Hoody And His Gyal 10

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Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
Work in progress
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Got Ya!

“THERE SHE IS ENIT!” Hoddy shouted. “Go, Go, Go!”

Johnson leapt out the car and hid by the wall of the hotel, and as Harry walked past him with her suitcase, he grabbed her from behind.

“LET ME GO!” Harry shouted as she struggled.

Johnson grabbed her suitcase and held her under the arm and marched her to the back door of the car that was open. He threw her in along with her case and slammed the door behind her.

“YO baby gyal!” Hoody said as Johnson ran around the car and jumped into the driver’s seat. Johnson drove off at speed while Hoody was trying to hold Harry down in the back.

“LET ME GO!” she screamed and shouted.

“CALM DOWN BABY GYAL!” Hoody yelled as she kicked and punched him.

“LET ME GO!” Harry shouted again and ripped his face mask off. Hoody wasn’t pleased and started slapping her as she covered her head with her arms.

“OK, OK!” she shouted breathing heavily. Hoody calmed down too and replaced his mask. Harry was still and quiet trembling up against the door.

“Is you ok now baby gyal!?” Hoody said panting.

Harry lowered her arms slowly, and Hoody moved away from her. Hoody pulled the zip up a little higher on his jacket and lifted his hood up over his shaved head.

Johnson just kept driving silently but watching them both in the mirror. No one spoke for a while and then Hoody turned towards her with his hands in his pocket and said, “Now then baby gyal, I need you to tell me where the package is Enit!”

Harry was looking out at the countryside. “I’m sorry!” she said still looking through the window.

“I know you is!” Hoody said calmly. “But I need to give it back to the peeps baby gyal.” Hoody touched Harriet’s arm, and she flinched and turned to face him.

“They came round yesterday, smashed up my place and beat me up enit!”

Harry looked up at him. “It will be delivered to my house in the post on Tuesday or Wednesday.” Johnson drove down the slip road and onto the M42 as Hoody took the phone out of his pocket. “Are you sure baby gyal you ain’t just sayin?”

Harry nodded and then shook her head “No, I mailed it to myself when I left the train station.”

Hoody lifted his face mask on to his head and flipped the lid open on his phone and dialled a number, “I have found the parcel enit…!” “No, it is in the post and will be delivered to an address in Liverpool…!” “You can’t, as soon as it lands bro, I’ll call you enit…!” Hoody s voice started to get louder. “YO, YO Listen to me, bro… I can’t do nufin; it’s in the post enit…!” “Do you want me to break into all the Post Offices bro…?” “NO, YOU NEED TO LISTEN…!” With that hoody shut his phone and punched the back of Johnson’s chair and looked out the window as his phone rang. Hoody flipped it open. “YO…?” “Bro… Bro listen to me enit!” “No the parcel is in the post and will be delivered to…” Hoody closed the phone again and sat looking out the window in deep thought.

“I’m sorry!” Harry whispered again.

“Why did you have to take this parcel baby gyal?” Harry sat in silence. “How did you know that this parcel was proper shit?”

Johnson kept looking in the mirror at them both as he clocked up the miles on the Motorway.

“I assumed that all the parcels I pick up and deliver are proper shit, as you put it,” Harry said.

“No baby gyal, this one is proper, proper big shit enit!” It was quiet again then Hoody said. “That’s why these peeps are going crazy enit!”

“What is going to happen to me?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know yet baby gyal. I can’t let you go until I get their parcel. You could run off again enit.”

“Can I go home and promise to let you know when it is delivered?” she said holding her hands together like she was praying.

“No baby gyal. You have disrespected me enit? I ain’t goin to forget that for a while you know!”

Harry didn’t know what to say as she sat looking out the window. She knew she wouldn’t be able to escape again.

Harry looked at Johnson in the rear-view mirror as he mined “You ok?”

Harry nodded once and looked down.

“An anover fing baby gyal.” Hoody said touching her arm again. “Who was that guy with the black bema?

Harry turned towards him. “Nobody. He’s just someone that helped me.”

“Well, why was you down here in Brum with him enit?”

“I had to get away from you hounding me all the time. After I looked in that biscuit tin and thought it belonged to my brother, well I just panicked thinking you would hurt or kill me next!” Harry said.

“What was you going to do in Brum?”

“I don’t know!”

“Where was you going to live?”

“I don’t know!”

“So what happened after the car court fire baby gyal?”

“I did as you said, I poured the nail varnish on the seat and lit it then I put my jacket on and climbed the embankment to the road above. I quickly pulled my wig off and pushed it up my dress with my jacket. That guy with the BMW was passing and gave me a lift to the nearest garage. I got a taxi from there to the airport and did the collection.

I didn’t realise he had seen me go into the train station wearing a black wig and watched me on the platform until I sat with him in the beer garden. He told me he followed me out of curiosity.

Once I‘d done the collection and not knowing he was there, I called him, and he said he would come and picked me up pretending he didn’t know where I was. Then he took me to the pub. I had to tell him a few things, not names or stuff like that, just bits you know! When you grabbed me from the beer garden I dropped the phone on the floor, he must have picked it up and the rest you know!”

“You said you called him enit. How did you get his number baby gyal?”

“He gave me one of his business cards when he took me to the garage in case I needed any more help. I told him my car broke down.”

Johnson checked them both in the mirror again as hoody looked out the window thinking.

Again it was silent for a while as Johnson clocked up the miles in the outside lane.

“You will have to go into hiding with your bro enit.” Hoody said aloud.

“Where is my brother?”

“I put him in a safe place so no one could find him before the trial enit.”

“What trial?” Harry asked.

“Your bro is a witness to a murder. It was a few months ago. A known street gang that is up for it. They is trying to find your bro because without him there ent a trial enit?

Just as Harry went to speak Hoody’s phone rang out. “YO…!”

“Finn, what’s happenin bro…?” Hoody just sat, listened and didn’t talk until he said “I’ll call you back enit…!” “Yo Finn, moms the word enit!”

Hoody closed his phone and sat quietly looking out the window again, as Johnson indicated and turned on to the M62.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked. Hoody didn’t talk at all he just sat looking out the window.

“You okay boss?” Johnson shouted from the front looking in the mirror. Hoody didn’t talk.

They had been travelling for about 15 minutes after the call, and Hoody mumbled, “I need to be back at my yard, enit!”

It appeared as though Hoody had given in and lost interest. He seemed deflated and in deep thought as his phone rang out.

“YO…!” “I just heard…!” “I’ll bell you back enit…!” “OK, we can hook up later, bless!”

Both Harry and Johnson were shocked at hoody and didn’t know what to do or say.

“Where are we at first boss?” Johnson shouted.

Hoody slowly looked up. “Back at mine enit!”

As they pulled into the car park of Hoody’s apartment block Hoody jumped out.

“Bring Harry up enit!” he shouted to Johnson as he ran off.

“I’m sorry, but I had to tell him about the package!” Harry blurted out. Johnson walked around the car and opened the door for her.

“I know don’t worry, we can try another day again. I just need to make sure you are safe tonight!” Harry got out, and Johnson locked the car. They walked across the car park, through the main entrance and up the stairs.

“Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you earlier did I?” Johnson asked.

“No, I’m fine! What do you think has happened to Hoody?” Harry said.

“I don’t know, but it was Finn that phoned him first.”

Johnson stopped on the stairs and quickly sent Finn a message.

What’s wrong with Hoody?

They carried on up to Hoody’s apartment and knocked the door and waited.

Eventually, Hoody opened the door with a towel wrapped around his waist and then walked back to the bathroom.

Johnson and Harry sat and waited for him.

“I’ll take you to the safe house tonight, and we can see if the parcel appears in the morning,” Johnson whispered.

Hoody came out the bathroom in his boxers and grabbed a spliff from the worktop, took it out onto the balcony and lit it looking over the rails.

Johnson followed him pulling the door too. “Are you okay boss?? He asked.

“Ye, can you drop Harry to the safe house. We can deal with it all tomorrow enit.”

“Will she be alright with her brother there?” Johnson asked.

“He’s not there! We had moved him enit. Keep it to yourself, Bro!”

“OK. But are you alright you don’t seem yourself.”

“I’m good, just tired enit.” Hoody held his hand up, and they touched fists.

With that Johnson called Harry and as they went to leave. Hoody turned held his hand out and said, “Leave me your phone baby gyal enit!”

Harry looked at him as he stared back at her. She pulled it out of her pocket and dropped it on the palm of his hand and left. As they opened the door at the end of the long balcony, Harry said: “What would he want that for?”

“I don’t know,” Johnson said looking back. “He seems a bit strange at the minute. Let’s get you sorted, and we can deal with it all tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll talk to Finn to see what the call was about.”

Hoody looked at the phone and flicked through the numbers dialled and the incoming calls while he finished smoking his spliff. Then he looked through the messages and found one to Janice from earlier;

Just left the house ok! I’m heading to Lime Street station. Call you in a while!”

Hoody studied the message and then pressed the button and phoned the number. He let it ring out for a bit, but there was no answer. He waited for a while looking out over Liverpool and tried it again, but there was still no answer.

Hoody went back into the apartment and switched on the kettle. He switched on his laptop and made himself a coffee then sat down and flicked through the porn channels.

Eventually, Hoody closed the lid on his laptop and tried the number again, but there was still no answer. So he tucked it in the back of his boxers and lit another spliff as he walked out on to the balcony.

Hoody jumped when the phone vibrated, and he pulled it out and read the message;

I am sorry about today, and I hope you are alright after I left you with your boss, but I don’t want to be involved with it all. I just thought I was picking up a pretty girl that needed a lift.

Hoody was confused, he had to reread it, and then he looked at the name Janice.

After a few minutes, he realised it was the guy with the BMW in Meriden. He thought about it for a while and decided to send a message back.

I understand, and I want to thank you for your help. My boss and I had a chat on the way back, and we have sorted it. I think if we had got together another time it would have been ok. I would like to stay friends with you if possible, and maybe in the future, we could meet again.

Hoody read through it again making sure it sounded like Harriet had written it and crossed out the enit at the end and sent it. He stood leaning on the rails and looked down into the car park and watched a couple on the boot lid of a car in the car-park.

Eventually, Hoody went back inside his apartment and opened his laptop again. He looked up how to track a phone and linked it to Harriet’s phone so that he could keep his eye on her for a while.

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