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The Omega Revolt

By MeltingpotGirl All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Drama


The great pestilence of 2030 had hit the earth in its prime. People died every minute it seemed. A supercharged Black Plague. However, all the world's governments had seen this coming, and had prepared for the wipe-out wonderfully. A worldwide team of scientists then created a new world. They changed everything, from history to the way the earth worked.When the pestilence finally left the world, humans began to reset themselves, and this was the system created. Alpha, Beta, Omega.  There was never no such thing as no Alpha, no Beta, no Omega. No one was around to say what the old days were like. For all the people knew, they had been this way, with the almighty Trio above them as proof, for all time. If it weren't for science and the governments, the world would be void of all life.  

It all started in the year 2065, an Omega celebrity had managed to become a full-blown Beta. Debates and questions sprang up like weeds, either with the heavily supportive or the heavily opposing. A revolution was thrust into the calm utopia of the United States, and it would spread into the world soon.

Loraine Augustus, female Omega, 15 years old. Only two more years left in general schooling and she would graduate into society. Her reward would be a small little plaque in her room, and she would wait at home for an Alpha to apply for a mate, and if he ended up with her, she would be transferred to him and live a homebody life, doing nothing but cooking, sleeping, and having babies from now until she hit menopause at 50. Rather anticlimactic, she would think, but what was she to do? It had been that way forever, right? Well, not anymore. She recalled seeing the changed actress on TV. She herself wasn't fazed by the 'morality' of the switch, but more on the science and covertness. How did that Omega woman manage to do that? It was thought impossible: physically, emotionally, and legally. Loraine didn't think too much of it beyond her initial curiosity back then, simply too focused with the here and now of life.

Parenting 101. It wasn't the best, but not the worst, providing Loraine all she needed to mull over the cultural differences presented to her. The Instructor droned about the proper way to teach an Alpha child words. According to him, the Alpha would create their own words-whether they were close to actual words or not didn't matter at first- and the parent would go along with it for a while, until they actually said a real word, then they would slowly undergo the process of teaching real words, and removing any made-up words from memory by repetition. Loraine fought a giggle, if someone had told her mother to try that, she'd scowl and turn them away. Even though her mother- Josefina- was an Omega and had lived in the states most of her adult life, she stuck true to her Peruvian roots. Omegas in Peru were allowed to have spunk and authority in their homes, and did the developing of their children.  The mother, when they noticed their child beginning to talk, would immediately teach them words and social cues, such as who to obey and how to obey them, especially the Omegas in the home, like mothers, fathers, or siblings. 

Her father-Arnaud- would differ even more from that teaching. From the Ivory Coast, his country prided Alphas and instinct. The development would come when the child wanted it to. While the parent would help, it was mostly the child that had to seek out learning, through exposure and experimenting. To him, his Alpha instinct would guide him throughout his life, more than his parents or mate would. So far away was Loraine that it took a few pokes in her back by a fellow student for her to realize that the mini-lecture was over, the class and teacher having baby dolls in hand, and that she was holding up progress. With a nervous titter, she quickly scooped up her baby doll from under her seat and paid heavy attention in how to suckle a child. 
Lunch time was announced by the trilling of the bell, and before Loraine could skitter past the door, the Instructor put a heavy hand on her shoulder. With a minute sigh, Loraine turned hazel eyes up to her Beta teacher. "Care to explain why you were staring into space and holding up my class?" He had accusing suspicion in his voice, the kind that comes from repeated use. Loraine smiled disarmingly, shrugging. "Lo siento, Instructor Dewey, cultural contemplating is all. I won't do it again." There was a low, half sigh half groan from Instructor Dewey, who released her. "I doubt you'll keep that promise. Hurry to lunch, then." Loraine wasted no time in leaving, though she did catch a few grumbles from her Instructor. It didn't phase her, she only saw him twice a week anyway. Today was Tuesday, so it was heritage day. Practically skipping to her place, her favourite Peruvian meal of Aji de Gallina ready for her, along with a small carton of fruit juice and a dessert of dried pears.

The rest went by in robotic fashion, Loraine forked over $2.50 after logging in her student number in the registry tablet. Then with a little nod to the attendant, she began to look for her usual seat. It was a small table towards a one of the cafeteria's large windows. After a few minutes of trying to look over large crowds and not spill her food, Loraine found it and bee-lined over. A small cluster of students filled the table, a single seat left unmanned for her. Sighing in relief, Loraine filled it. Her arrival was well received by everyone (two Betas and another Omega), greeting her in a small cacophony. "Hey guys, thanks for saving my seat!" "You're still late though, menina. What-or who- held you back this time?" The half-teasing half-scolding came from Ruben Torres da Silva. The Omega hailing from Portugal was Loraine's sole childhood friend and currently her best friend. His deep-set, grey eyes were full of a natural mirth and platonic affection.

"It was someone, but not how you're thinking, dork. Stop trying to pair me up already. Besides, it was Instructor Dewey, caught me daydreaming again." Loraine began to eat her meal with a quickness birthed by tardiness. Ruben rolled his eyes and stirred his Punahou a little. "Again? He's been on your case since year 7. Maybe it's bad luck?" He tilted his head at the end, a common habit of his. Ruben was one to talk with practically his whole body. Loraine could only pout and shrug, eyes lifting to meet in conversational respect. "Enough about  him, what even made you day dream? Was it 'cultural differences' again?" Loraine looked away and quickly took a sip of juice. Ruben chuckled and reached over to ruffle her hair, though not very much. "Silly Lori, you were always easy to read. Then again, Omegas have to be, especially me, since I'm a male one." As he said that, Loraine minutely frowned and shook her head. "I don't think that, and besides, I've known you practically our whole lives, and you weren't all that easy to read. Even now, people still wonder if you actually have a nature or not, much less an Omega." 

She could easily recall meeting him the first time, she had to be taught Portuguese by his parents in order to communicate, and while they became friends almost instantly after that, it took ten years or so for her to truly understand Ruben. He could move one way and sound one way, but underneath would feel or be saying something entirely opposite. Ruben quieted and his eyes hardened, looking distant even in the close quarters. "Yeah well, I still have to work on that. Being a male Omega makes it hard to get a mate. I can't be too complex and mind-heavy for my Alpha.." Loraine saw his eye twitch just a little, like when he heard a rude comment, and then he turned away to quietly talk to one of the Betas. Loraine felt thoroughly rebuked somehow and with a small apologetic glance to him, she left him alone and finished eating. 
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