Hidden World: Eternal Night

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Eternal Bonds

Margo found herself once again checking her body against her full body mirror, tapping her foot anxiously on the floor. Lyon was the only person who could ever make her get flustered by not attending her calls. The only one who'd have her waiting, phone against her ear, for him to pick up. It was the 3rd call she was giving him, and she was very impatient.

"Pick up!"

She screamed into the phone as she pivoted on her right heel and darted to her bathroom beyond her closet. She had a short temper when it came to waiting. Acting impulsively and based on hunches or evidence was more her type of behavior. As she rummaged through her clothes to see what she'd wear today she found herself muttering incesantly into the phone.

"Pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up."
"I just did."

The familiar youthful yet serious voice of her life long friend startled her enough to jump and yelp in surprise, causing an immediate laughter from the other end of the phone. They both laughed as she picked a green low cut summer dress, elegant with a corset design and hung it on her bathroom door.

"Ha ha, am i in trouble so early?"
"I called a thousand freaking times!"
"I was taking a shower Mar! Besides, since when did you start waking up so early?"
"It was either this or spending mother-daughter time, how you holding up?"

Margo frowned and bumped herself on the head as she rethought her comment, she knew it was a delicate subject.

"I'm fine, i'm fine, dont need to babysit me anymore."
"I wasn't..."
"So i guess you're calling cause you have a plan?"

She smiled, as she opened her jewelry drawer and scavenged for accessories.

"Well, you don't beat around the bush, straight for business."
"You know me."

His tone was naughty and flirtatious, to which she made a surprised and shocked, but amused face.

"Oh, I know you, you innocent pig."

The laughter burst through the phones, knowing each other so long and growing up together they really had little secrets left, or so she believed. She was a virgin, just as him, but she was more curious and had actually...researched the internet, while Lyon remained innocent (to a degree) about it.

"So, what's the plan Mar?"

As Margo placed a golden necklace with a white crystal on the counter of her bathroom and golden clip earings, she pondered on plans.

"Did you have breakfast already?"
"Dad made me belgian waffles."
"Well that's out."

She giggled as she took a thin dark leather belt from another drawer.

"Well, you could come over."
"Well that's a great start, we can improvise as the day goes by."

Margo stared at her shelves of footwear (7 to be exact, extending up the wall), what would she wear?

"Hey Ly..."
"What should i wear? Sandals, flats, heels..."
"What attire did you choose?"
"Green summer dress..."
"Shut up! Stop it!"

Another round of laughter left both panting for breath. Though Lyon was innocent he didnt act much like one and he enjoyed teasing her...not in a sexual physical way though. Despite how intimate they were, there rarely was any sexual tension between them, and Margo wondered why. As her lips curled into a sly smirk, she cleared her throat.

"So, what are you doing?"

Now her tone was provocative, and she leaned on her bathroom wall, waiting for his response.

"Getting dressed..."

They laughed, a full round, for the third time. Lyon answered once again through the laughter.

"I'll be over in an hour. 'Kay?"
"11 then?"
"More like 11:30, it's already 10:30."
"Wow, we talked that long?!"
"Well you make us laugh too much."

Lyon laughed at the other end. Margo pouted and pursed her lips as she heard him steady himself.

"Well, dont keep me waiting."
"Wouldn't dare, see you soon Mar."

As the call ended, his last words had a sweet tone and ring in them that made her smile. As she got out of her loose tank top and girl boxers, she thought of Lyon and the last few months. They had been rough months and if she could take anything from them it was 2 things:
1. To be thankful for her family, and
2. To know who their real friends were.

As she slid into her tub and let the water run, slowly filling it and slowly covering her body, she shivered at the first touch of the water. As she relaxed and dozed off into her mind, she thought of her life, of how lucky she was and how boring it was.

She wasn't exactly the most popular girl, and being introvertive didnt help. What consisteđ of her group friends was a select group of school friends and family friends which barely exceeded the double digit mark, but she never complained. If there was something she had learned was that though they were few, they all trusted each other with their lives. They had all known each other for years. They had seen each other grow. They understood each other. But, out of all her friends, 12 in total, she had 6 best friends, of which Lyon was and would always be here favorite.

She knew everything about him, they rarely kept secrets and they had supported and been there for each other always. Up to a certain point, she loved him, a vague line which somehow existed and kept them 'friends'. As she bathed, relaxing and soaping her body, she thought of her best/closest friends, how different they all were and yet connected, somehow.

There were Millie and Dani Fahkir, sister and brother, Tam Selene, Pat and Gabe Mineste (twins) and her beloved Lyon Videnti. All the same, she thought of her other 6 friends who, though not as intimate, she loved sharing time. Francis Gastone, Simone Quinn, Oliver Rivera, Jamie Sinclair and Rodrigo Martinez had distanced themselves a bit from her main 6 as they all hit 16. Looking back on it, as everyone turned 16 most of their behaviors changed, a final sprout of puberty in her opinion.

She giggled as she thought how much of a tease she always was with Lyon, the loving name calling, the flirtatious puns, the fact they seeked each other and their company. She felt anyone would've thought they were a thing, that it was obvious, but all the boys of her group were fond of her, some even flirted or pampered her more than Lyon did. As her thought shifted to "her boys" she noticed her friend pool had very little girls in it. Her only female best friend was actually Millie, who lived over on the upper west side.

"I really need more feminine in my life."

She said this out loud, and she smiled as she remembered she'd hate being a delicate girly girl. Then again, she did admit she'd love to dress up all sexy and girly and daylight didn't actually favor such dresscode. She had few night dresses, short black skirts and atires suitable for a night clubbing and/or bar hoping, but she hadn't participated in such activities yet. She knew all or at least most of her friend pool did go all together to such things, but her parents were very protective about it. She had never complained, never bickered or asked why though. She accepted it and thought it was just a matter of time before her parents took the 10pm curfew from her.

It wasn't as if they searched for her, though her father easily could. They just phoned her repeatedly until she got home, which was more annoying and socially embarrassing than getting tracked down (in her opinion). She wished she could go out though, she longed for the day they would allow her to. With that thought in mind, she got out of her tub.

Clearing her mind off the subject, she appreciated the white marble bathroom of hers, impeccably clean and beautifully illuminated by white light (both solar and by LEDs). She pulled a towel off the rack and dried her body a bit before covering herself and pulling a second towel to dry her hair. She had been unaware of the time and she was startled by the ring of her phone on a shelf as she entered her closet to change. She picked up and answered as she got dressed.

"You really should check who it is before answering, Mar."
"Hey stupid, you coming over?"
"Umm, i'm outside your door. I knocked but.."
"What?! But it's..."
"11:36am, and it's changing to 37 any second. Were you..."
"Shut up, you know the greatest existencial questions of our lives are asked and answered in the bathroom."
"You just left the shower?!"

Before Marg could answer Lyon laughed at the other end, and she could swear she heard the laughter coming from downstairs, through the door just as loud.


Her tone was serious, but it was usually to grab his attention, she had only been really mad at him twice.

"Ok, ok i'll wait, dont worry."
"I wont take that long!"

They both giggled and he hung up. Margo felt herself smile watching at her now black cellphone screen, which shone once again with a message.

-Lyon: you done?-


She said it out loud. She had stopped getting dressed staring at her phone, now she had to hurry.

Lyon sat next to Margo's apartment door and checked his cellphone, 11:40. He sighed, he wasn't annoyed or anything. He knew she was very attentive to detail regarding her physical appearance. If anything, it was one of Margo's characteristics he loved; he would always be fascinated on how she would be dressed, ever so elegant, classy and sexy. Yet, the thought wouldn't last as his cellphone rang and he quickly checked it.

- Millie: hey cupid :D -

Lyon smiled, Millie was Dani's younger sister and they (group of friends) had always seen her and treated her as their own little sister- which Dani was eternally thankful of. In his words, "the annoying sister act was equally distributed" yet, lately, Dani wished she was less comfortable among all of them. Millie would be turning 15 in a few days now and she had been an early bloomer, and not only physically. She had become voluptous and sensual, with a slim, toned body, sensual hips, a busty chest and curvaceous, toned legs. She was brunette, with wavy hair (not curly) and it always glistened. She was quite a sight, though no one was that surprised do to her...genes.

Over the last weeks, since her body morphed a bit, she had focused a lot of her attention on him, causing Dani to show his fangs a couple of times. Lyon didn't mind though, they had always been close and he couldn't see any difference. Sadly, he was attracted to someone else and, adding the fact he was generally oblivious to signs of love or attraction, he was unaware of Millie's intentions. Yet, as he read her message, smiling, he quickly answered back. His heartbeat sped up.

-Millie: hey cupid :D
-Lyon: Hey puppy, waking up?

As soon as his message was sent, he received a new one.

-Millie: what are you doing?

He knew Millie was a very early riser, but he didn't expect her to be so attentive to her phone. He found it endearing, and with a smile he started to write back.

[ I'm over at Margo's…you?| ][SEND]

They had various nicknames for each other, among all the group. They all had nicknames for each other, but few had personal ones like him and Margo or Millie. Hey was never sure why Millie started calling him "Cupid" instead of his usual "Blondie"- do to his constant clueless nature on...many things- but, it always made Dani snarl at him when he asked. But, before he could hit send, the door flinged open and a Margo poked her head out while hiding her body with the wall.


It was a loud whisper, and Lyon quickly stood up.

"Hey Mar, that was..."
"Get in!"

Margo pulled him in before he could finish and shut the door quickly. Lyon stumbled through the door way, and turned startled to face Margo.

"Could you zip my dress?"

Lyon stood speechless as he saw Margo's bare back infront of him. Her skin was white with a honey shade, which kept her skin from being milky white and it looked smooth and soft. Despite their lifetime as friends Lyon had never seen any part of her body so exposed.

"Hurry up?!"

Lyon snapped out of his jaw dropped daze of seeing her body and quickly moved towards her. With his hands slightly shaking and becoming very clumsy he struggled a bit in grasping the zipper, but managed to close her back in a single, fluid movement.

"Thanks. So, how do..."

Margo had turned around to look at Lyon, but she quickly burst into laughter and blushed as she saw his dumbfounded face and his evident red blush.

"W-what's so funny?"
"Oh my god, you cant even speak!"

Margo laughed harder as Lyon cleared his throat a bit, regaining his composure. As they both settled down, Lyon quickly grabbed his cellphone and hit SEND, and stared at his screen a bit.

"So, do i really look that good?"

Lyon quickly lifted his gaze and put his cellphone away as Margo, with a hint of pink across her cheeks and nose, did a quick turn, showing off her green dress.

"You look gorgeous."
"Awww, you are so sweet, though your face was just priceless."
"Shut up, you caught me off guard."
"Hey, i didnt want to keep you waiting."
"Well thanks, but i wasnt expecting that."

Margo giggled, and Lyon noticed she was still barefooted, her small left foot rubbing her right leg.

"Wow, you really rushed out to open the door."
"Shut up! And stop looking at my feet!"

She quickly rushed at him raised his chin as they both laughed a bit. Their eyes met and they both stared at each other, deep into their eyes. It was a deep daze which erased the world around them, an intense stare that though felt an eternity lasted only a minute, broken by the sound of a vibrating phone.

"Umm, i think that's mine."

Their stare lasted a minute longer. Margo broke it off as she bowed her head and smiled at him as she covered her face. Lyon smiled and reached for his phone in his pocket.

"I'll go finish up, ok?"

She moved swiftly and ran up the stairs, Lyon following her with his eyes, cellphone in hand.

"Stop staring."

She yelled as she entered her room.

"I'm not!"

Lyon smiled and saw he had a couple new messages from Millie.

-Millie: So, soon? Or did you sleep there? Haha
- Millie: You didn't sleep there right?
- Millie: I want to see you today too :D
- Millie: Ask her if i can come over, pleeeease-

Lyon smiled, and proceeded to answer her.

-Lyon: calm down, calm down i didn't sleep over...i just arrived, puppy
- Lyon: Ill ask her
- Lyon: We are going out tonight, right? You'll see me

Lyon, walked to the kitchen and started the coffee machine as he answered, smiling all the time. He loved talking to Millie, but he wanted to be just with Margo today. Unlike the rest of the gang, Margo rarely went out at night, and Millie joined all of them in every nocturnal activity. It wasn't as if he got tired of her, he found her fun usually, but, recently, his heart felt a need of being with Margo.

"Something smells delicious!"

Margo's voice rang from upstairs.

"Coffee! Making us some."
"Thank you hubby!"

He flinched, but he soon laughed. She always called him darling nicknames, but none with a real meaning. Just playing around.

"What will we do today?!"
"Well i thought of making a stay in!"
"Movies and games? We're gonna go geek?"
"Yeah! Geeky Saturday, hosted by me!"

Lyon laughed and smiled widly as he served coffee in 2 mugs, brown sugar for himself, 2 Svetia for Margo with a bit of Nutmeg. He blew a bit on Margo's as he walked upstairs. The thing about being best friends all their lives was that there were no more surprises...or really big ones, like today.


He asked at the top of the stairs and, as if he said a magical word, Margo skipped towards him quickly and grabbed the mug.

"Yes yes yes, i love my hubby."

As she said this, she planted a very noisy kiss on his cheek with a "muah". He blushed crimson and she laughed as she took a deep sip.

"Thanks Ly."
"It's nothing."
"So, who were you talking to?"

He was still crimson but kept his cool, in reality he felt his heart sulk a bit at the question. As Lyon pulled his cellphone out, he thought of how little meaning or boundaries their relationship had as friends. Taking "the next step" was redundant, unspecial, unnecessary- all with a bad meaning. He had a new message, but he didn't read it.

"It was Millie, she talks to me often now."
"Why you sound surprise?"

Margo regretted her reaction immediately, it made it seem as if she disliked the idea, or was jealous or even could be taken as if she didn't find him attractive. Though she actually disliked admitting it, she found Lyon as one of the most caring, loving and handsome boys she had ever met.

"No, no, it's not like that. I mean, she's coming over too."
"She asked me, and she's my best girl friend."

Now Lyon was the one to feel awful; his comment made him sound as if he didn't want Millie around, which he didn't, but for different and wrong reasons.

"Have you two gotten in a fight?"
"What?! NO! I love Millie, i enjoy being with her..."

Lyon cut himself off, he was aware of how he was projecting himself. Margo, on the other hand, felt a sharp stab on her chest at his words.

"And...since...when do you feel this way?"

Margo tried to remain composed. She was upset, jealous and overall, she felt a strong possessive feeling toward Lyon. Though they had never dated, never shared a kiss, never demonstrated any carnal or sexual attraction to each other, they both felt frustrated. But, their subject was soon shifted as Margo's phone vibrated.

-Millie: I'm on my way, Dani is coming too.-

"Dani's coming."
"Oh, great."

Lyon couldn't hide the annoyance in his tone, which made the current situation...worse.

"Afraid of the older brother, dear?"
"Dani knows i wouldn't dare."
"Why not?"

His voice trailed off as his brain hit a brick wall. Despite he didn't feel he loved Millie neither did he feel he didn't. He had been faced by an emotional crossroads and, for the first time, Lyon didn't know what to do.

Seeing, Lyon with a lack of words made Margo swallow hard as her heart flinched. She had never seen Lyon go so blank and without an answer, he was always the one with a plan, the quick solver and fast thinker. To her eyes, Millie was the first girl to ever make Lyon go speechless, and it killed her.

"Say something."

She didn't mean to say it out loud. Hearing her thought come out of her mouth, froze her for a second as she stared at Lyon. Lyon on the other hand was genuinely confused, his plan and intentions had quickly crumbled on the subject of Millie. Containing herself from panicking, Margo quickly added a new thought process.

"You should say something."

Lyon stared blankly at her, an absolutely pure face of innocence and she smiled.

"To Millie, i mean, in general, you should say what you feel to a girl. We may not always correspond your feelings or affection but it is best that she knows and you know where either stands. We aren't the brightest always, some of us are shy, some are insecure, some do have experience, but we all like to know, regardless our feelings."
"But, that's putting myself out there, on the line, practically taking a bullet to the chest. Mar, i don't want to get hurt, i don't even know what to say to a girl."

Margo walked toward him and while still holding the mug on one hand she palmed his cheek with the other, slightly caressing it with her thumb.

"That's living, and the more alive you are, the more happy experiences you'll also get. Nothing bad comes without something good, balance is always kept."

He stared at her, his eyes watery and his lips trembling as his throat choked the words he wished to say to her.

"Be honest with your heart."

Lyon jumped as his phone vibrated fiercely in his pocket, and he quickly went for it. Margo giggled and also checked hers.

"Well, they're almost here, help me get everything organized."

Lyon nodded and he had a grin on his face as he typed a message back to Millie and tried to erase his pain from showing on his face.

-Millie: I asked, I'm coming over
-Millie: Im almost there, ready?
-Lyon: you are terrible, you even brought Mutt
-Millie: hmph, i miss you

"You know, the fact that you didn't hear me means she's special to you."
"Huh? No, i did hear you."
"Oh please, besides i don't mind. You may have a girlfriend, but i'll always be by your side. I'm who knows you best. But, she's gotten deep into you, and i'm happy."
"But, what if i prefer being with you, or i give you more attention?"
"The fact that you smile so genuinely when you get a text from her convinces me there's something there between you two. Besides, i know you all my life, our relationship is healthy as it is… don't make me hate you."

As Margo giggled, Lyon made a painful grin, nothing had gone as expected. He took a deep breath and a long sip, swallowing his emotions.

"So, what mess do you have here?"

Margo smiled seeing her best friend a bit more cheered up and they started organizing the entertainment center where the video game consoles, dvd player and a proyector were, with 2 rows of 3 lazy boys arranged in a cinema style.

It wasnt organizing as much as just picking what they'd do first and connecting the proper console to the proyector. The only reason why it was taking so long was cause they fooled around a lot. Regardless if they fought or had a discussion on a subject, they always ended up laughing and together, such was their bond. As they sat side by side on the same lazy boy, they talked on various subjects: boys, girls, Millie, and about the New York nightlife. To his surprise, the last subject was the one that made him feel uncomfortable.

The talk vaguely skimmed some activities he and the gang engaged in when they went out, not much detail. This frustrated Margo as she wanted to know more, she wanted juicy details, she wanted to join them- vague details only reinforced her desire and curiosity. Lyon wished he could tell her, he needed to tell her so she could be part of them, part of everything. He needed to tell her so they could be together...he still held hope. As Margo pressed him to tell more, he remembered the promise he had made to both his father and now dead mother... not interfere.

"Tell me more! What do you guys do?! You're killing me!"
"It not much what we do, it's just...well you know them. Regardless where or when we are, we're all having fun and laughing, we're just staying up even more late."
"But there are a lot of cool places you can go at night!"
"It's also very dangerous"
"But if we're all together, we're safe, you are still alive, no one has been hurt!"
"Hey, I'm not the one who needs convincing."
"Well, help me convince them."
"Your parents?"
"No, my shoes, of course them silly...dunce"

They laughed, an honest laugh from Margo, a nervous one from Lyon. To his immediate benefit, the door was knocked a moment later, preventing him from committing to anything he might regret. As they walked to open the door, together, Lyon had never felt so glad to see Millie...and Dani. To be honest, he didnt like the idea of them 4 being together, it felt crowded and it made room for Margo to ask and really focus on THAT subject. If it were only he and Dani the subject would still rise, but if only Millie had come...he shooked such thought from his mind.


He was shaken from his idleness as the unison greeting of the girls was followed up by high pitch squeals and hugging.

"Sup Blondie."
"Sup Mutt."

They laughed and gave each other a firm hand shake. As their hands tightened slightly on the grasp, Lyon smiled- friends like these and as old as these were truly treasures.

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