Hoody And His Gyal 12

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Hoody has to find someone fast before a court hearing. He has some help from James. Hoody, Johnson and James have to track down Harriets brothers wife before Thomas appears in court as a witness.

Drama / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
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Find Jennifer

Hoody 12

On Tuesday morning James couldn’t sleep he kept walking through the night. At first, he thought it was because he was too comfortable in the bed and not scrunched up on the settee downstairs. He rolled over and over looking up at the ceiling, the walls, the curtains he didn’t know what to do. He put the television on and flicked through the home shopping pages trying to find something to take his mind off Samantha. He kept wondering where they were and what they were doing. He went from thinking about them both to Hoody and whether or not he should go up to Liverpool to help him.

James flicked the television off and made the bed. He decided to get up just after 5 and went down to make himself a coffee. After a while, as he was sitting alone at the table again he decided to go back up to Liverpool even if it was only for something to do.

He left about 6 am and sent Hoody a message saying he would be there around 8 am.

James started off and made good time as there wasn’t much traffic on the motorway. He got there about 7.45 and went straight to the apartment. When he locked the car, he looked up again and saw a half-naked bloke smoking and realised it was Hoody.

Again James climbed the stairs to the 12 floor, as he walked along the long landing out of breath he saw Hoody in his boxer shorts by the rails.

“Yo, James! Good to see you again enit.” Hoody held his fist out as James walked towards him.

James followed Hoddy into his apartment and sat on the bar stool looking around the room while Hoody got dressed. When he came out, Hoody made a coffee, and they talked for a while.

“Where did you stay last night bro? Anywhere nice?”

“I didn’t. I went back home!”

“To Brum?”


“So you drove all the way back to help me find this person enit?”

James smiled.

“Massive respect bro!”

“What about your shop though enit?”

“Susan can manage, as long as she’s not banging away with the bloke all day!”

Hoody laughed. “Yeah, I had to smile enit!”

“So what do you want me to do?”

Hoody lit a spliff, and they walked back out on to the balcony.

“I don’t know how much you know, but when we talked on the phone Sunday, I told Harry I was looking after her bro to keep him safe enit.”

James nodded and listened.

“There’s dis gang in Liverpool that doesn’t want him to stand trial, and we fought they might kidnap him or even worse enit. Well, yesterday I got a call telling me they got his wife instead and if he squeals they going to kill her enit.

James sat and listened carefully as he carried on.

“While we bin looking for Harry over the last couple of days we took our eye of the situation you know what I mean. Now they have kidnapped Harriet’s brovers wife Jenny. We got to find her today before the trial at 2 o’clock because he will say the wrong thing in court, the gang will get off and then we all in the shit enit.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Well you is a fresh face around here, and you can ask questions enit.”

James smiled “I wouldn’t know what to say, who to ask or where to go!”

“Are but I will help you cus I know where most of this gang hang out enit!”

Hoody flicked his phone open and read the message;

Boss we got the parcel in the post this morning. What do you want me to do with it?”

Hoody smiled and made a call.

“Yo, Johnson. Good news enit…?” “Go Collect the Range Rover from the valet shop and come and pick me up at nine enit!” Hoody closed his phone.

“Sorry bro, we got the parcel. I just need to make a couple of calls enit!”

James Nodded. ”Good news you carry on!” He said leaning on the rail taking in the view.

“Yo, I got your parcel Enit…!” Hoody said. Then he looked over the rails. “What car…?" Hoody looked down to the car park. “Has he been there all night bro…?” “I’ll call you back in a bit enit…!” “No, I ain’t got it yet. It’s being delivered to me, and then I will let you know. Ok, bro!” with that hoody closed his phone.

Hoody and James were talking again as Hoody’s phone rang out. “Yo…!” “Wa gwan Finley…?” “Well done Bro…!” “And you sure it’s them enit…?” “OK, Finn talk in a bit yeah…!” “Aye, good work bro. youse did good!”

Hoody closed the phone. “I think I know where she is!” Hoody said. He was in deep thought leaning on the rails.

“I need a spliff to help me concentrate!” He said looking at James. “Do you…?” James shook his head, "no thanks it’s too early for me.”

“So you could have one later maybe enit?” James smiled “If all goes well I might.” He said.

Hoody went into the apartment and came out lighting his spliff. Hoody started coughing and picking bits off his tongue. “Yo, this is some good shit enit!” he said looking at the lit end of his spliff.

“What do you want me to do?” James asked.

Hoody coughed again. “When Johnson comes bye, come down with me and meet up enit."

Hoody went back into his apartment and came out with masks and gloves as his phone rang. “Ok, coming down bro!”

James followed Hoody down to the car park, and Johnson got out the car.

“This is James from Brum, he is going to help us enit!” Johnson nodded, held his fist out then got back in the car.

“Firstly bro, I need you to follow us in your beama!”

James nodded again.

“I need you to drive onto a piece of land and pretend you are lost enit?” James listened carefully.

“You are from Brum, and they will know you ain’t from round ere.”

“You can do a proper Brummie accent yeah? James smiled and nodded his head.

“Ok let’s get gone!” Hoody said and jumped in the back of the Range Rover.

As James got into his car, he saw a man walk over to Hoody’s car and talk to him through the back window. Johnson stepped back out the car and as the man took the parcel from Johnson Hoody punched him in the face and the man fell back on to the floor. Johnson got back into the car as Hoody's window went back up and they took off with James following.

They drove for a couple of miles and the Range Rover slowly pulled off the road on to the grass bank, so James pulled in behind them.

After a minute or so Johnson jumped out and called James to the car. James got out and walked over and sat in the back with Hoody talking.

“Now see that entrance over there, I need you to drive in and pretend to be lost enit. I need to know if anyone is walking around the old building at the back of the compound. If there is, he might be guarding something or someone enit. If you can, get out and walk about and have a look. If anyone is there, they will come talk to you enit? I is sure Jennie is here but don’t do anything stupid bro. Just try to get as close as you can and then walk away enit?”

James took a deep breath opened the door and walked back to his car.

James drove up the driveway slowly to the top. He couldn’t see anyone, so he went a bit nearer to the building and pulled over to the side. James got out and stood by the car for a second or two but no one appeared, so James walked to the entrance and opened the door.

“HELLO, ANYONE HERE?” He shouted. No one answered so he went in. As the door closed, James was startled by a tall skinny man in a tee shirt. The first thing he noticed was his arms were covered in tattoos and a ring in his eyebrow. He walked towards James.

“Wots happening lad?” he said with a strong Liverpool accent “This is private property you know!”

“Sorry.” James said “I got lost somewhere along the line. Believe it or not, I’m trying to get back to Birmingham, and my Sat-Nav said this was a shortcut.”

“You can’t get through here soft lad!” He said. “There’s a fence all around. You need to go back out the gate and turn left, keep going until you get to a bevvy house on the corner, dats the main road. Turn left and left again at the lights.”

“Thank you so much,” James said. “Is there a loo I can use while I’m here please, I’m dying for a pee!”

The Scouse looked around and said, “Over dere in the corner!” He pointed to a door. James walked looking all around, he noticed some caravans in another part of the building backed up against a wall. One was squeezed in-between the others and then looking carefully he realised there was a light on inside it. As he walked swiftly passed, James went into the toilet, turned the tap on for a second or two and came back out rubbing his hands together. The Scouse was waiting for him by the door. They walked back up to the entrance together. James didn’t hear or see anything out the ordinary apart from the squashed caravan. James thanked him and walked out with the Scouse following him to his car.

James thanked him again and got back in his car as another car pull up, so he watched. The Scouse went over to the car, and as the window came down halfway, he talked to someone in the back. Then he went back over to James.

“You ok lad?” he said looking through the window.

“Yeah, I bet he has got the same Sat-Nav as me!” James said smiling. The Scouse lifted one cheek and said, “Do you remember where to go lad?” James nodded. “Yes, thanks.” “Mate, you need to do one!” James started the engine and pulled away slowly and watched in the mirror. The car drove up to the main doors, and three men got out and stood by the side of the X5. One by each back door and another looked around and lifted the tailgate. James couldn’t see anymore and had to go out the gate and on to the road. James parked up and climbed into the back of the Range Rover.

If I had to guess I would say, she is in a caravan in there.

“Why you say that bro?”

“Well I drove right up to the door and walked in, a tall skinny Scouse bloke came over his arms were covered in tattoos. I told him I was lost and he gave me directions. I asked him if I could go to the loo and he showed me to a door in the far corner. While I was walking and looking around, I saw some caravans in another part of the building. They were all parked up, but the one in the middle was crammed in, so no one could get in or out of it. There was a light on in there, and I think the curtain moved. Then as I was about to leave another car come in, a white X5. I hung around as long as I could. I saw three men get out and stand by the car. They eventually opened the tailgate and then I couldn’t see anymore. So I think they were getting something out or putting something in the boot, but I didn’t see what!”

Hoody made a phone call. “Yo Gurky…?” “Wa gwan…?” “Do we know a tall skinny Scouse? Arms covered in tattoos …?” “What’s a plastic scouser enit...?” ”Okay, but we are in the right place then…?” “Another car went in…!” “A White X5…!” ” OK…!” “Catch up soon enit...!” “OK good…!” “Later bro!”

Hoody closed his phone opened it again and looked at the time and made a call. “Yo Finn, you got Harriett’s bro yeah? Good stay with him all the time yeah? Do not leave him alone not for one minute you got? Take him into the courthouse and sit on him until he is called yeah! Call me and let me know every five enit.” Hoody put the phone down. "We got two hours to get Jennifer safe enit!”

Hoody made some calls trying to get more information as the X5 came out the gate.

“James my man, you need to stay on that X5 enit. Don’t lose him!”

James got out and jumped back into his car and followed the X5. James sat a few cars behind as they went through the town and eventually got to a courthouse. James phoned Hoody on Harriet’s phone.

“They are parking up around the back of a courthouse…!” “There are four people in there I think…!” James waited and watched as the two back doors opened. “Two just got out the back…!” “Hang on, another one has just got out, and they are all walking around the back of the car! The tailgate is lifting, and the three men are looking around. There’s a body lying down in the boot with a bag over the head…!” “They are dragging it out, and now that person is sitting on the back!” “I can see the hands are tied together. I think this could be the girl you are looking for!” The phone went off and James placed it on the seat he was studying every move and watching carefully. The person stood up, and one of them pulled the bag off, it was a woman her mouth was taped up, and she stood there blinking, screwing her face up and closing her eyes. James phone Hoody again. “It’s a woman, and they have just taken the bag off her head and ripped the tape off her mouth. They are not untying her hands though. Now they are putting her in the back seats of the X5. Two of them have walked off, and the other one has got in the car beside her. The other two are walking up the steppes into the court. What can I do?”

“We here now enit!”

With that Hoody’s Range Rover came screeching around the corner and pulled up behind James. James watched in the mirrors. The door opened on the Range Rover, and Johnson got out. He walked around and opened the back door and pulled a man out onto the road. His hands were tied together behind his back. Johnson held his arm and walked him up to the X5. James recognised him; it was the Scouse. Johnson knocked on the window looking around. As it opened, Johnson grabbed something from inside the car and threw it over the road, it hit the floor breaking to bits then a car drove over it. The window slid back up. Johnson Smashed the Scouse’s head against the window twice and the glass shattered. James didn’t know what to do as he didn’t want to be seen with them or get involved. He sat and watched from the car. The door opened, and a man got out the X5 and pulled the girl out by her arm. Her hands were still tied together, and the bag was back on her head. James looked in the mirror and noticed the Range Rover door open. Hoody stepped out with his gloves and a face mask on. He had his hood pulled up over his head, and he shut the car door and walked towards the X5 Johnson throw the Scouse on the floor and grabbed the girl by the arm as hoody walked up to them. He lifted the back of his green top and pulled a gun out from the back of his trousers holding it down by his side looking around. The other guy saw what Hoody was holding and climbed back into the car with his hands on his head.

Johnson lifted the bag off her head. Then he cut the rope from around her hands. She stood looking around rubbing her wrists. Hoody grabbed the bag and put the gun in it as he hurried back to his car throw it under the seat. Then he ran back and grabbed the girl's other arm. The Scouse was still lying on the floor with his hands still tied. Johnson kicked him hard in the ribs as they marched the woman along the road, up the steps and into the courtroom. James could hear police sirens as he sat watching the Scouse stand up staggering and then run away glancing at James as he ran past the car with his nose and face pouring with blood and the X5 sped off.

When they eventually got through the security checks hoody asked them to follow him into the court room.

As the doors flew open to the courtroom and Hoody, Johnson and Jennifer marched in and stood by the balcony looking down on the court. The two men from the X5 looked around stood up, and Thomas burst into tears and sat down with his hands over his eyes in the witness box. Three policemen and security guards followed Hoody and the others in and grabbed the two gang members as they tried to get out jumping over the rows of chairs.

The Judge started banging his gavel on the desk shouting “ORDER, ORDER IN MY COURT!” Thomas stood up wiping his eyes with his sleeve looking at the judge. The noise starts to quieten down as the police dragged the two men out shouting abuse as they banged through the doors.


One of the solicitors stood up shouting, “WE CAN’T ALLOW THIS, YOUR HONOR!” As the Judge lifted his hand and said aloud; “OWE YES I CAN, I WANT TO HEAR THIS!” looking at Thomas. The solicitor sat down and threw his pen on the desk in front of him as Thomas yelled! MY WIFE WAS KIDNAPPED!” The court went silent as he spoke. “And she was held against her will by these so-called Gang members!” He pointed to the four men standing in the dock with their heads down, and their hands clasped together in front of them.

“If I had told the truth before they were going to hurt my wife or even kill her. I have been in hiding after they threatened me a couple of weeks ago. Thomas went on to tell his story as everyone in the room listened carefully.

After a while, the Judge spoke and sentenced them all to a long term in prison, and he told the guards behind them to take them away.

The courtroom emptied, and Thomas held his wife in his arms apologising. Then he thanked Hoody and Johnson in turn as they walked out the court.

James decided to drive off as the people started coming out the doors and down the steps and made his way back to Hoody’s car park and waited. While he sat there, his phone rang, and it was Samantha.

“I left early this morning…!” “I bet it was warm in France…!” “What do you mean don’t be stupid? Your clothes where gone…!” “Mom’s, bollocks. You went with him…!” “I don’t want to call her…!” “What fucking money?” “There is no money…!” “I’m at work…!” “Well I’ll be home in the morning we can talk then…!” “Got to go!”

James put the phone down as Hoody pulled up and got out the car. As he stood up he tucked his gun in the back of his trousers and pulled his top down over it; then he knocked on James’s window. “Come up enit!”

Hoody ran off, and James and Johnson followed him. When they got to his apartment the door was open and James could hear the shower running as they sat and waited for him to come out.

Johnson and James didn’t’ talk to each other just sat I silence waiting. As Hoody came out, he walked up to James with his fist out “You did good today bro, respect enit!”

“I’m sorry I didn’t get out helping you both, but I thought it best I didn’t get involved!”

“What you did, was good man; you can work with us again anytime enit!”

“No thanks, I don’t think my nerves would stand the Gangster life!” James said laughing.

Hoody rolled a spliff and held it out, and James took it. This is some really good shit enit Johnson?”

Johnson nodded as he took one. They went on to the balcony. They stood talking for a while about the day. It wasn’t long before James said. In a relaxed mood, “Right I’m going to find a nice hotel and chill for the night.”

“Which one bro? I’ll get Johnson to bring Harry over to you enit!” Johnson looked up with a frown and James thought it wouldn’t be a good idea. He could see Johnson wasn’t happy.

“No, I’ll have a couple of drinks and get to bed early. It’s been a long day!”

James held up his fist. “Bro, it’s been a pleasure working wiv you today, nice one enit!” They touched fists. Then James turned to Johnson and did the same. “I’ll see you both again!” James said as he walked away holding the rail to steady himself.

James drove off and found a hotel close. He booked in and went up to his room after a couple of drinks at the bar to get rid of his dry mouth.

When he was in his room his phone rang, and when he looked it was Harry name.

“Hi, Hoody you ok?” James said.

It was quiet for a minute, and then he heard a voice. “What a nice surprise! I thought Hoody had your phone…?” “Are you ok…?” “Of course you can come over…!”

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