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Cinnamon Waffles & He's Lawful

Taylor! It’s back on!” Eden yelled to Taylor.

Taylor ran back into the living room, clutching a bag of popcorn. She jumped on the love-seat next to Eden and snuggled close to her.

“About time. The commercials are like an hour long!” Taylor said, stuffing caramel popcorn into her mouth.

Eden faced the t.v., but her mind was still bouncing wildly from the events at the club. Still giddy in thought, she turned off the television and stood before Taylor.

“Hey! It was just getting good!” Taylor exclaimed.

“We can watch that later. Now, I was thinking, if I’m going to be dancing tomorrow, I need to sharpen my dancing skills.” Eden said.

Taylor’s eyes narrowed as she silently watched Eden.

Eden spun slowly on the spot and suddenly broke into a split on the floor.

“One, you look like a break-dancing child. Two, that’s obviously a rip-off of Tay-Jump.” Taylor said, rolling her eyes.

Eden tried to hide her disappointment. She sat next to Taylor, and turned the t.v. back on.

“Jeez, Peach wasn’t kidding when she said you’re out to get us all,” Taylor said under her breath.

“You don’t believe that trash, do you?” Eden said, turning fully to Taylor.

“Of course not,” Taylor said. “Of course not.”


Eden woke up to the smell of cinnamon and waffles and knew Taylor was treating her to breakfast.

Eden got off Taylor’s bedroom floor and stretched. She must’ve fallen asleep watching the movie and sleep-walked to Taylor’s bedroom again.

She walked into the adjacent bathroom and found her spare toothbrush under the sink and washed up.

“Hell yeah, cinnamon waffles!” Eden said walking into the kitchen.

Eden stopped dead in her tracks. All squeezed together at the tiny kitchen table, the girls from the club were seated. Ariel, the Candi twins (Angel and Hailey), Danielle and Coco.

“Morning sleeping beauty,” Taylor said. She raised her eyebrows at Eden’s disheveled state.

“Morning... morning girls.” Eden addressing the girls.

No one answered; the Candi twins eyed her in silence, Ariel stared at her while taking a long sip from her orange juice. Danielle and Coco began a lively conversation out of thin air.

Eden sighed. It was obvious the girls were mad at her. She glanced at Taylor, who gave a half-shrug.

“They wanted to come over to have brunch, so I couldn’t resist.” Taylor said half-apologetically. “I saved you a plate though.”

Taylor handed Eden a plate of cinnamon waffles with a generous amount of maple syrup.

“Thank you,” Eden said accepting the plate and fork. She snarfed down the plate leaning against the doorway of the kitchen.

“Eden,” Ariel began.

“You know we’re not here cause of a damn brunch.”

“I know,” Eden said. “You guys think I’m the reason Peach got fired.”

The air in the kitchen shifted. Everyone was staring at her now.

“We weren't on good terms. You guys know that. That’s just how the industry works. I don't like it anymore than you guys do, but coming here trying to confront me isn't going to help." Eden said. Her eyes met everyone at the table.

"No one's trying to confront you. I just feel like rather than gossiping with ourselves it's better to come to you how we feel." Danielle said honestly.

"I respect that. And I know, I don't like how Peach was thrown out either." Eden said.

It was true: Eden, as much as she despised Peach, did not enjoy knowing she sent Peach back to the streets.

"The only reason I got on a pole in the first place is because of Mike. I'm sure any of you would have done the same for a little extra cash."

"Yeah, yeah, just promise you'll stay out of business." Danielle demanded.

"Yeah, of course that was the first and last-time." Eden responded.

"Promise." The Candi twins demanded.

"Alright, alright. I promise."


"The club is so boring at this time." Taylor said, navigating through the club chairs. She eyed the geeky thirty-year old men who just left their 9-5 jobs.

The mens eyes followed Taylor's short red shorts, and lacy black bralette.

"I know. But honestly, I like it-- the guys at this time aren't gross." Eden said, following Taylor to the Pit.

Suddenly, Taylor stopped in her tracks, and turned around sharply, dragging Eden with her.

"What, what?" Eden demanded.

Eden saw what was wrong: nearly 20 feet in front of them a well-built man in uniform stood, a hand on his police belt.

Taylor's boyfriend, offficer Brad.

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