The Ordinary Lives of Everyday Thieves

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Chapter 10

Fred Buckley, 36, lawyer.
Married to Jenifer Buckley, 32, interior designer
Worries: Jenifer worries that Fred is having an affair.
Stays out late, misses phone calls, almost non existent sexual appetite.
Request: Find out the truth and take pictures.

Ashton read over the message again, taking note in his mind. He had been watching Fred for close to an hour now, and so far everything seemed in order. He was currently meeting with a client, that, from what Ashton could tell, was a divorce case.
The meeting ended soon after it started, and Fred was on the move, heading out of his office for the first time since arriving. He grabbed a cup of coffee before answering a call. He stepped in the hall, and Ashton had to listen hard to understand whatever they were saying.
It sounded like he was on the phone with a client, but instead of meeting here, he told them to meet in the park. Ashton grabbed his bag, following silently as Fred left the building, and jumped into his car.
Ashton rolled his eyes much more exaggeratedly than was necessary seeing as no one could see him, but he couldn't help it. He was gonna have to mention this whole car situation to Henry again when he got back.
Ashton took off at a jog, glad that he knew where he was going, and even more glad that the park was only five or so blocks away. With the traffic it's possible that Ashton could make it there before Fred.

When Ashton got to the park her scoped the area out, looking for either Fred or whoever he could be meeting. Currently the only people here were a mother and her two kids, a few teens hanging out by the swings, and young couple making out on the bridge. Ashton had no idea who he could have been meeting. Ashton got a text and looked down at his phone.

Update? Text me your 20!

Ashton sighed, texting to Henry that he was at the park and someone was coming to meet Fred. Henry texted back that he would tell Jenifer. Ashton was about to answer again, but was cut off by Fred's car pulling into the parking lot. Ashton pulled out his camera again, looking through the viewfinder and snapping a few shots of Fred talking on the phone. He was too far away to hear what he was saying, and he had never been good at reading lips so he really had no clue who he was on the phone with.
He strolled leisurely through the park until he reached the park bench next to the pond. Ashton realized that if he wanted to have any idea what was happening he would have to get closer, so he began to walk toward the pond, staying by the tree line and blending in with the shadows. He wasn't more than a hundred feet from Fred, and the man still wasn't aware he was near him.
Ashton watched as another women walked up to Fred, sitting down next to him. He smiled, and Ashton silently snapped a picture. They talked for a few minutes, as far as Ashton could tell they just sounded like old friends. Ashton was about to text Henry again when he heard something he wasn't expecting.
“I don't know what to do Karen, I think Jenifer is cheating on me.” He said, looking out over the pond. Ashton stopped in his tracks.
The only reason that Fred could sound like that was that he wasn't cheating on his wife. But then, why did they both think that they were cheating with each other. Ashton began to walk away to call Henry when out of the corner of his eye he saw a girl that matched the picture he was sent of Jenifer. He knew right away what she was going to do. He rushed up to her, trying to stop her.
It was too late, Fred had already noticed her and was making his way over to them, when Ashton tried to intervene he ran into someone and fell backwards.
Looking up he saw the last person he expected to see. Michael was standing there, looking just as confused as Ashton was.
“Ashton? What are you doing here?” He asked, this was not something that Ashton was used to. He was really used to getting in, getting what he needed and getting out before anyone noticed he was there. He had no idea what to do in situations where he was caught.
So, Ashton followed his instinct and took a step back to run away. However, instead of making his mistake his foot tripped on something and he fell backwards. Lucky for him there was something there, unluckily for his clothes the something was a pond. He fell in, and was immediately on the bottom. In his mind, he knew that he could easily swim up, but his mind just shut off the second he hit the water.
The young boy felt himself flapping around in the water, before he felt a pair of strong hands grab his shoulders, pulling him out.
Ashton looked into Michael's eyes and just knew that he was not going to like the conversation he was about to have.

Michael wasn't even home from his study time with Ashton before he got the text. He didn't even bother to read it, not really caring until he got home. When he pulled in the driveway he was immediately bombarded by Sol, telling him about the next mission. He had to stalk some girl cause her husband thought that she was cheating on him.
He sighed at the boring case, but accepting it anyway. After all, he needed the money and he had been bored recently. He was to follow a 32 year old female named Jenifer Buckley.

The next day he found himself outside of the woman's office, waiting in his truck for something to happen. He could hear everything being said, thanks to a but he put onto her coffee mug that morning.
He finally perked up when he heard her scream into her phone, then he heard a door slamming and watched as she got into her car, heading south Michael waited a moment before following her. It didn't take him long to guess that she was heading for the park. He followed a few cars behind her and drove an extra block, walking back to the park so it wouldn't be as obvious that he was following her.
By the time he got there, the subject was already approaching what appeared to be a man, matching the picture of Fred.
That wasn't what surprised him though, what did that was the small boy watching from just a few feet away. His auburn hair and forest green eyes giving away who he was almost immediately. Michael made his way up to the couple, then to Ashton.
“Ashton? What are you doing here?” He asked, watching as Ashton looked around him, undoubtedly looking for an out. He finally took a step back, only to trip on a... duck? Yes, Ashton Miller tripped on a duck.
He fell into the pond behind him, and Michael watched for a second as he sunk to the bottom. He knew that he could probably just stand and come close to the surface, but he figured he needed to help the kid when he didn't rise out of the water after a few seconds, he reached in, pulling the boy out, noting again how small and light he was.
Michael though back to the first time he had found the boy, on the ground in that alleyway, a bullet wound in his side. How he looked with his shirt off, everyone of his ribs showing.
Ashton looked into his eyes and knew immediately that he was not getting out of explaining this one.

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