The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 6 – Taming the Wild Beast

*Mago’s POV*

This is crazy! I could not explain why I asked her to stay with me. I have never asked a woman to come with me to my place, how much more ask a woman to live with me. I just did but what made it crazier is I agreed to her no-sex-policy unless one of her friends would desperately confess their love to my friends. I definitely need to convince my friends to hold on to their desire or I will have to do desperate measures to have Arlene on my bed.

I don’t understand why I could bend my own rules for her. I can’t explain why I am affected with her presence. She surely is special but that does not mean that I am falling for her. No, I can never fall for her or to any woman. What happened to me before will never happen again.


“Wow! What’s all these for?” Kaz came asking, “chocolates and a stuff toy?”

“Don’t mind him,” Stuart interrupted, “he is just in-love.”

“But all these?” Kaz asked.

“We will be celebrating our third month together,” I happily explained, “I just want to show her how much I love her.”

“Oh come on!” Kaz complained, “that’s so cheesy!”

“Stop being childish,” Stuart said, “you’ll never be able to understand what he is going through unless you’ll fall in love.”

“Nah!” Kaz shrugged, “I’m still having fun here.”

“Hey! What’s all these?” Marco asked.

“He is going to give to Ailene,” Kaz answered, “to celebrate their three months of being together.”

“Really?” Marco’s girlfriend interrupted, “so how far have you gone with her?”

“We haven’t,” I answered, “and we don’t have to have sex in order to feel each other’s love.”

“I am just saying that you missed the fun, right baby?” Leigh said and then pulled Marco for a kiss.

Leigh is very liberated. She could practically make love with Marco in front of us.

“Wohowow! Get a room!” Angelo complained.

“Oh come on Angelo,” Leigh giggled, “are you jealous?”

“I just happen to know the word, respect,” Angelo answered.

“Don’t mind him,” Marco told Leigh, “he is not used to this because he is a very protective brother to his younger sister.”

I didn’t mind them because I saw Ailene walking with her co-cheerleaders towards the gymnasium. I immediately prepared my surprise hoping that she will like it.

“Would you like us to go with you?” Marco asked.

“No, I’d like to do it alone,” I replied.

I rushed towards the gymnasium but lame as I was, I forgot about the gutter and stumbled to the ground.

Yes, I was that clumsy geek who wears thick eyeglasses and ugly braces. If I weren’t part of the Adonis band, I would have been one of the bullied kids in the university. But Marco believed heard me play the guitar and invited me to be part of the band her created for the campus. Despite our differences, we accepted each other. We have become brothers and we are always here for each other.

“Shit!” I cursed when I saw all the chocolates scattered on the ground.

“Are you okay?” Kaz rushed to help me.

“All my efforts are wasted,” I cussed.

“It’s okay,” Angelo and the others helped pick the scattered chocolates, “they have wrappers so they still can be eaten.”

“Yeah,” Stuart added, ”don’t worry, we will fix this.”

“Do you know how to arrange it back into a bouquet?” I asked.

“No but I know how to use my charm,” Stuart joked and then added, “but don’t worry. We’ll figure out a way to continue your surprise.”

“We can sing her a song,” Kaz suggested, “that will be a nice thing to while you give her your presents.”

“That’s a good idea,” Marco exclaimed, “a serenade may be old-fashion but it never fails to make a woman special.”

My hopes are back as they all show their support towards me. Leigh volunteered to fix the arrangement of the flowers whil we hid at the side of the gymnasium.

“Congratulations, Ailene!” I heard one of her co-cheerleader greet her, “you’ll surely be the next cheer captain.”

“Not so fast,” another girl spoke, “we still don’t know if she can complete her dare.”

“Oh yeah,” the rest of the girls agreed, “can you really dump Mago in front of every one during the turn-over ceremony?”

“She has to, or all her efforts will be wasted,” somebody from the group said.

“But I am so amazed how you were able to do it,” the first girl expressed, “imagine? Mago has been the object of the dare in the past but none except you succeeded in making him a boyfriend.”

So I have been the object of their game. Out of anger, I decided to walk away but Leigh stopped me.

“There is no point staying,” I bitterly told Leigh.

“Yes, there is,” Leigh said, “they played a game on you, you might as well play around also.”

Leigh’s words caught my attention especially when she said, “take her virginity, that’s something you can take from her which she can never take back.”

I followed Leigh’s suggestions. I was able to take her virginity before she was able to fulfill her dare. It was something I asked her as an exchange for attending their gathering. I did not just took her first; I made sure I was the first to own every part of her body.

*end of flashback*

Aist! Why did I remember her? She was my first and the only virgin that I ever had sex with. From then on, I was no longer interested in virgins. I saw how she destroyed her life just to follow me around. She became so clingy and has been begging me to love her again. But I already got what I want. I made her and the rest of the women realize the they made a mistake on playing on me. Since then, I vowed that none of the women would be able to play games on me. None of them will be able to rule my world. They get in my world, they follow my rules.

*Arlene’s POV*

I stayed awake the whole night thinking about the agreement I had with Mago. It is crazy that I agreed to his terms but I wanted to be part of his life. I wanted to know him more. After learning a bit of his past, I now believed that he is not really a jerk. I know that he only wants to have sex with me but I won’t give in that easily. I know that he’ll dump me as soon as I’ll give in.

I must convince my friends to hold on. I needed more time to make Mago get used to my presence. I know that he is capable of loving someone. I know he’ll finally learn to love me.

“Arlene?” Patricia was surprised when showed up on her front door.

“Hi, I am sorry for not telling you that I’ll be here,” I said, “I-I just need someone to talk to.”

“No, it’s okay,” she moved to the side to give way for me to get-in, “it’s better that you’re here, at least I’ll have someone to talk to.”

“You mean?”

“Yes,”with dropped shoulders she confirmed, “I only changed my famly name and my address , other than that, I was only Stuart’s wife on paper. We did not even consummate our marriage and I even stand naked in front of him to seduce him.”

“What?” I startled because that would mean that I lost my agreement with Mago.

“But nothing happened,” she shrugged, “I don’t know whether he is gay or not but I will never give up. I would tie him up until he’ll give in to me,” she continued showing me a pair of handcuffs

“No, please don’t do that,” I took the handcuffs from her.

“I have to, Arlene,” she insisted, “I have to make him realize that I am his wife.”

“No, please, Patricia,” I begged, “don’t do crazy things like that.”

“Arlene?” she placed her hands on her waist, “tell me honestly. Why are you concern about what I would do with my husband?”

“I-I uhm – Mago and I had an agreement,” I uttered shyly.

“What? You made a deal with a manwhore?!” she raised her voice, “this is wrong! Allowing you to be link with Mago was really a big mistake.”

“It is what I want, Patricia,” I tried to reason.

“Want what? Do you really want to become part of Mago’s list of women? He won’t remember your name the moment he’ll leave you lying on the bed,” Patricia squinted at me.

‘Of course he will unless he’ll get used to my presence,’ I thought.

“But he showed me his weak side!” I said.

“Of course he will do that,” she blurted, “have you forgotten my warning? I told you he’ll use your vulnerability to his advantage. He will take advantage of your kindness and make you think he was just misunderstood and when you showed care, he’ll take what he wants from you. Let me guess, he did just that, right?”

I couldn’t answer because I got confused. Did he really allowed me to enter his life or was he playing ‘victim’ to get what he wants from me?

“I’ll take your silence as a yes,” Patricia sighed, “so how far have you gone so far?”

“H-he kissed me,” I answered.

“And?” she asked.

“I-I got drunk.”


“I took off my clothes in front of him.”


“But I fell asleep.”

“Seriously?” Patricia blurted into laughter, “you slept on the monster in bed? That was epic!”

“I can’t help it,” I shrugged, “I was drunk.”

“And that challenged him because you broke his record,” she continued to laugh, “you are probably the only woman who ignored his hotness. But continue doing that because that you may be the woman God created to tame Mago.”

Her words gave me hope and confidence so I decided to tell her about my agreement with Mago.

“I knew it!” she said, “he is indeed a manwhore and he’ll never stop unless he gets what he wants. We can’t underestimate the Adonises especially now that Janine is with Marco in an out-of-town trip. Marco is the leader of the band and before Mago became a manwhore, Marco was already player.”

“What?” I suddenly felt nervous, “we should warn Janine.”

“That’s exactly what I am going to do,” she immediately took her phone.

I am glad that my friends supported me. I’ll made sure their efforts won’t be wasted because from now on, I will be the temptress that will tame the wild beast.

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