The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 7 - Moving In

*Arlene’s POV*

I mentally checked myself as I quietly walked towards the house of Mago. Today is the day we agreed for me to move to his place but because he was following from behind, I couldn’t help but feel conscious about how I walk or how I look.

I stopped by his door and waited for him to open it but this sexy beast stood behind me as he reached to enter his security code. My back touches his manly chest as his scent mesmerized me. It may be a simple gesture to him but to me, everything was so damn sexy.

I tried to pretend that he doesn’t affect me because I want him to think that I am not like his other women. I want him to know that I am not going to easily give up on what he wants.

“Where will I stay?” I asked when I stood looking at the doors of the two rooms.

“If you are naughty, go to the left. If you wanna be naughty, got to the right, that’s my room,” even if I did not see him, I know he is wearing his mischievous smile.

He is indeed naughty! But I will never give in so I chose to go left.

“Mago,” I faced him when I noticed that he followed me, “I thought we had an agreement.”

“What?” he smiled mischievously as he shrugged, “I was just taking your things to your room.”

Oh right, I forgot that he was bringing my things. I cleared my throat and asked him to leave my things by the door but he refused to do it; instead, he went straight to the closet.

“No!” I ran towards him when he attempted to open my luggages.

“I just want to help you transfer your things to the closet,” he said.

“That cannot be!” I sat on my luggage to make sure he won’t be able to open it.

For goodness sake! The first thing he’ll find when he opens my luggage is my undies. I can’t imagine him holding my undies.

“Hmm? Do you hide your potions there?” he jokingly said, “are you some kind of a witch?”

“If I do have love potion, I could have used it on you long time ago,” I said, “could you please get out so I can start fixing my things?”

“Do it later,” he adamantly said, “I am hungry, I want food.”


“I said,” he said slowly as if explaining to a five-year old child, “I am hungry. Come on, let’s get something to eat,” he continued and pulled me.

“B-but,” I tried to stop him.

”I need to eat, okay,” he faced me, “I need to feed some monsters inside my stomach unless you want me to feed something else in this room.”

“O-okay, let’s go,” I immediately answered.

“Good,” he let go of my hand and started walking.

*Mago’s POV*

I had to make an excuse to leave the room or I might lose myself. I want to prove to her that she will be the one who will break her crooked principles. I won’t ask her to give in but I’ll make sure that she’ll willingly give herself to me. I had it all planned and I will make sure that in the end, I will win this game.

I learned from my friends that the temptresses have started to make their moves. Yes, we call them temptresses because they obviously are doing their best to seduce us. Janine almost succeeded when she seduced Marco during their out-of-town trip. Patricia has started to make aggressive moves towards Stuart. I think they have joined forces in challenging us but it doesn’t bother me. I think this is a lot of fun. I like the challenge she put me in to and I wondered how far she could go to prove to me that love exist.

‘You are dealing with Mago Concepcion, Arlene,’ I thought, ‘in this fight, I will make sure that you will be the one who is going to give in to me without expecting love in return.’

“So where are we going?” she asked.

“Just come with me,” I said and pulled her.

*Arlene’s POV*

I did not expect him to hold my hand as we walked out of his place. We drove a long way just to get something to eat and then he brought me at a park where he talked about the first virgin whom he loved and had sex with. I don’t mind if he talked about another woman because it helped me understand him better. We stayed there for almost an hour until it rained heavily. We had to run towards his car but because it was too far, we were very wet when we reached it.

“This looked like a storm,” I noticed.

“Maybe, I have not checked the weather forecast,” he said as he turned on the engine, “you looked cold.”

“I am okay,” I said as I rubbed my hands to generate heat.

“Here,” he reached at the compartment in front of me and took a towel then gave it to me.

“I can’t risk driving us home,” he said, “the rain is too heavy, I can’t see the road.”

“Then I guess we need to wait for this storm to end,” I suggested.

“No,” he disagreed, “our clothes are very wet. We could get sick if this will take long. I’ll try to drive us at the nearest hotel.”

I suddenly got nervous when I heard his suggestion. I don’t know but everything sounded as if everything is planned. Knowing Mago, I suspect that he’ll get only one room for us. This is not good! I need to make a plan before this Greek god can make me do everything he wants me to do.

I took my phone from my bag and sent a message to Patricia, “Pat, the storm got us wet and he plans to take me to the nearby hotel. What should I do?”

“That’s great!” I read her reply, “I have a plan. As soon as you reached your room, make an excuse to get to the bathroom and then call me.”

“There,” I heard Mago exclaimed as he pointed at a motel. Seriously? I thought he’ll take me to a hotel.

“I think that would do. Traveling at this time is really dangerous,” he said, “let’s stay there until this storm ends.”

Everything happened so quickly and the next thing I know, we are now headin towards the room he rented for both of us. As soon as we entered the room, I immediately run towards the bathroom and called Patricia.

Patricia told me what to do but I did not expect her to suggest that I should send our clothes to the laundry while I will lie naked next to Mago.

“Don’t you think he’ll rape me?”

“Remember when you fell asleep? Nothing happened, right?” Patricia explained.

“But that was different,” I said, “I was drunk then but now, all my senses were wide awake.”

“Well I think Mago will also use the shower. When that happens, take advantage of the time to go to sleep or at least pretend that you are asleep.”

“Okay. I hope your plan is effective,” I said.

*Mago’s POV*

I am glad that everything happened as plan. I knew that a storm is coming so I intended to bring her to a place where we can get wet and where I can easily find a place to stay. As a businessman, checking the latest news is part of my job. This is because whatever happen in the country will definitely affect my business.

Though wet, I still did not feel cold because of the thought of being with her in the same room. I admit that it was already a tease having her in my place but it was a greater temptation being alone with her in one room. Yes, I don’t do virgins but our situation, I can’t promise to hold on to that principle. She came to me, I just simply accept whatever offer she has.

She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a small towel. I nearly tilted my head to see what more she can offer but I stopped myself and pretended that I was checking something on my phone.

“Hi, do you have laundry services?” I heard speaking to someone in the phone, “I’d like to have our clothes washed and dried.”

Just a thought of being naked with her in a room for a time excites me. I guess I’d be able to get my prize this early and I will make sure that she will never be able to resist me.

“Mago,” she called, “they’ll be getting our clothes soon.”

I did not answer her but I immediately took off my shirt. I noticed that she tightened her grip on the receiver of the phone so I teased her by slowly unbuttoning my pants.

“Mago!” she turned her back on me, “do that in the bathroom.”

“I thought they will be getting our clothes soon?” I smirked.

“Yes but you can take it off in the bathroom and hand it to me when you’re done,” she said without looking at me.

I chuckled while I headed to the bathroom. Teasing a virgin is really fun so I thought of something fishy.

“Arlene,” I called her while slightly opening the door of the bathroom, “here are my clothes.”

She was not looking at me while trying to reach my clothes but I intended not to let it go so that forced her to look at me. I noticed her face turned crimson red as I smiled at her but she immediately turned away when our eyes meet.

This girl is not going to make things easy for me. She is the only girl I knew who liked me but would never give in to sex unless I’ll learn to love her.

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