The Ordinary Lives of Everyday Thieves

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Chapter 1

The text came in, interrupting the class. Ashton's face lit up bright "S-sorry." He said, he stood up.

"It's fine, is it important?" Ashton looked at his desk, and nodded slowly.

"Please take it out to the hall."

"Yes ma'am, thank you." Ashton rushed out, closing the door quietly behind him. He let out a sigh of relief, and looked down at his phone, already knowing what it was probably going to say.

Sure enough it read:

New Mission! Call me!

Ashton sighed, and began dialing.

"Ash, good thing you answered, we have a new job, and it needs to start now."

"I'm in school Henry!"

"Yes, that is why it has to be now The job takes place in the school."
Now Ashton was listening. "Your principal contacted me, he said that more and more kids are finding and doing drugs. He needs us to find who is selling them and put a stop to it."

"Got it, Henry, are there any clues yet?"

"They say they assume that it's a group of popular kids who are selling and distributing them."

“Is there proof?"

“That's what they want from you.” Henry explained.

“Do they want real proof, or just want me to frame them."

"Find the real proof."

“Got it, I'll start tight away." Ashton said, hanging up his phone.
Ashton walked back into the classroom, keeping his head down. He felt the eyes of everyone in the class on him.

"Is everything alright'?" The teacher asked politely, I nodded silently, feeling my face heat up. "That's good." was all the teacher said before jumping back into the lesson on the importance of Shakespeare in modern English literature.

Ashton spent the rest of the class looking around, trying to profile the kids there. Who would be the nerds, the jocks, and the popular kids. It was slightly harder due to the fact that he had just gotten in to this school less than three months ago. Luckily for him, everyone pretty much fit the stereotypes. The popular girls dressed in pink on the laps of the jocks in the Letterman jackets.

The nerds sitting in the back of the room, discussing the latest episode of Doctor Who?

Then there were the misfits, the ones that didn't fit into any of the other groups.

Ashton figured he must have been in that group, he was more of a loner, sitting by himself and not bothering to make friends, or to raise his hand in class. He was normal by most standards, you know, other than the whole trained thief thing.

There was one kid that stood out slightly more than, he looked like a senior, but Ashton wasn't really one to judge ages. He was much taller than Ash, he had black hair and stormy blue/grey eyes. He wore a tighter red t shin with the school logo and faded jeans. All in all, he was exactly the opposite of Ashton. Tall, over six feet, and muscular. The boy had an air around him that demanded to be noticed.

Ashton was nothing even close to that. He was short, maybe five five, if he stood up straight, which he never did. He didn't like himself, so he always tried to keep himself from being seen. This caused his dark auburn hair to always be messy and cover his abnormally green eyes. He wore clothes that were much to big for him, this was mostly due to the fact that he was so skinny that anything he wore swam on him.

Ashton made sure to take note of this boy, he just seemed suspicious. He figured he would get the case started as soon as school got out today.

That damn Sol, why did he need to text him when he was in the middle of a conversation with a cute girl. All for some stupid ease that he didn't even care about.

So what if there were kids doing drugs in school, that's no different than any other high school.

But he had been asked by the super intendent to go under and find the root of it, so that was what he would do.

He spent most of his Chem. class screwing with the teacher, who would just roll her eyes and continue on with the lesson. Finally, giving in to messing with the class, he decided to scope it out instead.

He saw his friends, the jocks, the popular girls that wouldn't get off their laps, and the nerds. Lastly, he looked through the nobodys. They were harder to profile due to the fact that he knew nothing about them.

One kid in particular caught his eye. He looked like a 13 year old, so Michael assumed that he must have skipped a few grades. He was short and skinny. Not slim like some girls like, but skinner than most of them. He had a dark rust colour to his hair, and Michael was unable to see his eyes due to the way that his hair hid them so well. 1 le seemed out of place, he was so unique, but at the same time he was plain enough to blend in.

Michael would have to keep tabs on him.

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