Hidden World: Eternal Night

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The beat was quickly escalating, growing fainter and more high pitched...the moment before the "drop". As the music escalated to its climax, so did the tension, the screams and the adrenaline. Everyone was uneasy, something was about to happen.

Margo noticed how people started to back away, slowly moving back to the shops and the exit. Her friends were no exception, moving like a pack. They were all tense, she could feel it, taste it...her vision going into a bewildered state. Was it the drink? She could see...more...faster, better. She could see them, the blurs moving and stopping, the silhouettes in them, humanoid. And so... with the drop, the change of rhythm, muffling the first cries... mayhem.

People started running backwards into the shops, and she intended to do the same- run for cover. She was halted by a firm grip on her wrist by Lyon. He was not scared...not exactly, he was thinking, he was ready...for war, for anything. Margo shivered at this completely new air. As she turned to look around, she gasped and quickly covered her mouth to avoid screaming. They were being hunted.

Those who had ran were pounced on by the hooded figures. Most were human, their eyes filled with horror and terror. Margo saw as they were bitten, blood staining their shirts quickly as their spasmming bodies came to a quick halt. Their skin was pale and their veins black. They had been sucked dry. Yet...they were the lucky ones. Other species...those caught...

Margo fell to her knees, her arm lifted by Lyon's grip. She wanted to close her eyes...but she couldn't. She was in shock. Gutted, nasty gashes throughout their bodies, throats slit... Margo watched as a kitsune spend into the shops only to be caught at the last minute. She struggled, kicked, clawing at the ground. The figure simply pinned her down and bit her neck...only to tear a chunk off and leave her there. She bled out slowly.

Lyon: Get up, we need to move.

Lyon's tone was firm and Margo noticed they were all moving together, tiptoeing backwards. Margo was basically lifted up as she stuck to his back, she was crying...tears flowing, but she couldn't let out an audible cry. Nothing came out...nothing. She soon fell into despair, shaking as 5 blurs surrounded them, moving with them. Their perfectly white smiles with 4 large and glistening fangs (canines and 2 smaller ones in front) shining at them. Margo's grip on Lyon's shoulder tightened.

Vamp: Now now, those are some delicious looking girls you got there boys.
Vamp2: How about you hand them over
Vamp3: And we give you a quick death
Vamp: We could try... at least

The vamps snicker and laugh. Lyon releases his shoulder from Margo's grasp and quickly grabs Millie.

Vamp4: Oh, trying to protect her huh?

A vamp blurs beside Lyon, Margo and Millie. Margo screams.

Vamp4: Such a beautiful scream. Cant wait to hear...more of it.

Millie grabs Lyon's hands as she glares at the vamp before them. Margo backs up and finds two white arms with sharp claws for nails enveloping her- she goes pale. As the boys tense up and slowly move, ready to act, Dani and Symone nod at each other.

Symone: Hey! Aren't i beautifully delicious too?!

The vampires look at her as chaos and death happens behind them. They were oblivious to it though. Margo watched as the races fought. It was gruesome... fast... and brutal. Sparks of lightning and fire shot into the air. The music had stopped and one could see Catfolk trapped in a flurry of blows and pounces on the Vampires, Kitsunes using illusions to confuse their hunters, Minotaurs and other more beastly rampaging and using their strength to overpower and crush their assailants. Fey using magic or weapons (god knows from where) to fight the vamps off, Merfolk fought with tridents and spears, Zodials and Deusians using their superior gifts and assets to overpower those they considered "inferior". Each specie was defending itself the best way it could. Margo could only imagine if a human tried to match them in combat. It would be completely one sided.

Pat and Gabe: Cover your ears

Their voice resonated in her mind as she saw her friends simply nod once and quickly lift their hands. She did like wise and watched as Symone opened her smiling mouth. A terrible cry came out, high pitched and piercing...even covering her ears. Margo squirmed in pain, trapped between the arms. Suddenly, she was released. As she turned, she saw the dead face of a young 18 year old boy; handsome with milky white skin and golden hair, bleeding from his eyes, ears and mouth.

He was dead.

Millie grabbed Margo and tugged her, making her run. Margo watched behind her as Symone caught up, the boys spreading between them and the vampires. More blurs were moving and Lyon and Dani had morphed once more, making a couple of the vamps take a step back. Scanning the place, she was thankful to see these creatures were losing. Dying to the abilities of the other races.

It was a battlefield. Dead bodies were sprawled across the field, cries of pain and crying audible. Blazes of fire and scorched earth spread wide as so did the blood. Margo kept running, they had barely sprinted a couple feet as 2 more blurs came out of the shops. Their hands were blood red as they licked them, a terrifying thing. But as Margo stopped Millie kept going, morphing, the clothes ripping off her body and she lunged at one of the figures.

It barely stood a chance as Millie's claws grabbed his head, bit his neck and in a single fluid action she ripped his head off. Sweet little almost 15 year old Millie had just mauled a person before her. Margo turned in fear, afraid of the second figure, just to see him walk slowly towards Symone. Symone's mouth was moving, she was smiling, luring him to her. It was... unnerving and Margo let out a cry in horror as the vamp kneeled before Symone and she began to whisper in his ear. Blood oozed slowly out of his eyes, his nose, his ears and he coughed spurts of blood...soon, he fell with a thud. Margo was in horror and as she looked back, she watched her friends once again. They had changed.

More blurs were coming in from the shops and now they were being pushed back in- it had been a trap. The twins strode towards them first. Gabe had a golden short like spear with a long blade in his hand and a golden shoulder guard along with a golden gauntlet where he was grabbing the spear. Pat had the contrary shoulder guard and gauntlet but he had a golden like headband with a purple crystal on it.

Gabe: Duck!

As he cried, they immediately obeyed. Margo saw as (basically) Gabe apparated in front of them and sliced a vampire in half, mid pounce. Beside him stood Pat, grinning as his hand held a dark orb, tossing it at a vampire. It accelerated and hit him square in the chest; it squirmed and felt to his knees as his body slowly turned charcoal black and broke apart, a final cry of pain audible as his face cracked off. Distracted, Margo felt a claw sink on her shoulder and squirmed as she was dragged away a feet and another vamp head fell on her lap. She screamed again.

Tam: You ok?

Tam knelt beside her a glowing sword on his right hand and a golden, transparent shield on his left. They seemed...out of this world. A sword made of white fire and a shield made of golden dust. Margo couldn't understand, but she didn't have time to ask as more vamps lunged at them, at the crowd and a clash began around her. Terrified, she simply crawled away among the legs of creatures and dead bodies. She wanted to get away, she wanted it all to end. The night life was dangerous, her parents had been right, she wanted this nightmare to end.

A piercing pain spread throughout her ankle. She panics. Unable to react she is pulled back. She claws desperately at the ground, ripping chunks of grass but nothing from there. As she is let go she tries to scurry away, only to be grabbed around the neck and be lifted, a vamp was facing her.

Vamp: A Liten?! How amusing. Seems like I caught...

The vampire coughs blood at her face. She screams and pants as the body falls to the floor, over her. Lyon lifts the body off and helps her off, examining her wounds. He grimaces.

Lyon: You'll be fine. We need to get you...

Another figure pounces at them and Lyon catches him, they stumble to the ground. Margo turns to look behind her as a vicious claw goes across her chest. She screams in pain as she feels the sharp claws scratch bone. It burned, she felt like fainting...all her strength was gone. A colossal vampire, muscular, tall and bald grabbed her by the head. She was going to die. A single tear goes down her cheek as she heard Lyon's screams behind her. Goodbye.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!"

An eerie yet charismatic voice echoed through the speakers. Everything and everyone, looked up at the stage where a microphone stood. Behind it, a red eyed, skinny, bald vampire stood with his hands up in the air. It smiles, an insane smile. He was enjoying all this.

"Greetings! I am sorry for interrupting your little event but...you see ... we are here for... A REVOLUTION."

The vampires scream and cheer. Nobody was doing anything... everyone seemed frozen in place. Margo, still dangling, feeling the blood seep out of her, simply swallowed, suddenly feeling thirsty.

"For too long we've been shunned! For too long we've been denied our place! You see... we the vampires once chose to be separate from all of you because we would not SUBMIT to the humans. Look at you all! You are all like them. Scum, trash, an insult to your ancestors...to the history of your races. And even us...vampires... the most noble of you all, have fallen in detriment. Vampires marrying humans, drinking animal blood to maintain peace."

He spits.

"What kind of life is that?! Did you all forget what humanity has done? Destroyed our homes, our world...nature is suffering everyday as long as they exist. WE...we... used to live in peace with nature. We each had our own place to call home. I cry for the future...soon we will all stop existing. Unless we do something...brothers and sisters."

He raised his arm, revealing a black and red tattoo on his forearm in the shape of a pentagram, inverse and encased in a circle. Everything but the vampires shuddered and murmured, the vampires lifted their arms showing their own mark.

"We have a new ally. An ally who has promised us power, if we helped him return to our old ways. To the times of peace and harmony! What do you say?"

As the vampires cheered and their leader smiled the catfolk DJ behind him began clapping and smiling.

"Excellent, excellent speech Eliah. And you've done...an ok job."

The vampire leader called Eliah swerves to look at the creature.

Eliah: Oops, looks like we left someone out.

The vamps laugh...an unnerving terrifying laugh. The catfolk laughs with them.

"Oh...i'm sorry, allow me to introduce myself."

The catfolk's skin breaks into scales as these turns in place like tile pieces, bringing new color and form to the body. In a matter of seconds, the catfolk had morphed into a young man with a black suit and slick black hair.

"Much better."

The vampires all bow immediately. Margo is dropped and collapses to the floor, but she couldn't feel pain anymore...she felt cold. Lyon scurries to her side, still in his werewolf form, and holds her hand...he whimpers like a pup.

Eliah: My lord...we are sorry for taking so long.
" You did, but it was amusing."

The creature giggles...it wasn't human...nor apparently anything anyone had seen before.

"Greetings everyone... my name is Legion."

He smiles, the corner of his lips opening at the ending growl of his name, revealing a series of needle like fangs and teeth. The audience murmurs... fear in their voices. Margo could understand why. Legion...a biblical demon. But...Symone said...

"I would like to thank all of you for joining us tonight. For today...is a celebration."

Vampires were hauling dead bodies toward the center of the place, making a pile...a gruesome pile of corpses. There were screams and cries as people saw their beloved's or friends' dead bodies. Some murdered the vampire carrying the body, crying over it as more vampires came to kill him off. Margo cried.

"Today's celebration is none other than a birthday you see...the birthday of...my brother."

He snapped his fingers and around the pile of bodies a pentagram with circles of conjuration, transmutation and summoning appeared in fire...a black, dense fire. The demon began chanting something that sounded grutal, like souls in pain and tortured. It was a pain inflicting chant which dug straight to your heart.

The pile of bodies was slowly consumed by the dark flames, molting the bodies...making a mass. At the end of the chanting the mass was a perfect sphere, surrounded by dark flames and with a massive thud, as if the earth shook the mass began to pulse. Screams were heard once again. Margo managed to turn her head to watch people...humans looking at them...all of them.

"Ah yes...should've guessed. Well...it wasn't as if we were going to let you go either way."

The demon shrugs and snaps his fingers and the vampires lunge at the crowd, the people and a new hunt began. The giant that had once stood before her turned its head back to Margo, but now Lyon stood before her...defending her. Margo watched as her friend and the titan interlocked in combat. She watched as people ran for their lives and others stayed to fight...fighting to stop these creatures...or to make time for those running. More bodies fell to the ground. She watched as humans were bitten by the vampires, their limp bodies left on the ground. It was all too late. Margo finally closed her eyes...tired and cold.


The scream was far... distant. A dream? A nightmare?


It was a familiar voice. But she couldn't quite hear it out. She felt underwater...without the water. Far away...slowly sinking into the dark. Someone was calling for her, a muffled cry. She felt something reach into the water, into the darkness... bringing her out. Her vision came back, eyes burning as she blinked and coughed for air. It was raining.

Lyon: Margo!

She saw Lyon, in front of her, holding her, caressing her cheeks, her head. He was crying. She tries to talk to him, but nothing comes out. She doesn't even feel her lips move. Margo blinks, panic filling her, yet... she could not react. She felt cold...weak...tired...she wanted to sleep. She begins to close her eyes. Lyon shakes her softly, opening her eyes.

Lyon: Margo, dont close your eyes. Stay with us, dont go to sleep. We made it...we are fine.

Margo's eyes move slowly behind him, looking over his shoulder. There are people moving about, lots of noise...she can't distinguish anything. Bright lights from an ambulance shine at them. She notices there are many, she was in one. Not only that, she manages to distinguish her friends...tended by paramedics. Dani was getting apparently some stitches on his left shoulder while Symone had her arms around his neck, hugging him from behind...crying. Pat and Gabe had cuts and bruises, but nothing special, they simply stood before Tam who was getting his right arm placed in a cast, a black eye and scratches on his face. Millie... she couldn't see Millie.

"Millie, is she alright?"

Millie emerged from the corner of her eyes...she had a harsh cut on her cheek, her hair clamped by blood and a sheet covering her body. Lyon looked over to her and motioned her in. Carefully, she hops up, she was naked under the sheet, reason she was moving so slowly and carefully. Margo closes her eyes, she feels her shaking body go limp. She hears Lyon and Millie calling for her... she hears Lyon running outside, calling the doctors. Millie cries.

Lyon rushed back to the ambulance, soaked in rain and with 3 people behind him. H e found Millie crying over Margo, white, pale white...cold.

Lyon: Millie, Millie, what happened?!

Millie: She doesn't wake up!

Millie cried as Lyon got up beside her. Margo's half open mouth with purple lips had no breath. She had no pulse...his senses could feel that. Lyon knew it only met one thing, but he couldn't accept it...it couldn't be true. Lyon froze as Millie clung to him, crying.


Lyon and Millie were removed from the ambulance as the paramedics, Margo's parents and another individual moved near it. It was official, the paramedic shook his head and apologized to Margo's parents.

"There is still, an option."

The last individual, dressed in a tight black suit, using a black umbrella and keeping his face hidden in the shadows moved forward. Margo's parents simply looked back at him, her mother was the first to talk.



"Frank, are you really ok with this?! We can...save her."

"By condemning her?!"

"It is your choice...but we must act quickly. Her soul may leave any second...her body is still fresh."

His voice was an elegant hiss, refined, wise and educated. He moved and acted as if he were royalty, a noble...a socialite. Yet, as he smiled at Margo's parent, an eerie air surrounded him. Millie growled at him, between tears as Lyon held her, covering her body and caressing her head. Altidaire simply smiled at the pair and lifted a hand, a simple "hi"...like a noble to a peasant.

"Time ticks..."


Mrs. D'lacour hugged her husband, whispering in his ear. He clenched his fists to his sides as he simply bit his lip. Altidaire grinned and walked past them towards the ambulance. He closed his umbrella, revealing his hands were covered by leather gloves.

"Evening dear, seems like you had a rough night."

He chuckles.

"You are in for a loooong night, a harsh one. I wont lie to you...it will hurt. More than you could ever imagine. More than even death."

He removed a glove and, baring his fangs, bit into his wrists, a dark blood oozing out.

"Buon Appetitte."

He placed his wrist on Margo's lips, the blood trickling into her mouth. It slowly oozed down her throat. The blood spread, multiplying, seeping into her...becoming part of her. Altidaire smiled as, outside, the storm intensified- Margo's Parents waiting, crying. It was a dark night, a stormy night, a night for terrors and horrors. Legion had done a fine night choosing when to bring his brother back.

Back in the open field, both the human police and...others, kept people away. The pocket was raised once more, hiding the summoning pentagram, the scorched earth and the blast of where a monstrosity had risen from hell.

According to witnesses, it was a horned, large beast, summoned by the mutilated bodies of fallen people. Margo's father didn't have to even think to know who had been summoned to Earth...and who could have the power and knowledge to summon him. Legion summoned Baul.

Legion, lord of sins and corruption...the one made of many, for he feasted on all the actions of humanity. Baul, lord of mutilation and blood, a beast wise and powerful...relentless and merciless. He longed for blood, for a new war...where bodies would fill the streets, blood would soak the fields and screams the skies. He wanted pain. Just the thought had everyone of the 3 planar realms on high alert. Something big was coming... two demon lords had risen... Earth was entering a new age. A Dark age.

As darkness fell, a gurgle was heard from the ambulance, followed by a strong heart beat. A single, hard and determined heartbeat. Margo opened her eyes, dark as the deepest hole with a new vibrant red iris (like blood). Her body jolted back to life as she pressed her lips to his wrist. Her eyes were wide open. A gurgling pain-staked groan and gurgle came from her throat, but she could no stop drinking. Her eyes teared up as droplets came out and down her cheeks. She wanted to scream, she wanted to stop...but her body moved against her will. Hurt and pain were an understatement, death was still a positive comparison for such sensations. She felt as if her bones were breaking, her skin burning with napalm. She felt her very soul being ripped apart, her mind searing in pain- like having needles piercing into it...burning needles. She felt ever nerve of her body being struck by lightning and yet...words were falling short.

"Easy there...enough."

He removed his wrist from her mouth. Though the action was smooth he was actually holding her down with immense force, and she was pushing back. A pain soaked cry left her voice as the onslaught intensified. She felt her mind was going to break, her body was going to break...she was going insane. Her eyes swerve, seeking anything comforting. At the door of the ambulance her parents look at her in horror, crying, hugging each other. She wanted to reach out to them, she wanted them to comfort her. She tried calling for them but a horrible scream left her voice again as she cringed in devastating agony. She was jerking, jolting, cringing and yet, she couldn't get off the stretcher, held down by the pale, gorgeous and elegant man before her. She noticed his eyes were blue, his skin like marble...it scared her. This world scared her. She watched him place a mask on her face, her body and mind fading into unconsciousness. At last...some rest from this nightmare.

Margo woke up from a feverish dream. Heart pounding against her chest, breathing heavily...a nightmare. The same nightmare of the last couple of days. A dark figure, a man with white teeth, but not normal white teeth like people, these were particularly brilliant white and with white fangs. She leaned back on the head rest of her bed, trying to calm down, lifting her hands to her face. Her mind started remembering, her little adventure with her friends, the night life, the horrors she had seen. She remembered the nasty slash across her chest, the claws on her shoulder...she remembered her parents crying for her in an ambulance. She tried easing herself, rubbing the back of her neck as she thought of such a lucid and detailed nightmare. The mind could be such a horrible thing. She was thankful that it was just...

Margo's eyes widened, her heartbeat accelerating with her breath as she noticed the intravenous tubes on the back of her right hand. Looking up, she noticed her room was exactly the same, everything was in its place...except for 2 things. First, there was a vibrant red bag on a stand beside her bed with a little monitor...the bag was blood. How did she know? Because she could... smell it. Second, her windows...there were no windows. Margo carefully got out of her bed...she could see perfectly. Without windows. Shouldn't she be blind as a bat? She panics. Door opens, an elegantly dressed thin man with black pants and a clean white long sleeved shirt greets her with a refined wave.

"I see you are up."

"W-where am i? Where are my parents?"

"Interesting first questions...thought you'd be more courteous at least. For example, my name is Altidaire Sange...Margo D'lacour."

" H-how do you know my name?"

"Because i know your family...for a long long time. Though, i was quite surprised to see your parents last night. Glad to see Frank and Nicollete are fine..."

" Last...night?"

Margo's mind races to all the images. They weren't a nightmare? No...this was probably just part of that nightmare. She pinched herself, it hurt...but she was still looking at the man at the doorway. She pinched herself again...nothing. And again...

"Honey, seriously, you are doing nothing but hurting yourself with that. Not that it matter though, your regen should prevent any and all blisters."

He was right, Margo watched as the red marks on her skin disappeared as quickly as she made them. She collapsed to the floor, grabbing her head, shaking it.

" No...no, it can't be...this isn't real."

"But it is...the world is a bigger world than people believe...filled with mysteries and realms. You learned a bit about them last..."

" NO!"

Her scream was loud, she gasped for air.

" This is all a dream...a bad dream. I'm alive!"

She checks her body...everything was in place.

"Yes...you were brought back to life."

Margo looks at him in horror.

"Brought back?"

Her mind goes to the images of the ambulance. She begins to cry.

"Yes...Margo D'lacour...you died today at 0043 hours. Severe bleed out was the cause, by 4 perforation on your right shoulder and 4, 1 feet long slashes across your chest from your stomach to your collar bone.


" Your parents asked me for a favor...to bring you back...at a steep price."

"A price?"

Altidaire moved towards her, taking a seat at her side. She noticed he was perhaps 21 years old...yet...he seemed older...far older. He smiled a wide smile...that's when she saw them.

" I remember when you were just a baby..."

Margo backed up away form him, tumbling over her stand and toppling it over. Altidaire caught it before it hit the ground...an inhuman speed. Margo cried in fear, lifting her hands to her mouth, shaking her head.

<<No...No...No, No, No>>

" Margo..."

<<It's not true...>>

"You are now..."


She begins to cry.

"A vampire...like me."

Margo opened her eyes, she couldn't believe this. She wouldn't believe this. She quickly puts a finger into her mouth, tracing her teeth. There they were...the sharp fangs with their shorter new ones exactly beside. She screamed...she cried...and after a while...she fainted.

Altidaire closed the door to Margo's room and locked it, a series of bolt action locks moving inside the door. A tired, and motherly voice addresses him over his shoulder.

"How is she?"
"Is she alright? Can we see her?"

" Frank, Nicolette, she is perfectly fine...considering her situation. But you may not see her."

Margo's father (Frank) slammed his fist on the table, making the tea cups jump.

"Why the fuck not!?"

" Because she is still coping with everything."

Altidaire sipped his cup.


She eased the burly man down.

"We trusted you Altidaire, after what your people..."

"MY people?"

He placed his cup down.

" MY people who have suffered discrimination and prejudice for the last 2 centuries?! MY people who have lived in the shadows to avoid conflict? MY people who chose to assume your rules and separate from the realms into our own world of night? MY people who have served YOUR people for YEARS to ensure safety?! Are you talking about MY people? Because MY people have always been there when you need them, always been there to take the blame...because *scoffs* we are 'MONSTERS', right?"

" Frank, Altidaire!"

The two men simmer down. They soon chuckle.

" You were always so competitive and judgemental of each other."


The young man and the burly husband say in unison. Altidaire sighs.

"I asked you to bring her stuff to lessen the impact and burden of her new life. She will have to stay with me for a while...at least while she adapts to her new body."

Margo's parents hug each other...remorse in their hearts...but, also glee.

" I just want to see her."

" All in do time, you may visit her every day...if she's out of her room. You know how it is Frank."

" Yes...a bloodling's wakening."

He sighs.

" Time will tell. She'll need a lot of support... both family and friends. Dark times are coming..."

Altidaire smiles, winking as he looks at the furthermost window of the saloon. Millie whimpers and backs away, falling into Lyon's arms. She blushes.

Pat and Gabe: So, How is she?

Tam: She's a tough girl...

Symone: Tough bloodling now...

Dani: Will make her even tougher...

Lyon: I dont know...

Millie: They say she'll need friends.

Pat and Gabe: Our specialty.

The group laughs and gets up from the shrub they were hiding. Though relieved, they were worried. Last night had been dreadful. 24 hours ago, they were all just a group of friends wishing to enjoy the night life. Now...now they had to focus on Margo. They all felt responsible. They'd be there for her... always.

"So, brother...why did you summon me into this world?"

"To have fun..."

The beastly figure, wings spread wide sighed at the man in a suit that looked up at him. He was a titan, a massive monster with 2 curved horns to the back of his head and wings which he preferred to carry folded.

"To defy GOD just for a laugh... suiting of you...yet foolish"

His tone was deep, like a bass and slow. Every word of his carried weight... his own colossal weight.

"Well, i cant have fun alone..."

"Do you take me for a child? I will not support a cause just for the sake of chaos."

"The demon lord of destruction, talking about peace?"

"No, but i believe we can do much more with this... earth."

Legion grins, a grin which rips the end of his cheeks to reveal his needle like teeth.

" Excellent, cause... i wish to gain our place back."

"You wish hell on Earth."

"Our right place to rule!"

"Yet, cast aside by our brothers."

Baul closed his fist with a titanic power, enough to snap a man in half.

"Give me the blood of the innocent, and i will help you create this world."

"Marvelous, but i think we'll need more help."

"More? You wish to summon all the lords?"

"Do you believe Big guy will let us do as we please?"

"If he is true to his word, he will not interfere."

"Better be cautious."

The demons laughed, a grutal laugh which made the space where they tread vibrate and shiver in fear. As they emerged from the shadows onto the light of the city, Baul looked like a Tourist with a yellow tight shirt and shorts... sandals with socks to match. Legion giggled as the "man" made a straw hat appear in his hand along with dark shades, placing them on his bald head. He looked at the city, the skyscrapers and smiled.

"It will be fun to squash these bugs."

" Yeah... have fun. Bruh."

Baul grinned and walked away, parting ways. As Legion began walking, lighting a cigarette with his metal lighter he heard behind him as a man bumped onto Baul and started screaming angrily at the muscular man. He sighed as the sound of suffocation changed to flesh being ripped from muscle and a loud splat followed. A woman cried, cars screeched to a halt, the street became busy with chatter. Legion grinned.

"Let the bodies hit the floor..."

He grinned and began to laugh; an insane and maniacal, twisted laugh. Behind him a man with his flesh ripped off his body laid dead on the side walk, skin neatly folded beside him, wall splattered in vivid red fresh blood. Baul was nowhere to be seen and Legion was equally gone. Sirens blared down the street... too late. Humanity was too little and too late.

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