Hidden World: Eternal Night

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Time passed by in a slur as the boys chatted out down stairs and the girls gossiped in Margo's room. But, the chatter was caught short. Margo was unable to extract from Millie her intentions with Lyon and Mutt (Dani) was unable to extract Lyon's intentions with Millie. Soon, the clan had gathered at Margo's and with cries of excitement and teasing they all greeted each other.

Tam, the first to arrive (he lived a block away), was a rather slim but fit and muscular guy of Margo's height (5'7'') who dressed in as manly and elegant attires as he could. The reason was quite simple really as Lyon was the first to tease him on his arrival with his ginger hair.

"Hey girlfriend!"

Mutt burst into laughter and was only able to whistle at him in tease and provocation.

"I'm murdering both of you!"

He leaped to them and grabbed both under his arms. He was annoyed but they all laughed in good jest. Tam hated his name, choosing to be called Red, T or even his middle (Adolf) instead of Tam which- and they all agreed- is a girl name. The story was always the same, Tam's parents had expected a girl instead of a boy, making all preparations even the choosing of the name prior to his birth. So...when Tam was born and being a boy...his parents simply left the name.

However, Tam was the closest to the girls and the guys had an open pool about his sexuality. But...they didn't care...not really, they had known him all their lives after all.

Pat and Gabe where the later to arrive, the twins. They were...models. At their Highschool all the girls idolized them and desired them. In fact, they were working as of late as super models for various juvenile clothes lines, making their reputation wide spread. Still, neither of the boys envied them and actually giggled to all the ruckus they caused. They all actually enjoyed talking with them...they were completely bipolar opposites.

Gabe (short for Gabriel) was a lover at heart with golden hair and one brown eye and one blue eye. He was the most strict of the brothers and always wore monochromatic outfits. He was the safe pin of the group, the one who made them uphold rules and to behave. Pat (short for Patrick) was the lax one, always scheming new adventures and pranks, the troublemaker and cunning one. Still...both brothers complemented each other, and were literally inseparable. Neither of the group of friends knew nor had seen them be apart from one another more than 12 ft.


Gabe slapped his brother on the back.

"I know"

They argue in unison and stare at each other as the gang salutes them with a hug. They laugh at the brother's usual and unique bickering. As usual Gabe chose to stick with the girls while Pat stuck with the guys. By now they all had a rhythm and modus operandi, surprises were scarce.

The last to arrive was an expected but unexpected guest whom Margo agreed to allow to come. They were friends, not really close as her niche- that simply and magically appeared at her summoning- but close friends.

Symone was a blonde, small and petite girl who had a massive crush on Mutt. Margo felt unfair to leave her out and to depry the couple from spending time together. Along the years they had somehow seen each other more often and, though Symone's actions were treading on the evident side, Mutt liked playing the hard to get card. Everyone in their group knew the truth but neither was willing to...ruin the fun for all of them- not even Millie. Mutt, brunette, long haired and very italian in physique and attitude was a real lady's man. To the guys, Mutt was just the asshole of the group since he never got serious with any of the girls. But, none of them was much annoyed since...whether it was fear or respect (to her) he was always faithful and respectful with Symone. Though he kinda had to or she'd have his ass.

However, with all the nightlife details they all knew they all exchanged a quick glance at Lyon. The gathering was a bit...uneasy. Margo quickly caught up with their muttering and glances at each other. They were evading her, hiding from her...it annoyed her. Still, Margo would not let that bitter her, they were her life long friends...they wouldn't keep something hugely important from her...right?

Brushing the subject under the rug, she placed her plan out to all of them. They agreed and so...their day began. A get together for fun was overdue and Margo was thrilled to see everyone happy and united.

The day sped through fast and the living room was...an organized disaster. Some bags of trash from all they had eaten were in a corner as the lazyboys had been moved around the room to make space for all the jokes, the teases and the games they had played. It was fun being together and Margo couldn't help but laugh all day, which now had her stomach and mouth hurting.

After a round of video games and playing rather competitive shooters and multiplayer games, everyone had opted to relax and watch a movie. Things turned to the worst as the group chose a romantic comedy. It was here where everyone mumbled and nudged at Lyon and Millie. Lyon was unmoved and simply nudged others back while Millie blushed crimson and dropped her gaze, yet she remained in place and silent. It carved at Margo that their emotions were so...latent, yet they were both so...proper. The kind of love she'd wish to have.

On the other hand, in the buzz, Mutt and Symone had sealed the deal with a kiss. It was the first kiss everyone in the group had seen and they made a big ruckus out of it which got Symone quite nervous and blushed while Mutt threw popcorn at them to shut up. A food fight soon broke out.

Unfortunately, and Margo should've expected, her parents came back around 3pm and...were nothing less than upset from the state the room was in. They were all forced to clean every last speck of trash and stain...and it was a long, tedious job. But, as expected from the group, especially Pat, they soon began to annoy each other by spraying some of the chemicals or hitting each other with soaked sponges. The cleaning thus got pushed a couple of hours as they dirtied and stained the furniture twice as fast as they cleaned it. The fun was non stop and her parents decided to minimize the damage by letting them stay inside the entertainment room. Food was ordered and taken upstairs as they all morphed the place accordingly to their games. Whether it was a board game or video game or even some physical contest they were all together, all united.

Soon, night came by and the clock ticked its way into 7pm. Tired and without any laughter left in them the group had settled for casual talks and catching up. The boys start talking about their conquests, about a girl they liked or found attractive...summer loves. Symone jabs a couple punches at Mutt's ribs as he shares his own share. But, scolding left aside and Dani being a bit of a douche, the now recently couple sat together.

"Someone has a DEATH wish"

Teased Pat and the gang laughed, although Margo felt there was some inside joke to it she didn't understand.

"Well, she could just WISH for it"

They laugh again, Margo a bit more confused at Tam's tease. But as others started sharing, the topics began to hop. Despite all efforts, nothing was known about Lyon and Millie. They had been going out at night a bit more. The guys told exaggerated stories, making it seem like they where out on dates. Dani growled like an actual wolf (a surprise) when Millie grabbed Lyon's arm and protested that they were just jealous. The twins simply giggled away, always a bit detach from it all as they openly shared their lives. They were always emotionally detached of everything.

Margo could only sit and hear them rant on and share...stories of the night life...stories she wasn't part of. It killed her, to not be able to know about half what they were talking about. They mentioned 'dogs' they had met which were much like Lyon and Dani, to which they both protested and called them 'strays'. Something about them being "different". Codes were something she found most annoying, as things like faries, nymphs, night people, moon people, blues and many more were mentioned and talked about. What actually made it worse was Lyon, trying to end and hush everyone...did he not want her to join them? She couldn't keep up with it all and soon got up with the excuse to go to the bathroom.

Margo splashed some water on her face, trying to calm down. Her mood had taken a sharp turn, she was not amused to be the one left out. It was unfair... her friends were unfair...her parents were unfair. As she slammed a fist on the counter of her sink, the door opened and she veered on spot, surprised to find Lyon smiling nervously at her.


The reply to his warm and caring tone was cold and annoyed. She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned on the counter, her face showing all the annoyance in her.

"I'm sorry...the guys..."
"It's ok, it's not your fault."
"I know...but...it's not fair."
"Yeah...it really sucks"

An awkward silence sets between them as Lyon giggles.


Margo replies.

"We really tore the place apart huh?"
"My parents are going to murder me, and you."
"I'm not going down alone!"

They both laugh as Lyon rubs her head. He was taller than her, he knew her and knew that rubbing her head was always a sure way to get her to relax. Margo tried to sway and move her head away, trying to be serious and tough.

"Nooo. Stop....please...its...not...fuck you..."

She gave up as she closed her eyes slightly. Lyon laughed, perks and curses of knowing each other like siblings.

"Maybe they'll let up soon."
"We both know that's a lie."
"Nah, your parents are cool, they understand."
"Cool? Are you insane? When are parents cool?!"

They both giggle as the door swings open and Millie stands on the doorway, looking at them.

"What are you doing?"

She looks at them inquisitively with her honey colored eyes which always seemed to glow in the dark. Lyon chuckled as a burst of laughter came from behind her. She was jealous, but only Margo caught on that. As usual Lyon was oblivious to female reactions and words...it would be his ruin one day; she chuckled at such thought.

"Lyon was just making me feel better about...your talks"

Millie gasps and cover her mouth, feeling stupid for forgetting.

"Margo, im sorry!"
"Not your fault"

Lyon and Margo answer in unison and they giggle.

"I was telling her maybe her parents would let up soon"
"We could try talking to them!"

Margo and Lyon ask in unison.

"It's weird when you guys do that. Anyway, we were going out tonight...in like...an hour?"

She looks over at Lyon almost in confirmation, to which Margo simply looks at him annoyed, expectant and defying with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Is THAT right? Lyon?"

Lyon felt himself under the sights of a gun.

"W-well, we were maybe going to go out..."
"We can talk to your parents to let you!"

Lyon felt relieved Millie took the subject back, though Margo still glared at him.

"We're going out as a group, i think they'll let you. I'll beg them! You should really come Mar, it's awesome! You have no idea! And with your family being..."

Lyon immediately covered her mouth at a surprisingly fast speed, though Margo somehow managed to keep up. Lyon laughed nervously as he looked at Margo and carried Millie out.

Lyon: We can definitely try to convince them.
Tam: Convince who?
Pat: Do you mean...
Gabe: Margo's parents?
Symone: Sounds like a great idea

Dani simply glared at Lyon and Millie. Lyon glared at the young girl as he set her on the couch, to which she only whimpered and bowed her head in shame- like a puppy who has peed on the carpet. Still the group was now banning together under one cause. Margo was ecstatic, but...for some reason, Lyon had a bad feeling... a terrible one.

Pat: We're...
Gabe: That good.
Pat and Gabe: Indeed

They high five each other as Lyon paced himself up and down the sidewalk before the entrance to Margo's apartment. Symone, true to herself, didn't mind her outfit for the night activities. A casual but gorgeous yellow summer dress that draped down to her ankles where she wore simple leather sandals, and a flower brooch on her head. Dani was all over her tonight. Perhaps he was finally setting down, an idea Lyon found endearing but that he was far too young to dwell in. Millie on the other hand was upstairs with Margo, though Millie was slightly shorter, she had begged Margo to lend her some clothes. Lyon knew why, acute in hearing and memory Millie had heard him once mention how much he loved how Margo dressed. He was really caught in a war zone with those two. But, his mind was more confused on what had just happened.

The group had cleaned diligently, and with all seriousness, Margo's entertainment room and moved to greet her parents downstairs. They were on to them the moment they said "hi". Millie was the first to talk, acting all cute to gain some points with them...but it failed...miserably. Pat and Gabe were just too detached and between Gabe being scrutinous (though ambiguous) in the perils of the night and Pat jesting about it... their plan to get Margo to go out was crashing and burning. Symone, silent and mute simply hid behind Dani. There were obvious reasons for it...natural reasons...sometimes nature overshadows willpower. Dani spoke for both and he was perhaps the most convincing along with Tam in ensuring Margo's safety, even detailing their activities and plans. They were the eldest of them all after all...and had actually matured faster than the rest. Finally, Margo's parents turned to him, asking only one question.

"Do you want Margo to go?"

Lyon was taken aback as his life long friend's parents asked him such a straight-forward question. After a stutter, and looking both at Millie and Margo behind him, Lyon took a deep breath and answered honestly. His mind was actually blank about what he said, but everyone patted his back and Tam lifted him up in the air as a cheer when they said it was "ok". Yet...inside Lyon felt it was wrong...terribly wrong.

Lyon: Well, any ideas on how we'll introduce her?"
Pat: A club?
Gabe: Too dangerous
Tam: The outskirts?

Everyone looked at him as if he was stupid.

Tam: Oh, I'm sorry! Assholes!

They laugh.

Symone: Well...

Her quite voice was barely heard as she fidgeted slightly. She was a real beauty, hidden under a layer of shyness and mystery. Blonde, skinny, pink skin, gorgeous features overall with a round butt and perky small breasts...she had the beauty worthy of a fable or mythical creature...and the danger too.

Symone: You can take her like you did with me.

Everyone remembered that day. Symone, pushed out of her house by her parents was handed to the group. It was this day when she became a permanent member of them...contrary to Francis, Jaime, Oliver and others who they simply encountered. Symone was difficult, being shy and afraid of...people, the group had to ponder the best way to introduce her to the "night life".

Everyone looked at each other and smiled...it was the best idea. Dani was the one to answer.

"Perfect idea, Sym"

She blushed and smiled. With a plan in mind, they greeted Millie and Margo as they arrived. Millie had borrowed a loose black dress which draped asymmetrically to one side and a black leather belt. With her brunette hair and curvaceous body, she filled the dress beautifully. Margo was not left behind though, being her own clothes she had chosen masterfully a leather dress, tight on the fit but which fell softly at the skirt. The cleavage wasn't sharp but gave "breathing" room and her simple black sandals along with golden jewelry complemented the dress nicely. She looked amazing with her fiery hair which was combed to fall only on her right side and milky skin; a display of contrasts which made her look...amazing. The guys were breathless and speechless at both girls, except Pat and Gabe who whistled in unison, giggled in unison and bumped each other's shoulder in unison. It was the comical relief they all needed, no one believed they'd ever get used to that eerie and ethereal bond which made them "two but the same".

And so...they were off...to the subway as Lyon shivered one final time. Something was stirring in the shadows.

The group walked with laughter and teases down to the metro, their destination, Central Park. It wasn't a long walk, a couple of blocks which they didn't mind and...they had all the confidence in the world. Up on the surface, neither of them was ever really worried about safety. However, as they dropped onto the metro, the group quickly turned quiet and moved to a corner as they awaited the subway. Margo was actually confused and shocked seeing her friends suddenly get serious, even the girls...the air seemed dense. Observant, Margo actually noticed each had some sort of ritual.

Dani, Millie and Lyon both seemed to take short long breath when they dropped and their eyes seemed to glow, like cats in the dark...like...the idea escaped her. Her mind was kept busy though, not allowing her to dwell on the subject. Tam had suddenly placed a golden bracelet on his wrist, elegant but perhaps a bit...flashy. Pat and Gabe simply stood side by side, but something about them was off, their eyes, one brown and one blue had changed to black and red...contacts? And Symone, usually so quiet was now smiling, aloof, unrestrained and hummed tunes which she couldn't recognized but their echo had an eerie sensation, as if captivating her and pulling her in. Dani simply bumped her head once and growled softly. She immediately stopped and Margo noticed Symone's eyes were white. Her head began to softly but consistently throb.

The subway arrived on schedule and as people moved in and out of it, the group moved to the last cart. It was the only cart which seemed to have less traffic...for some reason. As Margo hoped in, with Millie behind her, she noticed Lyon and the boys, along with Symone, take their time. They were talking...about something, she could neither hear them nor word the movement of their lips. She was confused at such event...worried even.

Lyon, shivering one last time and quickly and constantly scanning the place stopped everyone but Millie and Margo. He knew Millie could take care of Margo for a second. He presses slightly his throat, a voice altering mechanism to make his voice inaudible for...humans.

"Something is off."

The other simply stare at him and nod once. They each stared at each other and watched their surroundings, nothing. They were all uneasy, something about this night felt heavy...dense. Lyon forms military signs to all of them, quick and brisk, his hand movement beyond human reception. The others nod and take on post and slowly ease into the subway.

"Is something wrong?"

Margo had perceived the heavy air when the boys walked in. She was observant and worried.

"It's nothing."

Lyon smiles at her, warmly but she knew it was fake. Still...she figured they just wanted to keep her safe, first night out, they wanted her to have fun. However, as the subway departed, Lyon noticed an eerie figure, in a hood standing at the station. His face was hidden by the hood, shrouded in darkness. Lyon's eyes were locked on him, something in him shivered at the figure. But as they passed the first pillar...it vanished. Lyon had a firm grip on the pole, making Millie and Margo worry.

Millie and Margo: You ok?
Lyon: Huh...Yeah! Yeah.

Lyon watched the train, there was nothing out of place. They were all together, traveling to Central Park...it was peaceful. Lyon sighed, but he didn't put his guard down. He didn't want Margo nor the others to worry. Yet...as he turned to watch the others, they looked at him with the same alarming eyes. They had seen him...it was no illusion...something was off.

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