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In the near distant future, a ghostwriter begins to form a develops a relationship with an operating system after going through a huge breakup with his wife.

Drama / Scifi
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Los Angeles, California 2046 5:30 am

“Okay so it’s ‘you’re an alien?’ said the kid. And then the teenager says ‘well I am not technically from around here. Let’s just say I’m from a different planet.’ Yes, that will work. No, it can’t work. Too much self-awareness, I need to make more human and natural.” I go back to the dialogue scenes and change them. My eyes begin to burn and I rub them with my arm. I yawn, stretch my arms high, and got back to working on my laptop.

The bright screen on the laptop shines my face. I cover my eyes with my arm but still type with the other arm.

“Siri,” I said, “lower the brightness to 72%.”

The brightness on my laptop dies down a mild level of brightness. I can still see the screen, but the brightness is not as high as it was before.

“Much better.”

I have been writing this book for over an hour now. Though despite getting up earlier to work on it, it has felt like three hours. I have to make sure that every sentence for the reader to get engaged by the details. Pulling out every good idea out of my head, and making sure every piece of the dialogue is unique are my top priorities. Everything in this story needs to make sense.

I stop typing. I stretch my fingers and turn my attention to my desk. On it is the laptop, the journal filled with my notes, and an alarm clock on the left side. The clock reads 5:30 am.

Getting up from my chair, I stretch my arms and yawn. I walk up to the wide window and observe the city.

The City of Los Angeles, looking great from the top view. Cars floating up around the buildings while some drove regularity on the streets. As a little peek of the sun begins to shine as dawn approaches. It is the start of a new day.

Then I hear a sweet beautiful voice, “John?”

I turn around and it’s a beautiful woman standing five feet away from me.

Long wavy red hair, five feet tall, wearing nothing but a pink satin Kimo, forty-year age, she is beauty personified.

“Is something wrong?” she said.

“Oh,” I said, “nothing’s wrong Sia, just observing the city.”

She looks at the laptop on my desk. “What are you working on John?”

“The book. You know about the babysitter who is an alien?”

She chuckles. “Oh right. My apologies, it’s just that my program has been acting up since last night.”

I smile at her. “Yeah, last night was amazing.”

She looks at me with her pink glazing eyes. They bright up so much that my heart melts inside, but only a dribble.

“Well, I have to get back work to work.”

I go back to my desk and continue to type on my laptop. Sia sits on top of the desk and smirks at me with her legs crossed and arms folded.

I look at her, but I turn my attention back to the laptop.

“Sia go back to bed. You know I can’t do this right now, I have to focus.”

“Come on John,” she said, “You know the benefits to having sex in the morning are beneficial for you. It helps you get more energy, more excitement, and makes you look younger.”

“I’m already young. Plus all the energy I need today is the fridge and what I am doing right now is the only excitement I need.”

I yawn as I continue to type.

“Orange Juice and coffee will not keep going, especially when it comes to waking up 4:30 am. The best option right now is morning sex. It boats your immune system and releases your endorphins.”

“Sia, don’t make shut down your emotional system. Now please go back to bed and let me work.”

Sia stands up from the desk. She unfolds her Kimo, rubs my shoulders, and stands close behind me. I suddenly stop typing. I stop typing.

“Are you sure about that?” she said slowly.

My voice breaks down. “Yes, I am sure.”

Sia goes to my ear.

“Well,” Sia whispers, “my readings indicate that you are not sure.” She sits down on my lap, holds the neck, and kisses me on the cheek. “How about we stop this for a while and celebrate our morning in bed?”

She gets up and places my hand on her breast. The touch of desire flows in my head.

“Do you feel like writing right now?” as Sia smirks at me.

Heat fills the bed as we begin to make love in my room. I push into Sia’s buttocks and enter inside her. My hands squeeze Sia’s hand. I thrust hard and moan, feeling lust and passion of a woman’s spirit.

Sia moans as well. I can feel her inside me even when I am behind her.

The more I thrust, the more difficult it is for me to find a stopping.

“Oh God,” she moans, “I feel...almost alive...when you...oh yeah.”

The pain stings my abdomen as Sia’s hips become hard to take.

“You know,” I said, “Even if it feels weird, I still good.”

“What feels weird? Fucking a computer system with emotions, it doesn’t seem wired to me.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind it.”

“Considering that you have turned on my emotion system, I am allowed to feel. Please lie down.”

I lie down on the bed. Sia sits her back on to me and straits her legs on to my thighs, lowering herself on to me. She grinds together with me as she begins to move.

“Oh yeah,” she moans, “it feels good. It feels so....good. Ah.”

She works it in a manner with a determination of pleasuring herself. Thump, Thump, Thump. The thumbs sting her with pain as she closes her eyes and looks at the ceiling.

I rotate myself to her. I hold her hips and squeeze them with my nails.

“Ow, god. You must be really be enjoying yourself aren’t you?”

“I suppose so,” I said, “Yeah.”

She stops and looks at me.

“You want to take over?”

I nod. We both lie on our sides of the bed and face each other. She leans close to me and scissoring her legs through mine. I enter her and she enters me.

“So you really think your book is gonna sell?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m pretty confident it’s gonna sell.”

She smiles at me. I begin to thrust into her as we hold each tightly.

Sia groans. She squeezes my shoulders and starches my back. The pain flowed through my veins but it didn’t seem to me.

“You know,” I said, “for a computer system like you, I sure do have a way of showing feelings.”

“Yeah John. Both pleasure and lust.”

She holds to the top of my hips and squeezes them tightly with her nails. The pain grows as I feel the sting of a crazy love-struck machine.


“Oh my god. I’m so sorry John.”

“That’s okay. You’re just you’re lust for me right now, just in a painful way.”

We both stopped and I lay back on the top of the bed. Sia on my chest with her head. The scent of sweat filled the bedroom as we breathe rapidly with exhaustion. Sia touches my chest and feels the tingle of her cold hands.

“How do you feel Sia?” I said.

“I feel excited, for no apparent reason other than a great day. What about John? How do you feel after this experience?”

“I feel energized to write my book. And can hardly move after this experience.”

Sia gets the blankets from the floor, covering ourselves on the bed. She looks at me with sharp attention in her eyes. Putting her head on the bottom of my belly, she caresses her hand to my abdomen and rubs it. Sia lets out a pleasurable grin on her face as I moan with a constant relaxation.

“How does it feel John?” she said.

“Feels good.” I moaned.

She stops rubbing and lays on top of me. Moving her hips inside me, Sia grabs the side of my ribs and starts to ride me. I hold on to her hips, the sweat coming from is like feeling a fresh fish from the water. It is obviously clear that she is in the one charge now.

She moans gratefully as Sia intrenches herself in full sex craze mode. Her appetite for me isn’t something to be denied.

All I could do is nothing. Nothing but lay on the bed and let this goddess ride me with great virtuosity. She bares out her teeth and looks at me with a steely stare. Her cold green eyes are filled with fire, but I feel certain from that look as if a machine has the spirit of a human being.

“Pain feels good. Doesn’t it John?” Sia says in a broken voice.

She holds my hips and squeezes them with a tight grip. Sia continues to ride me in a manner of speed. The grip of her nails stings my bottom as continue to take punishment from this machine.

“Yes,” I said, “it really does.”

“Physical pain like this feels good for us. I bet you never experienced this kind of pleasure with your wife didn’t you?”


“Well, I bet you didn’t get fucked a human being like this.”

We both switch, now I am the on top of her. With Sia’s back on the bed, I go inside her with my hands in sheets. She wraps her legs around my waist and closes them. I look at her in the eyes and I could see that she already wants it.

I thrust slowly into her with the sting of pain hurting my abdomen. All enforced by Sia tight grip on with her around my waist.

“Oh God,” she moans, “this is good. Please do it little more speed. Faster.”

I begin to thrust at a normal pace of speed. Thump! Thump! Thump! I go at a rapid speed of virtuosity. Sia forcefully groans as she holds on to me with her legs.

“Oh my god! You’re like a fucking machine.”

“You could say that yourself,” I said.

She laughs gleefully as I thrust faster and faster. Sia let’s out a barking enduring scream out of month without waking up the neighbors. I am so having with this crazed up sex doll.

“Man! You never stop do you?” as she bares teeth with her eyes closed. Her skin gets a little orangy and she holds my shoulders with the desperation of feeling pleasure.

I go outside her and back into her again with extreme force. I do the same thing again and bare teeth within a mode of sure will.

“Oh my god! You’re fucking human when do this aren’t you?”

I say nothing but continue to feel the orgasm of pleasure. Sia grabs my hips and squeezes them with sharp steel in her nails.

“Feels good. It feels fucking good.”

The sting of her nails begins to claw in with animal tendencies on her mind. Her left hand is still on the left of my hip and lays her right hand on my left shoulder. She squeezes it tightly and scratches my back with her nails. The pain begins to be much to bear.

“Ow!” I screamed.

“What is it?”

“It hurts.”

“It’s supposed to hurt John. That’s the cons of having sex together, right?”

“I want to stop.”


“I want to stop right now.”

“Why” she grins to me gleefully, “you don’t look like you want to stop in the state of mind you’re in. And I am quite loving it.”

“I am stopping right!” I yell to Sia with command.

I stop thrusting. My skin is crimson red with a shade of minimal carnage from the playtime of having a good time. Both of my hands are on the covers and I am still on top of Sia. Our legs cross together as she rubs my back with her cold dead arms. Heat fills the room but the coldness of a machine coldness my back down.

We both paint with excitement despite me being hurt and nearly getting torn by each other. We were made for each other.

“So,” Sia said breathily, “did you had this kind of fun with Rooney?”

“No, we did always know how to stop when we were together.”

“Well, I guess she didn’t flee the kind that happened just now.”

She chuckles and slaps my behind. “You feel like a god when you’re with me.”

We both separated each other to our sides of the bed, covering our selves with blankets.

“It feels good,” Sia said, “when you’re fucking me blind. But when I’m with you, even when we’re not having sex together, it feels like we’re alive together.”

She looks at me and grins. Her cold green eyes display sight amazement of machine desperate for an owner.

“You must feel good don’t you.”

“No, I don’t,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

"This thing that we have, it looks wrong. I feel like I’m cheating on my wife with you right now."

"You broke up with her last year."

"I know that. But every time I think of her, the image of her face burns in my mind."

"You were thinking about her when we were having morning sex did you?"

"Rooney and I were together for years. It's like a death warrant when she said 'we should see other people' to me."

Sia says nothing. She tears up as she looks me with a gaze of silent.

"Love is life and you feel alive when you're with someone that long. But breaking up with that someone you were is dead and you feel like you're not alive because that doesn't love you anymore."

I close my eyes as tears ran down my face. Rooney, the image of her with curled-up brown hair and a cute smile brings back memories. The day when we meet, the time we had dinner at Steamy Joes, proposing at my apartment, wedding at the Dominican Republic, our new house, her being pregnant, the accident, San Fransico Central Hospital, seeing other people were all the things that are running through my mind.

Sia moves closer to me and puts her head on my chest. She tears me and looks at me.

"At least you're with me," she said, "that's a good thing."

"Yeah. At least I am with you."

"When are you going to see her?"

"Noon. At the park, that's the perfect place to sign the divorce papers."

Sia doesn't speak.

"I'll go there after I turn in my new book."

Those are things on my mind. Turning in my new book and signing the divorce papers with Rooney. I have worked too hard to fall to the bottom again, I have to face this head-on. Rooney and I will still be friends, but at least I'll have Sia.

"So," she said, "you wanna go first in the shower to get ready or ladies first?"

"Ladies first. I need to recoup and recover."

Sia chuckles and gets out of the bed in a flash. She heads to the bathroom door.

"Light's on."

The lights come on in the bedroom. Sia stands at the door, bare naked. Her white skin body, in the sight of my eyes.

"Would you like me to wash you in the shower when you get up?" she grins at me.

"No thanks. I think I'm better off washing by myself."

"That's too bad. Because I was looking forward to feeling your body in the water."

She opens the door and rubs herself as she enters the bathroom. "It would have felt good if we did it in the bathroom."

6:30 am
The hot sizzling water of the shower. Dripping on my skin from the ceiling of the bathroom.
I begin washing with a washcloth and soap. Scrubbing every bit of my body, from my back to my front chest.
The things that are going through my mind today are many. Rooney, my new book, and Sia. Splitting up with Rooney and signing the divorce papers with her was a long time coming, epically when it came after the accident. My new book, I hope the publishing company accepts it and not see it as just 'another book' like of my other stories. And then there is Sia, the operating system that I have been dating since I split up with Rooney. She has the perfect qualities I expect from a lovely woman, but a future with her is something I have to think about.
Crack! The door slowly cracks open.
"Sia is that you," I said as I continue washing. Turning around, there is no one. It must be the wind from the air conditioner.
I still wash. But something touches my abdomen, someone with cold sweet hands. I stop washing, dropping both the washcloth and soap on the ground. Feeling the coldness of the hands, it is someone right behind in the shower. It's Sia.
She moves closer to my back. Feeling the soft center of me, Sia breathes and wraps her arms around my waist.
"How are feeling baby," she said.
"Fine. Why come inside?"
"I didn't want you to feel alone after our conversation earlier."
"Well, I'm fine right now and I need to get ready for today."
Sia leaves the shower and makes her to the door. She stops and looks at me.
"You have any plans for us tonight?"
"I don't," I replied, "it depends on the mood I am after I get this thing over with Rooney."
"Alright. But just know that you and she will be friends after this and you'd still have me."
"Yeah, at least I'd still have you."
Sia smiles at me and closes the door.
I dry up, getting dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt, and begin working on my book.
Eating toast while typing, I am almost halfway there with fifty pages left.
Sia comes out of the bedroom, wearing a pink lodge hoddie and black leather pants. She sits at the table where I am working at and looks at me with her on her palms.
"So," she said, "I have joined this new book talks about different genres. Thought you may want to know that before getting the book published."
Hearing her speak, I stop typing and turn my attention to her.
"Hmm, sounds good," I said, "I'll check it after I'm done typing."
She smiles and kisses me on the cheek. Sia makes her back to the bedroom and closes the door.
I continue to write, but I stop for a second to look at the picture of Rooney and me on the screensaver of my laptop.
Me and her, at the park in San Fransico, two years ago.
Looking at that image takes me back to beginning, of last year.
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