On the Heels of the Hill

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Chapter 17: Mr. Magnetic

Meanwhile, Peter and a number of his other higher primary school children had taken shelter from the rains in one of the new classroom blocks at Buzina primary school. Just one look on Peter’s face, one would immediately see a Casanova, the very best in the game. So handsome and light skinned, beads, moustache, side burns, with a smile that sent chills straight to so many girls’ bones, young and old. They all fantasized him whispering sweet nothings in their ears as is beard caressed their soft necks. A flash of his eyes onto the most stone hearted girls, both in the school or not or from other schools had always lightened their load by breaking them in an instant with him just adding a flash of his pearly smile. Every girl or boy at school or not knew Peter. He had been found in every corner of the village and the neighboring villages. He was one of those Stone Age students at Buzina Primary school and a primary seven candidate, waiting for his primary leaving examinations. Everyone loved Peter and there was no second he never had bodyguards. He was the strongest of magnets in that whenever he stood in one place, all the beautiful young and old girls came dragging to his side. He was a temptation that none of the girls would ever resist. Boys made Peter a friend because with him, they would be popular in school and get to talk to some beautiful girls. There he was, Mr. Peter, with all his majesty, seated on a window seal on the red bricks in his usual description, the center of attraction.

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