Pumpkins and Panties

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He was the schools bad boy with a reputation to flick her bra straps and try to peek in on the material downtown. She was the quiet one with a reputation to slap a certain someone silly when he got to close to her. He was the one to find her favorite fruit; by seeing her panties for the first time. She was the one to find herself in detention for the first time; by giving him a bloody nose and sore family jewels.

Drama / Romance
Rebecca Bryant
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: HIM

“Please, can’t I just stay home? I mean, it’s a long walk and my poor feet are going to get worse blisters then they already have!” Clary pouted at her father who was standing at the stove cooking their breakfast as he rolled his eyes at his only daughter.

Flipping over the pancake that was slowly turning dark brown, Lucas Wholewater shook his head. “Nope. I need your car to get to work as you know mines in the shop and you have school today; most importantly you have your chemistry test today.” He laughed as he heard his daughter groan loudly with a soft thump that indicated that she had let her head fall to the counter of the island. “My darling girl, do that again and you’ll have a bruise. And you’ll still be attending school today!”

Lifting her head slowly, Clary glared at her father’s back and huffed, making a large dramatic scene of setting her elbow onto the counter and placing her narrow chin on her palm. “I don’t know why you hate me so much!”

Shaking his head, Lucas looked over at his shoulder at Clary with a smirk. “I hear that come out of your mouth again I’ll take that as you don’t want any of my special home styled flapjacks!”

“Daddyboo, you know I love your flapjacks and you also know that I can’t cook worth shit other than my ever loving elbow noodles with Zesty sauce, so you wouldn’t deprive your only daughter of those glorious things you call pancakes.” Clary grinned, laughing as Lucas simply scoffed and grabbed two plates from the cupboard right beside his head. Watching as Lucas place two pancakes on each, Clary clapped her hands like a seal when the plate was set in front of her with fork and syrup on the side.

Kissing his daughter’s forehead, Lucas ruffled Clary’s hair and quickly escape the slap his daughter was trying to deliver to his chest when he stepped out of the way with his plate and one pancake held tightly in two separate hands. “Well, I have to get to work, kiddo. I’ll see you just after six, how about I pick up Thai on the way?” Lucas questioned, grabbing his briefcase after stuffing the rest of the one pancake he held into his mouth.

“Mhm, sounds good. I’m going to stop by the library to study, just text me when you’re leaving work and I’ll pack up and head here.” Clary spoke through her mouthful of pancakes, laughing as best as she could with a filled mouth at Lucas’s glare. Swallowing what was in her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and yelp as her father went to grab it between his fingers. “Too slow, old man!” She screamed in laughter, jumping from the stool she was perched on as Lucas stepped towards her with a raised brow and scrambled around the island with her plate, setting it into the sink before starting the water up.

“Okay, well little girl. I’ll text you when I’m able to leave the office. I’m locking you in so no one steals you-”

“They’d just bring me right back and place me right where they got me!” Clary shouted after Lucas who was slowly making his was towards the front door of the apartment, chuckling at his daughter’s words.

Setting his briefcase beside the door and grabbed his suit jacket from the hanger Clary had hung it on the night before after ironing it, he looked back at her through the hallway that connected the front hall to the kitchen. “That’s very true. They wouldn’t want to deal with your attitude. You’d just open your mouth and they would run bloody murder to get you back!”

Tossing her imaginary hair back off her shoulder like a drama queen, Clary shrugged. “Duh. No idiot would deal with me. I mean; it’s me!”

Laughing, Lucas could only shake his head at his daughter’s tactics. “Yes. So much like your mother you are, so much.” He mumbled the last part, but Clary was still able to hear him and sadly smiled at the thought of her mother. She had died three years before hand in a car accident that not only left her dead; but Clary’s three year old brother, L.J. or Lucas Junior, as well as the drunk driver that had hit them. Clary had been at a concert for band with Lucas worrying his heart out by the doors of the school when they got the call from the hospital.

Lucas had waited till Clary was finished all her pieces in the band before pulling aside her band instructor who after hearing the low down on what was happen quickly received Clary’s from her friends and ushered her to her father with a worried face.

That night they lost the two most important people in their lives and everything changed; Clary had pulled from band as it was her mother who encouraged her to play and slowly stopped hanging with many of her friends. Only a select few at stayed with her through the up and downs of her attitude, many leaving her to defend for herself.

“I need to go, darling girl. I’ll text!” Lucas said, opening the door and closing it behind him before Clary could say any sort of farewell.

Turning with a shake of the head, Clary tapped on the water to the sink and set the plug in to fill it; the dishes from the night before were still in there because Lucas hadn’t gotten home till late and fell asleep on the couch doing another paperwork when it was his turn to do the dishes yesterday. Though Clary wasn’t complaining as she knew her father worked hard to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. All the money she gained from working at the local hardware shop went into her own entertainment, presents for Christmas and birthdays as well as putting more than forty percent of each check into a separate account for her university fond.

Watching as the water rose in the two tubed sink, Clary slowly turned and pressed her back into the counter, looking after her with a slight frown.

The apartment had been home to her father and she for two and a half years after both had agreed that living in the same house they shared with Clary’s mother and brother and all the memories was not helping them have closure. It as the reason that in a weeks’ time after coming to a decision, Lucas moved them both into a two bedroom apartment closer to Clary’s school so when she walked it wasn’t too far for her even though she didn’t mind the exercise and not having to take the bus she once took from their old home.

Skimming the kitchen area, Clary scoffed; in the two and half years they had been there neither of them could find the time nor desire in painting anything in the apartment even though they were allowed. The walls all around the apartment were either the stereotypical baby blue found mainly in the kitchen and the two bathrooms then the rest was eggshell white that was everywhere else. With every few pictures here and there around the house of their tiny family of four around walls from before the accident, a few taken of either Clary or Lucas or both in the two and a half years since the deaths of their other family members were surrounding the others. Mainly Clary kept all her ones in her room, decorating with the different things she collected over the years along with a few of her mother’s old collectables. There were other things around the apartment that made it feel more like a home, but Clary knew that it would never really be their house. Most of the furniture was second hand bought; all still in good condition, but those things didn’t were not theirs.

“Shit!” Clary gasped as something dripped onto her leg that was scolding hot, she swirled to cry in frustration at the sight of the sink over flowing with water. Scrambling to slap the tap off, she huffed in annoyance as she quickly grabbed up a few tea towels from where they sat on the floor in the corner after Lucas spilt batter all over them and quickly started to wipe the extra water up.

Ringing them out into the other sink that was slowly draining from the water that had gotten into it when the sink flooded, Clary glanced at the clock and winced.

Forty-five minutes to finish getting ready and get to her first period before the bell rang at 8:50. Dropping the towels into the laundry basket that was just outside of the kitchen doorway, Clary rushed to her room on the other side of the apartment and quickly grabbed her clothes; a pair of black jeans, a black hoodie and a tank top that said: “Girls Do It Better”. Printed in large print on the front, along with her white high tops that she kicked out of her closet before shutting it.

Tugging off her cotton PJ bottoms and sleeping tank top, she stuffed herself into a pair of Halloween panties with pumpkins printed on them before clipping on the matching bra to keep her breasts in place. With Halloween quickly approaching in seven days, Clary was excited for the carving of the pumpkins Lucas and her were going to purchase in three days times, as well as being able to eat the cooked pumpkin seeds.

Grabbing her jeans, she shoved her feet into them before pulling them up and bottoming them, stuffing her feet into a pair of black socks before pulling her shoes on and lacing them. Clary grabbed her tank top and got in on before tossing on her hoodie, leaving it open.

Tripping over her own feet when she grab her white backpack, Clary fell onto her unmade bed with a soft thumb and scrambling back up to place her school things into backpack.

With a quick look at the clock, she grabbed her locket her mother had given her on her birthday before her death and clipped it on as she rushed from her room.

Snatching her keys from the front hallway table, she tossed the door open and closed before making quick work of locking the door and rushing off to school.


Huffing and puffing, Clary quickly tried to catch her breath as she neared the school and slowly jogged to the front doors where her best friends were standing; Jason and Adam. Growing up with both of them, Clary had no problem with them being around her all the time she needed them. She was lucky they stayed around because she knew sometimes when she tried to push them away at the time of her mother’s death they just kept pushing themselves back.

“Hey, babes!” She said, skidding to a stop in front of her two best friends as she stepped between them when they parted slightly for her.

Jason kissed her forehead nosily with a grin, “Look who made it on time walking. I’m amazed. Really and truly am.” Jason gushed with a smirk, pulling his pink backpack up higher on his left shoulder. One thing you needn’t to know was that he was gay; expressing it every time her could.

“Hello, love.” Adam mumbled, side hugging Clary before opening the door for his friends and motioning for them to enter.

Walking through the door behind Jason, Clary glanced around the school looking between all the different cliques they had. As much as Clackson High was modern in their day and age; they still had major cliques; the jocks and cheerleaders, the think-populars, the geeks and nerd, the loners, the bad boys group and then them, the regulars who only made up a tiny part of the popular of Clackson High. They were the people that didn’t have a place in one group, but more than one and it was the reason they were considered the regular group with an ability to switch between whatever group they belonged in without much hassle.

“I need to go my locker and grab my English books. Want to come with?” She asked Adam and Jason when Adam slipped beside her after getting through the door after them.

Jason shook his head, “I have to meet with Daniel before class, because he forgot his gym bag at home when he left earlier this morning!” Daniel being Jason’s older twin older, something that Daniel took to great lengths to mind Jason that he was older then him. “See you, sexy things later!” He strutted in his very Jason like way away from where Adam and Clary were standing with a tiny way behind him.

“Okay, byes!” Clary waved back before turning back around the face Adam. “Are you coming?”

Adam chuckled, “Course considering we have the same class next anyways!”

Grabbing her hand, Adam led them around the multiple groups of the school towards the grade twelves’ locker bay. In order by last night, they walked till they were almost at the end and Clary detached her hand from Adam to turn her locker number into the lock before unclipping it and swinging the door open.

Untucking her arm from the one strap on her bag, Clary lifted her knee to rest the bottom of her bag on as she opened it and grabbed the things she didn’t need for the next two periods and placed them into her locker; grabbing out the things she did and replacing the ones she just took out.

“The fair is this weekend, Jason wants to go badly on the Saturday as it has the derby, but I told him I’d have to make sure with you. I know you have pumpkin picking with your dad, so we were wondering if you wanted to go afterwards.” Adam asked, moving to lean up beside her on the other locker.

Turning her face to look at him, Clary blew her bangs from her eyes and thought about it. “Yeah. We’re going picking at like two add a few hours and we should be home by four. Five at the latest.”

Adam grinned at her, making Clary blush slightly at the boyish look and dip her head down to pretend she was working on something in her bag. For the past few weeks she had started to notice Adam a little more then she used too; how his shaggy blonde hair was always getting in the way of his eyes, the way his eyes sprakled when he was speaking to Jason and how his tall frame was always protectively blocking them from most people. She knew there was something going on between Adam and Jason she didn’t know about, but it still didn’t stop the tiny feelings that were slowly forming.

Closing her bag and the door to her locker, Clary locked it and treaded her arm through the other strap. She rolled her eyes when Adam rested his elbow on her shoulder like a table; at 5′6" she was 7" inches shorter then Adam and 5" inches shorter then Jason; both loved to use her as an arm rest as well.

“You’re an ass!” She laughed, shrugging off his arm. “Lets get to class before the be-”

The sound of the shrieking bell cut her off mid-sentence making them glance at each other and laugh loudly.

Adam grinned, his laughter not lasting as long as Clary’s he gently wrapped as arm around her and started to lead her to their first period.

“Ugh! English, one of the most painful classes ever!” Clary huffed as she settled.

“I know. Just think only an hour and a half to deal with him then you’ll have a break till fourth period.”

“Him. Him. Him. Him. One of these days I’m going to get suspended because I did something to him-” Clary stuttered, quickly not speaking as he stepped out from another hallway and into her way.

Glaring at him, Clary watched him.

He was the bad boy of all bad boys in their school; he was the ruler of pretty much anything and everything with a thing for annoying Clary.

He was well known from the highest of the populars to the lowest ninth grader for having a reputation of snapping Clary’s bra straps and trying very hard to get a tiny look at the things she wore under her bottom.

Knowing that there were multiple bets around the school about the two; if he, Emmett Austin, was going to see her panties by the end of the school year or was she going to be able to keep his grabby hands from exposing them.

“What do you want, Austin?” Clary growled loudly, multiple people stopping to see what was going to go down on the mostly un-eventful Wednesday morning.

Smirking, the jerk licked over his green snack bites that went well with his green tipped shaggy hair that other than then green was dark midnight black. His tall and very buffy 6′7" frame towered over Clary like a skyscraper, making it much easier for him to pick on her to the point she was able to do some very real damage.

“Well, cupcake, I was just coming to warn you about English class. I’m a bit edgy today and you know that boring class and me edgy makes it even more of an amazing time to annoy a certain someone!” He chuckled, leaning the slightest bit to make quick movements of snapping her bra strap.

Yelping in surprise and some pain, she screamed in frustration as she went to hit him and noticed her was already half way down the hall; his black biker boots leaving heavy footsteps.

Unable to not watch him; Clary eyed his dark black slightly tight jeans that hugged his ass in just the right way as well as his muscle hugging top half that was slightly covered by the back pack he wore on one side with a leather jacket hanging in his right hand.

As if he could feel her eyes on him; Emmett turned and winked at Clary over his shoulder.

“Oh my lord!” She growled, huffing and turning to where Adam was trying hard not to laugh.

Wrapping an arm back around Clary’s shoulder, he led the way to where Emmett was heading: English.

“Maybe Ms. Sweden will let you change decks.” He said hopefully, pulling along a fuming Clary.

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