The Hell Farm

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I hated her she loved me I hurt her she healed me I thought of her as my weaknesse the death of me little did I know she would the strenght unleashing my worst devils she would be the death of THEM!

Drama / Romance
Fida Othman
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I am rewriting this book as per some of your suggestions to make it more interesting which I really appreciate.

I’ve been writing this book for the last ten years, ever since I was fifteen years old so hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. this book is new and original and I’ll let you decide if you share me the opinion or not.

Do not hesitate to comment, I’m totally ready to accept your feed-back, support and even curses.

Excuse my harsh language and cruel scenes, but it had to be used for the sake of the story and for you to feel the moment, besides, this is a mature story anyways so here I am warning you!

Hope you enjoy reading and thank you so much for the precious time you accorded to read my book.

To get started, I need to describe you the the Farm and characters which might sound boring but I just have to before hitting the sotry line!

The farm contained groves, stables, a catstle like manison setting between beautiful gardens, and large roads, each one of them leading to diffrent smaller houses incuding the farmers’ ones and a far away unique desinged residential building.

The castle or the big house as it was called, was composed of big kitchens, a lot of bathrooms, bedrooms, suites, living rooms a huge ball room, another room for family meetings, a dining room and a home bar, but the special thing about that castle was the presence of a locked up room full of books about the history of that farm including a big law book and a secret unknown gate that led to underground dark rooms where people who disobeyed the law book were punished.

Sedreck White, James Martez, Brandan Clowses and Kaisy Di Niero were the seventh generation of that farm’s’ original owners and lived there according to the customs and rules along with their wifes and daughters only, as the law forbid any male heir to live in the castle or the big house as its been called, in fear of committing sinful acts and having personal affairs or close relationships with non blood related females so as soon as their sons turned seven, they were sent away to live in the far end of the farm, in the residential building and had no right to visit their mothers or sisters without accepted formal resquests, as it was for their own good to grow up far from unnecessary affection in order to grow up strong, indimidating, unaffected and good enough to rule the farm without neglecting its rules and also lead their international video gaming group of firms that was mostly owned by Brandan and Kaisy as they held 80% of the shares when Sedrek and James only had 20% each. Mickel Angelo White, Blake Martez, Rafael Clowses and Leonardo Di Niero were the four expatriate sons of that farm owners who have nothing more important to than to disobey the law book and piss off their fathers.

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