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Bo and Lukas go through tough trials as she has just gotten out of one herself. They have to figure out how to work together on fixing their relationship but also Bo's life. The trial has ended and Bo has been deemed non-guilty. Who is the murderer of Zachary Nelson and everyone else? The boys, Bo, and Madeline all take the law into their own hands and continue to investigate the murders and who could possibly be behind them. Some of the least suspecting people end up wrapped up in the mystery of Bo's life. Hope is all they have as they travel around the country and even the world, to find out everything about each other and this killer. Will the group ever find out who the murderer truly is or will they let the man or woman who almost ruined Bo's life roam the earth forever?

Drama / Mystery
J.K. Morgan
4.9 22 reviews
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Chapter 1

Sunday Night

I finish taking a body shot off some girl and without hesitation, she pulls me in for a wild make-out. I’m dazed as she lets me go, all the alcohol I’ve drunk finally setting in.

“Let’s keep this party going!” Adrian yells from the roof. The music blasting from the speakers adds to the intense energy of his words. I watch as he does a front flip into the pool and everyone cheers for him when his head breaks the surface.

What a fucking idiot, but I can’t argue that it doesn’t look fun.

“Hey,” The girl I was making out with only moments ago shouts, trying to get my attention. When I look down at her, her blue eyes are staring up at mine and she’s practically hanging off me, “Are you looking to have some fun?”

She pulls a blue pill from her pocket, a slight smile on her face as she shows it off.

My shirt gets wet from Adrian’s hand and he raises an eyebrow when he sees what the blonde is offering, “What’s the motto for tonight, man?”

“Fuck it,” I repeat the words he told me a million times before we got here and take the pill from her. I pop it into my mouth and swallow before I can even taste it.

Adrian pats my back enthusiastically, “That’s my boy! Watch yourself with Carrie, she’s a wild one,” Adrian winks at her before disappearing into the crowd.

Carrie takes my hand and leads me to the side of the pool where people are dancing.

“You’re a really chill guy, I don’t think I’ve met one like you before,” She starts dancing wildly, like she’s on something, which she most likely is, “Your friend is the definition of party but you, you’re different.”

I grab her by the waist and our bodies move with the rhythm of the music that the DJ is spinning. Carrie is silent, a small smile playing on her lips as we continue dancing through the night.

I’m handed shots left and right and I knock them all back, not really caring how this could affect me. I’ve needed this for months, I miss partying to blow off steam.

My dancing stops, though, when I see Amelia standing alone. Her dirty blonde locks are curled to perfection, like always. The dress she’s wearing even clings to her body, outlining every single God given curve.

“What’s wrong? Not feeling it anymore?” Carrie’s voice registers in my brain and I tear my eyes away from Amelia. She pulls my head down to her level. Her lips softly stroke my ear as she speaks, “I got more things to spice up this party in the car if you want to come with me?”

“Like what?” I ask, all of a sudden interested. My eyes find her blue ones and she smiles, bigger than I’ve ever seen anyone smile before.

She takes my hand, “Come with me and you’ll find out.”

Just as we’re about to walk past Amelia, Carrie stops and looks her up and down, “Do you want to come with us, darling? You look like you need a little pick me up.”

Mel eyes me suspiciously and then her eyes flick over to the smaller girl between us, “Sure, sounds like fun.”

“Great! It’s a party in my car then,” She never lets go of my hand as she leads us to her Suburban. I let Amelia and her sit in the front seat while I stand outside the car.

I’m hot and I don’t know if I want to sit in a stuffy car.

Carrie turns around to look at me, “Get in! It’s gonna look suspicious if you just stand out there.”

I can feel sweat trickling down my neck and it feels good with the wind blowing. I don’t want to get in but I reluctantly hop into the backseat.

“Easter Compliments by Carrie,” She pulls out a big bag of different colored pills and even some weed, “We can do anything you guys want. If you name it, I’ve most definitely got it.”

“Do you have some coke? It’s been awhile since I’ve done it,” Amelia says immediately after Carrie opens the bag.

“Of course! What kind of person doesn’t have coke?” Carrie scoffs as she pulls out a small bag of the powder, “Here’s a dollar, I assume since this isn’t your first time, you know what you’re doing?”

“Yeah,” Amelia laughs, taking the dollar and putting one end in her nose and the other end just above the line. She inhales it through the bill and I raise my eyebrows at the thought of her doing drugs. She does a couple more and then hands it to Carrie who does her own.

Is this what she did while we were dating?

“You wanna try?” Carrie asks me, one of her perfectly drawn eyebrows raise in question.

“Fuck it,” I sigh, taking the bill from her hand and repeating exactly what I saw Amelia do. I do two lines and my nose feels like it’s burning a little but not too bad.

“Now this is pure coke. There’s nothing added to it, top shelf if you want an easier understanding,” Carrie turns to look at me, a slight smile on her face, “Any other requests?”

“Weed, weed sounds good,” I say, leaning back in the seat, a big smile never wanting to leave my face.

“I wanna get in the back with you,” I hear Amelia say, the door pops open next to me and she sits in the seat, comfortable as can be.

“Lucky for you I just got a fresh shipment of Snoop’s Dream. I got a killer bong in the back if you want to do that and if you want to hit some dabs I got those too.”

“This sounds like heaven,” I sit up from in my seat, full of energy and reach into the furthest back seat and find her clearly us two-foot-long bong and her dab rig, “This is pretty fucking cool.”

I check out the design of the bong as I hand Amelia the rig.

“This is for you,” Carrie says, handing Amelia a torch and the wax, “And this, you,” She hands me the bag of weed she was holding onto earlier and I load up the bowl.

I take a pretty big hit from the bong and over the noise of the music playing in the car, I hear Amelia coughing hard. She’s trying to catch her breath and I can’t help but laugh.

It’s cute watching her trying to smile and pretend like she’s okay while coughing at the same time.

I take another hit of the bong and this time, my lungs feel like they’re on fire, “Holy fuck,” I cough out as I finish.

“It hits good doesn’t it?” I nod, still coughing like I’m hacking up a lung and hand her the piece.

Carrie shakes her head, pushing it back towards me, “Take another from the bong and then we should go back to the party. I don’t want anyone missing us,” Carrie instructs as Amelia goes to take another dab.

I prep another milky hit and clear it. I’m starting to feel good, very fucked up but good.

“Now let’s go!” Amelia squeals, practically jumping out of the Suburban.

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