do those women have that I don’t?”

“I am sexy,” she turned, “I am pretty,” she pouted, “don’t I have a kissable lips?”

I wanted to laugh at the things she’s been saying but I am more worried at what will happen next. I have been with many drunk women and I usually don’t worry about it. We always end up on bed. But not this one. She is a virgin. We are not going to end up in bed.

She walked a little and lost her balance so I held her so she won’t fall.

“Sorry,” she said pressing her face on my chest, “hmm, you smell good.”

“Can you still walk?” I tried not to react to what she had said.

“Arlene,” she uttered.

“Huh?” I got confused.

“Arlene,” she looked at me, “Arlene is my name and don’t forget that because that will be the name of your wife and the mother of your kids.”

She is indeed drunk!

I normally don’t mind about what drunk women talks about. I hate long talks, I always want to get in action, but this one is different. I find it amusing to simply just talk to her.

She tilted her head and closed her eyes as if she is waiting for a kiss.

“You are drunk,” I said, trying to avoid her tempting lips.

“Take me, Mago,” she pleaded.

If only she’s not a virgin, I won’t stop myself, “you better go to sleep.”

“Oh?” she stepped back, “aren’t you going to take advantage of me?”

“I told you,” I said in a serious tone, “I don’t do virgins.”

“Why? Why don’t you like virgins?” she asked.

“It’s none of your business,” I simply answered.

“What if I’ll lose my virginity to someone else, will you have sex with me then?” she dared.

“You are not that cheap,” I replied.

“Exactly!” she seemed upset, “I made sure that I’ll only lose my virginity to you, hoping that you’d be glad to know that. But fuck! This very thing is the reason why you are keeping your distance from me.”

“Will you stop speaking nonsense?” I warned her.

We stared at each other for a while and then she started taking off her clothes.

“Hey! W-what are you doing?”

“I am taking off my clothes,” she said nonchalantly.

“Arlene,” I can’t seem to speak this time.

“I want you to take me,” she said while unbuttoning her pants.

“Look, you cannot handle it,” I said.

“Show me,” she stopped undressing and faced me with only her underwear on.

“Nothing is gonna happen between us,” I made it clear to her.

“It’s either I lose my virginity to you or I’ll give it to someone else and then you’ll have sex with me,” she said, this time, taking off her bra.

“Believe me, Arlene,” my voice started to change, “you wouldn’t like it to happen.”

“It is for me to judge, Mago,” she said, finally removing her bra and revealing to me two round, perfectly shaped breasts. I know she is a virgin but she is not acting like one. I dunno but I seemed to break a lot of my rules for this girl.

“The heck!” I took a few steps and kissed her.

I could not describe the kind of happiness when she responded to my kiss. I drowned in the sweetness of her lips, making me forget myself and our arrangement. I knew this would be a problem later on but I don’t care anymore. I will take care it tomorrow. For now, I will let myself taste this vixen who I could never resist.

The feeling was so intense that I carried her and she immediately wrapped her legs around my waist. This gave me an opportunity to have access on her exposed breasts. I was like a baby hungrily sucking her perfection. I do not know which excites me: that she is a virgin or that sex is going to happen for the first time in my house, but I could not wait any longer. So instead of heading to my bedroom, I brought her to the sofa in the living room. She is so irresistible that my member is bursting to be inside her.

I placed her on the sofa and went on top of her. After a few kisses, I went down to kiss her neck, and then went back to her breasts. I suck her nipple while my hand massaged the other. I was doing my thing until I realize that she’s not moving.

“Arlene?” I lightly tapped her cheeks.

“Arlene?” this time, I shook her face. There was no reaction.

Damn! She slept on me.

Frustratingly I got up and carried her to my room. She was peacefully sleeping and she has no idea how much torture she had given me. I let her lay on my bed and then I took one of my shirt for her to wear. I tried to wake her up, hoping that she’ll wake up and we’ll do finish what she has started, but she did not respond.

“Hmmm,” she simply moaned when I tried to kiss her again but that was just it. She is still asleep.

With dropped shoulders, I headed to my bathroom. Fuck! I have never tried to ease myself under the shower. Only this woman made me do things that I never imagined doing.

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