White Snake

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Chapter 2: Understand this

Look it is understandable that they want that they must understand people who have less money than we do. What is the understanding worth when they kick us while they do it? They do not understand that when they come and give us their charming undivided attentions that they might be missed when they go elsewhere to give their divided dividends as they make their money. The rich are divided in their attentions? Well they think the poor live in a cave and they do not see as if the poor are invisible.

The poor have less education then they have.

“I thought they had more education?”

“No they have more they have at least five decent indecencies.”

“In parole?”

“Night school.”


“They do not have the right clothes.”


“They do not go out much except to the bus stop when they chat on their phone.”


“Then they stop and molest the woman who is looking at them.”

“What for?”

“What is next?”

“That Christmas is coming they need the money.”

“Who needs charity the first and foremost is the idle rich for they must make a mint in order that we can swallow too.”


“Otherwise the river does not come and there might not be a flood.”

“Like in England?”

“No most definitely not never flooding in Britain we have the best flood defences placed in place.”

“Like baking?”

“Solid like that.”

“Russians where did they get their rations?”

“From outer space.”

“No use using blockades on them than?”

“None whatsoever.”

“So who are the Russians?”


“He was a poet now turned into the governing classes because he the son and heir of that demented poet.”

“Are you referring to Rasputin?”

“Yes he was a poet too.”

“I thought he more into politics than Pushkin?”

“Yes sorry.”


“A fine specimen of a man.”



“No Rasputin his pen in the jar on the mantelpiece I wonder if still there?”

“He died defending the honour of his wife.”

“Did he? Why ?”

“Rasputin not married but mated to the queen.”

“Well who died defending his wife’s honour?”


“Well why?”

“He was over worked he had fought three duels in one year for her honour.”

“Flighty as that she had misbehaved?”

“Never that she very beautiful.”

“Of course her honour needed defending?”

“Well he seemed to think so it did not need it after he died.”

“She quite capable of doing it herself.”

“Marries someone else and he does it without a complaint.”

“Pushkin over worked with his poems?”

“We will never know.”

“What was Rasputin over worked with?”

“I think he was a revolutionary I have my suspicious that he had been.”

“Anti establishment?”

“Yes he would go and soil anything.”

“You mean quiet as the soil?”!

“You also mean that he was anti establishment?”

“Yes his parents were obviously not fond and he did not care for the established order of things and wanted to bed it just so that he could have his prick in.”

“Is that psychology?”

“That is known as behaviourism.”

“He did not get treats as a child so he turned to life of passion.”

“He was very passionate and most of the women had a husband gone missing because of him.”

“They thought he would never do it with the queen.”


“She so sober.”

“Well why did her husband allow him in?”

“Because he wanted his wife drunk.”

“She had more powerful friends than he did.”

“So what had happened?”

“Being a man he thought he would try his wife and got into this insane bet.”

“A bet?”


“He must have been bored with her.”

“Well marriages do stale.”

“Yes they do.”

“I mean he gave her the little eggs every year.”

“I know he thoughtfully spent a fortune on it.”

“Yes that is true.”

“Well money and kingdoms go that way!”


“Because the rest of Russia was starving.”

“They could never forgive them for behaving so strangely.”

“They should have been more romantic?”

“It has nothing to do with romance when one is starving and the other is living like oligarchies with their lecheries adding to the despotic thugs who governed them. So they became revolted by it all.”

“Sorry what does this have to do with the Russian President?”

“His name bearing a remarkable resemblance to Pushkin’s.”

“And his wife eloping to Ukraine made me think of it.”

Another thought occurs to me.

The rich they live life as if we are the dogs on the prowl. There is nothing to ask from the good Gods but to leave us alone when we fail in life. But they come to gloat at our failures as humans and the achievements which we must have they put asunder.

When we work with no rewards but punishments and they think they have done us a favour because they gave us a chance to talk they give us a chance every time and this they think it is our just rewards we have a chance to talk and nothing more? Nothing more. We can talk all we must and that is that.

“We can out talk you all.”

“We can say what we think.”

“But don’t expect to be paid for it.”

“Just talk to your hearts content.”

“Nothing more?”


“Peanuts anyone?”

“Planes have been in there and back and now it is not safe.”

“No more peanuts without a plate.”

“Number plates?”

“The police have been around asking for them but I said I had no idea.”

The neighbours number plates being stolen they thought I had seen something that is a good ideology mine never get stolen.

“You don’t have a car.”

“Well what use will the number plates be to me?”

“The police do not think.”

When the riches we did think we deserved. Our labours now did not arrive from the hands of the Gods that we would and should sell our souls to the devils and mate with all to just joys. The treats which the Buckingham’s take for granted every day. The treatments which they gave us today and our daily bread which is the lot.

“Just bring your own food to their parties.”

“How do you mean?”

“And twenty five good solid pounds.”


“To the charities which they command.”

“Commander in chief we are losing the speakers corner.”

“I always did not ask to be understood.”

“I am misunderstood.”

“You are a disgrace.”

“I am indeed.”

“Have a nice day.”

“Still the queue where and what is she doing?”

Totalitarian State

Where is this state? In Britain.

Someone rich said she unhappy she is to be humoured because she is so unhappy now and she is to good and I wished her well as she took everything of mine and she did. When I went to do a gig she was there before me pretending to be a crippled woman and when she went and did a gig I was not even allowed near that place.

This is personal? It is very personable woman who takes and takes because we went to school together and we developed antipathy. So whatever is mine she takes whatever I want she blocks. The sorry part is that people are afraid of her and do as she says because of her status and who she is.

A queenly blood line directly to the bones to the establishment and they do what they can to make her happy and take and take from me.

Why she ever allowed to go to the same school with girls who are vulnerable I do not know but the whole damn lot of them in some sort of blood sport chasing me round and round if I a fox. A woman who has to have everything and often does and is so spoilt she is even mad and the rest of the clan with their similar attitudes in their horse backs chasing this little pauper to an early grave. They in their horses as if the blood curling bath time is never to end.

When it is personal? Yes it is personal but the thing must have been going on for some time because they know all the loopholes they know what to do and their enjoyments is uniquely their own as if some delicious delicate spectacle. That it is their lusts their greed and their demented joys.

“Jack the Ripper in their blood?”

“Yes I think so.”

So they are destroying their own power for the sake of their own child? For the sake of their mutual enjoyments. They found out that the bloody chasing round and round and pretending to be in the full powerful vampires stage the only thing to be in. They enjoyed themselves to such extent that they don’t want to do anything else. Less is lesser enjoyments as they cannot have food and this is a food replacement.

Being thin and all that makes their chasing this merry gold round the most exciting thing ever and it beats the food calories and mends the fuses and makes them less temperamental with their own families.

A sort of thing the Hong Kong wives do to their maids?

“Yes that is it.”

“Sorry but what use is this when nobody seems to want to know?”

“This is a spectacle which the world will know that a country supposed to be democratic and full of good will is not so. This is their shame and this is their sham and this is when the country either has to change or be known as this despotic world of a cesspit.”

“Because they said to everyone round the world they are truly more so than any other country that they are not the same as the people in South Africa and their cruelties are never been told and their behaviours have always been just to the world and they don’t do anything bad at all towards their civilians?”

“No they have equality for everyone?”

“Raw deals dealt with have a nice smile Avon lady calling.”

When the Elephants are Calling

When Rome was dying the elephants went to their gates to call them to their senses which the Romans did not reason as such as their reason had left them in their bath towels because they had. No ideologies left their sense of decorum had left them behind and they gave the place no kitchen and no family as they took the sons and daughters from the poor and had them forever slaves and prostitutes. They fed whores and boys once a month on their own food. Which they got from the taxes which they got from the idle and the gravely ill the merchants who did work at all.

“Worthy work not good at all how to steal and steel oneself to the approaching doom.”

“Nothing doing nothing at all when one does not work and earn ones pay that is what one should do.”

“To do not much but nothing at all is the truth and the glory we all must have and need.”

“There is too many elephants in our shop today Mr Bennett.”

“Roman empire had the best of entertainments.”

“Yes they feed the Christians to the lions.”

“It is in truth what we all must have to see.”

“Now we are more civilised we must seek the doctors to see if someone must be given a injection so that she can be kept quiet.”

“The patient nurses coming and going in their corridors very popular after all the parties which they must attend.”

“Attend to the sick as well?”

“When they can.”

“No the really sick are trying to get through to reception.”


“Because the receptionist only speaks to reasonable and cool customers and if one is sick their temperatures go up.”

“This upsets the receptionist to a degree that she hangs up the phones.”

“Rude patients?”

“No the thing is when one is really sick they don’t think that having a certain set times for ringing can be one more obstacle to the healthy patient by the time the drink and the drugged sixties heroes go and remember that they do have a ailment they are gone.”


“The insurance companies call it the very good deal you can get enough money to pay for it and if there is something left over the family can can to.”

“But now they all want to plant flowerbeds?”

“Now truly I can’t say but whatever you want to do the premiums are up.”

“What premiums?”

“Buy one plot get the second and the third free.”


“Is it the funeral expenses?”

“Now would I be saying that?”

“No I have been dealt a mortal blow.”

“Trying to get through.”

“The reception says certain hours and minutes and days.”


“If you are early late or delayed that means you don’t have anything to swear to.”

“If they don’t understand?”

“I don’t undertake to guarantee you will survive.”

“Fetch the undertaker?”

“No that is the co- op.”

“No they dealt me a blow they took away my decent swipe card and left me with carbon card. That shows I am being downgraded.”

“To what?”!

“I don’t think I want to go into all that.”

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