The Target of Elizabeth.

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Sometime around midnight, she couldn’t tell, Elizabeth opened her eyes slightly. She winced at the light glowing up her room, remembering she fell asleep without turning it off. But as she hazily glanced around, she saw a figure in the doorway.

Her mother.

Elizabeth quickly closed her eyes again, pretending to still be asleep. She didn’t want to talk to her mother right now, not after what she said earlier. She was too embarrassed to speak to her after the situation.

A few moments went by and she heard footsteps walking toward her, and wondered if her mother saw her awake. But no, she heard the click of the lamp being turned off, and the footsteps went silent.

Then she heard a noise, and was confused. It sounded like... sobs. That what it was. Her mother was crying. But at what? The sobbing was quiet, so she probably didn’t want to wake her daughter up. Elizabeth couldn’t help but feel bad for her; Her mother had been through a ton over the past couple of years.

Elizabeth ran to the office. The teacher whispered to her that her mother was in the office, picking her up. She had been confused, but was excited to get out of the school for the day.

Down the hall she went, her sneakers squeaking against the shiny floor. Tons of colors flew beside her, which she knew were the projects they had to do for art. When she reached the office, like said, her mother was there. But something was different. Hair, no... makeup, no...

Her eyes were red. She’d been crying.

She never cries.


“Mom! Mom... what’s wrong?” Elizabeth had said, hugging her with one arm.

“I’ll... tell you in the car.” Her mother said, whispering shakily.

“Where’s Lauren?”

“At the hospital.”

“Is she okay?” Elizabeth had cried, panicked.

“Yes, she’s fine. It’s not her.

“It’s your father.”

Elizabeth widened her eyes. “What?” She exclaimed, pulling out of the hug. “What happened?”

Her mother was suddenly interested in the floor.

“He was attacked.”


Elizabeth sat beside the hospital bed, tears streaming down her face in both anger and sadness.

There were a lot of sick people around Ohio, and her dad got attacked by one of them. It was sickening to think of, to be honest.

Lauren was crying, too. She had heard about the news shortly before her sister did, and it seemed like it was harder for her than it was for Elizabeth.

Her mother had gone home. She couldn’t stand seeing her husband in a hospital bed, so she just said that Lauren was to take Elizabeth home.

Eh. It was better than running home from bullies.

Finally the crying stopped, and Lauren muttered it was time to go. But before they did, she left a note on the side table for their father.

“Don’t die on us.“~ Lauren.

Her mother finally stopped crying and muttered something Elizabeth couldn't hear, then walked out of the room quietly.

Elizabeth was pretty sure it was 'I love you.'

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