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Chapter 15: Justice and its price

I feel something in my stomach, and I don’t think the cause is that I haven’t eaten anything in days. I can tell how it squeezes itself. I can’t feel the pain of the wounds anymore. Or maybe I just got used to it. Too many happened in the last twenty-four hours, so many that I haven’t lived in my entire fugitive life.

The doors open with a loud sound, and Dalia walks inside alone.

“Where are the others?” asks Dylan.

“They remained outside, just in case it was a trap in here”, she says approaching Sam.

She looks at him stupefied, at the way he was beaten up and tied up, and she realizes who he is, then she makes a shocked sound.

“I’m not really sure that I want to know what happened in here. How did you end up like this?”

The other bodies were lying on the ground, making the image more terrifying than it already was.

“Sam followed us. We have the proof that he is guilty of so many things. It’s here”, I tell her handing over the tablet.

“We should take this to Ted until someone else shows up.”

“What are we going to do now?” I ask.

“Now you can explain to me why the hell is Dylan all over the news!”

“Well, Sam staged him everything…”

Dylan looks at me as if he’s about to do something I won’t like.

“I think that it’s the time to get the police involved in this.”

“To do what? They couldn’t find anything useful by now! What makes you think that they would believe us with the proof in front of their faces?” I ask resentful.

“Ted will copy it, in case something happens”, says Dalia.

“Dominic. I trust him”, speaks Dylan.

“Fine”, I finally agree. “Call him.”

Dalia gives us the phone, and Dylan makes the call, telling him that he had messed up. I can hear Dominic yelling at him through the phone, a sign that he had found out about the so-called ‘mess’. At this time, I explain to Dalia about the chip that Sam had sold. We needed to tell someone before it was too late. There’s an attack about to come, and we don’t have any idea about where it is going to take place, so we can’t just sit back. But we’re not so sure that we got rid of all the traitors, so the decision is tough. The others join us shortly, called by Dalia.

“Dominic is coming in here. I told him to take two men that he trusts.”

“Fine”, I reply.

As long as we stay there, the minutes are passing hard. Ted is copying the proof from the tablet helped by Raisa, and we’re standing a few steps away from Dalia, who guards Sam. He wasn’t up yet, but he was still breathing, and it was more than enough for someone like him.

“What would happen now?” I ask as if Dylan knew the answer.

“If we had the evidence in the right hands, maybe our actions can be justified. Anyway, all you did was to enter the Parliament. The rest are my mistakes.”

“We will leave. I won’t let them put you in jail because you killed some murderers who were about to execute us. We will find a solution.”

“And if we will find it… we will go to Thailand, where you always wanted to go. We will buy a trailer and we will drive along the seashore. But we will pass through France first. I want you to meet my parents. I know they will love you because they love who I love.”

I waited for a second to process the information. What he had just told me was something that no one had ever told me before, but somehow, I knew he was going to say it the moment he opened his mouth. And not only this, because the feeling is mutual.

“A strange and funny way to tell me your feelings. Have you just told me that you love me or I didn’t get it right?” I ask going near him.

Even though the tiredness had taken us over for some time, he found the strength to smile from his heart. He catches my hands between his and whispers:


I interrupted him through a kiss, one that I had no idea I wanted that much.

“I love you too”, I say in a whisper. “And yes, I can’t wait for us to go in France, Thailand, to the end of the world, wherever! I want this to be over and I want a normal life!”

“We will have it…”

The moment was interrupted by Dominic’s arrival, who was accompanied by two officers.

“Dylan, what the hell have you done? And you, Cara? So many secrets! Damn it, you people! You know that I might have been followed, even if I was careful. What happened?”

If our faces were telling him that the situation was fucked up, the moment when he saw Sam tied up stopped his breath. And so did the moment when the officers discovered the bodies on the ground.

“What the hell have you done?!” he yells.

“Let us explain…” says Dylan.

“You’ll explain me on our way back to the station!” he says.

“You don’t understand! Someone needs to stop them! There’s going to be an attack! They’ve taken the chip with the codes and secrets of national security! It would be a disaster! Has no one told you? They’re talking bullshit on the news. They won’t tell people about it because they don’t want them to panic. But Dylan’s not guilty! Sam is!” I tell him.

Dominic seems to understand something, but the next moment shocks us all. His colleagues take out the guns and point them at us.

“Our duty is to take you somewhere safe, where you can declare everything that happened. I know that doesn’t seem fair to you, but this is the procedure”, says one of them.

“You’re talking about justice and safety with the gun pointed at me?” I burst.

“Fuck the procedure!” shouts Dominic amazed by their reactions.

But one of them points the gun at him when he tried to reach his own.

“No. Don’t do that”, he says.

“You don’t hear what this woman is saying?” he yells exasperate.

The disappointment was all over his face because they were friends, and they were the only ones he had trusted since Dylan had left.

“We have evidence. You just need to see them”, says Dylan.

The two of them look one at another, and they understand between them that out agitation deserves a chance. I give the tablet to Dominic, and they get closer to see the evidence.

While they’re studying the tablet, a loud noise comes from outside. The door opens widely and there appear about seven armed people, with their faces covered, and I know that it wasn’t over yet.

“They found us!” shouts Dominic. “They knew that I will lead them to Dylan, sooner or later! Damn it!”

They grabbed their guns, and we ran behind some walls, hoping that we could save ourselves. The shooting didn’t stop, but at one point, Dalia walks inside shooting with a rifle at the attackers. The next second, Ted entered the car into the building, hitting the doors and two of them at the same time.

Dylan was struggling to lift Sam up and put him into the van, on Ted and Raisa’s instructions. Looking at what was happening, I realize that there was no chance for me to be heard about the attack and the chip, or believed by who I needed to be believed. As Sam’s people had appeared there, it was obvious that our situation was out of control. I know where I need to go, so I decide to take the matter into my own hands, even if it sounds crazy. I get up and grab the pistol lying on the ground, and then I sneak out through the exit.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Dalia… I…”

She looks at me and understands that she has no chance of stopping me.

“I’m going to the harbor. I will think of a diversion, something that can keep them there a little longer. Or to delay them at least.”

“And Dylan?” she asks me, but she was shouting more, among the screaming and the noise around us.

“I don’t want to bring him into this. The police are looking for him. He is framed for stealing the chip. He can’t come with me!”

“I’m coming with you!”

“You don’t understand. You can protect him. Help him put down the ones who are left of them. Tell Dominic to take the prisoner directly to the Security Service of the President. She is the one that can be trusted now.”

“But this will be extremely hard. Almost impossible…”

“Ted will handle it. He can try to send her a message, something that can’t be seen by who is not supposed to. He must try it! Sam needs to be kept as a witness. She’s the only one who can still do something…They are all involved. It’s madness in there!”

“I will talk to Dominic. We will send you help as soon as we can, when we will find someone who we can trust, to make sure that the ones we send are on our side! And you go there and delay that ship, but be careful and don’t let yourself be seen by them! Stay in one piece!”

“I’ll try my best.”

She gives me her phone, I put it in my pocket, and I disappear on the back door with the pistol in my hand. I head to the car, thinking about how can I stop that ship from leaving and how I had made this stupid decision to save this country which, by the way, had done me no good. But then I remember I’m doing this for Dylan because he would have been charged with treason if I don’t get back that chip or if I can’t delay the ship. Because I was sure that no one was going to believe that he didn’t steal it if Sam died on his way to his statement. And even if Sam would have given his statement, and the chip couldn’t be recovered, they would need someone to blame for the public, and that would certainly have been Dylan, because who would have struggled to explain to the people the whole story? They say that if you want a thing done well, you have to do it yourself. And if Dalia hadn’t stopped me, it meant that I was right.

The next problem is that I can’t really know how to drive, but looking at the circumstances, it was a small problem. After three embarrassing attempts, I manage to start the car and drive away. I wonder if I would arrive faster by foot, but I soon realize that I have the speed inside me, so I find myself on the street, struggling to keep it together, while the few cars passing by me are honking me. The lack of marks on the ground is not helping me, but I have no time for my complaints, so I focus to avoid the pits, trying not to crush the car and arrive safely in the harbor.

After a couple of minutes of driving, the car starts shaking badly, and the paved road ends. I enter a causeway, where the rocks and pits appear instantly, and I’m forced to reduce the speed. I feel my teeth grinding, and I am so angry because this is not the time to respect the rules, but I don’t really have a choice. Suddenly, a child appears out of nowhere and jumps in front of my car. His luck is that I know where the break is, so I push it hard. I feel a lump in my throat and I try to focus on the image that is spinning in front of my eyes. The kid crosses the street running, making other cars to break quickly. Finally, when I’m ready to leave, I have to stop the car again, when a woman, possibly his mother, crosses the street staggering. She’s holding in her hand a bottle that looks like beer.

“Are you crazy?” I shout out the window.

“What the hell do you want?” she answers me.

I wanted to give her a lesson, to tell her more and give a better future to that child, who will probably end up worse than me, if someone won’t handle this situation. But I can’t do anything for now because I have a plan to stay focused to, a thing that makes me feel like hell. Yes, in this country there’s always something better to do, besides what’s right. And it’s not fair. I leave, feeling like the last person on earth, leaving the rest of the drivers to argue with that woman who can’t be called a mother.

“Rules…” I think. They are made to be broken. Zebra crossings… or the lack of them. People cross the street where they want to anyway, without any worries. Speed? No one says anything about it, the proof being the speed I’m driving with, without driver’s license, and without having full control of the car, which, by the way, it may be stolen or without acts. Animals into the jungle. This is how I would describe the traffic and the country. Anyway, with these thoughts, which probably no one would listen to ever, I arrive into the harbor.

I get down and search desperately for the ship that’s leaving soon. The panic starts when I realize that it’s the one which is leaving in the next five minutes. A ship is a little too much to say. A white ramshackle-down, which has the marks of time on the edges. I’m curious if they would be able to take it far enough, but then I notice that’s the way all the ships look like, besides the Yachts of the interlopes, left floating there, untouched for a long time, while they’re lying in the sun on some island in the Bahamas.

My critics are interrupted by the appearance of two men and a woman on the deck of the ship. One of them puts relaxed a pile of money inside the harbor guard’s pocket, and the last one head to the other ship. I can hear him telling the man that for now they can’t leave the harbor because it’s an interdiction, and then he tells him something else, but it doesn’t matter to me. One thing is clear: the ship is going to leave the harbor and I will not be able to stop it.

I run between the construction materials, which are lying wet and musty on the ground, probably ready to leave the harbor for too long. I get near the ship, where I see the woman touching shameless one redhead man’s ass. He replies by hitting her in the face when another woman comes out, and the other disappears. I’m not surprised by anything anymore.

I hear a disturbing but short sound, a sign that the ship is leaving the harbor. The next second, I see it moving, and then I see black in front of my eyes. I can’t just sit there and watch Dylan’s only hope floating away because I was the one who had brought him into this mess, so I make a momentous decision. I run and climb on the edge of the ship, and then I pull myself up to get on the deck. A loud splash makes me look down, and I notice that my phone will have the fish as friends from now on.

“Crap”, I grumble.

But I don’t have time to waste and I need to hide because I don’t want someone to find me there without an invitation. I see the ship floating away slowly, and I feel my head is about to explode. I approach the window, but I can’t see anyone inside. It’s not a good idea to step inside, so I look around me for a safe place to hide. Some steps coming from the other side of the deck scare me, and make me get inside.

It’s a brown room, with a broken floor, and it smells of fish and something burned. There are another two doors, and one of them leads outside too. The other one seems like it’s leading to a barn or some room, one under the one I’m in, but I don’t have time to think because the steps are getting closer, and I rush inside. It’s cold and dark. I hear the door opening, and then a female and a male voice.

“But Habib, I couldn’t break it yet! I need more time to gain access to the information on the stick!”

“If you’re not capable of doing it, I will send Edward! I need them for the next two hours, and the time is not exactly on my side! We will meet them sooner! Something’s wrong. It’s agitation.”

“Where are you going?”

“To talk to Edward!” says Habib and slams the door.

From what I can tell, the woman is still inside. I can hear her steps on the broken floor. It’s getting colder, and I touch by mistake something cold and soft, but I manage to keep it together and not scream.

“If you want money, you need to submit to them”, I hear her mumbling.

Then she slams the door. I put my hand on the cold wall and find the switch. What I see in front of my eyes makes me sick. Dozens of bodies hanging like animals. They don’t smell because I’m in some kind of a refrigerator. I can see on their naked bodies marks of torture, and I think terrified that I might end up like that. Dalia could have ended up in a place like this, a long time ago. Now I know that these people aren’t only the intermediaries and the sellers of the chip, but also criminals and probably terrorists. But if they can bring this kind of terror in my soul, I wonder how are the ones who they’re selling the chip to. I start trembling, and it’s certainly not the cold, because I can’t feel it for some time, and I get out of the refrigerator. I think for a couple of seconds that that was not actually good because that room looked impeccable comparing to the rest of the ship. It looked new, ready to hold something else besides corpses.

I sneak out on the deck, on the other door. It’s quiet out there, and I believe that the others are somewhere under me. But I can’t just remain there, so I go down on the stairs. I find there a long corridor, with a couple of metallic doors. There are windows on the outside, so they can see me easily. Half of the corridor looks old, but the other half is new. Again, it blows my mind.

I remember the vent holes from the Parliament, so I use this idea and open the cover from the vent on the corridor, without making noise, but rushing. I climb up and I crawl, and I arrive above the rooms. The first two ones are empty, but I hear voices from the third. I look down and I see the so-called Habib, and I recognize his voice. He is in the company of a man, probably Edward, who is working hard on a computer. The room is full of wires and weird machines, but also a lot of laptops and electronic stuff.

“Just get me the data from the chip! Laura can’t do anything! I will put a bullet into her head!” shouts Habib. “And I will do the same to you if you can’t move faster!”

“It will be ready in the next hour”, replies the man without being bothered by the threat.

Habib slams the door, and I think about how can I recover the chip, which is right in front of my eyes. The room is full of weapons, so I won’t get the chance to hit him, if I open the cover, before he grabs one on them.

A gunshot and some screams make me lose my balance and wince. The cover opens under me when I wince, and I fall in the room with the hacker terrorist. This can be considered bad luck or something like in the bad movies, but I don’t have the time to laugh at it now because Edward rushes to grab a gun. I shoot a bullet, but I don’t kill him, and I hit him in the back. I hear noise from outside the door, and I push the guns away, with my legs, and then I hit him in the head with the first thing that comes into my hands, and that’s a monitor. Another gunshot can drive them straight to me, so I can’t risk.

I search desperately for the chip, and I finally find it into some small device, which seems to know better than Edward what it’s doing. I take it out and I put it into my pocket, and then I push all the electronics down, trying to destroy them with too much hate.

I climb on the table and climb again in the venting hole, while the corridor is full of yelling and steps. I’m in a rush to get somewhere, but I don’t really know where, just to get out from that madness where I had entered by accident, but somehow on purpose. I hear screaming from the room where it was Edward, and I know that they had found out someone was in there. I crawl faster, as fast as I can crawl through a vent hole, but I make too much noise, and they find out soon where I am, because I can hear and feel bullets under me, but they can’t pass through the thick metal I’m standing on, fortunately.

The irony does that the broken metal from the dismantled part of the ship not to hold me anymore when I needed it the most. I can’t go back down there in the hole that had appeared, so I climb on one side, without any idea where I might end up. A bright light blinds me, making my eyes to tear. Before I put away the cover, I hear screaming from outside.

“They found us!”

“Turn the ship around!”

“Go to the shore, you idiot!”


“But they will find and catch us in the harbor!”

“They won’t! Just speed up!”

Finally, a good sign. From what I could understand, the police and the military forces were doing their job after all. I remain there, but a strong shaking moves me and makes me let go, and then I fall.

The hit makes my wounds bleed, and I check if I still have the chip on me, then the head on my shoulders. I’m in a room, and on the corridor, someone is running. And he’s coming at me. He’s saying something in a language I can’t understand. I try to get up, but I see my pistol away from me, lying on the ground. I crawl to get it, while another man joins the first one. A bullet hits the floor somewhere near my head and I freeze.

I head another two shots, and I close my eyes. I’m surprised I’m still breathing. I turn around just in time to see someone coming at me. My sight is foggy, but I think I’m losing my mind.

“Come on”, he says helping me to get up.

“Damn it, Dylan! What the hell are you doing here? How?”

“Just come on!” he says pulling me. “Are you ok?”

“Yes. I have the chip!” I say checking my pocket again.

He drags me to the upper side of the ship, and then he opens a metallic door, and here we are, in the refrigerating room. It had another way in, one that I hadn’t seen. Honestly, I didn’t want to. Dylan closes the door and puts a metallic object in front of it.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I ask him again.

“I can ask you the same thing! Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

“Well, I couldn’t exactly bring you here, since they were the ones who got you into this mess!”

“Oh, and you thought what? Seriously now, I’m curious what were you thinking!”

“I didn’t exactly plan to get on this ship. I just wanted to delay it! But something made them leave earlier! What was I supposed to do?”

“I saw you. It seemed to me that you were very determined when you were running to climb on it!”


“I’ve followed you, Cara! I wanted to come to you, but you were already running to climb on it, so I followed you up, but I couldn’t get up on the same side as you did because I saw them on the deck!”

The situation seemed odd to me, and what annoyed me the most was the fact that he had followed me. Anyway, I keep my thoughts for later.

“Now what?” I ask.

“They’ve come with help and interventions. We will wait here until they catch them. I’ve called them after the ship left and I let them know. By them, I refer to Dominic and the others. They moved quickly and got help. Dominic is on his way to the President with Sam. He will meet the Secret Service and give him to them.”

“Finally, someone intelligent”, I whisper.

A hard hit makes us lose our balance, and I find myself hugging a sticky body, so I scream this time out of fear. Then I feel bad about it because maybe this was a good person, with a family and so on. My thoughts are interrupted again by another hit.

“Something’s not right”, says Dylan. “It feels like we’re sinking.”

“It’s weird. My ears are snapping.”

“We’re detaching from the ship! They planned this! Sam said something about undetectable submarines!”

When Dylan opened the door, we saw instead of the deck some thick metal walls and round thick windows. We were on a submarine, and they had a plan B for every problem they could have faced.

“What do we do now?” I ask terrified.

“I didn’t see this coming… But they can’t go much further. The radars will detect them. They probably will head to the shore, and they plan to run away from there.”

“We have to let the others know somehow…”

“Good luck with the phone under water…” says Dylan ironically.

The plan to stay hidden is destroyed when the other door from the room opens, and inside comes an armed woman. It was the one who had appeared on the deck after Habib had hit Laura. She was accompanied by Habib. She aims us, but we manage to get out of there in time.

“We can’t get out of here! We need to get to the shore!” I say.

“We will be there in five-ten minutes, but we have to stay away from them until then! Come on! ” says Dylan.

We run on the corridor, but we don’t have where to go now because it is smaller. We find shelter behind the metallic walls, and the exchange of fire continues. When two other men come to help them, I start shooting too, even if my air is not great. Dylan hits one of them and shots the woman in the abdomen. Despite the fact that I considered them terrorists without a heart, Habib shouts desperately out of fear and rushes to her, leaving everything aside.

“Marlene!” he yells pulling her from the ground.

The scene shocks Dylan, who falls from his feet behind the barrels and leaving his pistol on the ground. The other man left approaches, so I aim him but I can’t hit him. Finally, I shoot him in the arm where he’s holding the gun, and he drops it and falls.

“Dylan! Focus!”

“But…” he says disappointedly.

“They are fucking terrorists! They don’t deserve your pity or tears! They want to kill us! Dylan!”

He comes back into his senses and grabs the pistol just in time when the man stands up. A hit makes him fall again, and that is a sign that we’re near the shore. He rushes to the exit.

“Come on, Habib!”, he shouts, but the last one doesn’t hear him.

I can see at the end of the corridor other men running to the exit. I grab Dylan’s hand and we start running, while I’m shooting at Habib to keep him away from the gun, but I can’t hit him. Not that I don’t want it, but my abilities are not like Dylan’s.

Habib manages to put his hands on the gun and starts shooting with hate, yelling at us, while we’re running to the exit. We get to the stairs that lead to the surface of the submarine, and when we arrive we realize that we’re somewhere near the harbor. We see Habib’s men jumping from the submarine on another boat, then on the shore. We rush to make the jump too, but a long metallic pipe hits us both out of the blue. Edward, the hacker terrorist, attacks us brutally, shouting Habib’s name. I feel blood on my face and I’m tired of people hitting me. This is the moment when I’m so sick of it. We’re so close to ending this, and yet, something keeps messing my plans.

Dylan jumps on him, and there’s a battle going on between them. Then, I notice his pistol on the edge of the submarine. I try to aim it with mine, but I can’t afford to miss the target. Habib shows up on the submarine’s stairs, and I turn the gun on him. Without thinking about what’s coming next, I pull the trigger. The problem appears when nothing happens because I was out of bullets. He shoots at me and I jump on the ground. He shoots again, but I can’t hear anything after that. When I turn around, I see him throwing at me, screaming from the top of his lungs. I saw the hate and thirst for revenge in his eyes, and I knew that woman was someone special for him, so special that he had given up his plan and let himself caught, just to get his revenge.

By some kind of luck, the submarine moves because of Dylan’s fighting with Edward, and Habib falls. His gun falls into the water, but he gets up faster than me and throws himself on me, with his bare hands, ready to take my eyes out. I try to get away, but he is already on me, hitting me with his fists. I cover my face, but the hits are too much for me.

When I try to push him away, he grabs me tight, and I’m thinking that my chances of getting away without being mutilated are very low. I suddenly feel him lifted from my body, and I realize that Dylan had beaten Edward. He hits Habib, who falls near the pistol. He grabs it before thinking twice, and we are instantly attacked by a rain of bullets. We run to the boat near us, so we can jump on the shore, and the submarine moves when we make the jump. Habib loses his balance and falls into the water.

“Let’s get out of here! My car is this way!” he says running by my side. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah”, I say, checking if I still have my nose.

Then I check if I still have the chip, and I breathe relieved.

I don’t think to ask him the same question because I see him running fast. I feel all my body hurting, the old and new wounds, but I don’t have time to complain. We arrive at the car, and from what I could tell it was Dalia’s. I wanted to ask him more about what happened to the others, or how did he knew I left and went there to follow me, but I keep the questions for later. We get into the car, and he starts driving.

“We need to get out of here! Look, the police are coming. They will find him! He has no way out! We need to be out of their visual area”, he continues.

But after some seconds of driving, he suddenly stops the car. I’m thrown on the board, because I was climbed on the chair and looking behind, waiting to see Habib coming out from the water or caught by the police.

“Why did you stop?”

He has a shocked face when he puts his hand on his back. On his abdomen appears a stain of blood, and he looks at his palm. It’s as red as his shirt. I feel everything spinning in front of my eyes, and I try hard not to burst into tears, wishing to remain focused.

“Dylan, come on my seat! Come, I’ll help you! I’m taking you to the nearest hospital! I’ve passed by one on my way here!”

But he doesn’t move. He just looks at me sadly, disappointed and shocked.

“Dylan! Come on!” I shout grabbing his hand.


“What do you mean by no?!”

“Cara, we will not make it to the hospital. Trust me…”

I feel my heart beating extremely fast, and my body is shaking badly.

“No! This isn’t happening! But we did it! We have the chip! You can’t be charged with anything anymore! We’re free! It’s over!”

“But no one ever said that it was going to end well…” he whispers.

I grab his bloody hands and squeeze them tight, while he lets his head slowly lean on the chair.

“This can’t be!”

“Cara, listen to me. Don’t you even give up on your dream. Write that book! Do what you’re made to do! And don’t forget to mention me between the lines… Write beautifully about me… You promised me.”

“But Dylan, don’t say good-bye! Not yet! The help is coming! Someone will find us!”

“Just promise me you will do this.”

“I…” I say among the crying and hiccups.

“Promise me, Cara!”

“I promise!” I say more like a screaming full of pain.

A scream that was begging the Universe for another chance, or begging someone or something not to take me away all that I have, that I had never had before.

“Why did you come? This is my fault! If you haven’t met me, you would have been fine now!”

“No. I couldn’t have been fine. If I’ve never met you, I would have never seen this part of the world that we’re living in, I wouldn’t have realized a lot of things and I would have lived in a lie. I don’t regret for a second that I met you, and don’t you dare to do so! When I saw you in the bar…”

He doesn’t continue the sentence, and his voice is fading away.


“With your messy red hair and suspicious of everything around you… And when I first met you in the office, I saw something different in you. You’re not like everyone else. You have a special gift and a brilliant mind. And the attitude… You were what I’ve been looking for my entire life. You offered me my freedom… Back there in the cabin, I felt free for the first time in my life.”

The sentences didn’t make any sense between them, but I understood the main idea. His hands were slowly slipping from mine, and he finally closes his eyes.

“Tell me about Thailand. What we would have done if we would have gone there together?”

I squeeze his hands harder, and I feel the warm blood flowing between my fingers. He seems calm, relaxed, at peace, but I’m inhaling and exhaling desperation.

“A trailer”, I say among the tears. “We would have woken up on the shore, with the waves and the breeze in front of our eyes. We would make coffee and savor it on the warm and soft sand… And we would have a dog. We would take it everywhere with us. And when we would get bored of the sea, we would get into the trailer and go anywhere we want to. We would travel the world…We would enjoy the freedom and the love. We would be happy. We would sell photographs, and I would write about the world. We will make it work… And I would be so happy because of you… you made me let my feelings out. Because you’re the first person I have ever loved. Because I had no idea how love felt like until I met you. You’re the one who believed in me, the one who saved me from a faith that would have turned me into a cold stone. But you saved me… in the most beautiful way that I could have been saved. And for that I love you.”

I stop talking and I feel my heart fighting to climb up in my chest, wanting to get out of there and start running to the water, to the infinity, to the gray town, anywhere just not into my chest. Dylan’s not holding my hand anymore. But I can’t let him go. I’m full of stains of blood and I want to scream out loud from the bottom of my heart. But I can’t. I can’t move my lips.

I had the happiness, and it felt so good, and now that it was taken away from me in a heartbeat, I can’t imagine a future, a life… nothing. All I can see is this moment imprinted forever in my mind. Again, my heart is broken, torn apart and into pieces like a piece of paper. This time forever.

Dylan’s face is beautiful and peaceful. But I feel the opposite, I feel hate, a will to revenge, pain, and sadness. I’ve been running to save my happiness, to change something, to put the blame on the people who let this happen. Everything had started a long time ago, maybe longer than I know. Before they killed my parents.

I can’t breathe normally and I burst into tears, putting my arms around his body. The sounds coming out from me can’t be described otherwise than the sound of pain and despair. I have blood all over me, but I can’t think straight.

A phone starts ringing, and I search it with my eyes and notice that it’s coming from Dylan’s pocket. I grab it with my trembling hand and I see Dalia’s calling. The finger trembles on the button and I don’t want to answer it, but my finger does it. What’s next is a long silence from me, while Dalia yells at the other end of the line.

“Hello? Hello! Dylan!”

“I’m at the edge of the harbor”, I tell her crying.

“What happened?”

“They’ve taken everything from me… They destroyed me… They took everything from me again!” I scream desperately.

“We’re coming! Cara, tell me what happened?”

On the short pause that I make, when I just can’t say the words out loud, I notice a wet silhouette, running between the parked vehicles from the harbor.

“Dalia, you will find the chip inside the car in the glove compartment. Hurry! And after you have it… just go. Take Raisa and Ted and run… And take care of Raisa. I will make things right. I will take care of the person who destroyed everything…”

“Cara! Wait! What happened? The police are everywhere! They’ve caught almost all of them!”

But I threw the phone and put the chip in the glove compartment. I found the strength to let Dylan’s hand go. I find at my feet a piece of metal good to be used against Habib. I grab it.

“This is for you, Dylan.”

I start running to the place where I had seen Habib, searching desperately for him. I’m trembling with anger now, and when I see him running between the containers to get away from the police, I don’t set the alarm. I run at him and I scream with hate from the top of my lungs when I throw over him. He turns around, trying to hit me, but I stab him with the piece of metal, which I’m holding so tight then I feel it cutting my skin like I was a sacrificed animal, right into his abdomen. And then again, I stab him in his chest, in the throat, everywhere I can until he stops moving. I can hear yelling and steps behind me.

“Hands in the air! Drop the weapon!”

But I just can’t stop, even if I’m aware that they are forced to shoot me if I don’t.

“Hands in the air! This is the last warning!”

But I still don’t stop.

“Don’t fire!” I hear another voice.

I realize that it’s a familiar one. And only then I stop the massacre.

“Cara, please put the weapon down”, says Dominic coming at me.

He pulls the weapon from my hand and lifts me up from Habib’s body.

“Oh my God… No… What’s with you?”

“Dylan…” I say among the tears.


“He killed him”, I finally said the words I was so afraid of.

Dominic winces and looks shocked at me.

“Where… how…”

“At the end of the harbor… Dalia’s car…” I whisper among hiccups.

Dominic takes two steps back, trying to digest the news. Two officers come at me and drag me out of there. I can hear a shouting from there, and I recognize Raisa’s voice. They are standing right where I had left Dylan’s body, and I can see them well. Dalia sees me too, how I’m dragged by the officers. Their car is stopped near Dalia’s, and Dominic approaches them terrified.

“You’re arrested for murder, for intrusion into the Parliament, for stealing national security data”, one of the officers tells me.

“But it can’t be right! You don’t know the whole story!” says Dominic still shocked.

“Save your breath! I was put in charge, and from now on, I consider that I don’t longer need your services! You’re fired!” he says.

Everything is corrupted again, and nothing has changed. I feel like I want to kill them all, but I don’t have the power anymore.

“Arrest the ones from the car, and if Dominic has something to say, arrest him too!” says the officer holding me.

“But I have the chip! She recovered the chip! She saved the country! And Dylan’s a hero, not a terrorist! You don’t understand!” shouts Dalia angry.

She was still fighting them when the officer slams the door in my face. The cold handcuffs disturb and squeeze my hands, but this doesn’t matter anymore. I’m full of wounds and blood, and what makes me sad is that it isn’t mine.

I’m transported to the station, where I would probably receive the sentence for life for my crimes, even if they were committed in the name of the country and the justice. But how nothing ever was or will be right into this world, I resign. I don’t have anything anymore. Nothing besides a broken heart and a torn apart soul. Justice? I’m sure that I’ve made only a small step towards it, and that happened the moment when I made justice for Dylan. I hope that the chip clears his name, that he is going to be named a hero, and not a criminal. But the price paid for the justice was huge.

The darkness inside the police van doesn’t bother me. It lets me fall into the pain and grief, while they’re talking to me. Not as a conversation, but as screaming and threats, as if I was the real terrorist in the matter. But this doesn’t bother me either. I have resigned.

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