The Target of Elizabeth.

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As she ran down her street, she was sure the three kids were far from her. Her breath steadied, and she relaxed. Her house was only a little ways from where she was currently. Soon she would see her parents and her sister, and she'll be able to forget the event that happened today. Just a few more steps... She thought to herself, arriving to her destination.

The house wasn't much, but it was home to the family of 4. It was a medium sized house, painted blue and white. The windows were decorated with flowers her mother planted, and her door had streamers on it, left over from when they were celebrating Lauren being accepted into college. Elizabeth stared at it for a moment, smiling a bit at the house she's lived in from birth. Then..
She went in.

"Elizabeth Marie Keenan, where have you been? We called the school, and they reported you weren't there. We were just about thinking on calling the police!" Her mother exclaimed when she came in, making Elizabeth sigh.

"Nothing, Ma'." She lied. Mrs. Keenan raised an eyebrow, about to protest, but it was already done for her.

"Eliza, sweetie, tell the truth to Mom." Lauren walked into the living room, hands on her hips. She looked nice, with her casual sweater and jeans; hair in ponytail, and so on.

Elizabeth sighed. "I got cornered by the bullies, okay? I don't want to talk about it." She admitted.

"Not talk about it? Elizabeth! We have to talk about it! We can get the principal evolved, the police.. " Her mother trailed off.

Elizabeth's face turned red. "Mom! I said no! Why can't you understand when I say that?" She shouted. Lauren shook her head in disapproval and grabbed her sister's backpack, helping her out with her belongings.
Their mother stared at Elizabeth for what seemed like hours, until her daughters left the room, leaving her alone.

"I just want the best for my baby that so wrong?" She whispered to the empty room, getting no response.
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