White Snake

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Chapter 10: He was being destroyed

He had to be destroyed, the dog after being in the chase for some years had to be destroyed. No? Yes the women of the neighbourhood have behaved very indecently they have run amok and have run round me with their dogs and Susie got dismayed and died of fright. Died of what? Fright and old age but she got worn to a shoe behaving nicer than ever and there is nothing I could have done for her in the end took her in the bus and had her put down there was no more money for Sue and she did not like to thank me for it. She knew she had to be leaving.

My man’s films sort of reminds me of this in a sort of a way his movies were making flops and all that he did not mind the ladies chasing him and I thought he would die of it in the end. That wife of his chasing me round the bend and saying I could not paint. I can and all I won this and the other and there is no use in her denying me my rights.

But she has family and I do not because she owns this little Britain so do her queen and she does the powerful and the might. There is no use behaving in such a unkind manner you all know me by now and Sue dying in such a manner because you all chased her round. The beetle bend and then took and took my man as well because he sober than and younger.

Not now dear we do not need to hear all this. But I am just saying dear counsel for the defectives that the dear things who do take from the poor do not need it nor do they mean it they are just to mean to pay for the things which they don’t mean by. They appreciate to pay millions but try saying to them to pay a couple of hundred and they ask what?

Taxing question is does it make sense to anything I ever did and done? The thought crime the criminal minds and the criminally insane is it not the shared thinking between the rich and the poor that we must communicate in order that some sort of sober society can be made? We are not living in the 1960’s when the war had just ended we are now the growing problem because like the dancing princesses we danced away our lives in this endless earth shattering folly.

We built our lives round the drink and the drugs and women who do everything. So what does it mean? Susie dies of fright because these women chased her round and round and round every time we went out.

This went on for three years at the end of it I feared so many things as well as Sue rang the police they did not even share a smile they did not want to know. There is no such crime as that they did not want to know? Harmless fun? But look sister there is nothing of the sort there is a crime what sort of crime nothing has happened when it does just shout it out. Can I die from fright? Threatening behaviour is a crime is it not? I am not going round the bend look officialdom.

This grave panic I go out and there they are now as well. Hi girls. Do you want to eat your cakes and caskets and coronets as well? Do you realise that if there is a inquiry you all will end up somewhere less pleasant than here? Do tell us. They smile our husbands are the judges and the jailers. We are the government so how unkind can we be?


“My husband has been molested and he has the same problems as the one who molested her on the television they had the conception as well.”

“Not in the library I was not watching.”

“Who is in the library?”

“She was the woman who keeps on following me.”

“Stalking me?”

“Stalking then she got involved in sexual intimacies.”

“With a man?”

“Yes but she had been watching me and then she got into sex.”

“Whatever next?”

“The library had to be closed.”

“Cross it out.”

“Just cross it out.”

“There is nothing else shame.”

“Sham marriages have produced such women wanton women who dislike man their husbands even kill them because they are rich.”

“Nothing of the sort.”

“They mate and marry so that they can get.”

“I got nothing.”

“That is not true you got his love.”

“I am involved with my solicitors and they will make a final demand.”

“On what?”

“Susie was a dog.”

“But because I owned it they followed her and me to the ends of the park and back again.”

“Set their dogs onto us.”

“Made us so ill with their constant look how is your dog and then the dogs would attack.”

“I would pick Sue up and she would look cuddly but once there was this huge dog and he sort of tried to take a bite out of Susie and I and that dog did nearly have a narrow escape when I shouted at the owner to tame his dog on a lead. He can sniff your biscuits the owner told me. They are in my pocket what shall I do about it? Owners should not have dogs.

“What did you say?”


“It was a dangerous animal he did in the end keep it on the lead.”

“Then once this other dog came without the lead and he tries it on again.”

I had just enough time to place his lead onto his head I do not know where the lead came from it oh yes it was Susie’s but she did not mind only liked to sniff at it occasionally.

“He came twice actually. Second time I was avoiding him like the plague his owner had done some training so we left that dog alone.”

Another time another dog pranced then another until in the end we were both nervous wrecks. Even Ann’s dogs attack her and then another Parson Ann dogs too. It was a troubled Sue and she disliked to go out anymore. We both did not know what to make of it.

“Every day this would happen?”

“Most days but the police would not even do anything about this even when the women formed a circle and tried to encircle me with Sue.”

“I saw a loophole and left by that the park was not a circle but a square.”

They followed us and they formed circles they formed did and they tried to make Susie attack other dogs so she could be injured and one dying dog was set upon my Sue. This I fear and that I feared I could have died every time we went out.

We got Fifty Pounds in Our pockets.

Yes we have saved fifty pounds after all the promotions and we are heading for the food bank that is our only place of residence which gives us some food but mind now mind it is not healthy food for they don’t suspect we can live more than a few years. But mind now we have the funeral at the co-op and the flowers are all artificial. So can be reused again and again by them who needs it afterwards. The housewife might do some flower arranging while she does the house work if she does have a house. But me I have fifty pounds in my pockets and there is nothing I care for. Nothing at all but that the stuffs do not bite me.

Loathsome dogs.

I am meant to feel for all the heart renditions and agonies in the world for me behaving very strangely and nothing comes from not having the proper feelings. Not improper to feel the failures of the system madam. The right kind of illness when a woman is dying not even in your thoughts. I cannot do anything for her but the others are all down to the labour exchange saving fifty pounds a month and made millions homeless.

How many bedrooms do you have how many must you madam?

“I am rich and have been descendent from the greatest you are a mere nobody.”

“I am sorry to hear your low opinions.”

“First they segregate then they create abject poverty then the gas chambers.”

“Look Hitler gassed the poor we just made them all homeless.”

“The rich Jew they allowed to live and the poor they gassed everyone knew this and sold everything to be on some train pity when the money run out.”

“They got taken in?”

“They must have.”

“What I need to know which has been troubling me is what the smoke did for house prices.”

“What smoke?”

“The smoke from the human remains.”

“In what times?”

“In the 1940’s during the war back then.”

“But the smoke could not be avoided it must have been distressing for them all.”

“They must have grown used to the smell.”

“What is that for?”

“Useful things one can take anything but a fall in the house prices how dare you say to me that the housing market might have collapsed because of a couple of Jews being burnt to death.”

“Hitler I am sorry for this but you may be excused.”

“Hitler hated chocolates.”

“Yes that is not very good thing about him?”

“The only thing that is good about Hitler.”

“I will not be treated with such disdain I will stay and stand up for my beliefs.”

“Stand on the chair then the world needs to see you.”


“Well there you are the tallest man on this mountebank mountain and you glimpse the charm of the comedienne.”

“I am not a comedienne Mon Cheri I am from the government from the German Nazi’s.”

“Charmed I am sure.”

“Yes of course now you have met each other what do you want to ask his majestic murderer?”

“How it was?”

“What was?”

“How it was back then and why he had to gas all those Jews.”

“They were separated by segregation and we thought they had become weak and poor so we gas them hoped nobody noticed.”

“There was a war then?”

“Housing shortages job shortages all sorted.”

“We also got to use the munitions and then the factories could continue to increase labour and make labour intensely attractive.”

“Otherwise we could not do anything good at all?”

“Nothing of the sort the story so far is the Nazi’s are bad.”

“Just like paedophiles?”

“The very same.”

“Taking advantage of innocent people is what monsters are made of.”

“Stealing murder and all that?”

“Bad deeds to do and in the bible said go to hell for.”

“Bad deeds and stealth of labour not paid?”

“Bad as well not to pay for labour when the labour is done well.”

“If one steals labours then it is same as stealing it is bad.”

“Yes someone thoughtlessly wrote about this in the newspapers more than unfortunate but then we wanted to test the munitions so did not interfere with our planning department and we declared war instantly.”

“Pity you lost it.”

“Yes if only we had better thinking done. More time to build a better army and all that.”

“You were not popular?”

“No we lost because we had no popular voters people disliked me and the Nazi’s I cannot think why?”

“We did leave them the walls and all that.”

“Yes one remaining wall.”

“You mean between the East and the West?”

“What else would I mean?”

“China had one and they wanted one too.”

“Look it did not happen.”

“It did because all the homeless now out in the streets in the winter would mean they will die and there might be famine and there might be pestilence and people will sell their off spring to paedophiles and there might be all unkindness goings on.”

“Very small?”

“Low is very low.”

“The thing is madam the thinking is crooked how can a mean nation hope for survival.”

“Survival of the fittest out in the streets they will learn survival tactics.”

“Or die from the cold.”

“It is winter madam.”

Fifty pounds in our pockets and nowhere to go. Look how long can a child stand it living in the open? Let him study there in that school he can be in a right environment? Who cares if he does not have a place to live? That is not our problem we have the best schools in the world. But madam the housing shortages? Bad parents did not save their pennies and now they are short.

“Prostitutes always have money madam.”

“Their hearts are gold. Not cold.”

“Leaden pencils not in their drawing pin ups.”

“Look it is enough I have to drink my lunch.”

“What is that madam?”

“Sherry in my tea.”

“Is that allowed?”

“I am taking my allowance for the day.”

“Hiccup hiccups it gives me hiccups otherwise.”

“Fifty pounds in my pockets.”


I know Susie did not behave very well but she a dog and the women chasing her round because her temper was never angelic and she did not mix well. This makes me think and feel bad. I know Sue had issues and all that but she did not mean it. She just wanted nothing better to walk in the park alone with me. But the women hounded us and made her misbehave that she got attacked constantly and had to be guarded all the time was a issueless thing.

I thought was thoughtless and thuggish and even Ann the vicar did not leave her dogs to attack her. The women talked all the time as she was talking to another group of her well wishers. Her dogs were thugs. They had to be put down because they attacked constantly then she got another set a pair which did not attack but I thought they were the same pair. They must have had group therapy or something.

I think about the women who must be talking while their dogs attack children and all other forms of living beings. What a nice dog? Well you do not see dogs are not nice and they are never what they are on the films in the television nor does anywhere else do a dog attack the moment the owner is out of hearing he or she returns to the wild. Now many women think that they are in control of their well behaved dogs but think what it means when a child or another adult is attacked and feel the tensions of the dogs as they bite and grip.

They do attack their owners children because it is jealous of the divided attentions what is the meaning of her or the baby having all the attentions when I am the leader of the pack and should be given all the honours? So subdue the baby and he the dog can become again the leader of the pack.

Dogs are bullies they like to be known as the boss and if some baby is there taking all the attentions and becoming this central figure what else can a intelligent dog do?

Now not now.

“How unkind to be made to knell all the time knell baby.”

“Fuck off buster.”

The mother now must decide what to do should the dog and the baby be left together or should the mother say to herself I must do double shift and arrange some baby sitter when out walking the dog so that it is known the dog is mine as well as the baby. Or should I arrange for the dog to be put to sleep or should the daddy come and walk the dog instead of me. Being the man he can of course take charge and there might be some order restored to the dogs thinking that my attentions all the time with the baby lets the dog down.

“A phone call to Mavis and Mavis too comes with her dog is not the answer as now the dog has more competition.”

“Ouch another dog and they can rampage round the park and do all sorts until the dogs say who the boss is?”

“I am and they do not fight it out mine did walk with another dog for several months before they had a fight out and the other dog was damaged.”

“That was poor Sue and she did damage the dog because it got jealous because dogs do.”

“She had only been a pup then but that is when they are full of strength.”

“But when it was only me undivided devotions she was quite okay?”

“That is it I never knew and I was not risking anything I just let her on the lead whenever trouble happened.”

“The thing was she was not a okay dog and no dog is but the thing is she was a valued family member and the kids loved her except the girl whom she had a snap at and the child run off. I did not follow the child. I picked Susie instead and gave her a cuddle. The child was so surprised she did not speak to me ever again.”

“But it is so wise not encouraging jealousy in a dog and a animal who has misbehaved has only two chances and I could not have born another failure.”

What else can a nice kind dog do? She has another fit of jealousy attacks five dogs in one go. Look dog what an intelligent dog he is should we discuss Plato or the dog shit now more doing it on the carpet. Plato wins the dog it is less demanding then dog shit most men think that Plato is something in a book made of grease lightening but there is no understanding them. Carpet is left to some underdog who is going to complain about the mess and sit on it before they do anything about it.

“Do you smell something?”

“What it must be my feet?”

“No it is far worse than that.”

“Oh shit.”

The doggie is such a nice dog what is her name? It bites. Do not touch it bites your hands off. What a thing to say about the dog it is bad manners. Look the dog bites go away such a possessive woman does not want to socialise at all. Look my last dogs had bitten two or three people and I am afraid but how unsociable you are.

One of them a child whose clothes I had to pay for. Another did not even come near us again so do not say non social. I am saving you a trip to the hospital another of my dogs bite a man on the bottom. The man had been protecting his son being bitten on the head and the father knelt down and the dog bite him on the bum. Not social at all.

“That was our Akida called Silas a very amiable dog you know. I had no trouble with him at all for the sake of the kids we used to put him into the garden the kids were terrified of him.”

“I only dared to bath him twice.”

Another of my dogs did something else far worse he bite a little girl so severally the child who had wanted to be a vet became an accountant.

Human beasts

I was explaining to someone in hospital about this place which has the women in whom no longer have fat in their system. The thing got me started when a woman in Turkey had got pregnant and lost her son at nine months she ate fish and this destroyed the foetus and the baby just died and was inside her for a week and she did not know this is a complicated illness and the treatment is in Sweden.

These women are like the ones in Solihull which is nearer to us and they too cannot leave because of the benefits. One in a group said she wished they could because a change would do them good but once in there it is no longer a option to leave the place.

But in Turkey they do not have such a place as nobody will fund it and the women end up doing the entire family in. There is normally a great shoot out.

Never mind I know they say that nobody knew what was going on but they encourage and enrage some male into killing then they go out with the baby with a young sibling and they are forever happy to be doing such a good job. Like a replacement daddy? Like everything even well.

The thing is one is not used to being in the global not used to it at all but the thing is when everyone speaks like them Russians and we all used to the slurring speech patterns as the Russians now speak out all the time in the mouths of the drunken and all that. The ladies in Cyprus have this speech pattern as if the lady like mannerism in their swim suits.

It is strange it is very strange then they all got their boobs done with the Pamela Anderson model. I do not know what the world is coming to when all the girls now looked like dolls and there are not many places that everyone can stare and stare at the household while the dad is fucking them as well as leaving them open to criticism. They are known as the dancers these girls I am with a dancer the dad says and we did not know this? I had no idea until that is when I saw them in their under skirts flaunting is out and openly disparaging their father. I meant no harm look I am with my boy friend your time is this evening.

The thing is she is very young? I wish them well but there is no such thing the thing happened in front of me. This other dancer looked like a bus run right through her. There is every reason to suspect that I do not come from a respectable family? I am a bastard I do not have a family. There is every reason to think that the world is run through oiled wheels.

That mankind can do many wrongs and never feel the stress and the strain of behaving so wickedly that they do not feel the remorse. The dread of punishments and the guilt they should be feeling are theirs. Not any longer that remorse and repentance can lead to a cleaning of the soul that the devil inside us is there.

But if we succumb to it? Where is the hope where is the hopeful redemption the will to survive the things which we did and the things we know about? The knowledge that fourteen year old can’t be buried because she does not want to be. Where is this leading us towards? When all we think and all we feel is the things which are us or I.

I am the most important blob on this earth.

It is all about Eve.

“It is all about me.”

“No me.”

“I am more important than anybody. She is more important she is a star of the show.”

“She is even more important she wrote many articles on the humans forgetting what they have seen.”

“No she is even more important she wrote groups.”

“No he is even more important he discovered how people change their sex and their partners at will.”

“No she is even more important than Freud brilliantly said he a fraud.”

“No she is even more less a Lessing than he is.”

“Wrote about Karl Marx in a fashionable manner made me understand him.”

“I do not have the right to a opinion I am not important.”

“Money in her pocket she has money.”

“More important than that she has connections.”

“Well we must meet her acquaintance.”

“Let her drown.”

“No means of support.”

“Switch off the life support.”

“What is it about?”

“Important matters important matters.”

“Which are?”

“People who are important and people who are less important and unimportant people.”


“Money in my pockets.”

“A pocketful of rye which according to Agatha Christie was a maid who did the washing on the line and someone killed her and places a peg on her noise.”

“Don’t you mean a nose?”

“Nostrils then.”

“Why put the dogs in then”?

“I felt like it after talking to some woman on the bus.”

“She said my Sue was a person and I had to make certain the thing was she is not a person.”

“How could she mistake a dog for a person?”

“I don’t know do you?”

Then we must not do it in front of everyone and think it a fashion even a thing to be proud of.

Vogue strike a pose.

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