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"Okay. Open your eyes."

Eden tentatively open her eyes, and immediately gaped at her reflection.

Her lids were smoked out in a fiery red and black combination, and the earthy tones in her brown eyes shone. Her lips were a bold red, and her skin glowing.

Eden tentatively touched her hair, which was also foreign to her-- her light brown hair sprang in shiny, loose curls. Eden turned to Peach, who was watching her expression in the mirror.

“Peach! You did so good! Thank you!” Eden said, beaming.

“Yeah whatever.” Peach said, rolling her eyes. But Eden could tell she was pleased with herself.

Taylor came from her own vanity mirror to admire Peach’s work.

“Peach, what the hell! She’s supposed to look like a whore, not an angel.” Taylor complained jokingly.

“Don’t worry, she’ll make herself look like a whore.” Peach answered sweetly.

Eden and Taylor shared a grim smile in the mirror. There was the Peach they knew.

Mike ran into the Pit and herded the dancers off. Mike nodded at Eden confidently.

Eden waited at the sidelines, watching the dancers mount their poles. The men hooted excitedly, and Eden found her eyes drawn to Taylor once again. There was something inexplicable about the aura she gave while preforming...

The neon lights went into strobe effect, bathing the stage in a blur of orange, green, and blue lights. Eden automatically got on the floor, and started to collect the in-pouring money.

As soon as she hit the stage, the shouting from the men ensued. Money flooded in from all sides of the audience. The strobe lights were dimmed, and there was a single light on Eden. The fast-paced rap was lowered, and a slower, sensual melody was floating through the speakers. This was her cue.

Taking her time, Eden rose from the ground. She played with the hem of her plain black tee, and smiled into the crowd. The audience was screaming at this point, as Eden took her shirt off slowly. Then, she unzipped her denim jeans, and slipped them off.

Eden hoped the audience couldn’t see her shaking, as she mustered the most confident smile she could manage. She spun slowly on the spot, and strutted across the stage. She ended her act by blowing a kiss and winking into the bright spotlight.

As the lights faded out, all Eden looked up and saw what looked like a tsunami: it was a wave of money her way. She jumped up in the air, and grabbed a bill. It was a hundred dollar bill.

Her eyes as wide as saucers, Eden scrounged the floor, and stuffed bills into her bra.


Eden twirled around to see Taylor standing behind her, her hands crossed across her chest.

“You couldn’t even call me to help? A damn shame.” Taylor said playfully.

Together, crawled on the floor in the dark, collecting as many bills as they could. They laughed, and after they were content with their loot, they walked into the Pit.

Their laughter was cut abruptly-- as soon as the duo walked in, all heads were turned to glare at Eden.

Yesterday, the Pit was unsympathetic towards Eden, but today it was downright hateful.

Peach led a slow, sarcastic clap. She plastered a horridly sarcastic smile and advanced on the duo.

“Wow! I wish I could plaster on someones company on my boobs, strip, and make a months worth of rent!”

The curtains placed above the Pit door shifted; Mike walked in, wary of Peach’s behavior.

“Peach. Mind your business. She saw a business opportunity and took it.” Mike said shortly.

“No, it’s not fair. Why can’t we prance around the stage and make good money? For WoofPals.” Peach said, the scorn in her voice evident.

Mike’s eyes narrowed, and he slowly advanced on Peach.

“You don’t believe in my business?” Mike asked quietly.

“No- I never said tha-”

“None of you bitches believe in me! You don’t think I hear you gossiping every night, shitting on my business?” Mike said meeting the eyes of each dancer.

“And it’s hilarious- so fucking funny to think I’m the only reason you’re not on the streets? The only person who believes in me is HER!” Mike said, pointing a knobby finger at Eden.

Eden instantly felt guilty. She herself had partaken in trash-talking Mike, but she kept her mouth shut.

"Maybe she's only nice to you 'cause she wants to shoot up heroin with you." Peach spat.

The Pit went silent. Peach had gone too far. Mike stared at her, his lips closed tight and his face red.

“You know what. Peach. Get the hell out.” Mike said, staring at her with steely hate.

Peach’s mouth fell open, “Mike, come on Mike, you know my situation.”

“Yes, I am fully aware and I don’t give a fuck. If you don’t support me, why the hell should I support you? All you do is sit up here and complain, and you’re a mediocre dancer. OUT! Mike screamed.

Peach abruptly got up. In a whirlwind, she cleared out her vanity mirror, brushing stray tears as she moved.

She made a beeline to the door, until she suddenly stopped and turned to Taylor. A sickening sweet smile spread across her face.

“She’s coming for your spot next. You may think y0u’re elite, but she’ll ruin your career too.” Peach said, not batting an eye.

Her gaze flickered to Eden. “And you. I’ll be back for you, bitch.” Peach promised.

Peach, and what was remaining of her pride left the building. The Pit returned to it’s usual chatter, but a weird energy was lingering about.

Eden turned to Taylor, whose face was strangely unexpressive.

“Well on that note, I guess it’s time to clock out.” Taylor decided. “Come on, let’s go to my place."

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