Story 9 Hoody And His Gyal

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I was only going to write eight stories but I have been asked to do more. This one is Hoody 9. Its called "Race of a lifetime!" James has to get home as quick as he can before he loses everything! Race of a lifetime. James has a mad drive ahead of him. He has to get back home before Samantha realises how much James has won. If she does find out it will be the end for James!

Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

Race of a lifetime

James went into a strange place as he looked at the screen on his phone and read;

“I’ve just found your wallet in the washing! Is it OK for me to get the winnings of this lotto ticket, I need some washing powder?”

James didn’t know what to do. He could feel his heartbeat banging in his chest as he thought about what he had just lost. He had gone from millionaire status to a complete wreck with nothing but a small memory of being able to have anything he wanted in life.

Holding the phone with one hand, James swerved across the M5 from the outside lane to the hard shoulder as a truck blasted its horn continually. James screeched to a halt and reread the message.

He felt sick and started heaving as he opened the door and threw up on the motorway.

James knew if he didn’t answer Samantha, she would take the lottery ticket anyway. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked in the mirror at a man that was penniless again. James looked back down at the phone. His hands were trembling as he fumbled with the numbers trying to phone Samantha back. James dropped the phone on the passenger seat panicking. He stopped, took a deep breath picking the phone up and concentrated. James dialled the house phone number and waited. It rang out many times with no answer, so he tried again. James sat there looking out the front windscreen into space as the cars and trucks roared past him. His mind started to speculate as he listened to the ringing tone. His thought pattern was Samantha had gone to the shop to get the ten pounds winnings, and the cashier said: “I’m sorry I can’t cash this for 1.7 million pounds!” And now she was on her way to the travel agents to book a holiday for herself only.

James rang the number again his hands were still shaking, and his stomach was turning over and over as he listened to his home phone ringing out in the hall. James was starting to think Samantha had gone to the shops. He was beginning losing any hope he had, as someone answered.

“Hello…? Hello…?” James listened for a sound or noise; it seemed to take ages. He breathed again when he heard Samantha’s voice.

“WHERE WERE YOU? I’VE BEEN CALLING FOR AGES…!” James shouted down the phone.

“What were you doing upstairs that took you so long to answer the fucking phone…?” “OK...! Ok, I’m sorry…!” “Yes, I’m fine now…!” “No, I wasn’t worried about you…!” “No, don’t think about the shopping, I’m on my way home, I’ll be there in ten minutes…!” “Well, we can get the gas at the same time…!” “Ok, I’ll be there as quick as I can…!”

James let out a massive sigh of relief as now he had some hope of getting his winnings back. All he had to do was to get back before she gives up waiting for him and walks to the shops.

James put the phone down and pulled away he knew he had to get back as quick as possible because if she hands the lotto ticket in, James will never see her again. He drove back to the outside lane flashing every car he drove behind. Eventually, he could see the next junction and left the motorway at full speed.

James drove around the island at the top with car horns sounding as he squeezed between them. He turned and went back down the slip road on to the motorway and out into the fast lane.

After he had been travelling for 15 minutes, he decided to phone Samantha again. He pressed the redial button on his phone, but there was no answer. He tried her mobile, still no response. He called the house again, and eventually, she answered. “I will be five minutes…!” James shouted. He put the phone on the seat and concentrated even harder overtaking on the inside of cars. He knew he shouldn’t, but he had no choice.

Another ten minutes passed, and he called her again but this time there no answer.

James was panicking as he speeds along the motorway knowing he had at least another 30 minutes to go before he got home. As he drove along overtaking everyone, he couldn’t stop thinking that she would never forgive him for lying about the ticket only having ten pounds on it. James pulled over to the middle lane to undertake a car, but it moved over in front of him so James drove back into the outside lane and the car in front did the same. James was getting annoyed as he tried again but it became apparent he wasn’t going to let James pass. James’ heart was pumping twice as fast as he drove about 3 meters away from his rear bumper flashing his headlights. James tried again, but this time he went on to the inside lane and then the hard shoulder and eventually got passed him and put his foot down again. As James looked in the mirror, he could see the driver flashing his lights. James took no notice and carried on at full speed in the outside lane again.

He was concentrating hard and looked down at the speedometer. It was just over 120 miles an hour when his phone rang out and lit up. He could see it out the corner of his eye. James flashed his lights, and another car moved over for him. He picked up his phone and glanced at it hoping it was Samantha’s name. He took a second look when he saw the name Harry on the screen. James took no notice at first then it rang again. James started to wonder what she wanted as he approached another car in the outside lane.

He was too worried about the lottery ticket to slow down and answer it.

James turned the radio up and the phone over so he couldn’t hear it or see the screen. The trees and bushes were flying past the car as he approached a van. James flashed his lights again and had to slow right down as it crawled along. He sounded his horn in frustration and pulled into the middle lane and went passed the van on the inside again pulled away.

James eventually turned off the M5 and onto the M42 motorway. He managed to get into an empty outside lane and put his foot down again until he came to the end and up the slip road to the A34. He knew he was only a few minutes away now.

As James pulled up on the drive he jumped out the car and ran to the front door. He dropped the keys on the floor as his hands had started shaking again. He eventually opened the door shouting “SAMANTHA IM HERE!!” as he walked in. There was no answer; again he yelled as he ran around the house. He realised Samantha wasn’t there. James jumped back into the car and drove up to the shops and parked the car almost in the middle of the road and ran to the supermarket that she used frequently. As he pushed the door open, he could see her standing there in the queue. She was third in line with the washing powder in her hand.

James breathed a sigh of relief and quickly walked up behind Samantha. “Have you got the card for the gas meter?”

Samantha looked around embarrassingly “Shush yes!” She put her hand in her pocket and pulled out his wallet and passed it to him.

“The card is in there!” she said quietly.

James put his hand in his pocket and peeled twenty-pound of the large roll of notes he had and passed it to her. As Samantha turned to pay the shopkeeper, James looked in his wallet.

“Give me the lotto ticket we might as well do it here” Samantha shouted.

“No it’s alright I will do it later!” James replied. Samantha looked at him with an inquisitive look.

James turned away and opened his wallet further, but he couldn’t see the lotto ticket as Samantha said, “Oh silly me! It’s in my pocket.” James turned quickly, and as she lifted it from her jacket pocket, James ripped it out of her hand and walked out the shop with Samantha following.

“Why can’t we cash it in there?” James opened the car door and got in as Samantha opened her door. “It’s the wrong ticket; I cashed the right one earlier!”

“OH FUCKING GREAT!! Wouldn’t I have looked a Pratt?”

“Well, I did say wait till I come home!”

“That was over an hour ago.”

“You hadn’t got enough for both anyway!” James replied.

“I searched the house and found some change down the back of the sofa!”

“Oh well, it all sorted now!” James said sarcastically.

“Did you have to pop and see someone before you could come home?” Samantha said looking out the window.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“You know what I mean!” she said as James pulled away and drove back to the house. James opened his door and got out smiling.

“What the fuck have you got to smile about?” Samantha said slamming the car door shut.

“You! You make me laugh!” James replied.

“Well, it would be nice if you made me laugh. I’m sick of pissing about with no money!”

They opened the front door and went into the house and James put the kettle on while Samantha opened the washing machine door.

James nipped up to his office and checked the lotto ticket and put it in his draw, so it didn’t go missing again and went back downstairs to finish making his coffee.

“Do you want one?” James asked.

“Fucking hell, you haven’t said that for a long time!” Samantha said closing the draw of the washing machine.

“A Coffee!” James said sighing.

“I know what you mean!”


“No thanks, I’m having a glass of wine!”

With that James went back up to his office and put the computer on to make believe he was doing some work.

James put the holiday page on the screen to see where he could go when he sorted the money out now he had the ticket back in his possession. As he scanned down the page, his office door flew open. “Do you…?” Samantha stopped in mid-sentence. “What the fuck are you looking for holidays for?”

James flicked the page off. “What you on about?” He said turning around.

“You, sitting there looking at holidays! Are you going to win the lottery or something?”

James turned back to the computer. “It is an advertisement!” he said smiling at himself.

Samantha turned and shut the door behind her.

James looked at the cars, holidays and houses. After a while, Samantha shouted from downstairs. “Your dinners ready!”

James turned the computer off and went down and sat at the dinner table with Samantha.

James was halfway through his dinner when his phone rang in his pocket. James let it ring, and Samantha looked at him. “Aren’t you going to answer it?”

James looked up. “I’m eating my dinner for fuck sake!”

“It could be work!”

James pulled it out of his pocket and placed it on the table. Samantha glanced at it. “Who’s Harry?”

James froze and looked. “It’s no one interesting!” He said as he placed his knife and fork on his empty plate.

“That was lovely thank you!” he said as he stood up grabbing his phone. As he slid it into his pocket, it rang again.

“Answer it then!”

“No I’ll call her later!” he said without thinking.

“Her!” Samantha quickly asked.

“Him then, Harry is a man’s name!” James said quickly and walked back upstairs to his office shaking his head.

After a while, James heard Sam coming up the stairs, so he quickly turned the holiday page off again and waited. He looked at some paperwork in case she came in again.

Eventually, he heard Samantha close her bedroom door, so he logged on the “Lotto Wins” page to see how he had to claim his winnings.

James read it all word for word. It suggested that most people have one of Camelot’s agents come out to the house to sort it out. Then he smiled when he read or you can visit one of Camelot’s regional centres. James couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw they were in Watford or Liverpool. He was also delighted to see Camelot will open a private bank account for him and his money.

With a punch into the air and a massive smile, James switched his computer off and went back downstairs and got himself his first large vodka to celebrate his good fortune for the second time. It had been undeniably a long and eventful day, and James sat down shattered and switched on the television. He waited and listened for Samantha to get into bed, and he pulled his phone out of his pocket and sat looking at it.

James was unsure about phoning Harry back, as he didn’t know what to say to her, so he decided to send her a text message. James sat and wrote it out changing and altering it until he was happy. Just as he was about to push the button, James thought about what he had put and changed a few more words. He didn’t want to incriminate himself if Harry didn’t clear her chat and the police found it on her phone.

I am sorry about today, and I hope you are alright after I left you with your boss, but I don’t want to be involved with it all. I just thought I was picking up a pretty girl that needed a lift.

James hesitated and eventually sent the message and waited for the reply.

He got himself another glass of vodka and as he sat down his phone beeped and he read it.

I understand, and I want to thank you for your help. My boss and I had a chat on the way back and we have sorted it. I think if we had got together another time it would have been ok. I would like to stay friends with you if possible, and maybe in the future, we could meet again.

James sat there contemplating whether to reply or not. He did fancy getting his leg over Harry, and with all his money he could still take her on holiday.

Then James smiled again when he thought about telling her he had to go up to Camelot in Liverpool to collect 1.6 million pounds, but James waited and wanted to think about it all first, and then he dozed off.

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