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A Fury

"Anyone want to hear a joke?"


"Shut up."

"No one wants to hear your jokes."

"Well fine then. Enjoy the silence."

There's nothing to do here but walk. Nothing that happens at all. We don't tire. We never get hungry or thirsty or sleepy. I still don't understand how, but I just know that we don't.

"Hey guys, my flashlight's getting dim. Does anyone have an extra battery?"

"Yeah, I got it right here."

"Alright, toss it here."


"Oh shit!"


"Catch that!"



No. NO. NO!

"God damn it, are you kidding me?"


"Sorry? Are you fucking kidding me? My light's gonna go out and we're gonna lose even more people!"

"You're alone over there, so there's nothing else gonna die with you."

"Fuck you! You killed me!"

"Yeah, fuck you too."

"Guys, calm down. This is how people die. Just calm down and we can keep going."

"Going where!? There's nowhere to go!"

"I'm tired of your shit! Just fuck off and die!"

I don't know where he got whatever it was that he threw. I'm assuming he had another battery somewhere on him. Most likely he took it out of his flashlight, but he might have just picked it up from somewhere. We all turned to watch it fly through the air and hit the man's head and knock him off balance. He stumbled and tried to regain his balance, but his next step took him off the side, and the chain slipped right off him. He fell through the air and hit the pile of bodies as his life exploded out from his eyes, a scream exactly how I image it. The bloody face that stared back was all the terror I need. We looked back at the guy to watch him laugh in pleasure. Without even really thinking, I just yanked on the chain--which was hanging with some extra length from the lack of bodies left to fill it--and watched with a smile as he was pulled forward and straight through the ground. Two more gone.

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