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Chapter 30 – Flawsome

– Three months later –

Friday, May 26th, 2017

I have never been more nervous as I am tonight.

It’s not the fact I’m about to publicly date Calo in front of the whole school, attending prom with him. It’s not even the fact I’m actually going to prom while I never expected to go in the first place.

It’s not the fact I dislike wearing a suit and it puts me slightly on edge because I feel itchy in it.

It’s not the fact Calo is late, because by now I’m used to dating a guy who has absolutely no eye for punctuality whatsoever.

It’s the fact Calo told me he has a couple of surprises for tonight and despite my endless begging for him to tell what those surprises are, he didn’t give out even the slightest hint to any of them.

Since Calo just texted me he is about to head over to pick me up, I know I have about ten minutes left to feel nervous up until a point that I think I’m going to be sick.

Pyper’s been giddy all day today, as she helped me pick out the suit, along with a bow-tie and everything that goes with getting ready for prom.

She even made me put in effort to do my hair.

Right now, she’s smirking at me as mom is nervously fiddling with my polaroid camera – I insisted on my parents taking at least two pictures with it – while dad is reading a book during the wait for my late as ever boyfriend to arrive.

He’s going to take pictures with the digital camera that is mostly collecting dust because I simply prefer the old school polaroid pictures.

They’re way more awesome.

“Stop scratching your arm.” Pyper whisper screams at me, slapping my hand away from my arm. “It’s just Calo. You guys have been dating since January. You’ll be fine.”

“I’ll be going to prom, with Calo,” I deadpan. “Me, Neo Favre, is going to prom.”

“Yeah! I’m so happy,” mom calls out happily. “My boy is growing up.” She wipes away an invisible tear. “But all jokes aside, honey, you are taking big steps ever since you met Calo and I’m really happy to see how good you are doing lately.”

“So am I,” I agree with a smile, nodding along. I’ve been able to tone down the compulsions up until a point I no longer have to skip steps on the stairs or tap the freaking light switch to the beat of ‘we will rock you’. I only tap it trice, shutting it off at the third hit. I only turn it off when I leave my room for more then a couple of minutes. I no longer hop into rooms, I only avoid cracks in the floor, but no lines.

Lines are so much different from cracks in a floor.

They’re so much different, enabling me from actually joining in on P.E. for the first time ever without panicking.

I no longer organize my stuff – well, by colour; baby steps – and I’m no longer anxious about germs, just a bit on edge and I tend to scratch the part of skin that feels dirty.

But Dr. Delgado – or Martin, as I call him by now – helped me to tackle them one by one, at a pace I was comfortable with.

And ever since I persuaded him into guiding Calo at home, they both are doing way better.

Calo hasn’t had an episode in a month and the last only lasted a day and a half, instead of half a week or longer.

Things are going great, and I couldn’t be happier about anything, then the fact I met Calo the day he came to our school.

He has been my saviour, and I’d like to think I was his too.

As if we were meant to end up together.

And then there’s the honk of a car, shortly followed by the doorbell and an impatient knock on our door.

It’s typically Calo; showing up late, only to be impatient when I’m not opening the door within three seconds.

I chuckle and jump up from my seat to let him in, instantly entranced by how handsome he looks in his suit.

“Hey there, cutie.” He smirks, pulling me closer as soon as he slid an arm around my middle, kissing me on my lips sweetly.

“Hey there, handsome.” I hum back with a small smile lingering in the corners of my lips. “You look very good in that suit.”

“As do you, my dear.” He wipes an invisibly dust particle off my shoulder, still keeping me close to him, pecking a couple kissed all over my face. “And I’ve got plenty of surprises for my lovely date.”

I smirk, though I’m really, really curious about those surprises.

“Picture time!” Mom breaks whatever moment of privacy we had, entering the hallway, dad following close behind her. We pose with the two of us, with mom, with both my parents while Pyper takes a picture, and we pose with his parents in the same small groups. Then he takes me outside, to show me he arranged a limo for us to ride to school with. Inside, I find Angela and Tommie already waiting for us, along with Libby and Carson.

I greet them cheerfully as I scoot onto the seat, followed by Calo.

“Ready for prom?” Calo whispers after he pulled me in his arms.

“More then I’ll ever was.” I nod, pecking a kiss on his jaw. “As long as it’s with you.”

“Good, same, Favre.” He smiles, answering my kiss with one of his own, this time on my lips. “As long as I’m with you.”

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

I’m nervously biting my nail, while watching towards the phone expectantly, nervously, frustrated. My eyes flicker back and forward between the phone and the clock, which currently states it is half past six in the evening.

Mom is cooking dinner, and dad is in the garage with Calo, checking out the new car dad just got.

Only half an hour left of this terrible suspension, awaiting my faith and finding out if I graduated or not.

No phone call equals good news, a phone call would mean I’d either have to retake some exams, or I failed overall.

The last part isn’t possible because I had good enough grades to not flunk overall, but I still needed to pass the exams anyway.

For the entire day, Prayaav, Carson, Calo, mom and dad have been trying to distract me. Once Pyper got home from school we went to the park and I watched her, Prayaav, and Calo and most of his siblings play soccer – I still don’t like to run around and get sweaty, even though I did attend P.E. in the past weeks. If it’s not obligated, I’m not getting sweaty.

I have been contemplating on getting a job, but since I still have tons of irky habits that I now feel comfortable with while executing, that’ll still be a big challenge, and Martin told me not to focus on that just yet. He told me the next big thing to focus on, is moving out of my parents’ home.

Break free from my mother, and my need to always have her close. She went on a fieldtrip with my class to a museum to make sure I was okay, and I managed to survive without completely freaking out.

Though I had been exhausted once I got home.

And then there’s the development in which I stayed over at the Delgado household on several occasions, Mrs. Delgado taking over all my mom’s habits to make me feel home.

The first time I slightly freaked out, but Martin managed to calm me down. The second time, Calo managed to do so, and the third time I was on edge, but getting used to it.

By now, I can stay over without any problems, and that in itself is the biggest progress I made in my entire life. I didn’t need my mom to calm down, and then I didn’t need mom at all.

Calo helped his mother to accommodate to my needs during dinner and breakfast, telling me he wanted to know how to handle things.

And then he told me he wanted to know, because once we would move in together, he wanted to know how to handle it every day, for as long as I wanted.

“Stop biting your nails.” Calo warns me, leaning over from behind the couch to peck a kiss on my cheek, in one movement pulling away my hand from my face. “You graduated. It’s impossible you failed an exam.”

“You always think so highly of me, but I feel the need to remind you I am still human, and I still get to fail exams.”

Calo chuckles, sliding onto the couch in a swift movement, pulling me in his arms to peck more kisses all over my face. “To me, you are flawless.”

“Dear Calo, I’m far from flawless.”

“I said, to me.”

“Even to you I’m not flawless.” I laugh out, nudging him playfully. “I have my flaws, but that’s okay. They make me the person I am today, and I like that person.”

“So, you’re flawsome?”

“I’m what now?” I laugh out louder, while I snuggle into his hold, still staring towards the phone expectantly, wondering when they’ll call me to tell I need to retake one or two exams.


“And what’s that now? Another word you came up with yourself, or at least, gave a new meaning to like with Favre?”

“I’m telling you, Favre means all those good things.”

“It still means indecisive too.” I counter, shrugging a bit. “But it fits me, I can be indecisive.”

“Yeah, but now you’re flawsome, and there’s no negative meaning to that word.”

“Then what does it mean?”

“Someone who is flawsome, embraces their flaws, still knowing they’re awesome regardless of them.”

“See, now that’s a word to describe me.” I chuckle. “I can live with being flawsome.”

“Good, because I love every part about you, including your flaws. I love your irky habits and it almost saddens me you no longer jump into rooms.”

I snort, nudging him a bit harder in his ribs. He gasps for air in shock, countering my attack by starting to tickle me, causing me to end up in a fit of laughter.

“Mercy, Calo!” I call out in between loud laughter, and he eventually lets go of me so I get to recover from the attack.

“I love you, Neo.”

“I love you too but do know that I’m happy nobody is thinking of me as a prima ballerina any longer.” I wave a lecturing finger towards him. “Or Faulty Favre.”

“Contradiction.” Calo pulls a face, and we both laugh a little. “A Favre can never be faulty.”

“We’re never going to agree on that.” I tell him with a smile on my face. “And we’re so going to take your name once we get married. Delgado is harder to match with negative words.”

“Dull Delgado, dumb Delgado…” Calo names, but falters after two.

“Faulty Favre, Freaky Favre, Failing Favre…”

“Now, that’s not fair, faulty and failing are the same thing.”

“Faggy Favre…” I continue, until he covers my mouth, tackling me onto the couch.

“Enough. How about “Freaking hot Favre, Flirty Favre, Fantastic Favre, Funny Favre…”

“Yeah, yeah!” I call out, words muffled by his hands. “I got it! Positive thoughts!”

“Exactly.” Calo leans in and locks his lips with mine shortly, but I notice his eyes focussing on something else. “It’s six.”

My eyes widen, and we stare at each other in silence for a couple of seconds, before we both grin widely, and then we cheer out, knowing we both graduated.

I can finally move past my awful high school years, move on, go to college, and be as happy as I am now for years to come.

No more reminders of bullying, or disrespectful teachers.

Or at least, I hope. But knowing that Angela, Calo, Seino and Prayaav are all going to be in college with me, tells me I will be fine, because I will have my best friends close to me to keep me company.

At least I won’t be alone anymore.


Sunday, July 30th, 2017

I’m hurrying around the house like a chicken who’d lost its head. I have no idea where to find everything that I need to take with me.

Pyper, in the same time, has been doing practically the same, though she made a list she’s checking things off, to make sure she won’t forget anything.

“Give me that list.” I demand, stretching out my arm to take it from her. “I’ll get it back to you as soon as I’ve written it down for myself.”

“No, you make your own lost. Mom helped me with mine. Go bother her.” Pyper counters, stuffing the paper into her pocket before sticking out her tongue. “I don’t have time to wait for you to copy it.”

“Pyper! You promised to help me!”

“Help you pick out outfits!” She calls after me since she left her bedroom to grab stuff in the bathroom.

This vacation is going to be the death of me.

It’s too much stress.

It really is.

I’ll be living from a suitcase for four freaking weeks and I’m not sure I’ll survive.

Well, technically not a suitcase since we will have rooms with closets to unpack our stuff for the time being.

The Delgado’s are taking the four of us on a vacation in their summer residence in the mountains. I’ll be sharing a room with Calo – after hours full of discussions and arguments with both our parents.

As if we never did stuff before. We were allowed to sleep together for the past seven months already, so why make a big deal out of this now?

I won the discussion, finally, after I told my parents it be a great practise for once we would be ready to move out and rent a dorm room on campus.

Calo is going to have a room already, but he requested no roommates because of my situation and his own.

School didn’t want to accommodate us in all of our needs and said Calo had no need for a private room. I did, but I wouldn’t be moving to campus yet.

Eventually, I signed up to room with him, though I’m not going to live there for now. But it does mean Calo will have a two-person dorm room to his own, and I can stay over whenever the hell pleases me.

And then we’ll take baby steps, until I’m ready to move out of my parental home, and we’re both ready to move into a room together.

Now we’re allowed to share a room with en-suite bathroom and see for ourselves if it would work out to live together while we haven’t been together for even a year.

We don’t even know each other for a year.

But I’ve been spending so much time together with him, that I feel as if I’ve known him for entire life.

And now they’re taking us on vacation.

And Pyper and I have never been on a vacation, ever, so this is huge and exciting. But we’re both inexperienced with packing, so we’re freaking out while we have hours ahead before we’re leaving.

I just don’t want to forget anything.

We’ll be hours away from home so I don’t just get to go home to pick up whatever I forgot.

And therefor, I listen to Pyper, for once, and head over to mom to ask her to help me with a checklist of my own.

One that accommodates my personal needs.

She helps me write down whatever I need and tells me to lay out everything on the bed until I have everything, so that I can see that I did not forget anything.

Besides, only then do I get to pack my bags in a decent way.

She promises to help me check once I think I’m done, and when I get back upstairs, Pyper took the liberty of grabbing stacks of clothes that she wants me to take with me.

It’s one of the few habits that I can’t seem to get rid of; having Pyper picking out my clothes.

I have three hours left until Calo, Lorenzo and Seino will pick me up, while Pyper and Yasmine – who became close friends in the last months - will drive with our parents, so that Calo’s parents get to drive with the rest of his siblings.

I never realised how much planning a large family required, until I got closer to the Delgado family. Whenever they go out to do something with the family, they need at least two cars.

But then again, I love their family and how big it is, and I’m adamant about getting a big family myself one day.

Calo still disagrees and wants to settle at three, but I bet I’ll come up with more arguments to persuade him to adopt more.

But it’s not something I’m all too serious about. I’m only seventeen, and I have plenty of time left to work on a future.

Let’s work on the here and now first.

And get the suitcase packed in time.

And then we’ll get to pounder over things further ahead in the future.

* * * * *

I’ve been giddy and hyper active during the entire ride, I think annoying Calo a bit – who rather wanted to sleep in the car.

Seino, Lorenzo and I played a bunch of games to kill time, and we had to take multiple breaks because Lorenzo is the only chauffeur in our car. It’s also the reason we left a little early compared to the rest, and we still arrive last.

I kind of worry over the fact someone might have taken the bedroom they promised Calo and I could have, but on further inspection, that is still free. We share a large bedroom with double bed, a huge closet and indeed our own bathroom with bathtub – I’ll be sure to take a bath at least twice a week – and we even have our own little balcony.

I bed we have the master bedroom. It’s impossible for another room to be even better.

The house has a sauna, a gaming room and a huge living room, combined with a large kitchen and a long-ass table, with plenty of space for all of us to sit down.

Mom and Mrs. Delgado decided to focus on the basics, like food and whatnot, while Martin and dad are discussing any possible activities for the next four weeks.


“My thoughts are worth way more than a penny,” I tell Calo before he is able to finish his sentence. What I did not expect him to do, is tackle me to the bed.

“It’s priceless,” he whispers, leaning over to connect our lips in a sweet kiss. “Just as precious as your laugh.”

“Okay, what do you need?” I laugh out, and he stares at me with wide eyes, starting to tickle me as always.

“I don’t need anything, other then a boyfriend that gives me love when I’m sweet and charming.”

“But you’re sweet and charming all the time!” I laugh out, trying to pry his hands off of me to make him stop tickling me.

“Then give me love, all the time!” He exclaims in the same way, and then hold me down to kiss me again, this time not allowing me to pull back until he decides the kiss if over.

“But that’s exhausting.” I tease him some more as soon as he pulled back. “I need to love myself too, you know. And I deserve lots of love…”

“So full of yourself.”

I laugh out again, an only stop once he rolls us over to pull me in his arms protectively.

“Yes, you deserve all the love in the world,” he whispers sweetly, nuzzling his face into my neck. “And I’ll try and give you as much as you need, Neo.”

“Pinkie promise?”

He laughs out, but eventually I feel him nod. And when he lifts his hand, raising his pinkie finger, I curl mine around his with a small smile. “Pinkie promise.”

“You’re the best boyfriend anyone could wish for, Cay.”

“No, that’s a lie.”

“It’s not.”

“It is, because you are the best.”

“I’m not…”

“Yes, don’t you remember?” Calo leans up to look me straight in the eye. “We agreed flawsome was the best possibility. And you, Neo Favre, are flawsome.”

Flawsome – One-shot – CaloxNeo

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