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West Valley isn't just a city. It's a family. And family accepts each other- whether they like it or not. When Eden, a bartender at a strip club enters this community, her "impurities" are pronounced, as she finds herself in the middle of a hyper-religious sect. Eden finds herself in an all-time low. Strung- out and working in a strip club, Eden is ashamed of herself. It isn't until a special man treats Eden to a trip to West Valley she starts to feel alright. But her new family isn't very keen on letting Eden go. In fact, they will do anything to make sure their family is intact.

Drama / Romance
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The cool, crisp breeze carried down from the mountains tickled Eden's bare shoulders. Beyond the iron wrung gate and security check-point, the mountains challenged the horizon. This was life, real life.

"Oliver! Quick, the sun is setting!" Eden exclaimed.

Oliver hurried onto the balcony, tousling his brown locks while doing so. He stood behind Eden, slipping his hand to rest on the slope of her waist.

"We're right on time Eden," Oliver whispered into her hair delicately.

Eden couldn't help but blush. She let her arms extend like a bird taking flight, and breathed deeply. This was nothing like the toxic air of Manhattan.

The mountains were showered in rays of deep pink, orange, and gold, as the sun was readying itself for sleep.

"It's so beautiful," Eden whispered.

Even the gray people stopped mulling about and turned to stare at the mountains.

"Who would've known this was the place for me," Eden said chuckling to herself.

"God always has a way of showing us what's best for us," Oliver whispered into Eden's ears.

He turned Eden around gently, staring into her eyes. His expression was impassive, as he cradled Eden's face. Before Eden could register anything else, he was kissing her.

Eden gave a small sigh, and pulled away from Oliver, resting her head on his chest.

"Oliver," Eden whispered. "How do I know you're going to stay?"

Oliver held on to Eden tighter, nuzzling his face into her hair.

"I will always stay with you, Eden." He promised.


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