Hidden World: Eternal Night

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New Life

It was the same dream as last night, and the night before. There was always a dark figure, a man with white teeth, but not the normal white of people, these where particularly brilliant white and with fangs.

Déjà vu? Maybe, but Margo didn’t give much mind to it. She got out of bed, moving to her full body mirror, stretching and checking her body… just in case. She felt dizzy, thirsty and tired. Maybe the nightmares were finally getting to her.

“Good Morning, Ms. D’lacour”

Margo yelped at the cold, calm and youthful yet mature voice that came from a now distinct source of light. Altidaire stood on the door way, tea kit on a silver platter before him. She grinned meekly and annoyed at him.

“I’m glad you’re awake. How are you feeling? Your progress has been faster than I expected”

“Great, so I’m a special vampire after all.”

Margo squints and blinks as the light slightly blinded her. At least for a second. Her eyes adjust perfectly… quite quickly. The young man strutted inside with the tea kit, it smelled delicious… even though he was still a couple feet away. Her senses were sharper, she could notice things better. Part of the… perks of her new persona.

“So… what are your plans for today? Are you going to sulk here in your bed? Go to the library?”

“What do you care?”

Margo examined her body, her marble white skin, with her now more emphasized freckles on her chest and face. Her amber, fiery hair had now a much more vibrant and lively color. She was stunning gorgeous, a sight to behold. Something notorious and stereotypical of vampires… according to old books. Charm and allure always played to their favor. They were charismatic and persuasive, mainly what gave them a bad reputation. Still, despite her physique and her natural beauty, she still felt uncomfortable with the ageless fact.

This was her. With everything she hated and loved. She wouldn’t grow nor change from now on. Her hair would not grow, her height would not change, her bust would be the same… and so would everything else. She sighed as she looked at her legs, the ones she always considered too thick. But there was nothing she could do now…and so she had slowly begun to ignore everything throughout the weeks.

In the extensive acres of what Altidaire called home, he had this house and a pool house- which was transformed for another use. There was a greenhouse, a garden, an orchard and even a forest, and… much more things. Margo understood he was… rich beyond belief, and she could make an idea as to “how”. Vampires, ageless, can’t die unless killed by a wooden stake to a chest (well, at least that was the common one). He had… time to… save money. So to say.

Margo turned, eyes closed as she stretched on her pajamas and caught a bag mid-air. She grinned as she was getting better to the use of her new senses.

“Good catch. Thought you’d be thirsty after sleeping for so long.”

“How long was I out?”

“12 hours?”

Margo shrugged as she bit into the bag, making holes into it and pouring it onto the crystal glass on her bedside table. She hated this part most of all. Drinking blood. At least Altidaire taught her how to make it seem like drinking wine… it made her feel classy and… less weird than sucking from a medical blood bag.

“Your parents are here… just so you know.”


Margo had forgiven her parents a while ago. She understood that… considering this world they knew and now she had discovered, they simply wished her to live her life as best she could. Well, she wasn’t human or normal anymore, but at least she could live freely... in a way. They didn’t wish to lose her, so they… struck a pact.

Still, her greatest shock… after actually understanding and accepting her life, was how hard being a vampire was. She had suffered falls, hits, cuts, impalement and nasty accidents by now. Mostly out of curiosity, others in clumsiness. She had trouble controlling her strength and speed, making her feel like a fish out of water. Learning how to climb and walk on walls and roofs, it was now her favorite activity as it gave her new spaces to work with or be in.

She had actually slipped once while walking on the roof of the main saloon and she had crashed onto an ancient soldier’s armor… with a halberd. Getting a 3 meter halberd pulled out of your body was… quite the experience. She was bandaged and fed blood for a whole day. She was fine after that… not even a scar. It was…amusing, but painful. Now… with a bit more control, Margo dedicated most of her… mornings (usually afternoons), to studying and reading books of the world.

As she sipped her glass, she thought of what subject she’d read today. The laws of the New World Pact in the 1800’s, or perhaps about the cultures of each race… or maybe the bard tales of the great wars. It was entertaining. Then again, she had to hurry, her friends always came around… late afternoon.

“Very well… Your parents?”

“I’ll be out in a second.”

Altidaire sighed and walked out. Margo couldn’t explain to him how she felt. She didn’t trust him enough… despite his kindness and mentorship. Altidaire had spent all this time watching out for her, caring for her, teaching her about control and tips to live her life… normally. Still, she just… couldn’t trust him. She felt cold, as if her heart had been ripped out. She simply spent her time trying to learn and to search for a purpose. For something to do. Something to give a meaning or purpose to it all.

She sighed and proceeded to strip her clothes in the dark, searching for something to put on. Another perk of being a vampire was that she was always clean. No sweat, no grease, nothing. She was a dermatologist’s fantasy. She opted for a yellow summer dress, which dropped to her ankles. As she turned the lights on to see herself on the mirror, she laughed again at the famous myth. “Vampires have no reflection”. Well, thank god that wasn’t true, she looked good. She laughs

Margo came out of her room, locking the door. Her room was a… train wreck… to put it nicely. If her parents went in, she wouldn’t hear the end of it. She made her way through the doors on to the living room. The maze of the house was now a bit less confusing to her. She had learned where most rooms were. On her way there she had saluted most of the staff, thankful she had learned Spanish in school. She always found it weird that Altidaire had… human servants. Even more weird, that they were okay and found nothing weird with… any of this.

“Buenos dias, Señorita Margo.”

“Bueno dia, Carmen. Are my parents in the dinner?”

“Yes, yes. Your parents are in the dinner. They look very worried. Esta todo bien?”

<<Todo bien?>>

“Umm, yes…everything is… good? See you later Carmen.”

As Margo hugged her farewell she moved into the dinner, 1 door to her right on the long, center corridor. Carmen was a chubby Hispanic woman with a tanned skin. She was very kind and pampered her a lot when she was gloomy. They had had talks about her life, her country (Guatemala), why and how she had come to USA, and how she had been hired by Altidaire- besides asking her opinion on everything. The kind hearted woman had told her everything, while still doing her chores or letting her help with cooking, cleaning or just tasting the food. She loved her cooking.

Moving into the dinner Margo saluted the two waiters posted beside the door, one girl and one boy. Constance and Diego, they were fun to be around, despite being 18. Hard workers, they seemed to stay around in this job because of the pay. She wouldn’t be surprised really, Altidaire treated all his servants like family and they even had their own room in the Pool House… which was actually the servant’s house. For a vampire he was… humane. At least that’s what it seemed.

"Morning honey!"

"Hello, baby."


As Margo protested she was hugged by her mother, who quickly began to try and comb her hair. Whether it was guilt or they missed her THAT much, her parents had become excessively loving with her. Not that she minded, except… sometimes when…

"We missed you so much. You ok? Is Altidaire treating you ok? Has he done anything weird?"

As his parents teared up and kissed her cheeks, embracing her in a grizzly hug. She sighed and hugged back, watching her strength. Yeah… these were the times they got… excessive.

"Im fine guys, im fine. I’m a big girl after all… with… new traits."

Using her new strength, Margo lifted her parents up, catching them by surprise. She chuckled and quickly puts them down. Her mother scolds her while her father laughs.

"Oh come on, Nicolette, she’s got the strength and fighting spirit of her father."

He grins at Margo who simply covers her face in embarrassment as her mother scoffs.

" But she has MY looks, Frank."

" Oh, please don’t start."

Margo moves to take a seat beside her mother as Diego places a plate before her. A Hispanic dish, stuffed bell pepper with hot sauce. It looked delicious.

As a vampire, she didn’t really need to eat. But, it was a habit she could keep. Her body still digested the food, but she didn’t gain anything from it…not even weight. That was actually really good. Margo digs in.

"Honey! Manners!"

Margo looks at her mother with a mouthful.

" What?"

Her father chuckles and shows her to put her handkerchief in place at her lap. Margo sighs and does so. She had forgotten her parents were strict with etiquette… and that Altaire had his home riddled with it. She complies and they proceed with lunch. She missed family time and being with them was nice. Despite the talks being always the same: how she felt, what she was doing, talks about school and if she needed anything; there was a charm to them. A nostalgic sensation of what was once her life. She missed it and was thankful Altidaire allowed her parents to give it to her. She felt like a 16 year old girl with them. With no special powers or anything. She smiled, enjoying every second.

Margo sat looking at the wide and elegant, 17th century saloon before her. Perched up on a wooden beam, she frowned, sipping a glass with a vibrant red liquid. She wasn't really amazed at the...mansion she was being housed in. Endless corridors, endless rooms, all with their windows covered by thick sun blocking curtains. Her parents had just left, leaving her here as always. She couldn’t leave. She understood why. And she hated it.

Up here, perched up in the beams, she at least felt… peaceful, safe. Detached from it all. As she looked at her right hand, she chuckled slightly remembering the first days...when she was getting "an idea of her condition".

It had been a couple weeks since then, this friday would be a month. But... when you become immortal, time, dates, days... they mean nothing. It was just one of the many small things she had to understand. That she was now... eternal.

The big things were more about her thirst, her strength, her powers, the world, history... her head hurt just thinking about it. At least she had already resigned to it all... and there were many books to read about it all at the study.

Perched up on a wooden beam, bare feet dangling, she looked at her hands and legs again. She had lived many incidents by this points. The first days, she had actually tried pulling a curtain open out of desperation. The moment her hand wrapped around it and she had tried to pull the curtain away, a strong burning sensation filled her.

Lesson 1: Avoid the sunlight.

Being honest with herself, she should've expected it... but she wasn't really thinking clearly back then. Her hand had burned bright red that day and she got to be tended …again.

Altidaire was always there, keeping an eye on her. She didn’t know if it was fixation, paternal instincts or just him caring for a friend’s child. She still hated him. A couple weeks from the incident, her hand was back to normal. Apparently, sunlight was... less dramatic as portrayed in movies (where she'd puffed into dust). But it did cause her skin (and all vampire's) to burn to a crisp...slowly and painfully. The sunlight would progressively consume and combust her and, thus, cause her death (that much was true). Hence, her new love for rainy, cloudy or "sad" days. Days where she could go out during "light hours" since the sunlight was weak.

Margo averted her gaze from her body as she took another sip from her glass...cantering it. She sighed. Margo took her cup and looked into it, her murky reflection staring back. It amused her how similar it was to drink blood and wine. Cantering, aroma, body, blah blah. She didn't really wish to learn about it... but, she had to... because of the laws. As she sipped her last gulp, grimacing, she hoped down- dropping from the double height ceiling. She lands gracefully, with ease. She begins to strut, bare footed, towards the kitchen. She really hated the laws- learning them, not the laws themselves.

Nearly 2 centuries ago (yeah, that far) humanity was reached by the other species. A fancy way of saying that the other species decided to make themselves public. No one knew, obviously, only the world's leaders. Both shocked and amazed humanity soon learned that being allies was better than enemies. So... the Dawn Laws were established. They were extensive laws that limited and specified the activities that both humans and other species had both in their realm, their homes, as individuals and as a specie itself. It gave them rights... and limitations. They were... actually very just, in her opinion. But... as she learned more and more about species and the laws, it was quite evident that vampires were shunned.

Vampires, could not hunt, could not own slaves, could only convert if the other party agreed, could not use their powers against others. These were the logical and comprehensive laws, the fair ones. Vampires, could not marry other species, could not drink human blood, had to be documented, could not leave the area where they were documented at- nope, no trips- could not convert individuals younger than 16 or "teen" age of each specie, and much more. They were oppressed. It didn't anger her. She didn't care... she still couldn't relate. She was just... sick. Forever.

Margo sighed at the thought of it. As she passed by an elder grandfather clock, with golden details, she noticed it marked 7:01pm. She was late... again. She shrugged... she didn't care. She was a vampire now... she had little to no rights. To have rights, she'd have to accept herself... what she was. It was just stupid.


She saluted the maids in the kitchen, who were gossiping the night away.

"Niña! What are you doing dressed like dat?!"

A latin maid scolds at her, she simply smiles. She liked the maids...they treated her like a normal, spoiled rich girl. She wasn't one...but she felt human around them. She hugged Carmen, her favorite one- reminded her of a nanny. It felt warm, something she'd never have again.

"Miss, are you ok?"
"Yeah, yeah...just..."

She giggles as she wipes a tear from her cheek.

"The usual."
"Want ice cream?"

A second one that was tending the dishes turns to join in on the conversation.

"The master asked for strawberry this time."


"No. I'm fine."

Carmen looked at her skeptically.

"Ok, let us know you want somethin'."

She waved goodbye and continued out the door to where her room was... further down some hallways. However, her knew refined hearing picked up the maid's conversation.

"Poor girl"
"Shh, dejala, she's a strong girl."
"But...to be like that so young..."
"I can't imagine how she must feel without a family."
"Oh por favor, her parents come here everyday. And her friends. Ella es buena."
"I still feel sorry for her..."

Margo covered her ears, frowning, she sped up her walk...her dead silent walk. Another...peculiarity of being a vampire. To be honest... she would now have a lot of peculiarities. The weirdest would always be breathing. Breathing was more out of... custom than a necessity. Still, these peculiarities, were perhaps the only thing she liked... made her feel like a super hero... or villain. She shivered at the thought as memories of THAT night came to mind. She was thankful though... to be alive... somewhat. It meant she could at least... enjoy living... forever.

She sighed. Regardless of everything, she had to hurry... they would almost be here.

Tam: So...what will we do tonight?

Pat: Margo...

Gabe: Decides.

Symone and Dani: As usual.

Millie: Got a problem?

Tam: Oh, damn girl!

The group laughs.

Lyon: Come on guys, we need to just be there for her.

Pat: We know...

Gabe: We're her friends.

Symone: It must be really hard. It's not like us...

Dani: Speak for yourself, WE had to learn about transforming and get used to...

Symone bit his shoulder to which he cries. The group laughs as she lick her bite... it slowly closes and hides the incisions her sharp teeth made. She smiles sweetly at him and he bumps his head against hers sweetly. The group smiles.

Lyon: Mutt, come on man...she was a bloodling.

Millie frowns and drops her head.

Millie: We couldn’t even see her the first days.

Tam: Followed by crying when she got out.

Pat: And nearly...

Gabe: Murdering the fuck...

Pat: Out of you guys...

Dani: Werewolves and vampires...

Symone: Movies have their truth after all?

The group chuckles, frowning as they walk up to the elegant metal gate that lead to the vast plot of land where Altidaire lived.

Tam: Seriously...

Millie: Just dont...

Tam: Come on! I mean...

Pat: Dont...

Gabe: Say it.

Tam: But...

Dani and Symone: Shut it Tam.

Tam: I hate you guys.

The group chuckles as Lyon presses the intercom. He expected the usual grave voice of the guard to answer him, but this time only a buzz came. The gate opened before them, revealing a mansion worthy of a millionaire. They weren't impressed or surprised anymore- except Tam- as they walked in. The group saluted the old, chubby guard who simply smiled at them sweetly as he cleaned his circular glasses. His name was Joseph... sweet man... they liked him.

Before them, as they laughed and joked their way up to the entrance, the door opened and a young girl with a perfectly white smile greeted them. Margo.

Margo received her friends with open arms and a big smile as she hugged all of them dearly. A bit too strong as Lyon (the first she hugged) actually got his back cracked slightly. They all laughed at it...she still had to control her strength. Despite seeing them every single...day/night, she just felt better with them. She felt normal. Just like a father, Altidaire greeted them all coldly and offered them beverages, food, goodies and candy. They all found it weird, as usual.

Moving to the study, following Margo, the group made themselves comfortable as they opted for a bit of talking and board games. To their demise, Altidaire had an exquisite taste for classical, rage inducing games: Jenga, Monopoly, cards, chess, scrabble, among others. Their cries of frustration filled the mansion.

However, they had to rotate games quite frequently as neither could go a single game without... cheating. Whether it was Symone reading other's minds, Margo and the werewolves using their speed and strength, or the twins using magic, the games became for more interesting as fights of abilities and powers became a thing. They were having fun. A night with friends...her daily medicine. However, Margo's condition would soon turn things to a serious tone as usual.

Eyes shading red and feeling a pain in her mouth as her fangs dropped, Margo excused herself for a moment from the group. A slight pop was heard along with a gust as air as Margo left the room and to quickly return with a red plastic bag and a glass. She quickly ripped it open, breathing heavily as she dumped the liquid on the crystal glass. Cantering it a minute, letting it breathe she swallowed hard the first gulp. Her claws, already edging out, quickly retracting as her breathing leveled. The group grew mute as her panting was the only thing audible.

Margo: Great... i just ruined...

Lyon hugged her from behind, tenderly but tightly. Margo broke into tears. The others soon followed, making a big ball of hug and love. She needed it.

Millie: I cant breathe!

Little Millie had been trapped and offered the comical relief as the hugs were broken off and she gasped for air. Lyon kissed her cheek, as he gave Margo a handkerchief to wipe her tears and smudged eyeliner. Margo didn't mind them anymore. They had been going out for a week or so now. Dating. She couldn't really say anything... she was bound to the mansion until Altidaire allowed her to go out. She understood why. She was a “bloodling”.

Contrary to Vampires like Altidaire and all “mature vampires”, bloodlings were "new vampires" who were still dependent and craved blood. In old times, a little "feast" of a couple humans would make any bloodling learn to control his abilities, powers and being a vampire. But... since the laws, vampires had to drink either animal blood or (wealthy vampire families like Altidaire's) buy human blood bags... at a steep price. It took away the hunt and process of centuries ago... making vampires much more... humane and tranquil. But it also extended the bloodling process. It was a terrible trade... but a necessary one- besides, she’d never participate in such a brutal thing. As Margo began to drink her glass slowly, acting as if it were wine, she tried to keep things going with games and fun. She had little success.

Her friends quickly started asking about her well-being and how "the process" was coming along. She tried to be aloof, talking about all she had learned: the realms, the races, the laws, etc. She underestimated their stubbornness, as always. And so... they talked.

She talked about the symptoms again... a bit more in control. She talked of her thirst and need to hunt, and how it made her feel frustrated. She talked about her daily training during the day. She laughed at her new dependency on caffeine... something they all related. Caffeine not only woke them all up, but (to Margo) it allowed her body to gain some tint, color and warmth... to seem human.

She showed them her claws and fangs, willingly taking them out. It was her greatest pride. She could finally remain composed as she turned her feminine small hands into viciously sharp claws that could shred through thin plates of steel (part of her training), and bare her fangs up and down without suffering much pain.

Her friends were the best. Supportive, attentive and comical, they just made her feel like one of them... with new abilities. According to Tam, she was going to gain abilities regardless of what she was... only that now she had vampire capabilities. And... that she apparently now had a perfect body, which made her laugh and won him a pummeling of pillows from the group.

Taking things a bit further, she did take things more jovial and jokingly as she talked about her powers. She talked about never having to suffer a period again, which made the guys groan and cringe while the girls protested... claiming it was “unfair”. She mentioned her ability to climb walls, quickly turning into a competition (Symone did not participate). Margo won every time as she only had to run up the wall and ceiling while others had to properly climb. She laughed nonstop at such competition and the ease with which she could do it while others required effort. Finally, she talked about her true power.

Every vampire gained a power... a supernatural ability when it was converted. Some had hypnotism, others could control others, or see the future. The power differed by the individual, and Margo's... was one she really liked.

"I called it 'Holmes'."

As she looked at all of them with glowing emerald eyes with tints of red swirling around it- the rest of her eyes was pure black.

Group: Sherlock Holmes?

Dani: So... you can... find things?

Margo flung a pillow at his face, which hit squarely and tumbled him back with a groan. Again, she still had to control her strength.

Margo: Idiot.

Tam: Can i be Watson?

Tam received a second tumbling of pillows. This time, he gathered all the pillows and made a "fortress". He was a joke... they all laughed for a while.

Margo: Ok, ok! Let me finish!

Margo scolds them and they all giggle into silence.

Margo: I called it Holmes because... like the books, and i can see things that aren't... always there or even visible.

The group looks at her lost and dumbfounded.

Margo: I dont know how to explain well.

Dani: Maybe if we do a test?

Lyon: You mean... try her power out?

Margo: I could say what you lovebirds do together...

She winks and the group looks at a crimson blushing Symone who covers her face immediately and a mute Dani. They all burst into laughter as they also try to ease the couple down. It was the first time witty Dani was left speechless and Symone was just dying inside. She made Margo swear she'd never do that again or talk about it. Margo swore. However, the surprise of such news changed the topic, making it quickly jump around. Millie and Lyon got rather nervous when asked, despite Dani's growls. Lyon and Millie simply said they were going out and that... they liked each other. Millie beamed in happiness as she nuzzled up to him. Margo smiled... a twitch on her eye.

Soon, the night drew to a close as they all had their curfew to get back to. With the events of a month ago and rare, isolated murders occurring throughout the city, the Wards had declared curfew hours for all species.

The Wards was the special security force composed of extra species. It was an old and ancient organization which had always watched over human world and the other realms... ensuring that their mingling was peaceful. Ironically, despite various species being part of its body, its work force was mainly composed of vampires... a secret few knew. In an attempt to redeem themselves and to win respect for their race, vampires became vigilantes. Soon, they became the elite group of the Ward known as the Alsec. However, their efficiency was not because of their battle prowess (nobody had ever seen them use force) it was mainly because of the fear that they were vamps.

Her friends bid her farewell as they all walked out to the road crossing in front of the mansion. There they'd each take their own means to get home. Margo watched them leave, smiling... nostalgia seeping in her heart.

Altidaire: The night is still young...

Margo: So, can i go...

Altidaire stared at her coldly, he knew she knew the answer to her train of thought. Margo sighed heavily.

Altidaire: You know...

Margo: I know...i know...

Altidaire: You may do as you wish inside this plot of land...but you can't leave until i deem you...capable.

Margo: I know...

Margo strutted inside, her bare feet inaudible.

Altidaire: Going to read?

Margo: Yeap...

Altidaire: Remember you have training tomorrow...

Margo: Ok...

Altidaire sipped his cup of tea as he simply hollered back at her as he closed the massive double doors of the house.

Altidaire: You didn't tell them about...

Margo: You were eaves dropping?!

Altidaire: hardly anything to get angry at me for. Why did you not tell them?

Margo did not answer as she walked to the study on the second floor. She trusted her friends, with her life. But... her decision... what she was training for...

Margo: I dont know...

She hoped they'd understand. She didn't want to be only normal... if she was now a monster, then she'd be a strong one. She wanted to use her powers... to not be oppressed. If she could get revenge along the way... it was perfect for her.

Altidaire: Margo, you very well know the council will not accept someone with a thirst for revenge in their hearts.

Margo: I KNOW!

Margo slammed the study door with a loud bang. She hated when he read her heart... his vampire power. But he was right. She needed to control herself, to hide this feeling, to move it elsewhere. Something that would make the council accept her. She wanted to be a Ward.

As Margo sat on a large couch, picking the book on the tea table beside it, she began to read. She needed to know more, about this world, about the races, about herself... everything. She read about the realms, about their differences, their properties and how they manifested on Earth. She read... until she fell asleep.

Wake up

A faint voice in the distance, muffled. She stirred in her sleep, groaning in protest.

Wake up

Margo growled and swatted away the voice with a delicate hand. She hated getting up. However, feeling a heavy tap on her head made her eyes pop open in protest as she rubbed where she was hit.

Margo: WHAT THE FU...

Before her stood a new vampire, a young, 19 year old vampire with short golden hair and a mind numbing grin. He was dressed for fencing practice, a tight white attire which showcased his athletic build. His face, though grinning, was serious, deadly cold as his clear blue eyes stared at her. Margo felt her heart jump and leap at his gaze.

"Name's Christoph. You are late."

He dumped on her a black fencing uniform and sword as he walked out of the room. Margo couldn't respond, she simply saw him leave and shut the door.

<<Hot Damn>>

She laughed at her own thought but quickly scurried off her seat and down to her room as he heard him cry her name. He knew her name. Her mind was going really childish... annoying. She had to hurry, she had to be mature, she had to be responsible, she... lost her cellphone. Her eyes darted in the pitch darkness of her room looking for the probably pulsing white screen. Where did she leave it?

Margo crawled and scurried around looking for it. She was quickly getting annoyed. A faint rumble, caught by her ears allowed her to pinpoint it... under the bed. Margo lifted her whole bed with ease as she clawed at her phone. She got it. Dropping her bed with a loud and heavy bang, she plops on it. She smiles.

-Lyon: Morning darling. How are you?

The best way to wake up. Her smile was wide as she answered him back.

-Margo: Morning hubby. Have fun with Millie?

As she suited up slowly, her phone vibrated again.

-Lyon: Yeah, a lot actually. We

-Lyon: kissed :D :D :D

Margo's blood boiled (figuratively speaking). As she clenched the phone she heard a soft crack and immediately calmed down. Too late, her screen had a line spread across the screen. She groaned in frustration. She had little time to dwell on this, however, as the familiar youthful but wise voice of her caretaker rang from the side of the door.

"I know you are a teenager, and this is... normal behavior. But you should be more thankful i got you a current Ward member to instruct you, dear."

Margo yelped and hoped in place as she had not noticed her door was opened. Although, she shouldn't be surprised. Vampires lacked a presence- no way she could've felt him. Margo turned to watch Altidaire with a mug of coffee at her doorway- she smiled. Altidaire placed the mug on her desk beside the door and waved.

"We'll be waiting. Your parents are here too."


"Yeap... clean up."

Margo looked around her at her room. Though pitch black, she could see it was a chaos of clothes thrown all round. Her mother was going to murder her.


Too late.



Margo quickly began to clean up, placing her clothes in her dirty clothes bin and organizing the best she could. She turned the light on, immediately feeling stupid... she didn't need it. She shrugs and keeps going. Throwing her comforter on her bed, she taps it down neatly just as her mother and father open the door. She hops onto her bed.


Both of her parents look at her unimpressed and serious. Their inquisitive eyes were beyond her abilities of deceit.

"You just finished cleaning didnt you?"


The three laugh as Margo runs to her parents, almost crashing onto them- again not controlling her abilities. Her father catches her though, his immense speed surprising for his build. He was a Liten, just like her mother though. Margo hugs him back to which he groans playfully. Margo apologizes immediately, he laughs, she and her mother scold him. She always missed them. However, Margo quickly squirms out as she apologizes to them. Grabbing her mug, she moves to the saloon of yesterday, just a few door ahead. Today was her first day of training to become a Ward. A gift from Altidaire? Unusual... but she'd receive it with all her determination.

As Margo struts away, her parents smile. Their girl was growing up, embracing change. Though it still hurt that she was a vampire now... they knew what Altidaire was doing. They were thankful, grateful and... disappointed, as they saw her room. She had just flung everything into baskets and corners... and under the bed. A parent always knew... and they chuckled as they began to organize her room. They had lost their daughter and she had been brought back. Though still not grown up yet… she was on her way. It was the best they could do, and she was doing her best too.

Back at the saloon, Margo flung both door open as she finished hand brushing her hair, rapier at her hip. Christoph, the blonde vampire simply watched her walk in as he tapped his sword on his shoulder.


She was. Margo unsheathes the rapier with the blunt tip and takes the basic stand she had learned in high school.

"Born ready."


He appeared in front of her, inches away from her face, blade at her neck (though not sharp, obviously). Her eyes go wide, shocked and afraid.

"Catch up."

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