Hidden World: Eternal Night

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Margo slammed her back hard on the floor as she lost her breath for the 9th time now- not like she was counting. She gasps for breath as she started to feel the protective gear heavy despite her new physical capabilities. Her body hurt, training had been nothing short from hellish and...savage.

"Get up"

"Let me..."

Margo gasped in fear and surprise as she was once again lifted against her will and flung forward. She barely manages to find her footing, silent and steady, she was still managing to control and measure all her new physical attributes and abilities. This training she had been so eager to begin with, was quickly turning into a grave mistake. As she turned she was barely able to swipe away the tip of the fencing rapier headed to her face (despite the protective gear), but was quickly met with a couple of strikes on her arms and finally another severe poke on her left shoulder. It stung horribly, maybe regenerating everything was a bad thing. As she falls back to the ground she begins to cry. She was fighting a vampire, a savage and gorgeous vampire who had been poking holes into her body nonstop as "training"- the "protective gear" was more placebo than anything.


"Is that what you'll tell the vampires who attacked? Who drained your blood and left you to die? Who made you become..."

Margo screams in anguish and anger as she rises up and begins to jab and swipe mercilessly and without any care or form at the young man. He simply sidesteps and swipes her motions away as if playing with a child. Cold and unwavering he dodges one of her lunges and swipes the side of her head. A loud buzz rings throughout Margo's head as she falls limp.


"I'm sorry master... but you did say..."

"I did say what?! If this is how you train your underlings, no wonder your ranks have lessened."

The man remains silent as he simply bows and storms away to the farthest end of the saloon. The hissing and elegant voice screeches at him and the young man stops.

"Sorry child."

Margo could feel the somewhat warm hand (he must have had coffee or tea lately) remove her helmet and help her up. She felt dizzy and sick... her body burned in pain.

"I hate this..." she whimpers.

"It's just a matter of time until..."


She pushes the elegantly dressed man away as she cries and burst to the other end of the room. The dramatic acceleration makes her lose her balance and she stumbles across the floor before lying on her back, crying.

"Hate this! I hate being a vampire! I never wanted this! I want my mom, my friends, my life! I want to go out! I want to enjoy the sun and not hide all day! I hate you for making me this! "

Margo screamed. As she cried the two vampires simply walked towards her, a casual strut. Kneeling beside her Altidaire caressed her head softly while Christoph extended a hand to her.

"Sorry." Comes a soothing and warm voice from the cold and vicious instructor.

"At least you are still alive...you can insult and hate me all you want. But at least you can still live." Comes the ever cold but wise voice of he who had given her a life. But, to Margo, it was all still so overwhelming.

"It's just not fair. And I can't do anything right!"

She slams the floor with her fist.

"I'm just doomed to be a useless vampire girl trapped in her home."

Christoph grabs her by the shoulder and pick her up, dusting her casually as she stood upright. Margo could only stare in awe and shock at the ease with which he did it. However, it was the young wise man's voice that scolded her.

"It takes time... some vampires dont fully grow into their bodies until years pass. But you... you are just blocking yourself."


"I'm sorry i was harsh. But the master here is right..."

"Stop calling him master... it's weird."

"Then... Lord..."


Altidaire chuckles and pats boths shoulders.

"Call me Alt." Both young vampires look at him confused but nod.


It was weird but after a chuckle and Margo sniffling, wiping her tears a bit. She ruffles her hair a bit and begins to look around. The place was gorgeous indeed... but a prison to her. She felt trapped between gorgeous furniture, thickly covered windows and closed doors. As she looked up at one of the candelabras which illuminated the saloon she sighed.

"I think i know what could help her." Said the juvenile voice beside her as he seemed to inspect her.

"Be my guest."

Christoph pushes Margo lightly on the shoulder.

"Tag, you're it."

He darts up the wall at immense speed. Margo's eyes stare questioningly, confused and after looking back at Altidaire- who urges her to follow- she darts after the vampire.

Margo begins to smile and laugh as their race took a 3D spin for the first time in her life. Up walls, along the roof, on the floor. Christoph smiled and laughed as he simply side stepped, dodged and used the fullness of the 3D environment to avoid her grasp. Margo struggled to keep up, but she felt better, she felt alive, she... was starting to understand.

"try harder, you regulate how much of your abilities you use. You must be conscious about it at all times."

As he said that Margo watched as his own Vampire ability was used. As her hand seemed to touch him, a trail of smoke was left instead as he displaced himself a couple feet away from her.

"That's cheating!"

She cried as she vaulted off a candelabra's chain to try and get to him, he simply displaces himself. Margo fall's to the floor, turning quickly to land on her feet. She frowns as she looks up at her opponent, laughing and waltzing on the roof. The unamused youthful master sat on one of the side tables with a cup of tea as he followed them.

"Stay calm, vampires have our emotions control our actions more than others. You must learn to be in control of yourself at all times."

He sipped his cup of tea as he sat on a large and regal chair beside the main door. Margo took a deep breath, closing her eyes. She focused. She wanted to go out, she wanted her friends, she wanted to be in control...to live. Slowly, all the noise, all the doubt, all the fear, all the hatred... everything was silenced. Margo opened her eyes, she was in control... perhaps a bit too self conscious about it. Still, she slowly bent her knees and stretched. She could feel it. Her muscles, the potential of her movements, the reach of her strength... more or less. She giggled.

"Good, good." Came the cold voice of the elder vampire. His cooing words were hacked by the cold voice of the other vampire that taunted her.

"Useless, unless she can actually use it."

He was sitting on the candelabra, looking down at her. Margo snarled at him and hopped in her place. It was different. When she hoped, she used to feel the weight of her body, the effort made. Now... she didnt feel it at all. She looked up and jumped. She yelped at the speed she reached him, smiling at her, waving goodbye as she went past him and smacked her back on the ceiling. Falling down she managed to land feet first, a landing as if she had floated. She rubbed her head.


Christoph laughed loudly and Margo frowned, her muscles tensing hard as she felt her vision go red and her muscles go hard, her fangs and claws baring themselves. A smack at the back of her head (hard) made her come back in control.


Altidaire stood behind her with his tea cup.

"Control. Go with the flow, learn to react. Literally, it's as if we slow time, we can see faster, move faster, think faster. Use it."

Margo rubs her head and looks up again.

think fast

She whispered to herself. She had always thought of herself as a fast thinker. She was just going to have to prove herself she was right.

Margo jumps up again, except this time, she felt the tension of her muscles, the "blood" coursing through her veins... the adrenaline. She had miscalculated again and was going to blow past him, she saw him smiling at her again as she went past. Everything was so slow. Margo moved her body as in a slow-mo state, making her feet connect with the roof. This time she hopped from the roof, Christoph went from smiling to surprise as her hand stretched to his chest. He displaced himself in a swirl of smoke and Margo (thinking quickly) grabbed the candelabra and swung herself onto it with ease. She was finally getting it.

"Good..." Came the surprised voice of the young vampire she had nearly taken by surprise.

Margo smiled and darted at Christoph, this time... she would get him.

Margo panted as she now sat on a dangling and swinging candelabra. She had removed her gear a while back and was now sitting with just her pants and shirt. She was surprised (though she shouldn't) she didn't sweat at all. Altidaire had left a couple hours ago and Christoph was leaning on a column near the now open windows. He was gazing at the sunset, the sun's final rays weren't enough to harm them.

"Giving up?"

"Fuck you."

Christoph chuckled as he stretched and walked down the column to the floor. Margo snarled at him from above. Despite her best efforts she couldn't catch him. She had been close countless times, just to see him become smoke and get away.

"You are a cheater."

"Because i know how to use my power?"

"It's unfair! I have nothing like that!"

"False, you have your power. Figure it out."

Margo slammed the candelabra in frustration and exhaled heavily. Her vision thing was just useful to find or notice things like... her phone between the pillows. She had no idea what to use it for besides that. Christoph sighs as he watches at the helpless girl.

"Look, focus on your power. I suppose you already know your power. Yes?"


Christoph rolls his eyes.

"Use it and just...focus on using it all the time. Try to find how much you can push it. All powers have a use and purpose, they're not meant to be only...practical."

Margo gets up, glaring down at him as he walked leisurely around. She hated him. He wasn't nice, had hurt her and was just making fun of her for being so... inexperienced. She scoffs. To her, he was just a show off for being who knows how many years old and just pushing her around. She was angry, but she needed to calm down to even try and do anything. That was rather annoying. She liked being expressive and wild. Now... she'd have to be miss proper and nice. It killed her.

Margo sighed and closed her eyes, trying to control herself. Margo opened her eyes and got up, looking down once again to Christoph. He was checking his phone. Margo grinned as she leaped down, trying to catch him off guard. Christoph merely becomes smoke once again and Margo lands with no success, Christoph besides her just staring at her.


Margo jumps towards him and their chase begins once again. She failed every time. Margo stops, panting as he simply begins to walk around her.

"You're very inefficient in your moving. You're out of breath, an irony since we don't breath."

"Shut up!"

"You're exhausted, we should end for today."

"NO! I will catch you."


As Christoph walks to the door Margo glares at him in rage, except she didn't seem to lose control. Breathing, she notices something new. Focusing on him, on his walking, Margo could see ... more. She could see the flow of blood through him. She could see patches of areas where she could strike. She could... see his next move. A small shadow, like a vision, of all the possible moves he could do. Yet, since he was focused on only one thing, his mind set, she could see every move perfectly. She was in shock. He would turn around and ask her...

"Why are you so surprised?"

Margo covered her mouth. This... was her power?

Christoph crosses his hands over his chest. Margo slowly moves towards him and stretches a hand at him. Christoph sighs and smokes back.

"I dont know..."

A hand held him by the wrist. His eyes go wide, Margo stares wide-eyed back at him, emerald shining eyes. Her power had been awakened.


Margo laughed beside Christoph as they swung on the candelabra. The sun had set a couple hours back, her parents had bid her farewell, dinner was handed to them (bloodbags), things had turn out for the best. She felt bad she hadn't spent much time with her parents, but she was too excited and... afraid. She was afraid of herself, of what she could do. She wanted this desperately. Control. She needed to feel she couldn't and wouldn't hurt those she loved. However, up here, swinging playfully after a day of discovery... the world seemed to drift away.

"What is that power of yours? I've never seen it before."

"How am i supposed to know? I just know i can...see stuff?"

Christoph laughs, a manly laugh.

"What? Like dead people?"

"That's my joke." Rang a familiar voice for Margo. A beloved young and caring, warm voice. Lyon had just walked in.

Margo squealed as she hoped off from the candelabra, dropping gracefully to the floor and lunged herself at Lyon. She could control things a bit better now, their embrace came with a soft thud. Lyon laughed as he managed to hug her, the gleeful Margo he loved. Though it wasn't thanks to him.


Millie cleared her throat and the duo laughed as Margo moved to hug Millie. She had moved into the saloon right behind Lyon and her jealousy was palpable, despite being Margo's friend. Margo's fangs twitched and she felt tense. She suddenly feels a hand pull her away from them as Lyon rubbed Millie's head- who had hugged him from behind.


"Nice to see you again, Lyonel." Came the cold and authoritarian voice of the Vampire Ward that had been her instructor for the day.

"Christoph." Came Lyon's voice with a low growl.

Their tones quickly grew tense as Millie snarled at him slightly, hugging Lyon tighter. Margo felt her fangs go bear, but she remembered her teachings and quickly began to take deep breaths. Control. Christoph scoffs as he looks at Lyon and Millie look worryingly at Margo.

"Causing trouble as always. You see, she's in pain with your dirty presence."

"We've been friends all our lives, the only intruder here is you."

"You KNEW her...Lyonel"

Lyon snarled as Margo pushed Christoph away, her eyes beginning to go black as night and her fangs bear.

"So confident considering you just met her."

"I've been helping her."

"Like you helped your sister?"

Christoph bears his fangs and hisses at him.

"So, how's your family faring? Found out what happened to your poor mother?"

Lyon morphed his claws as he lunged at the vampire only to find himself pinned to the ground. Millie, holding him in a tight embrace, trying to soothe him as Margo placed herself between them, back to Lyon.


She commands at Christoph who snarls at her and she snarls back, her claws and fangs completely bare now.

"Fine. I dont want to be with these..."

Margo slapped him across the face, one which, with her claws, leave a bloody trail mark of a swipe. The regeneration of the nasty cuts is perfectly visible as the skin closes on its own.

"Very well...i'll see you tomorrow for more training."

His tone was leveled but Margo knew she had just earned herself a day of torture. She tries to calm herself, her new acute hearing hearing Millie calm Lyon down and...kiss him? As she turns she watched Millie kiss Lyon's cheek, a blushing Lyon. She swallows hard.


Lyon and Millie turn their gazes at her.

"You ok?" Comes the caring voice of her childhood friend.

"You're...well..." Comes the nervouse voice of her friend and now his... she didn't wish to say.

Margo looks down at her claws. After a sigh, she focuses on them. On retracting them. Slowly her claws and fangs back up, it was still a bit painful.

"So...you feeling better?" Asks Lyon as he approaches her and combs her hair a bit with his normal hands.

"Yeah, thanks for asking. But...i just want to...control this."

"It takes time..." Millie stood beside her, giving her a quick hug.

Margo scoffs.

"Everyone says that." She felt bitter.

Lyon smiles and moves behind her, hugging her. Margo's body tenses.

"Just relax, i mean... all of this is new for you. Take your time..."

Margo was hearing him, he was trying to calm her down as he used to do. But... his touch had her tense. Her body rejected his presence, she could smell him. A dog stench, dirty blood and fur. She had read that vampires and werewolves couldn't get along. Warring clans. She had believed she could learn to control that too. Many vampires like Altidaire were unmoved by the race standing before him. Then again, he was... who-knew how many years old.

Margo turned and pushed Lyon away. Unable to control herself this time, her push was excessive causing Lyon to fall back onto Millie's arms who slides slightly backwards.


"It's ok." Comes the unison surprised cry of the couple.

They smile, a fake smile filled with worry and nervousness. Margo tears up as she turns around, grabs her blood bag and struts to the window. As a tear streams down her cheek, she looks down at her hands. She hated this. She hated being a vampire. In the least, she wished she could control herself. That idea, seemed like a goal far off into the distance. She sucks on the bag miserably.

Lyon and Millie move up behind her. Millie is the first too talk as she stands beside her.

"Margo, dont sulk. We...actually, kinda understand what this is like."

"Morphing at first is very painful." Lyons softly shares as he places a hand on her shoulder.

"I mean, you saw it yourself our body literally breaks and shapes itself into a different thing." Explained Millie.

"Millie cried like a baby when her first fangs came out, chewed on a bone... OW!"

Millie punched him on the shoulder and was now standing pouting beside him.

"Says the one who literally woke up in a field of sheep naked..."

Lyon covered her mouth immediately, but Margo could understand enough and turned wide eyed at him.

"Control isn't my forte, ok!"

Millie laughed with her mouth covered and Margo soon joined in.

"I coughed wool for over a week."

"It explains so much, you were like a cat." Margo remembered and choked a bit on her bag.

"My dad nearly murdered me when he found me."

Millie begins to cry as she laughs hysterically. Lyon lets her go. They all laugh, an honest and bonding laugh.

As Margo hears them share their stories of when they were learning what being a werewolf was and transforming, she feels relieved. She couldn't actually relate to the bone breaking sensations nor anything about sense saturation (barrages of smells and sounds), but they all had their hardships. Sitting on the saloon floor, she was able to appreciate how close they (the three) were. She loved her friends.

"So...i see you two together more often."

Millie and Lyon look at each other and blush. Margo's heart cringes.


Millie nudges Lyon with her shoulder.


Millie face palms and Margo laughs, Lyon joins in on the laugh- he was simply teasing her as usual.

"Well...we're...actually going out."

Margo looked at them in shock. She couldn't exteriorize any emotion, she was torn between them. Jealousy, absolute and pure jealousy as her beloved Lyon had been taken. Hatred to herself for not having been honest with him. Happyness for her two beloved friends who were together as a couple...or at least dating for now. And, sadness for her lost opportunity. Still, she managed to whip up a smile.

"I'm so happy!"

She crawls to Millie and grabs her in a tight hug to which the small girl yelps in surprise. The two girls laughs as Lyon simply watches them with loving eyes. However, the emotion was short lived as Margo backs up immediatedly and without warning, the muscles around her eyes tense and her claws beginning to bear out.

"Yeap...will take some time." Her voice is stiff.

"All you need." Comforts Lyon with a nervous smile.

"We'll always come visit you." Millie assures her as Margo slowly relaxes.


Margo glares with her intimidating new physique at Lyon who leans backwards in surprise.

" If you hurt her..."

"I wont..."

"If you..."

"Who do you think i am?!"

"A guy."

The girls giggle and laugh as Lyon laughs, covering his face, shaking it in disapproval. It was fun being with them.

As the night slowly progressed, the trio shared stories, gave Margo tips and simply enjoyed time together beside the first floor's living room with a fireplace. Millie and Lyon ate a bit of the gourmet and elegant food the chef was... rarely able to cook- for obvious reasons. The three had laughed and giggled about the subject for a good while when the chef himself had come out to explain the quail dish to them.

They talked about her life here, about Altidaire, about her new amazing and beautiful looks (which she denied feverishly). They had caught up on all that had happened and that Margo had missed out on the last months. From the shadows, the master of the household smiled, almost warmly, at the sight of the 3 "preteens".

"I'm glad you're all enjoying yourselves."

The three scream in surprise as the vampire finally announces his presence from the shadows, stepping into the light.

"You scared us!" Protested Margo, visibly annoyed.

"You dont say. And i'm just a guy looking 21 years old."

"Who dresses like a noble lord." Millie was quick to point out with a slow growl. She was considerably the most hot tempered.

"I like these clothes."

"Every tried shirts?" Inquired Lyon as he examined, along with the others, his clothes as he dramatically flaunted them.

"Ever tried THESE clothes?"

Lyon grins. The other girls grin as they exchange glances. The trio had gotten an idea. Altidaire caught on.


"Oh come on..."

The girls quickly catch up and join the plead. After a couple of minutes insisting, Altidaire sighs.


The girls and even household cheers.

The first to walk into the living room, where every furniture was occupied by someone, was Altidaire- sporting Lyon's elegant and fit muscle, longsleeved shirt with tight jeans. With his milky white skin, skinny body and black hair, he looked very euro- like some sort of french critique. The crowd laughs, cheers and whistles at him. It became a runway show as Altidaire struts beautifully and manly towards them, striking a pose. Margo and Millie go wild along with the female households as they squeal scream and cheer. Laughs and fun filling the place. Next came Lyon, walking very manly and straightup as the noble clothes were perhaps a bit too fit on his muscular body. Still, serious face on, he walked down towards them with confidence as he struck his pose. The screams intensified and Lyon couldn't help but laugh at the reaction he got. Millie blew kisses at him and Margo simply curled up into a ball, her muscles hurting from the laughter and shouting.

As the boys walked one more time to await the decision, it was a rather torn win of 8-6 to Lyon. At the end, they gave each other back their clothes and both joined the girls back in the living room as Altidaire commanded the household helpers to return to their duties. Margo was glad days could be like this. According to most of the households, the place was much more livelier with her around.

"Well, now that we've had our fun, i actually am glad these two cubs came to visit."

"Cubs? We aren't..." The couple protests, rather offended at the remark.

"Yeah yeah, age, control, initiation, blah blah. So...i wanted to ask you a favor on behalf of Margo."


"As you know, my estate is rather large. And on this estate, there are wild animals. I was wondering... would you mind escorting her on her own initiation?"

"The hunt..." It was a low mutter as the couple responded in unison. Their tone was grim, as if they were asked to do something dreadful.

"Yes...i do believe she's ready."

Margo looked at her friends whisper to each other, worry on their faces.

"Are there any dangers in this estate?" Asked a rather protective and paternal Lyon.

"Not that i know of."

"How do we know there aren't Exiles in the forest?" Asked a rather scared and flushed Millie.

"You dont..."

"Then why the fuck...!" Lyon detonates, remembering the incident that had caused her friend to become what she was.

"You consider her weak? That she can't rise over the dangers like you two did? Were your comforting words to her just lies?"

Millie and Lyon look at each other and then turn to Margo who had a rather dumbfound look on her face.

"Mar, the hunt is literally going hunting in the woods until dawn. A tradition of vampires and werewolves... to spark our primal instincts and gain control." Lyon states bluntly and with a serious tone.


"We'd all go alone, he who brings back the biggest prey... wins. Not that it matters, it simply shows how much is your control."

"Wait...so...i must..."

"Kill something and bring it back as a trophy." Millie explains with simplicity.

Margo pulls her leg in in surprise, fear and disgust at the idea.



Lyon bows his head, sighing, unable to say the words. Millie hugs him and takes his words.

"Because... our races... have certain rituals. This one ensures you know how to defend yourself from the dangers in the world."


Lyon takes a deep breath as he shares a bit of knowledge shared to him from his father.

"In ancient times, this ritual was done with communities. Some initiates never came back... the dark woods have always been the best place to take out grudges."

Margo sips her cup of blood trying not to think about it. It was horrifying. The subject had made the air dense and tense and Altidaire felt rather disappointed. He rarely gave opportunities, then again, it had been a long time since he had a fledgling.

"It's your choice Margo. But if you cant control or defend yourself..."

He begins to walk away.

"Exiles will be the least of your worries."

Margo looks at him in shock, she felt cold again. As she turned to her friends, their grim expressions weren't the most reassuring either. However, curiosity spikes her as she focused on the concept of "trophies".

"Did you..."

Lyon blushes and mutters his response.
"A 300 pound grizzly bear."

Millie is much more proud in her share.
"A deer."

Margo smiles nervously.

"That's not so bad. Besides show off Lyon."

She chuckles as Millie caresses his head. Lyon still seemed worried.

"Are you sure? Many lose control at the sight of blood."

Millie remembered these words of warning. Her eyes go a bit blank, as if in trance.

"Enter a frenzy, a bloodlust frenzy. You just want to kill everything...you want more... more blood, more thrill."

This time Lyon is who embraces her in a tight hug. Margo's heart withers... fear and jealousy. She dares.

"And... what happens..."

As he comforts the young girl between his arms, he continues with the words of warning.

"At best, you regain control... like me, and come back home. At worst..."

A silence makes the air tense as Margo dares not prod. Millie, herself, is the one to explain.

"At worst... they go searching for you... and bring you back... whatever it takes. Even if it means... killing you."

"Kill you?!"

Millie looks away, her eyes tearing up. Her voice breaks.

"You become a danger... a threat to others and the peace of the world. So... you must be stopped, at all costs."

"Millie, dont beat yourself... you came back."

Margo looked at the couple confused and... genuinely worried. Her beloved friends... struggled with this?

"Did... something..."

"It's... best you dont know. Millie hates remembering it. Her deer... it was the only creature she could bring back without... breaking the laws."

Margo was smart, she understood. As she looked at the teared up, sniffling, small, beautiful sweet Millie she wondered how could such an adorable girl hide such a dark secret. Then again, she remembered the events of that horrible night. Millie had murdered a vampire with such an ease... as if she had done it before. Margo shivered, but... she had decided.

"Take me..."


"I can do it..."

"Margo... if you lose control..."

"I wont..."

She grabs their hands, Millie turning to her with watery eyes.

"I know you wont let me. I trust you guys."

With a smile, the two nod at her. As Margo speeds to her room to change. Millie looks up at Lyon.

"We can't let her go alone."

"I know...we'll have to intervene."

Millie nods she gets up and begins to take off her shoes. Lyon stares away as Millie giggles and asks the servants for bags, preparations had to be made. Lyon sighs, rubbing the back of his neck. He knew how hard the hunt was and... with recent news... how dangerous it could be. As he walked to the window and looked at the vast forest that hid the mansion... he wondered. He wondered if they were out there... if they were waiting. He hoped not... he didn't want to bloody his hands again.

He didn't hate it... he loved it... and that was why he hated killing. Because it felt so good. After all, he was who had brought Millie back when things had gone wrong on her hunt. Finding her eating at the corpses of dears and bears, butchered and mangled along with the bodies of vampires (exiles) and humans, he didn't have time to reason. He instinctively engaged her, he had gone all out on her... he was thankful he did... and she did. He had nearly killed her, their fight had been vicious as both had fought with every murderous intent. It is then that they had become close... their dirty secret, a burning passion.

As the full moon shined bright in the night sky. Lyon sighed... he had a bad feeling. A very bad feeling... something was out there tonight.

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