White Snake

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Chapter 4: The Mean streak

The thing is there is manifold in a human relationship not everything is good or all bad but sometimes there are some people who say they mean well towards one and their very aura is bad for the likes of one. This was the case with her and she did not mean to be like that she was just herself compact clever and seemingly good but her very aura bad for everyone. She seemed to kick one as if in the stable there was a donkey she did not mean to be like that she was in her sounds very ladylike kind and gentle but the very things she did and made towards others madden and confused everyone what had she to do with the beast I had become?

Everything I am talking about grandma she was the root cause of this human disaster. Look see the son she cared so much about the son and her darling she carries him to his toilet till he is eleven years old and she is not even aware that others might think it strange and humorous? Well then me myself.

I must have left home at six years old to become foster carer for her daughter who was a intelligent woman who had done nursing but she was a naturally indolent woman who disliked the work.

Kids involved and made me do all the work myself and I had to worry myself sick about the education of the other two because they preferred to stay in bed all day and disliked school. To such a extent they made off as soon as they could to other concerns mainly to some pub.

Another thing about this there is not enough to put grandmother to the court of injustice but her marriage was a marriage of inconvenience to everyone and me in particular. I mean me in particular because the husband had taken a fancy to me and said as his wife Pink who had been four years old when he and she married and I now six meant he could marry me in her place.

Your honour the thing was the wife was never four years old when he and she married Pink went to court and the court can prove that she was not four because she looked to be in her twenty fourth year.

“But I am four.” Said Pink delighted to be so young.

“Madam this woman is too stupid to be married.”

Which was disproved because she got married anyway to him and they were happy until she began to smell so bad because she did not like shagging any longer? Began to avoid her husband like mad went outside and did all sorts sleeping rough and did not even want to come back. They would send search parties for her looking but she did not know this she slept blissfully unaware that he wanted her in his bed. What ailed them he did not know but she said she had enough of being improper and wanted to become virgin again.

“Silly bitch.” Said her mother, “she is a fool.”

“Well the court had said she was a fool and now everyone knew she was so they were in agreement but she had a baby to look after and this meant she was quite unsuited to her role as a mother and the baby had taken a dislike to her.

But the court was answered by her as being four because she thought herself as four if her husband or lover thought her truthful was it my fault? Woman lie about their age you know they always do and it is the husband’s duty to find the birth certificate otherwise the thing is unsettling for everyone and me in particular as I am always in trouble.

What matters are that grandmother had this effect on everyone’s life she did not only spoil Pink’s but then she did not spoil her grand child’s life. Zeks was a good role model she disliked school and did everything in her power not to go but she did well in life and did it without too much effort.

The thing is folly to pretend that Z liked housework she hated it to such an extent that she chopped off her leg rather than do this. The sorry thing is that she did not know how it would destroy her marriage in consequences.

She measured her leg and said to the surgeon it is this size is it not?

“Yes my dear it is.” The surgeon was most impressed one could see the human side but if she had not taken tablets from two doctors her pain would have been obvious sooner but she had taken a double whopping of morphine and all other kinds of medicines in order not to work in the cafe. She said the work would kill her but this never would have and it should not have.

That they took it very well when he moved in with the mother as Pink was unavailable and he and the mother were married he moved in with the mum again. The thing was Pink was very relieved to be relieved of the responsibility of having to do with man. So she went and did her goat herding and all that sort of thing and did it responsibly and ably.

Might be this one.

It is the tyres as they backfire and they fire and they fire as he is making the road to his mistress house and the tyres are backfiring as he nears the house. Where she is undressed waiting for him to arrive and he is there waiting for the husband to leave the house. So that he can enter and be entertained by the lady of the whole town.

As she leaves the house at dawn she wears high heels and looks like some movie star. But her house is not clean. She never cleans her house and does not allow her girls to do so either. The husband pays them to play cards with her the whole day as if the poker game would make the men not come towards her like a beacon shining the wand towards them.

This youth comes and comes again he is hungry for the likes of her skin and they torment each other all night long. He is so involved that he does not see the gun pointing at him and it is only when she turns round she sees the gun.

She screams and he startled went towards the window to get away. But he is too big and the window is not wide enough and he is stuck there. He breaks the other one the glass shatters.

In the meanwhile the woman is holding onto her man not to make a fool of him. Her naked flesh out in the open her bosom out in the open. How much longer would the son of a bitch take to leave her house she screams?

“I cannot hold him go.” To the youth this is a startling revelation as if he is hit as if he is turned to stone a story told in passionate startling love story and then now this sordid mess. A story of love of romance but turned out to be ugly and in such bad sense there was nothing for him in that marble body that she did not love him that she had no heart that her involvement was because she was bored with her life but did not want to leave it in fact he was a asset and was assisting the husband to do his duty and it thrilled her and to a certain extent him.

That his woman was so beautiful and belonged to him and she would not leave him and he was her owner if he had not been so young he would have been able to bear it but he did not understand what it meant what it did not mean was love what it did for him was to melt him down to size.

This is like cold water it is as if he is stung it is as if the world toppled and topped him.


“What go?”

“I thought you loved me?”

Two men came they are body guards and hurt him really bad.

They throw him into the garbage and he is left there to rot.

That was the bank manager’s wife and she was so beautiful and good there was not many like her and she was never alone. But after this incident they did not meet and he never went near her again? Of course he did more than ever he went constantly asked her to marry him.

The bank manager’s wife and he and she could become one with the food and the drink and he could sense the smell of food a mile away. Like a fox he would feed his mind and heart on the meal as she would have her servants and maids come to his aid with their offerings and then they could dance the night away as the husband would be at some meeting as there was a banking crisis a merger and the other things which men have to do without their wives misbehaving.

“Marry me? Marry me?” She laughs as if he said something absurd and amusing there is nothing she would not have done in bed but this was a jest a joke a huge joke.

“See this shoe?”


“This is one week of what you stole from that.”

He reddens.

The tyres go bang. Bang every night now. The shotgun you must hide it from him I worry. And the grandma is awfully concerned that he might die. There is nothing else on her mind as she prays and he is preying into the young wife and making jest of the marriage vows. The old woman is not jealous but worried.

“We must pack him off to England.”


“Yes we must do so.”

“I’ll make the arrangement for him to board ship.”

“It sets sail in a week.”

“We might never see him again?”

“But he will be safe.”

From the fryer into the frying pan or something like that?

“Ma I am burnt I am burning.”

“Marry in haste repent at your leisure.”

“Who dares come in here?”

That night another one had a flat tyre and then it was the last one because the thing was it got worse he went to the house in day light and the husband beat him so badly he narrowly lost a eye.

In England he sent to his mother a pound note as a thank you a gratitude for her kindness to him. I do not know what the wife his wife meant by this? Maybe she was dissatisfied about him and she must have had her reasons too?

In Gaza

Your children dying killed by them who had in the old days been the guardians of the children? The guardians of children are now killing them. What is the meaning of this the guardians killing the children? Whatever for? Because they are Russians and the Russians want to kill kids. They think killing children is good that is why they promised the Syrian government the good life in exchange for them. There is no such thing we are sorry no such thing? Look there is nothing but such deeds on the news. That is nothing doing that is what is happening is it not?

The Israelis are the people of peace and they are now killing children because they throw stones at the military. How good that is where the souls in discretion have taken also to bombing people who are at their table eating. Did they too throw stones at them? 20 people died there and there was no single shot fired.

Those eating was so unusual we thought something odd had happened. The plates chinking did give us a turn. We thought it was another thing going wrong for the Israelis you see six and a bit died in the war and now we can become like the Nazis as like for like. No sorry Russians.

Now we go into the Israelis because they did come from Russia they are Russian migrants who did migrate from there and now settled into the hot seat are having this flamingo of a war. Their war begins when they want a drop of land then their military take over some more land until they are equal with the Arabs who do not have the might nor the military strength because it is the Russians my poor fool? I am not a fool.

Children dying does not make a fool there is too many children dying to satisfy the satiated desires of them who are in power. There is too much goings on as it is to make the war legal. The goings on the goings on do you ask for more goings on then that children are ill fed hungry and that their parents are no longer there? That they have left high and dry so many children to be fed by them who care to have them and the asking price is a bed a blanket and some food? Is it what the world now has come to? Look is it what we want to have? Is this the end of civilisation as we know it the end of humanity the end of everything?

We are no longer at war we are wearing our own selves into many designer clothes and the clothes do not make the human there are many Gucci and many of the tailored but where is the human being? The beasts have frolicked in the sun and made off with the diamonds and pearls but forgive me father where is the man? What? What man?

The man inside the tuxedo inside the suit inside the armour that they wear now? People sell themselves to behave well in society but when they look down on people like the benefit people they can let themselves pee inside the living room and it won’t occur to them it is wrong or indecent that is what dad used to do inside my living room and that is what the man did see and wanted to know why I stayed in that house with those people.

He has a wife.

Softly spoken and educated to the highest degree they have several degrees and that makes them human when they go on the prowl and take whatever there is little? Little beasts which crawl outside in the night are there to please them who are in there. What is it for whatever for because they are outside and we can come and come?

That is what it means when the families make their own children the meat and drink as if that is the only way to make money and there is half the amount mounting every day and it is growing them who have children they can dispose of to make their own homes a better place for their reality and loved ones to make the others paid up members, of the gangs and prostitutes.

Whatever it is nothing now to do with them they have been deserted and are starving no longer. What matters is the Russians need the meal and they will have them Aleppo because they need it for their growing Afghan population who have two hundred children by the time they reach seventy. A whole village is created by one male and this means even the soil of Russia is too small.

No dearie that is not possible? I am not saying it is not possible it was on Turkish news I seen it. Look there they were out in the open this nice man had several wives and did the whole thing grandfather he had been and great grandfather his sons and heirs outside because the village now too small for them to live and prosper.

“They breed like mad.”

“They have made the land infertile.”

The Teksoy programme was on a weekly basis and it was the only thing which was a reported and educational programme he would go to various places and see other customs other ways of behaving and being. He a tall man without much of anything but aplomb and tact he was a very popular man doing a show which was watched round the Turkish satellites round the world. The thing was that he did not know that his ratings were soon to drop to a alarming level. This was the show which set the pace and he had to go for some reason I have angered someone he said in one show and I am being turned into a marriage brokers show.

The lady doing this was the camera woman able and creative too and to a degree more attractive prospect. But on that mountain which took him a week to climb with his crew and the guide leading them there he was a very obstinate man he was told such people existed and he found them where they were said to be. Round the Russian borders I think and there was not much else I am not good with geography but there was the whole lot of Azerbaijan’s as well and all the other Turks living in Russian hospitality.

“We are satisfied here we do like we did in our homeland.”

“But we do not do what you do now.” Said the reporter.


“No there is nothing like what you do now.”

“But this is being happy.”!

“I would never allow my sons not to have a multitude of happiness.”

“How many wives do you have sir?”

“Only three the other two died.”

“Of what sir?”

“Old age they did not come from these mountains. So were not as hardy as us.”

“See my first wife there?”

“She is in her seventy first year just conceived.”

“He did it on purpose I told him not to. He is too much for me you see he is just too much I can’t believe it.”

I said, “I do not believe it.”

“She can’t be pregnant at such an advanced age?”

“Sugar these are mountain people.”

“Oh we live on yogurt. You them thighs these are the thighs of the yogurt.”

“Spindly so and so.” Said his wife the other two just smiled amiably.

“I have had it I told him after having 24 children I wished to call it a day but he is forever on top.”

“Well this is the last one.”

“Why honey what now?”

“I am going to the hospital to have it seen to.”

“No pills I swear they can harm your health.”

“Well I was thinking of an operation to take away the womb.”

“What that is even worse. Look wife you do that and you will no longer be a wife but you will be my mistress and all our kids will be illegitimate. No longer heirs to my lands and fortune.”

“For the sake of my kids I won’t.”

“See how he treats her like a dove she is.”

“I will do it anyway he won’t know the difference.”

“I know she will try but the thing is I will tell them to place her under a sedative and she will think she has had it done.”

“I heard that.”

“Thought you were deaf??”

“I AM NOT DEAF. Just my hearing is a bit dim due to the high altitudes.”

“Well this is another Teksoy programme.”

On Another Teksoy Programme

No longer able to bear to watch such a fertile man I asked myself what use was he and he said the same his use was his semen. He would donate it to the national cause if need be. By the way he was being transported by the cameras. He even knew about makeup and lighting effects. His good side and bad and the effect it had on the moving image of him. He had never seen one with a woman behind before, I mean a camera. He had not thought that a woman would need to be behind a camera as this did not accord with the vanities of the equations. Women were vain were they not? He did not like them to be anything else.

He said he filthy rich and could make her rich as he would not live forever. She said I think that he already had lived longer than anyone she knew. He did say he did want them both as he rich and could afford to keep as many as he could afford. The woman answered she was already married.

“Engaged actually.” Said a man who looked very nice on the eye.

He did not want to destroy the camera work and he did not want her to be uppity about the work.

“Soon to be married.” She told his behind. He was a man of medium build but the woman was huge according to the dictates of her woollen out fits and such. She was fiery and red with the climbing and beautiful.

Dark skin cool now and radiant and patch of red on her lips. She had also this other side the clothes she did wear fitted her elegance and did aspire to be pretty and organised expensive wardrobe one thinks? I was just wandering that was all there were too many shows like these and I did like them addicted to them as if to some unkind game and the people in the shows did shower themselves to be analysed as if they were my pet projects. I studied them daily minutely hourly and they did me this turn and that turn they made me the writer I am now.

An elderly gentleman he was quite a nice man he looked like he had a pot of gold somewhere. He took a fancy to our camera woman now fiancé. The fiancé was very well organised and did the work but the thing was he also was satisfied that his woman had made the show possible and they did the work and went away.

He did not dislike the fact she had a fiancé thought it even better if it did not work out she had somewhere to go to.

The spectators were thrown aside as if they were just specks on the ground and they took their leave saying that Mehmed had already had his day and was going to have another day this day as well and they as rich as him but he not even richer because he smarter and they went to their tents and tended to their coffee. Their wives were just too plain compared to the glossy thing out there and their dissatisfactions grew.

But followed was truly tragic.

He said he did not mind at all he could come too. He would give him a job and prospects as long as he left his wife about him. A punch up would have ensued but the man was too old and his wife of many years came and said do not understand his appetites. It is as if we are the animals we always did not envy. Some of us have become beasts we do not think of it often we do what we do because we like to.

“We love to marry that is what we love to do.”

“Get away with you.”

Well the resulting madness came when someone from the mountains decides to come down and enjoy the reality of a game show.

The thing was he felt perfectly at home in a game show he knew the rules and did not disobey the things and he was well received.

It must be the mountains and like a goat he goes all night. Well we needed to hear that. I do not enjoy it myself I find knitting huge jumpers cures me of the ailment. They call it the disease the disaster of being sex hungry all the time. Even when we did it a minute ago he aims to find me again. That is very painful. It is said his poor wife that is why I am looking for him a younger version of myself.

She has not got dark hair nor is she glamorous but she is the younger version of her?

“We all want to screech behind you she is a old hag.”

The female of the pair who had done such brilliance the fiancé got a job as a television presenter presenting a marriage programme which had a good rate of publicity. She was still stalked by her stalker a male of eighties. She said she had began to get nervy with him stalking her all the time.

He said still in his prime. She then began to say this and the other about him being older than her granddad and he still stalking her and behaving in a manner and still she said he belonged in a old people’s home. Not a lunatic asylum but an old people’s home. You see I think he did belong in a lunatic asylum but the woman was kinder than me.

And she did say he is a grandfather and should leave me alone. This gave him the option to intrude her show and shower the guests with unnecessary marriage proposals. Which he did not honour at all.

He would molest the women and then leave them nothing but a bad name.

No ground rules at all and there was nothing he said stopping him when he in the programme he did like the women when outside he thought quite chilly with a stranger in his house.

“Where would I be?” said one of the woman he had spent the most time with.

“In your own house?”

“Look I am taking this man to court and making him pay he made me sell my house and move in with him and then he did not honour his pledge.”

“At least you had a house to sell otherwise it would have been different.”

“He now owns the house I called home for forty years.”

There is this bust up and there is hilarity amongst the audience as the woman hits him.

The show then was banned.

Only to come again with this time the women on the make. The women grouped together to make themselves some easy money.

The thing was filthy because it had the swells and the little persons who did the lottery and never made it big and most of them had lonely lives when they brought up their children and need somewhere to live and there is no escaping the fact that the house is too small with the daughter in law and all the children they bring into the world so at sixty most of them were out and about trying to find a new home.

And so they come to this game show to make a new start as they have nothing to lose.

The thing was it was interesting how he did appear again this man older than anyone at nearly ninety wanting a 20 year old and the older women coming and asking his hand in marriage as he now on the phone and would not appear unless the woman was alone.

The little show which was gaining a audience was brand new and it was cruelty to each other especially to these people who needed a audience needed a father and did not bear anything but no wit. The newsman did not make things as good nor safe for the vulnerable ex wives of cons or farmers. They thought that the women could take care of themselves.

They all left the rot to sink in. There was other news items and this and the other and the series on these mountain people was dropped as being too unlikely. Except one of them escaped to find the newswoman unattended and there was an assault and the woman could not do the show again.

I do not know who got attacked or where they never did disclose this fact but the thing was the man from the mountains did not appeal anymore he went out of fashion as quickly as he had appeared.

“The woman was no good.” Said the odd gentleman and that was the end of his stalking her? He wanted another woman to stalk when he was put somewhere when he did not have a choice not to do so. His whereabouts in the deepest mountains with no television said his sires. His father did come and collected him.

“His dad was in his hundred and fifth year his own father had died last year. He did whip me good he did have to misbehave all my life.

“You had to?”

“Yes this whippersnapper too young to know anything about anything.”

“Whatever did he do was wrong he does not have a wife his wife died young not being hardy like some woman. I told him when he married sixty years ago it would and mark my words son I told him it did.”

“Flea in his ear?”

“Pa that hurts now.”

“I will show you to molest them townies they are not like the mountain women who do not mind them are fine ladies and you best leave them alone. I won’t be responsible kick your backside I will.”

“Pa I am a grown man.”

“Sure about that?”

“I got grandchildren that says so.”

“How many do I have?”

“More than me.”

“Well I win.”

This woman whom he had been stalking all year. She had been asking for it he answered again and again if she had not been why she did say nothing? Did not do anything but laugh at me? I am a man after all. Asking for it woman with makeup and frilly clothes and frills round their bras. Open at the bar and out all hours.

Due to lack of evidence there was no trial and the thing was dropped.

I throw cushions to the wind.

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