Hidden World: Eternal Night

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Night Life

Margo strutted with glee and swift of foot once they reached the station basically across the street from Central Park. This was the beginning of her life as a young adult, the moment she and her friends would grow together once again. She was ecstatic, uneasy (the good way) as she rushed everybody to keep up. Behind her, the girls quickly caught up to her, giggling and gossiping as would be usual of them, but the boys tailed slightly behind. They were uneasy...and not the good kind.

Upon arriving at the station the boys started walking and acting very...protective. To be exact they made Margo feel as if they were her bodyguard, the secret service looking after the president's daughter. She thought they were being ridiculous and they jested with her when she called out their actions. But... they were dead serious.

Upon arrival, Dani and Lyon were the first out and basically, like hounds, sniffed the place out...sulfur. Behind them the twins came out, along with Tam. Keen in sight they scanned the place as they moved- nothing. It was here that as a group they began to talk in private...they needed to know if something was going on. They were thankful, all of them, of being immersed now for some time in the night life. Some- Tam, Lyon, Dani and Millie- had been trained by their parents...preparing them for the day they'd venture off. Others- Pat and Gabe and Symone- were naturally part of the night life. They simply fit in perfectly, more than the rest, even more than they did in the normal world. And...there was Margo, the one who knew nothing.

They didn't find weird that her parents would allow them to introduce her to such a world as was the night life, some parents opted for such strategies...like Symone's. But, as they walked out of the metro, alert and moving silently, they hoped her parents would tell her everything. She was in for a shock after all.

Tonight was a night of surprises...for all of them really. For starters, everyone was surprised at Margo. Being the now "new girl" in the group they had expected to go unnoticed to her eyes. Yet, on the contrary they all new that though she never asked, she knew about all of their peculiarities. She had been able to see their movements and actions upon arrival instead of the shroud they usually portrayed of just being a bit quiet. Not only that, she could see them talk and communicate, though (lack of training) she couldn't hear them. Not only that, she had been mentioning a headache for a while now...and they all knew it was no normal headache. But, the surprises weren't only for the group.

As they walked into Central Park Margo began noticing her friends greeting various groups of people. Though they were just passing by and they were quick "hellos" she found it odd. They were people completely different from them. Leather jacket boys and girls, or wearing much more casual and skimpy outfits greeted Dani, Lyon and Millie. The three seemed uncomfortable even though the "leader" (or so he looked like it) of the gang kept tugging at them to join. Margo giggled and felt thankful for having such amazing friends.

Tam stuck close to her, grinning and talking rather aloof and teasingly. She was no idiot and soon noticed girls around them, and that they passed by giggling and whispering. She teased him back on his devious and manipulative ways to which he admitted his actions. Her boys were always so evident for her, she loved just messing with them. However, her greatest surprise and the ones she teased the most were Pat and Gabe.

The inseparable couple was far less surrounded by girls in the park and they actually stopped to tease and talk with one or another. Pat and Gabe flirting? She thought the world was going mad! Then again, laughing at the delightful details of character she was seeing in her friends was heart warming. She was thrilled to be part of this world at last. Then, it hit her...where were they going?

Margo: Hey! Where are we going?

At her inquiry the group grew silent and simply smiled...a mischievous smile.

Margo: Guys?
Millie: To...a special place
Symone: A calm and wonderful space
Lyon: Now now girls, don't spoil it.
Pat: Spoil?
Gabe: More like...
Pat: Tempting her.

The group laughed at the last comment.

Tam: She'll be fine, she's technically a kindred of mine.
Dani: Tcht, she doesn't even know WHAT we are.
Margo: What you are? I mean...you are an asshole...

The whole group howled and began to tease and push Dani at the burn given by Margo. They all cried and laughed, unable to contain themselves.

Gabe: Shots...
Pat: Fired.
Symone: Sweet Burn
Lyon: Easy Mutt, dont talk back to your master.
Dani: Fuck off!
Tam: Let me pour some water on that burn, bruh.
Dani: I'll rip your arms off.

The teasing went out for a while until Lyon cleared his throat, everyone calmed down and remained silent. When did he become such a leader?! Margo wondered. Her prude and calm, childhood friend who had always followed her at her heels was now such a figure among the group. Yet, she couldn't imagine it. He was her tall, handsome puppy who came to her with every problem and with whom she bickered about her superficial issues. The boy who had taken all her tantrums since little and who had always made her smile...had they grown up so much?

Lyon: Ok, ok guys...i guess it's time we introduce her.
Margo: intro...

Lyon hushed her with 2 fingers to her lips. She blushed, Millie pouted and clung to his arm, the group chuckled.

Lyon: SO...who begins.
Symone: Oh oh, me me! I love story telling.
Dani: Your mezmerizing voice also helps.
GROUP: Oh come on!
Pat: Get a...
Gabe: room.
Tam: Kiss her already!
Dani: Shut up!

Dani grabbed Symone's chin and pulled her close in a brisk and very manly, demanding and forceful manner...Italian at heart. They kissed. Symone was barely able to react as her hands coiled around his neck. As their lips parted, panting the group giggled and whistled as the air was growing...intense. Tam was quick to grab Dany by the shoulder as Millie pulled Symone apart.

Tam: Easy there animal.

Millie: Not yet Sym, hold on.

The group chuckled and Sym, breathing heavy regained her composure. She cleared her voice, a rather calm, fable-like and narrative voice comes out of her. It was captivating, hypnotizing and Margo felt as if the world erased around her as they all walked toward...no where...anywhere, as long as they could keep hearing Sym.

Symone: A couple billion years ago, something created everything. In chaos, order existed and soon...our universe came to exist. The universe is a complex ecosystem, composed of elements that seek balance...that seek...life. Earth, wind, water and fire. An ancient idea Greeks seemed to understand. That life came from the intertwining of these elements. It was an incomplete idea...but humanity was far more naive and powerless back then. You see Margo, humanity once knew that they were not special...if anything...they were the inferior specie.

Margo: inferior?

Symone: Humanity isn't the only rational specie on this planet...it has never been. The fables and stories of old times hide and hold truths in them. In itself...this world is divided by such elements accordingly to the races they house.

Margo: races?

Symone: Earth is... the home of humanity (the most numerous of all), but it also houses werewolves, folk and vampires. It is known as the base plane...the foundation. It is the rock from which everything exists. Without Earth...we don't have a place to exist. It is mortality...existence...purpose...home. Earth is where we begin...and end.

The next plane is...water...my plane. Home to sirens, merfolk, medusas and nymphs. It is the plane of Life, the essence plane. An element which binds all others, a route or channel for everything to commune. Water is what keeps everything alive and thus, we (its dwellers) understand the difference of life and death far more than others. It also grants us amity towards life and sympathy for death. Thus why many of us were once called harbingers of death and doom, when encountered by foolish men. The next plane...

Tam: Is ours...

Symone: Air. Home to Sprites, Feys, Litens and Elementals. The plane of unity, of everything...the creative plane. This plane exists with earth, but also independent of it. Air is not something we need, but something we always try to reach. It is the plane of language and knowledge. This is why it houses the most cunning races...races gifted with the ability of creation. The last...

Pat: is...
Gabe: Ours...
Symone: STOP interrupting!

Her yell screeched and they all covered their ears at the sharp pain. Symone covers her mouth and bows apologetically.

Symone: Sorry. Umm, Fire ...is...also known as the outer planes. More than...a plane...it is actually the conjunction of all the outer realms which touch and interact with the other planes...the living planes. Fire is the spark of life and as such it holds the eldest of species, species with an inextinguishable spark...both of life and power.

These outer planes thus house the...most powerful races. Angels, Demons, Deusians and Zodials. But...such planes, with vague rules and unlimited possibilities...brought chaos...an unrelenting chaos. Thus, this last plane was torn when the Sacred War ended.

God, Deus, Allah...or however you wish to call him, split the external planes into the external planes of heaven and hell. In essence the races in them cant come to this plane. Being superior beings, they were chosen as chaos and order incarnated. Balance was always being torn and wavered by them. It was then than The Creator decided to...make things fair. He split both factions and imprisoned them in their own domains, their own space, mirrors of this one. Zodials and Deusians escaped these planes though and chose to live in our "minor" plane, relinquishing the majority of their deity powers.

Margo: Sacred War?
Symone: The famous war in books of heaven and hell..
Margo: What?
Symone: Dark ages...

She dismisses the topic with swats of her hand.

Symone: Not important, ancient history...things have changed a lot. Technically, we all coexist in this world we call Earth. We've had "peace" for nearly a thousand years now. You see, though humanity was the...weakest race...we recognized their cunning intellect, their ability to survive at any means necessary and...their ability to create. For some time now, humanity's military might with all their weapons and missiles and what not has made us other races reach out for an agreement.

Strictly put, we live among them using veils, to hide our true form. Humanity isn't ready to understand that...most of the world population is an entire different race from them. It is thus that...this fabled night life is such a big deal. It is not the "night life" humans call when they...go out partying. It is when we...other species can be free!

She lifts her head in ecstasy and glee, her white eyes staring back at Margo. She was baffled, was it a joke?

Symone: It is no joke Margo.

Margo yelped and looked at her friend...coincidence?

Symone: No...sirens CAN read human minds...though we usually like digging out their pleasures more than their thoughts.

Margo stepped back in shock as the twin stopped her. Though... they weren't themselves. Glowing eyes, black and red, along with purple almost fiery hair on their head, they now had a couple of bizarre marks down their necks. They didn't seem menacing, more like...heavenly...astral beings. They giggle.

Pat: We were...
Gabe: both born...
Pat: under the...
Gabe: Gemini sign...

They chuckle.

Pat and Gabe: Connect the dots.

Margo shivered as she stepped away and heard two potent howls behind her. She fell backwards on her bum when she saw them.

Dani and Lyon morphed before her eyes in bone splitting ways to the form of werewolves. They stood on their hindlegs looking more like the fabled wolf man, with their clothes still slightly on, than real menacing monsters. Their features were indeed animalistic, wolven though still endormorphic and keeping human attributes. Their jaws and claws looked sharp as the two, stared at her in a calm and observant form, conscious of her.

Somehow, she could distinguish them. The one at the right was Dani with a thick gray and black hide. Lyon stood closer to her and actually moved up to her to caress a single cheek of hers with a furry finger. She shivered and stepped back. Millie giggled.

Margo: You...
Millie: Uh, huh!

She shook her head in absolute protest.

Millie: These are your clothes and i look pretty in them. I am not ruining it all by becoming a big ball of fur.

Margo managed to cough a laugh and was soon more worried than afraid.

Margo: What if people see you?!
Tam: They cant.

He looked exactly the same which relieved Margo. He rose his golden bracelet at her, a sigil at its center shown a white light. To her surprise it was true, people jogging or walking past them didn't even notice them. It was as if they weren't even there. He was still human like her...right?

Margo: Oh, thank god you're normal.
Tam: Not exactly Mar. You and I come from the air plane, but our race is actually...of a human form and anatomy.
Symone: Technically you are just a crossbreed of humans and angels.

Margo choked a cry as she watched Symone in her...original form. Slightly webbed fingers, fin-like ears, light blue gorgeous skin which sparkled and gleamed in oceanic tones of blue, green, cyan and light blue. Her legs were still legs, but her feet webbed at her toes. Fins had spread besides her knees and hips...a tail sliding behind her, more lizard-like than that of a mermaid. Her features though were the same as her human form, just as perfect and feminine...though her teeth were now razor sharp.

Tam: Shut up fish head.

Symone glares at him.

Symone: Dont make me knock you out.

She points at him sternly and he simply scoffs.

Tam: Fine...

He turns to Margo and chuckles as the poor girl had her hands covering her mouth, her eyes wild and filled with shock.

Tam: Hard time? Dont worry, take your time. As for us...we are Litens...a term dwelling between "little ones", "light ones" and "lesser ones". It's not bad but...well, we are superior from... humans. But, one of our parents is...actually an angel...or another Liten or both are...

Margo turned around and fell knees first on the grass and puked. Symone rolled her eyes as Tam sighed.

Symone: Here we go.
Lyon: Don't be so hard on her.

His voice was half his usual voice and half a growl as he turned back into his human form, asking Millie for his shirt as he zipped his pants again. Of course, Millie refused to give it to him with a beaming smile and biting her lower lip. Though Lyon laughed, Dani lifted her little sister up in the air by the head and growled at her. She shrieked and handed the shirt back to Lyon.

Margo looked at them once more, each turning to their usual selves...but what had been seen could not be erased from her memory. She watched Lyon extend a hand at her and Tam a handkerchief. They said something, but she didn't remember... she fainted on the spot.

Margo woke up with a jolt and found herself sprawled across a bench, resting her head on Gabe's lap as Pat watched over his shoulder.

Pat: Morning!

Margo giggled as her friends, human and normal stood before her. Was it all a dream? If so...what had happened? As she tried to get up both twins helped her up and eased her. Her head was throbbing in pain.

There was laughter around her, as they stood in a rather deserted and highly illuminated open space of Central Park. It was... peculiar, but she paid no mind- distracted by the cries of laughter and from her friends. Millie, Lyon and Tam were off goofing around, chasing each other, Lyon lifting Millie up in his arms and Tam whisking her away, letting her run once again. It seemed fun and she smiled, though her heart burned at the sight. A high pitch squeal caught her attention as behind her, pacing themselves around the grass were Dani and Symone. In such a short time they were a real couple...or had it been a long process she had missed? The brunette boy held the golden haired girl's hand as they joked, teased and talked... alone... together.

Margo: How long was i out?
Gabe: About a...
Pat: year!
Gabe: hour.

Pat smiled apologetically at his glaring brother and Margo giggled at their usual manners.

Margo: What happened?
Gabe: You fell...
Pat: and passed out.
Margo: That simple?! I'm not that much of a klutz!

She laughed as both brothers, serious, stared at each other.

Margo: What?

She inquired, nervous now, fearing something serious had happened to her.

Pat: Well...
Gabe: Denial?
Pat: Most likely.
Gabe: But she's...
Pat: Smart?
Gabe: Intellect has...
Pat: everything to do...
Gabe: Shock then

Margo scoffed as the brothers engaged into their own world of debate and simply pressed her palms to her forehead. It hurt, the pain suddenly being diverted to a sense of cold as a bottle of cold water was pressed against her face. Delicate, large manly hands met her gaze...she knew them well.

Margo: Thanks
Millie: Yey, Margo's alive
Lyon: Easy now Millie, we already saturated her with emotions for now...
Tam: And it's just the beginning?

Lyon shrugged and sighed as Margo, confused opened the bottle and began to drink. She was not thristy but the water made her feel much better and surprisingly more aware. As she closed her eyes, relishing in the cold delight of the liquid flowing down her throat the debates now surrounding her were muffled...until...

Symone: So...now we're drugging her?

Margo spat the water immediately and coughed.

Dani burst out laughing as Lyon sighed.

Lyon: It's just the usual "Ether" drink! For the last time, it's the only chance she has...
Margo: WHAT?!

Lyon turned to her, kneeling and spoke slowly and clearly.

Lyon: Margo, we need you to be calm and open minded.
Margo: The fuck is that supposed to mean?!

Lyon sighed as the rest moved away, the words "it's impossible", "won't work" and "she isn't ready" mentioned. Lyon grabbed her hands and looked at her straight in the eyes.

Lyon: Mar, i need you to trust me. If you wont drink this liquid, you might not enjoy tonight. It is NOT a drug, it is a drink given sometimes to first timers.
Margo: First timers?

Lyon smiled and stood up, motioning to the open space.

Lyon: We have arrived.

Margo looked at him as if he were mad.

Margo: There's no...

Before she could say anything, she saw at the distance (behind Lyon) a couple walk towards the open area and...vanish. She gasped and pointed.

Margo: they...they...

Lyon caressed her head.

Lyon: Margo...this is not a dream. Can you please try and calm down?

Margo, wild eyed and hyperventilating into her hand, tried to calm down. She closed her eyes, inhale...exhale...taking her time. Her body was trembling, her heart thrashing wildly in her chest. She shivered and swallowed her tears as she fought herself to stop this pathetic behavior. Slowly, her shaking stopped and her breathing leveled. The red head girl hugged herself, sitting on the bench.

Lyon: That's my girl.

Margo coughed a laugh at his direct and endearing comment. As she slowly opened her eyes she watched Lyon hand her the bottle once again with a bit of the liquid still inside. Relaxing, Margo drank from the bottle slowly. Lyon smiled and got up.

Lyon: We'll be right here, close your eyes.

Everyone smiled and nodded at her comprehensibly as Margo took a deep breath and closer her eyes. The things she did for her friends.

Margo stood still, calming her nerves. She felt light, tranquil and the throb of her head was ceasing. She felt fresh, vibrant, alive and, even in the darkness of her closed eyes, she felt her eyes flicker with new life. It was a bizarre feeling as if... waking up again. As she slowly opened her eyes she gasped in awe.

Before her stood her friends...her true friends...in their true forms. Behind them...gates to a massive, open area which seemed nothing short from an outdoor rave. Before her, her friends smiled as she was not freaking out looking at them. She smiled and giggled (possibly the effects of the liquid helping her cope with it all) as she finds beauty and awe in them.

The twins with their ethereal selves were gorgeous and she found them quite suiting to be Gemini Zodials...though she found it absolutely literal. Gemini...twins...really? Millie, Lyon and Dani seemed, normal but the extended nails on their hands and glowing golden brown eyes. As they smiled at her she noticed the fangs and actually was taken a bit aback at the ferocity they could display. Still, as she slowly stood up and petted Millie's (the smallest) head, she noticed how much like puppies they were...her puppies. She giggled at the thought.

Symone, her apparently siren friend, was simply mythical as her body and physical aspect were completely different from her human self. She was drop dead gorgeous...she felt jealous as she smiled with her sharp teeth, still looking adorable and...hot. Finally, her eyes settled on Tam, who...seemed normal except for the ethereal glow of his bracelet, somewhat golden and radiating skin, and his glowing blue eyes. She smiled at all of them and sighed...she was calm...controlled and the sensation of this...new vision was amazing. Lyon approached her.

Lyon: How do you feel?

Margo looks at him with glowing emerald eyes.

Margo: Amazing...like...
Lyon: Waking up?

Margo laughs.

Margo: Yeah...something like that. Is it...?
Lyon: The drink? No...the drink...think of it like a mana potion in video games. Only that...in real life, it only helps to open your mind...gain more energy.
Margo: So...this is the real world? The night life?

The group chuckles and they nudge her forward with Lyon (Millie pouting) into the grandiose area...through the massive, medieval gate.

Lyon: No...

He motions his hand before her, so she would look at the spectacle inside.

Lyon: This is the night life.

Margo beamed as a world of marvel, magic and fantasy unveiled before her. As her friends moved past her, smiling at her, inviting her and giggling, she is left speechless. The electronic music filled the air, as floating orbs pulsated and morphed to the music's rhythm. They moved around the place- mobile speakers of sorts. There were stands left and right (bars to be exact) which had different lighting, design and themes- according to the owner and focus apparently. She watched Dani and Symone move to a chill, ocean themed stand, while others moved to a larger one with a bar atmosphere and a dance floor. She watched as dust twirled in the air and human like creature cast fire from their hands in a show. Others controlled the dust, making it move like a flock of butterflies, forming shapes and designs.

Margo laughed as a cloud of the dust envelopes her, changing color and form, acting as if she were on fire. She finds it playful as the controller- a horned being, humanoid but with black coal eyes- winks at her. Margo giggles as Lyon tugs her away, explaining that that was a Fey and that they...were trouble. Blushing as he whisks her away, she is distracted easily by all the different races.

Nymphs were beautiful beings with bodies that took the form of nature. Were it Water, Ice, Trees, Flowers or Bushes...or any other thing, they had such delicate and feminine features that simply made them amazing to look at.

Zodials were easy to spot, beings that represented a sign perfectly. She was always amused as these beings were just different literal interpretations of a sign... like the twins or the burly, 2 meter giant with a bull tattoo on his right shoulder (Taurus).

Deusians were...fascinating. She noticed that they were, in every sense, the physical personification of roman, greek, indian, egyptian and every other culture's deities.

Feys were... her crave and rave. She actually spent a few minutes playing with an elf's ear, who simply laughed and flirted with her. Quickly, Symone pulled her away and moved her to where they were. According to the group... Feys never lead to any good. Though, she loved the variety of them. Each Fey was different with a different anatomy and personality.

Sprites were...sensual wind spirits...to her understanding. Some called them ghosts, but they were just too charming and Margo found it insulting. Although, these beings could phase in and out of existence.

Elementals were a spectacle...and were the ones putting up shows throughout the area. Playful, free and chaotic they could wield their element to will. Their physiology was exactly that element...to an extent. Her favorites so far where the Fire Elementals- fire haired beings who showcased pyrotechnics in the air for fun.

Merfolks were...baffling to her. They had a royal sense to them and, though most walked on legs, they could apparently alter these to a fish tail. Their feature were much more aquatic than Sirens as they had gills, large eyes and their hair was...tentacles of a sort. She found them... unattractive... especially when she bumped on one and got covered in slime.

Folk were fun, jovial and...naive. They seemed like...kids or preteens, but Margo was explained that they simply aged differently. She found them adorable with their feline ears and retractable claws. But not all folk were cats. Goat headed beings, minotaurs, kitsunes and many more walked among the crowd. Numerous and diverse she understo0d clearly why they held such a name. Animals passing by humans, folk... creatures of stories of old.

Medusas were...scary. She wasn't surprised when she saw one with her snake hair. Yet, she had to be held and comforted by Lyon when she had shrieked at making eye contact with one of them. Lyon had to apologized insistently at the medusa girl. Apparently, medusas could not turn people to stone with their sight, but with their venom. She felt silly, stupid...but she was loving it all.

Finally, having crossed the whole arena, they moved to the Grand Stage where a Medusa male DJ was playing. Margo fell to the floor, rubbing her ankles. Millie soon collapsed beside her and, one by one, her friends surrounded her...laughing.

It was a great night. Fabulous, as the scene exploded with confetti and the crowd all around them (though not cramped) roared. Margo, seeing the gathering of people, suddenly had something click on her mind. She whispered Lyon.

Margo: Hey...were there...werewolves?

Lyon smiled as he whispered back.

Lyon: Yeah, but we're...hard to distinguish...like Litens and Humans.

Margo looked at him baffled.

Margo: Humans?!

Lyon pointed at specific people in the audience wearing colored glasses.

Lyon: See them? Those are called refractory lenses...they allow humans to see us and enter...these places.
Margo: Otherwise...they can't see them?
Lyon: They can't even come in them...to them...this is a different pocket of space and time.
Margo: But...then...why...
Lyon: Some humans have supernatural friends. And...not all children from supernatural parents inherit the...supernatural gene if either of the parent is...human.

He grins.

Lyon: We're like an exclusive club.

Margo pushed him at his joke and laughed. Millie quickly scurried towards them and rested her head on Lyon's right shoulder. He giggled and stroked her head, which made her growl slightly...they were adorable. She shook her head and took a deep breath at the pit in her stomach, and continued asking.

Margo: Hmm...Litens?
Millie: Look for the "normal people" with glowing eyes and...maybe some weird looking accessory.
Margo: Gotcha. What about...

Margo shivers.

Margo: Vampires?
Lyon: They...are different.

Tam approaches from behind.

Tam: The night children.

Followed by Gabe and Pat.

Pat: Ever wise...
Gabe: Ever cold...
Pat and Gabe: Always hungry.

Margo: You make them sound...evil.
Lyon: Technically they...they're the troublemakers.
Millie: They usually stick to more outskirt and underground places...don't like big crowds.
Margo: Why?

Millie: 'Cause, they like...feasting.

Margo shivers as she grasps the idea the group was trying to sell.

Lyon: But...they don't drink nor hunt other races. Well...some do...the ones called "Exiles".

The group shivers which makes Margo worry.

Margo: Well...but...so...there are laws...among races?
Lyon: Yeah...we aren't allowed to hurt or kill each other.
Margo: That simple?
Symone: There are others, but...
Dani: Your dad may fill you in on them later.

The group squealed as they turned to watch Symone and Dani sitting together, holding hands, Symone resting her head on his shoulder- her ears perking up and down in glee as she stroked his hair. The teasing renewed, which made Margo quite thankful as the topic of her least favorite race was closed.

The air soon filled with the cry of laughter from her group and the roaring cheers of the crowd toward the DJ. The DJ simply continued his show, moving from Electro to Dance to Progressive House and much more. Margo was loving it all...the night life...it was truly alive...another world...her real world.

As they all laughed and took pictures and jested some more...the lights slowly dimmed to create a dark atmosphere. The screen on the stage began to morph with images as the main artist of the night came to the stage...a catfolk. He must not have been young but seemed about 19yrs old in human age. His music progressively increasing in volume and intensity, rapturing everyone in a euphoric state of ecstasy, fun, and dance.

However, something trickled down the group's spine. Though Margo simply panted for breath, an intense smell of sulfur made the air dense. She noticed everyone quickly grouping together as they all grew alert. To her surprise they each stood in a stance that was ready for a fight. A fight? With what?! She grew nervous as she coughed for air and simple heard the cries of the audience of discontent and fear. Symone hisses.

Lyon: Something is wrong...
Symone: They are here...

Margo's eyes were barely able to catch a glimpse of black hooded figures with fluorescent red lining blink amongst the audience. She turned cold.

Margo: W-what are...
Pat and Gabe: Exiles.

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