A Possibility of Nothing

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I continued to touch the lines on the sides of her stomach til a soft gasp left her mouth. I immediately jumped back and looked down. Hi there. Let me ask you a question.... Have you ever thought of suicide... Taking the easy way out Just because of someone else isn't satisfied with themselves Just know...it isn't worth it. Let me be the voice that tells you no Don't do it. Don't do what I almost did......

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A Possibility Of Nothing

   The moment where you realize your dreams are over isn't the best. As a child you had wild dreams of slaying dragons or being saved by a prince but by the time you turn 16 you realize all that is just a bunch of Bs. The worst bs, like when your crush tells you in front of the whole junior class that your a nerdy nobody, yea that type of Bs....yea it sucks But this isn't an inspirational story where every once in a while I yell DON'T GIVE UP over and over again because to be honest, that's what I wanted to do, but things...uh well they changed for the better. It took some hard work and perseverance but I wouldn't be the amazing person I turned out to be today. I was able to find love and happiness.
Maybe my story can persuade you into looking at the better side of the wreck because I went through HELL, we all go through hell but it takes a warrior to fight it, it takes a warrior to make a possibility out of nothing......

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