Searching For Jenna

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Chapter Four

Special Agent William Defoe knew he’d arrived too late when he heard Michael Matthews screaming at his daughter. Pulling out his latex gloves and slipping them on, he grabbed the knob of the back door, which was unlocked, opened the door and raced up the back stairs and into Jenna Matthews’ bedroom where her father was savagely beating her. Defoe grabbed the chair from Jenna’s desk and smashed it over Michael Matthews head. He may have just compromised his mission, but he had to save Jenna.

Straddling Matthews’ prone body, Defoe leaned over and picked up Jenna’s limp body. Being careful not to leave more evidence than he already had, Defoe put Jenna over his shoulder, turned, and hurried down the back stairs, through the kitchen, and out the back door, exactly the way he came in. He pulled Jenna from his shoulder and cradled her in his arms so the blood coming from her nose and mouth would not drip on the grass and leave a trail for the dogs that would be brought out to find her. He headed to the path leading into the small patch of woods behind the Matthews’ house.

Defoe hurried along the path that circled leading back to the house, but at its farthest distance from the house, it took him within a few feet of where the woods ran along a ravine that separated it from Veterans Memorial Parkway. He slowed and stepped off the path as gingerly as he could while carrying Jenna. The eighteen-year-old was tall for a girl and big boned like her father making his task a little more challenging than he needed it to be. Moving carefully through the last few feet of trees and being careful not to break any branches or disturb the low bushes as best he could was a task with his awkward package.

Stopping at the edge of the woods where the grassy slope started, Defoe was met by the two agents who were working with him. One took Jenna and raced across the ravine and drainage ditch to the SUV waiting at the side of the parkway. Defoe took off the LawPro boots he was wearing and slipped into no track tactical boots, similar to what the other two agents were wearing. Hopefully, the police investigating Jenna’s disappearance would see that the tracks he made through the woods and would match them to Matthew’s boots, which were the exact same model Defoe had taken off. The tactical boots he replaced them with would not leave any trace of their exit with Jenna. He picked up the boots and quickly followed the second agent across the grass to the rock drainage ravine.

Once inside the SUV, William pulled his cell phone out of his shirt pocket and punched in a number. “The package has been secured, but we have a problem.”

William’s boss, Maverick Jonas, who was on the other end of the line asked, “What kind of problem?”

“Matthews got to her first. He beat her up pretty bad. She’s going to need immediate medical attention,” William explained. “And I didn’t get a chance to look in the freezer.”

“Fuck,” Jonas muttered. “Get here A.S.A.P. and get your vehicle. I’ll get her medical attention. You need to get back over to Matthews’ house and play your role of Matthews’ good friend, Deputy Darren Parker. Hopefully, you’ll get to the freezer before the local police do.”

“I’m going to need a change of clothes,” William said, taking off his shirt. “I’ve got her blood all over me.”

“Jesus Christ,” Jonas swore again. “We’ll have what you need when you get here.”

Jenna moaned and then said in a rasp, “He moved the body to my mom’s car.” With that said, she fell back into unconsciousness.

“She just said Matthews’ moved the body to his wife’s car,” William told his boss.

“Get that car,” Jonas instructed.

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