Breaking Free From Planet Earth

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Why does Marcus enjoy "the land of growing trees?"

Drama / Fantasy
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

Marcus felt the need to fly. So, he made himself invisible. This truly gave him both enthusiasm and enjoyment. His reason for doing this was right. This was the greatest feeling in the universe for Marcus. At times like this, nothing would limit him. He would turn into a young person who had hope for the time to come.

Marcus isolated himself inside a land of growing trees to break free from Planet Earth. He did this to bring into existence the people he would later include in his movies, plays, and books. In addition, Marcus traveled to surprising areas within his enjoyment. He went from one place to another held up by a vessel by people who both robbed and attacked other sailing vessels at sea. He also had conflicts in opposition to fictional opponents. Within his enthusiasm, Marcus also changed Planet Earth for the better while being a magnificent, gentle person with superhuman talents. This person would give everybody around him the belief that they could rely on both him and themselves. His talents would surprise them.

This land of growing trees belonged to Marcus. The reason for it was for him to imagine that his life was more favorable than it truly was. This was where nothing could harm him.

During one Saturday while Marcus was in the land of growing trees, he wrote a story about a pirate who went fishing. Soothing breezes and birds who sang melodies pleased him. Unexpectedly, a mermaid came out of the water. They fell in love, and they eventually got married. Actually, Marcus found himself being soothed to sleep by breezes and singing birds. He did not wake up until it was time for him to go home for dinner.

During the next Saturday while Marcus was in the land of growing trees, he made up his mind to write a letter to a classmate he had disagreed with. When he showed that classmate the letter the following Monday, they apologized to each other and became friends. Marcus felt better.

One other day in school, he noticed a girl in his class. Her name was Natalie. She had the most beautiful brunette hair Marcus had ever seen.

The following Saturday in the land of growing trees, he could not stop enjoying thoughts of showering Natalie with presents. Marcus wished to make her the princess of his heart. He also wanted to give her the universe’s cutest teddy bear on Christmas Day.

Eventually, there was a Valentine’s Day social scheduled at school. To Marcus’ surprise, Natalie invited him to go with her. This was the happiest he had been in a long time, and they enjoyed one another.

During one spring Saturday morning while Marcus sitting in the land of growing trees, there was a breeze. This made him happy. It inspired him to imagine sailing on a vessel with the wind in his face.

The warmth of the morning sun made him feel so good. Once again, it soothed away his pain. He was happy enough to dance even though there was not any music. The center of his emotions overflowed with melodies. He also imagined living by the ocean, and walking by the water every evening so he could fall asleep. This put an even bigger smile on his face.

During the next Saturday, there was a serious thunderstorm. Marcus’ parents told him he had to stay inside until it was over. He was in tears. He was fearful of both the dark and the thunder. Marcus silently wept for the security that the land of growing trees gave him. There was no way for him to relax now.

However, a soft voice within the center of his emotions told him not to let go of his experiences within his enjoyment. This voice told him that there would be sunshine at the end of the tunnel. It was then when Marcus’ tears dried at last.

It also told him to write his aspirations for the time to come. As he wrote them down, Marcus finally had a smile on his face. Before Marcus knew it, the storm was over. He was finally able to run to the land of growing trees. Once there, he started to imagine inventing a universe without dangerous thunderstorms.

During the next Saturday in the land of growing trees, Marcus imagined having Natalie to go sailing in a vessel with. It would be under a blue, cloudless sky. The sun would keep them warm. The ride in the vessel would be speedy. The vessel would cradle them. Marcus would swim to find pearls for Natalie.

During the following Saturday, Marcus imagined sailing within a vessel with beautiful blue shades. He wanted to sail in the morning into the night when points of light from the heavens came into the sky. Marcus never wanted this day to end. He imagined seeing the moon. This soothed his nerves. It was his guardian angel.

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