The Target of Elizabeth.

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"I told you, sweetie, you tell Mom and I when you have situations like today." Lauren said once they were in Elizabeth's room.

Elizabeth twirled the string of a paper crane on her ceiling. "Don't call me 'sweetie'. You're not my parent." was all she said in response, ignoring her sister's words.

Lauren sighed. "Look, Liz, I just don't want you to get hurt. Neither does Mom. She cares about you, you know that?"

"That's what everyone in this family says."

"Which means?"

Elizabeth sighed in annoyance. Her sister was so into being an adult it was hard for things to produce in her brain sometimes.

"I just think she treats me like a baby. 'Elizabeth, tell me this', 'Elizabeth, don't do that'. It's annoying, and I want to be treated my age." She explained, glancing at her sister.

Lauren stared at the bed spread she was sitting on as ELizabeth was talking, then looked up.

"Maybe it's because you don't have use of one of your arms, and it's dangerous for you to do certain things without permission to see if it's alright. If it's not, too bad. That's how mothers are, Liz." Lauren answered, her voice having a tint of annoyance.

"I just... wish that I was normal."

"You're perfectly normal the way you are. Sure, bullies are an issue, but you're still normal."

"But I want to be like the kids at school! I want friends to hang at the mall with, I want people to like me. Is that so hard to wish for?" Elizabeth exclaimed, her eyes turning glassy. Tears were building into her eyes.

"Liz, I know it's hard..."

"No, you don't! You don't have a unusable right arm, and a miserable life. You live a normal life, with friends and both arms. Please, just... get out of my room." Elizabeth said quietly, pointing to the door.

Lauren nodded and sighed. "I'll give you your space." She said quietly, and walked to the door.

As the door closed, Elizabeth slumped into her pillows.

Why was it so hard for people to understand?

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