The Target of Elizabeth.

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"So, what happened to your arm as a baby? You're very brave about your condition." Lina said curiously, books in hand.

Usually, Elizabeth would have just walked away, snapping at the jerk making fun of her. But she didn't. Lina was different. ...Kind.
"When I was born, I had a disease that spread to my arm, then the doctors figured out how to stop it." Elizabeth sighed, rubbing her temple. This was stressing.
"So now it's paralyzed?"
"Yes." Elizabeth whispered, which hinted to stop talking about it. For the next few moments, they walked down the hall in silence.
"So... where'd you come from?" She finally asked, cutting the silence like a knife.
"New York." Lina replied, her face once again her normal beaming glow. "Oh, Liz... you should see it! It's beautiful there." She excitedly exclaimed, looking over at Elizabeth.
"The city of lights..." Elizabeth repeated, smiling. "Why wouldn't it be as pretty as it sounds?"
"Maybe one day I'll take you there."
And that's when Lina took Elizabeth's hand, formed it into a c-shape, and did the same with hers. She then put the hands together, making a heart.
"I promise with my life."

The next couple of days, Elizabeth was a walking sunshine. She laughed, talked to Lauren, her Mother... even apologized about the other day. It was unusual, since she was usually in a bad mood at home, moping around and such.
"Alright, spill it." Lauren finally said one day, flopping down on her sister's mattress. "What's gotten into you?"
"I can't tell you. Not yet. You'll be too shocked, and..." Elizabeth drifted off, flopping next to her.
"I believe, as your sister, you can tell me right now."
"Fine." Elizabeth rolled her eyes, resting back on her pillow. "I made a friend, Lauren."
Lauren literally popped her eyes out. Maybe it was because her curlers were way too tight on her head then they should be, or she was really surprised.
"A friend? Oh, Liz... that's great! What's her name? Is she nice? What age is she?..." She was asking questions like a tornado, making Elizabeth regret she ever told her.
"Slow down, Lauren. Her name is Lina, she has blonde hair, nice... kind... same age as me. But don't get your hopes up." Elizabeth warned, and Lauren kept quiet.
"But I think she's the one!" Elizabeth finally squealed, and they cheered, laughing on her bed sheets.
"You have to tell Mom!" Lauren choked out, glancing at her sister.
"...Not now."
Probably when pigs fly.
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