On the Heels of the Hill

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Chapter 13: S.O.S

Kyozi, one of Muriisa’s cows, black in colour, with really big hips and short horns was on heat and started mowing repeatedly until suddenly a raging bull from Kabahima’s farm came running up the hill. The bull tried to break or jump the fence on the sound of Kyozi’s charming sexy mowing. Meanwhile Darius and Ronah were already on Buzina picking nsenene and had come with their friends on the ring of the lunch bell. One of Darius’ friends was running after the nsenene in the scorching sun and did not care about the surroundings until he rammed into the raging bull that had been near the fence trying to cross to Kyozi on the other side of the farm. The bull picked up Darius’ friend on its buffalo like sharp horns and swung him in the air several times as he cried and shouted, “Munyambeeeeeee…,” meaning “Help me!” Muriisa jumped the fence and hit the bull with his herding stick until it ran away. He asked Darius to take care of his cattle as he returned the bull to Kabahima’s farm. Darius friend was also taken to Nalongo’s to clean his wounds before he could be returned home.

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