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A Flop

“Hey! Can you hear me?”


“What about you?”

“Yeah I can hear you. I can see you too.”

“Everyone’s light ok?”

“My light bulb broke!”

“How’d it do that?”

“I dropped it when that thing came! I’m sorry, it caught me off guard! I need a new one!”

“I don’t see any light bulbs anywhere.”

“Can we please stop and look for something?”

“No. You know that we can’t.”

“Please. I don’t want to end up dead as well.”

“No. We have to keep going and hope that there’s something on the way.”

“Please! Please! Oh god. Oh god, I’m having a panic attack! Oh god! Someone get me something! Please!”

“No! We have to keep going! You have to calm down!”

“I can’t! I… I…”

There was a slight tug on the chain before he fell through the metal and tumbled down the side into a pile. Ironically, I think he landed on a light bulb.

"Did anyone see where the body dropped?"

"No. And we can't worry about it. We have to keep going. Everyone dies."

"But not like that!"

"Who gives a shit how you die? It happens and then that's it."

"Did you not see what just happened!?"

"You want to do something about it?"


"Then keep moving."

This is everything that happens. People die and leave and that's it. There're more empty slots than full. Now we're separated by even more space now. Thankfully our voices travel far enough. There used to be people before us and behind us, but they're gone. I can barely see some people up in front of me, but they're so far away I don't think they can hear me. There's no one behind us for as far as I can see. Did I mention that none of us have clothes? Well, that's not fully true. We have some kind of underwear.

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