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A Chance to Change

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Astrids life has been turned upside down more then once. A child losing her parents and having no where else to go. A girl with little to no hope might want to end it until she finds the one. I wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat and tears falling down my face. I don't even notice Aladdin is there until I hear the sound of glass shattering and then I feel someone's arms wrap around me. I can't see anything because of the tears that are filling my eyes. I can't see who has their arms around me and I was about to freak out and push the person away when I hear his soft, calm voice. "Hey, hey, it's okay. I'm here, and you're safe." I wipe my eyes to see that it is Aladdin. I then wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his shoulder as tears fell down my face. He continues to hold on to me whispering calming things in my ear trying to get me to calm down. "It's okay, it was just a dream." He says as he pulls me into his lap gently and starts rocking back and forth. We stay like that for what seems like forever, but was actually only about ten minutes. I take a few deep breaths calming down. Aladdin pulls away from me just a little bit so he can look at me. "What happened in your dream?" ------

Drama / Romance
Hannah Lynne
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The sound of the alarm makes me jolt awake. I look over at the clock. It is 5:30 in the morning, Monday morning. I roll out of bed and go into the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. My hairs all tangled and a mess. I jump into the shower and start washing my long brown hair. After I shower, I pull on dark blue jeans, a forest green sweater that makes my bright green eyes stand out even more, and black mid calf boots. I throw my hair up into a loose ponytail and skip putting on makeup. I look over at the clock, it is now 6:00. I make my way to my bedroom door, open it quietly and pop my head out. It seems quiet and dark so I decide to go downstairs, closing my bedroom door behind me quietly. I make my way downstairs and into the kitchen which was at the bottom of the stairs and to the left. I catch a glimpse of my father sitting at a stool at the island and try to turn around to head back upstairs before he sees me but it is too late.

He looks up from his phone. “Where do you think you are going missy?” He asks giving me a glare. His dark brown almost black eyes looking straight into mine.

“M..My room..?” I say more like a question.

“No you’re not.” he says sternly looking at me. Get over here and make breakfast for everyone.

“No. Everyone can make breakfast for them self.” I say looking at him.

“What was that?” He says getting up and taking a step closer to me. As he steps closer I take a step back and my back presses against the wall. “Don’t talk back to me.” he says with a stern voice as he grabs my arm gripping it tightly.

“Let go of me!” I say trying to pull my arm away from him.

He tightens his grip on my arm. “Not happening, princess. Now go make breakfast for your brother and sister.” He says pushing me toward the kitchen.

I listen to him because I’m scared of what he would do to me if I didn’t listen. I grab the pancake mix box and begin mixing together the pancakes since it was easy and didn’t take that long. I make each of them two pancakes then clean up quickly and head upstairs back to my room not eating. My brother is coming down the stairs as I am going up them. He trips me. I catch myself as I fall, using my hands. He keeps walking down the stairs, not even trying to help me up. I get back up after he’s at the bottom. I quickly go to my room, opening the door to go inside. I lock my door and stay in my room till it is 7:00, time to get to the bus. I get up and go over to my door and unlock it so that when I got home from school I could get back into my room. I walk over to my bed and grab my backpack. I climb over to the large window in my room and push it open and climb out of it onto the roof below it. I don’t want to have to deal with my brother, sister, or father. I go to the edge of the roof and toss my backpack down to the ground carefully.

The house isa large two story house, meaning that it is a pretty far jump if I jump all the way down from my room. Instead, I go to the part of the roof that is above the front door. I climb down there then jump down to the grass. I see my brother Ace and my sister Veronica already waiting for the bus so I grab my bag and start to walk over there slowly taking my time so I don’t have to wait over there by them for the bus. I don’t want to arrive there before the bus comes. I am almost to the bus stop when the bus arrives. Perfect, I don’t have to deal with them while waiting for the bus.

“Thank you.” I mumble to myself. I was glad that the bus got there before I did. I climb onto the bus taking a seat down next to some guy that I think was a junior, but it doesn’t matter. Veronica is sitting in the seat behind me and keeps pushing against the seat to annoy me.

I turn around to yell at her. “Veronica, stop! Just leave me alone.” I snap at her.

“What was I doing?” She asks all innocently as she tosses her perfectly curled hair behind her shoulders. She is one of the popular girls at school. A cheerleader, soccer player,great student, the perfect person to everyone but inside she had a cruel heart.

“Oh come on, you know what you were doing.” I say looking at her. I was tired of letting her do whatever she wanted to me.

“Astrid, why would I do anything to my kind sister?” Veronica replies in an almost wicked voice.

I just roll my eyes and sit back in my seat putting my headphones on. That is what I tend to do most times they pick on me. I just ignore her and Ace but it doesn’t make them stop. I was a sophomore while they were both seniors in high school. They are twins and have always been by each other’s sides. They are both the most popular kids in school. All my siblings were when they were in school I have three older brothers and one older sister. They are all popular and hated me. Aaron, the oldest is 23, then there is Dylan who is 21, then Veronica and Ace who are 18. I am the outcast. The one in the family that no one liked. They don’t like me because I was adopted when I was five years old. When I was adopted their mother favored me over them. They were jealous because they were her actual kids and she spent more time with me. When she passed away five years ago from cancer they started to hate me even more.

By the time I look back up from my phone the bus is pulling up to the school. I actually make it off of the bus without being pushed or hurt in some way. I go inside and to my locker. I reach for my book that was on the top shelf when Ace comes up behind me.

He grabs my arm and pulls me away from my locker. Veronica is standing right behind Ace. I catch her glaring at me and I know right away that this isn’t going to end well. He grips my arm tightly and swings me around so that I’m facing him. He pushes me against the locker as a group of students gather around us. He punches me in the stomach then drops me to the ground kicking me. He kicks me three times before starting to walk away with Veronica. When Veronica passes me she kicks me once. I am done with this. Done letting them hurt me but I couldn’t stop them. I don’t know how to stop them. I try getting up and that’s when he grabs my hand and pulls me up.

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