Searching For Jenna

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Chapter Sixteen

Jenna woke to find Special Agent Dana Tamaski sitting in the chair against the wall in her room. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been in the hospital because she’d gone in and out of consciousness several times. It was hard to know how long she’d been out each time.

Dana laid her lap top down on the chair next to her. She stood and went over next to the bed. “Hi.”

Jenna turned her head slightly so her good eye could look at Dana. She was a pretty woman. Jenna guessed she was in her late-twenties. Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail today, like the way Jenna normally wore her long blonde locks.

“Do you feel up to trying some writing today?” Dana asked.

Jenna shrugged.

Dana picked up the yellow legal note pad and laid it on Jenna’s lap. She laid a pen on top the pad and waited to see what Jenna would do.

After staring at the pad for several minutes, Jenna finally picked up the pen and wrote. “How long have I been here?”

“Four days,” Dana answered.

“Why isn’t my mother here?” Jenna wrote next.

Dana sighed. “That’s a bit complicated. Let me ask you a few things to see what you remember about what happened. When I showed you the picture of the man yesterday, you got really upset. He’s the man who hurt you.”

Jenna nodded.

“Do you remember calling the FBI a few days ago and telling someone there that you’d found a body in your father’s freezer?” Dana asked quietly. Even though Jenna was in a private room, Dana didn’t want to take a chance on the nurses hearing their conversation.

“Yes,” Jenna wrote and looked at Dana, her good eye wide with fear. “He moved it.”

Dana looked at what Jenna wrote. “We know.” Dana turned and looked toward the window. After a few minutes of contemplation, she came back to the bed and sat down on the edge. Her dark eyes were flashing with urgency. “Do you know where he might have taken it?”

Jenna shook her head and then wrote, “He was putting it in the trunk of my mom’s car, and I accidentally walked in on him. He left but come back about an hour later and did this.” Jenna pointed toward her face.

A nurse popped into the room. “You’re awake! Good. I’m going to get you something for your stomach and get you cleaned up.” The nurse looked from Jenna to Dana. “You’ll probably need to leave while I clean her up.

Reaching out to Dana and grabbing her hand, Jenna shook her head. “You don’t want me to leave?” Dana asked.

“No,” Jenna wrote in big letters on the note pad.

“Okay,” Dana said, a little confused. But maybe Dana talking with Jenna made her trust her. That was a good thing because Jenna was going to be dealing with Dana a lot over the next several weeks.

The nurse was not happy about Dana staying but didn’t say much. Dana took the legal pad and put it in her briefcase while she helped the nurse get Jenna in the shower. The young woman had several bruises in various stages of healing. It made Dana wonder about what other abuse she might have been subject to.

Jenna had always been on the thin side even though she was big boned. She had run every morning since she was a freshman in high school unless she was too sick to get out of bed. Her body reflected the hard work she put into her training. She had very little body fat, so her tawny muscles were well defined. Some of the other girls at school teased her about having the body of a guy, but she didn’t care. If her father weren’t so strict about her acting like a girl, Jenna would have probably dressed more like a guy.

When Jenna was alone with Cara, she could let her butch lesbian side show. Cara told her that she loved how powerful Jenna was. Jenna didn’t feel very powerful now. In fact, she felt weak as a kitten. A week in bed, half of which she had been completely unconscious, had done a number on her muscles. The fact that she hadn’t had anything but liquids didn’t help her strength.

Once Jenna was clean and in a new robe, the nurse gave Jenna a shake and asked her to try to drink it. It was hard. She couldn’t feel half of her face, but she managed to get the muscles that did work to bring some of the thick vanilla liquid into her mouth through the straw.

“Great,” the nurse said. “I’ll be back later to check on you.”

Dana didn’t like the look the nurse gave her. It made her concerned that the nurse may be poking her nose into the story the FBI had told the hospital when they brought Jenna there. The hospital administration knew that Jenna was a witness in an ongoing investigation, but no one else in the hospital knew what was going on. All they knew was that this young woman was seriously injured by a suspect that was still at large.

Jenna’s face was still swollen and bruised to the point where she didn’t resemble that attractive young woman in the pictures that were being sent out on the Amber Alert that went up after Jenna was found missing from her parents’ home. Surely, the nurse didn’t suspect that Jenna might be the girl from the Amber Alert, but Dana wasn’t going to take any chances. She was going to get Jenna out of here.

Dana told Jenna that she had to make some phone calls, but she would be back in a little bit. Jenna motioned for the legal pad. When Dana handed it to her, Jenna wrote, “That nurse keeps asking me questions. I don’t know if she’s just nosy, stupid, or up to something, but she makes me nervous.”

“You’re going to be leaving soon so don’t worry about her,” Dana assured Jenna and squeezed her hand.

The FBI could not afford Michael Matthews finding out where Jenna was. He would come after her because he knew how much Jenna might be able to tell them about the woman in his freezer.

Dana stepped out into the hall and looked around. There weren’t any nurses in the vicinity. She quickly texts her boss. “Nosy nurse asking questions. We need to move package.”

It only took a few minutes for the reply. “Will send extraction team.”

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