Dreams, Not So Romantic

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A Tale of two Muslims, who are brought together by destiny and are bound together in a sacred bond. Marriage. Sarah, is a simple 22 year old muslim girl. She is shy, sweet and caring. She loves her family a lot and can do anything to everything for them. She is a practicing muslimah and loves her religion. She is ambitious, currently pursuing MBA and wants to become independent. But until the day when a marriage proposal comes and her dreams come to a halt. Yazan, 25 year old muslim guy is passionate about his work and has a business of his own. He is an introvert but is equally extrovert around the people he knows. He loves his religion and is a practicing muslim. He is being pressurised by his family for marriage but he is not ready until one day he comes to know that his parents had gone to some girls' house for his proposal. What will happen? Arrange marriage or will Sarah follow her dreams which will ultimately lead her to Yazan. Read on to find out what destiny waits for them, and how they discover their love amidst all that happens in their lives.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1


“SAARAAHHH!! Wake Up”.. Yes I was sleeping and honestly I sleep like a dead. I could hear my mom shouting at the top of her voice from downstairs and still I could not open my eyes even with full power. I have a habit of watching ‘Supernatural’ before going to bed and I end up watching it till 3 or 4. Yes I know its too late but I cant help it. I am obsessed with it and The Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles.

So here I am trying with all my will power to open my eyes but to no help. At last, I heard someone open up the door bustling in my room and snatching the blanket away from me.

“Wake up Sarah, its Fajr time” mamma yelled shaking me like a stuffed toy and I finally woke up startled ” La ilaha illallah mohammadur rasool Allah”

Mom still shaking me.

“Mammaaa I woke up, OK”.

“Good and dont sleep again” she said moving towards the door and I was about to lie again when she called out without even looking back “SARAH” and I hurried to the bathroom thinking if she’s having eyes at the back of her head too.

I made my way to the bathroom, made wudu and came out dressed up, putting the prayer mat on the floor and started my prayer. I sat their praying and thanking Allah swt for all that he has given me, my parents, my siblings and the amazing life.

I have the most amazing family. Baba ( my father) is the world’s best dad, he loves us more than anything and is my hero. Though sometimes I do not agree with him on some matters but he is the most caring and lovable person and I am thankful to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Mamma is a sweetheart.

Although we are old enough she never forces us to do any work. She loves us and is our saviour when we want to get permission for anything which we couldnt ask ourselves from Baba.

Now the crazzy siblings.

Samia Aapi is my elder sister and she got married two years ago.

Wali my younger brother is a crazzy boy. He is always teasing me for nothing, and I hate that. But he loves us like anything and is very protective of us. I remember I was in sixth class and there was this boy who wrote a love letter for me and put it secretly in my bag. He found out and the next day he was standing in the principal’s office for beating up that boy.

Suddenly, my alarm rang tearing me up from my thoughts and it was time for college. I didnt notice that I had been sittting there for almost an hour praying.

I hurried to the bathroom to take a bath.

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else.. ”

I was singing while taking a shower “you dont know you are beautiful” I sang pointing towards myself in the mirror. Yes I was crazy sometimes. Not that I was proud or anything. I am an average looking girl but people mostly my friends and family complement me as cute and pretty and I thank Allah for everything.

“Astaghfirullah, I am singing a song. SHUT UP SARAAH!!”

I have been trying lately of becoming a better muslimah for the sake of Allah and In Shaa Allah I will. I loved listening to music but not more than Allah.

I came out dressed putting a hijab on my head called out to mamma,

“Mamma I am coming in a minute, if Hana comes please let her in”. Hana is my best friend and goes to college with me.

I put the pin in hijab, shot a glance at myself in the mirror,“you look pretty” and went downstairs.

“Assalamualaikum, Mamma Baba”.

“Walaikumassalam, Sarah” both saying in unison.

I sat down at the breakfast table munching on the cookies.

“How are you going to college today. Do you want me to drop you?” asked my father taking a sip of his tea.

“Baba you ask the same question everyday” I said annoyed.

“You know I woudnt stop asking that”,

“And you know I woudnt stop replying you with the same answer” I chuckled.

Baba was always protective of us. He never allowed us, me or Samia Aapi to go anywhere alone or even with our friends. That annoyed me sometimes but its okay he is my father and he has every right to be overprotective.

Just then the bell rang and I sprung up to open the door hoping to find Hana standing but as soon as I open the door I let out a squeal to find out Samia Aapi standing there.

Mamma and Baba rushed to the door and took a sigh of relief only to see her there.

“Sarah you scared the hell out of us” mamma said putting a hand on her chest and I smiled sheepishly

“Sorry Mamma”.

“Assalamualikum mamma baba”

“Walaikumassalam Samia, come on in and have breakfast with us” Baba said putting his hand over her shoulders.

Samia Aapi was 5 months pregnant and I was so excited to see the little Samia or the little Noman eagerly. Noman Bhai is Samia’s husband.

A few minutes later Hana came and I said Salam to all three of them and went to college.

“Hey! Did you prepare for the presentation?” Hana asked.

“Yeah, I have gone through the slides. But I am very nervous” I said rubbing my hands. I am always the introvert one so speaking in front of the whole class is like too many bulls are going to attack me together.

“Dont worry you will be fine” she said reassuringly.

What will I do. What if I am not able to speak. Aagghh.

Just as we reached college I saw him entering the college gate. I grabbed Hana’s hand and started to pace forward almost running.

“Whaat?” she asked looking confused.

“Aditya is behind us, dont look back, just walk fast”

Ya Allah I hate him. He is so annoying. The one person’s face I have to see in the morning is his. He is in my class and all he does is flirt. I dont mostly talk to boys except a few who I think are genuine and wont do any harm. Aditya was one of them initially. But after sometime he started flirting with me. Aaand I hate those boys who F.L.I.R.T. I just hate them.

“Oooo..luks like someone has a lover” Hana cooed focussing on the ‘o’ in lover and I glared at her.

“Oops Soorryy”, she said smiling sheepishly.

“Just walk”. I spatted.

“Saarah!!” and we stopped. Ya Allah he has seen us.

“I told you to walk fast” I half whispered half shouted at Hana clutching her hand.

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