Hoody And His Gyal 11

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The Big Day James goes up to Liverpool to collect his winnings. James goes up to Liverpool to collect his Money after he finds some strange messages on Samantha's phone. After a big argument, he leaves and wants to meet up with Harry but he gets a shock when the door opens.

Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

The Big Day

James woke on the sofa again. He looked at the clock and realised it was after eight. As he stretched and yawned, James glanced at his phone to see if he had any messages. He placed it back on the small table next to him with another stretch.

He sat there with a massive smile on his face because today he was going to sort out his lottery win in Liverpool.

As he sat looking around the room he promised himself a brand new expensive bed with all his money so he could spend more time in it instead of the settee.

He could hear Samantha upstairs getting ready. When she came down, she looked in and said, “I’m going to do someone’s hair. I’ll be back in a while!”

James made himself a coffee and went up to his office.

He could hear Samantha moving from the bedroom to the bathroom. Then he heard her shout, “SEE YOU LATER!” as she walked down the stairs. Then he waited and listened as the front door click shut.

James wrote some invoices to send out knowing Samantha could use the money to survive a little longer when he had gone.

James opened his draw looking for some envelopes and couldn’t find any so remembering Samantha had some in her draw in the kitchen he went down the stairs to have a look. He washed his cup and flicked the kettle back on and opened the draw. Just tucked in the front of the draw was Samantha’s phone. James glanced at it and noticed a few messages, so he read them. They all seemed to be from JP.

“It’s OK Sammy; I will wait for you! I adore you as you know. If I can help with anything, all you have to do is ask. JP XX”

James was motionless as flicked on to the next message:

“I am so sorry Sammy. I have to go over to France on business, and I know it is still the same for you at the moment, but I just wanted to ask in case you have had a change of mind again. Do you want to get away and come with me? You will be home tomorrow. JP XX”

James was stunned he stood staring at the phone and clicked on the next message.

“I can pick you up from the train station where we meet Friday if you would like JP XX.

James stood looking out the window into the garden “THE BITCH HAS HAD AN AFFAIR!” he said out loud.

James started to shake with anger as he looked at them again.

James turned the phone off put it back in the draw and finished off his coffee and went up to his office fuming.

James sat there thinking about Sam having an affair and realised it was all over for good between them.

James collected all the invoices he had written and torn them to shreds and put them in the bin.

“That fucking slag will get nothing!” he said out loud to himself.

Then he clicked on to the holidays again and searched the network. He considered the possibility of flying straight from Liverpool. He thought about packing a case but apart from Samantha getting an idea; he was going away he had no nice or fashionable clothes anyway and decided to buy some new stuff.

James was still angry as he sat there looking at the screen. His mind wondered on to Harry, and he sent her a message;

“I’m coming up to Liverpool today. Can we meet up?”

James sat with his hands on his head clasped together trying to think who JP was.

After a while, the front door opened and Samantha walked in.

“I’M HOME!” she shouted up the stairs.

James sat there still angry; he was still mad at the thought of her screwing someone else even though he had been caught a couple of times himself in the past

He finished his coffee and closed his computer lid and sat listening to her in the kitchen as his phone beeped. The message said;

“Ye that would be good and where?”

James replied;

“It’s up to you; I don’t know Liverpool that well!”

While James was waiting, he started doodling on his notepad and wrote JP all over it in big letters, small letters, all sorts of sizes scribbling them out as he finished each one, in turn, trying to work out who it was.

His phone beeped again and said;

“Come to the apartment on the 12th floor. I will send you the postcode.”

James frowned and was confused, so he replied.

“But I thought you lived in Abbey Road?”

James waited and again tried to think who JP was. James heard Samantha coming up the stair as his phone beeped again.

“I’m staying here while my boss waits for the delivery of the parcel!”

James closed his phone quick as Samantha opens the door.

“I’ve just heard a funny thing!” Samantha said in an inquisitive kind of a voice. “The shopkeeper up the road said he thinks someone local bought a ticket from his shop and it is the winning ticket from Saturday night. It wasn’t you was it?" Samantha said casually.

James turned, looked up at her and froze; he was horrified at what she had just said.

“Why are you staring at me like that? Please tell me it’s not true!” Samantha said shaking her head.

“You sat there the other night and said we got three numbers and won a tenner!”

James looked away.

“You weren’t going to tell me, were you? You fucking miserable bastard! After all the shit I have had with you over the years!” Samantha looked away. “You were going to get the winnings and piss off without a thought!” James started shaking his head.

“You are one sad, sorry fucking spiteful bastard!” She said pushing her hair back into a ponytail.

James stood up and turned towards her. “Don’t be so fucking stupid, of course, I haven’t won the lottery. I would have told you!”

Samantha pulled an elastic band off her wrist and tied it around her ponytail a few times and looks back at James nodding her head. “That’s why you snatched the ticket from me in the shop?”

Samantha screwed her face up and held her fingers out like claws and launched her self at James scratching his face and kicking him in the shins.

“WHAT YOU DOING YOU MAD FUCKER!” he shouted pushing her off. Samantha fell back onto the landing floor.


“YES!” she said, “I WOULD!” Samantha stood up and went for James again as he covered his head with his arms. “STOP IT YOU MAD FUCKING BITCH!” he screamed. Samantha punched and kicked him as James tried to get past her and ran down the stairs and grabbed his keys. “COME HERE YOU FUCKING BASTARD I HAVEN’T KILLED YOU YET!” she shouted as he ran out the door and jumped into his car.

Quickly he reversed off the drive and went up the road to the shops and stopped to calm down. He looked in the mirror at all the scratches on his face wiped the worst ones with his finger and licked the blood off. James was panting as he sat there not knowing what to do next. He looked at his phone as it lit up with Sam on the screen. He held it looking at the supermarket and went cold as he realised the ticket was in the house.

James answered the phone. “No, I am not coming back until you have calmed down…!” “I don’t care …!” “Well you should have thought about that before you ripped me to bits…!” “Do you honestly think I wouldn’t tell you if I won some money…?” “No, I’m going for a ride…!” With that, he closed his phone. He realised his biggest problem was to go into the house to get hold of the ticket from his desk drawer.

James drove around thinking and thinking more he pulled up just down the road from the house and sat trying to decide what to do. While he was sitting there, he noticed Samantha come out the front door and walk up the road towards the shops. He waited until she was out of sight and he swiftly drive to the house opened the door ran up the stairs and got the ticket from the draw.

James grabbed a few things from the cupboard and threw them into a carrier bag ran out the house jumped into the car and drove off hastily.

James decided to drive up to Liverpool and get the winnings before he lost the ticket altogether and started his journey. He filled up with fuel and drove up to Liverpool at a steady pace.

When James got nearer, he pulled in to a motorway service station and had a coffee and a sandwich. Then he sent a message to Harry;

“What’s the postcode and what time?”

While James was sitting there waiting for a reply, he thought about Sam’s affair with JP and tried to work out who he was when his phone rang he looked to see it was Samantha on her mobile phone.

James answered it “Hello…?” “So am I, who the fuck is JP…?” The phone went quiet then she asked him if he had been looking through her phone. “Never mind all that! Who the fuck is he…?” “Jean Philippe...!” “What photo Shute…?” “What a load of bollocks…!” “You have been screwing him I saw your phone…!” “WELL, HE WANTS TO MEET YOU THERE AGAIN TO GO AWAY WITH HIM, SO IT MUST HAVE BEEN MORE THAN ONCE…!”

“I’m not talking about this on the phone…!” “At work...!” “No, I’ll see you later!” James shut the phone and threw it on the seat.

James sat there horrified at what Samantha had done behind his back. James looked in the mirror to see what was behind him, turned the ignition key started the engine. then he turned the radio up loud and shouted, JEAN PHILLIPPE, YOU CAN HAVE HER MATE!” He selected gear and drove off and on to the motorway.

James started to look forward to his new life as he drove along the motorway towards Liverpool.

While he was singing away with the radio at full blast and trying to forget Samantha, James decided to visit Harry first, so he drove into Liverpool and up to the docks while he waited for another text from Harry. James was stunned at the surroundings. He passed the bars, clubs, boats and ships in the harbour; it was so different to when he was there before.

James was driving along slowly looking for a car-park so he could get out and have a proper look. Then he got a message;

“I’m here all day. What time will you be in Liverpool?”

James replied straight away;

“I’m here now.”

James drove out of the main centre and parked on the side of the road and waited.

The next message said:

“Come over now then!”

James replied;

“Ok, send me the postcode.”

James pulled away again as the postcode came through, so he put it into his Sat Nav and followed it to Bootle. James wasn’t far away and pulled into the car-park. He noticed a few kids hanging around and wasn’t happy about leaving his car there. As he was locking everything in the glove box trying to hide stuff he suddenly realised it didn’t matter if they pinch it, he can walk up the road and get a new one.

James locked the car and looked up and counted the floors he could see a man leaning over the balcony smoking then he walked across the car-park through the doors and started to climb the stairs because the lift had a massive sign on it “OUT OF ORDER.”

When he got to the 12th floor, James turned left and walked through the doors and lent on the rails trying to catch his breath as the door banged shut. James stood looking out at the view for a couple of minutes and started to walk the long landing bending now again to miss the washing hanging from each apartment as he walked along. James found the door still breathing heavy. James knocked on the door and waited. As the door opened the smile dropped of James’s face as a hairless man wearing a tracksuit, face mask and gloves opened the door.

“I have come to see Harriet,” James said holding his hand out. The door opened wider James stepped into a spotlessly clean apartment wiping his feet on the mat.

“The first thing bro is you have my respect for keeping your word enit.”

James knew straight away who he was from the phone call with Harry in the beer garden.

“You did what you said and gave Harry over, and I want to thank you and tell you no harm will come to you enit!” James stood looking at him as Hoody went on. “I can’t let you see Harry, as you know we need to get the parcel back and she is my only link enit.

James didn’t know what to do. Hoody pointed to a stool at the breakfast bar, and James walked over and sat down. He was uneasy but strangely not worried.

“Can I get you anything bro?” James shook his head, “No thanks.”

“I can get you a coffee enit!”

James shook his head again. “No, I’m fine thanks.”

“Now as I said I am keeping Harry till I get the parcel enit.” James nodded and said, “I assume you have Harriet’s phone and you answered the text I sent her!”

“You is a bright one Enit!” Hoody said smiling.

“So what happens now?” James asked. “Well you will have to go back to Brum, and when it’s all sorted I will let Harry call you, but if I were you, bro, I wouldn’t get involved, she is bad news bro. I’m not going to forgive her trying to rip me off enit.”

James nodded and agreed with Hoody as he wanted to get out of it all anyway. James felt quite at ease and happy talking to him while Hoody explained the gloves and masked face to him.

“I’m sure I know what is going on with the bits Harry told me and I understand if you don’t want to talk about it. Believe me I won’t say a word to anyone or take it no further.” Hoody nodded. “But if someone came to you and said I want to get rid of someone, could you help them..?” James stopped and said “Sorry I’ll rephrase this, do you know someone that could get rid of somebody if someone wanted and money was no object?” Hoody nodded again “Why bro you got probs?”

“Well let’s say I have a woman that keeps phoning all the time day and night and won’t let it go. She turns up at the shop, at my home, is got to end I can’t stand it!”

“If you got the money bro, I can do what you want. But is you really sure! “Init worth changing your number first bro?”

“I have done it a few times and the work number too! It’s getting a bit silly!”

“Well I can do it, but we need to sort a few things enit.”

“Ok,” James said. “We can talk about it another time maybe?”

Hoody stood up and walked to the door and opened it. James stood up and said, “OK, I will give it some serious thought.”

Hoody clenched his fist and held it out in front of him. James looked at it thinking he was going to punch him or play that game one potato two potato and then he realised he wanted to shake hands as they do on the television. But as he was a Germaphobe James assumed he didn’t do it like others. James did the same and hoody touched his fist.

“You know, I just might have a night up here tonight. Liverpool is a great looking place now. I have a little business to do, and I’ll see I might stay the night!”

James walked along the landing back towards the door.

“Yo!” James turned.

“What’s the name of this person you want gone?” James shouted. “Samantha,” Hoody nodded “Pretty name enit!”

Hoody went back into his apartment and picked up his phone, got a spliff and went back on to the balcony looking down at James’s car. “Yo Johnson, where you at…?” “There is a black bema just about to pull out on to the road, can you follow it!” “Let me know enit!” Hoody lit his spliff and watched.

James jumped in his car set his Sat-Nav and left feeling relieved and made his way over to Camelot.

On route, James bought a small business briefcase to put all his paperwork in from Camelot. He found the place almost straight away and was disillusioned at the grey building. It was just like a normal office.

Following the lengthy discussions and a thousand handshakes with their representative plus a brand new bank account, James was excited about his new life. He left the building extremely happy and decided to drive back home.

After the long drive, he got back to the house, it seemed quiet as he opened the front door and walked in. The first thing he did was to run up the stairs and hide the briefcase in his office behind his desk.

James was tired after his long journey, so he went back downstairs and into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Placed on the dinner table was a note. He opened it and read it word for word.

Sorry had to get away for a couple of days need to sort my head out. Sam.

After he read the note, he threw it in the bin and went back upstairs. James opened the wardrobe to see some of Samantha’s clothes had gone.

James went back down the stairs. He left the coffee on the side and got himself a large vodka and sat at the table on his own, wondering where Samantha had gone with JP.

As he was sitting staring at his glass, James had a text from Harriet’s phone.

Yo, it’s me enit. I is looking for a person tomorrow and if you still around you could help enit.

James looked at his phone as he placed it on the table and realised how quiet it was. He gave the message from Hoody some thought and watched television in the kitchen for a while with another large vodka.

After a while, he was bored with television and decided to go up to bed for a change. He took his phone and another drink and fell asleep watching the adult channels.

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