Sugar Flame

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" For every flaming desire coated in sweetness is what dresses a dreaded nightmare in the attire of a possible dream" None of them knew the truth. None knew the color of their hearts nor the shade of sky they sleep under. It was only later that some realized they were watching with one eye closed. Some discerned that the truth is never the the one granted easily but the one sought with excruciation. For every flaming desire coated in sweetness is what dresses a dreaded nightmare in the attire of a possible dream. Even water can burn when it is pursued faultily.

Drama / Mystery
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Hello there!

I hope you are all having wonderful days/nights wherever you are

This note is important as without it, understanding the book will be a very rocky journey. So please take the time to read it.

First, the book is significantly symbolic. The idea it carries is very symbolic so dig as deep as you like.

Second, remember that characters do not purposefully have to be people in their origin and representation. I drop hints every now and then to reveal hidden ideas, so read closely.

Third, you know the quote that says that one’s name says a lot about them? It is the same case with this book. Pay attention to the letters in each character's name.

I promise this book will be like nothing you have read before

If you’re reading this, thank you for reading this note and have fun living this plot’s adventure!

Remember, it is always a party wherever you are ♡

- M

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