Unspoken Vows, Book 1 of the Heartbeat Series

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Chapter 10. Personal Pain in the Ass-istant

When I woke, I realized I was in the hospital, and the dim light over the bed was enough for me to focus on the black and white clock across the room that read seven-thirty. The calendar beneath said in bold letters June 10, 2009. My chest still hurt like someone punched me in the ribs. I looked at the monitors, felt the blood pressure cuff inflate, and before a nurse could fill me in on the details, Megan stood over my bed.

For sure, I had passed onto the other side. I was in hell now. Megan was going to do with my life what she had threatened to do from day one. She was going to put me on a diet.

“Your blood pressure is out of control,” Megan said with her eyes watching the monitor as the BP cuff deflated. “I’m taking you home as soon as they’ll discharge you.”

“Where’s Angie?”

“At home, with Brandon. Lilly’s on her way to your house.”

“You called her?” I asked, infuriated.

“No, your Mom beat me to it. Lilly’s on summer break, and she’ll take over with Angie until the fall. We have your health to be concerned with here and now.”

Since she didn’t bother to ask me, I asked her, “How are you?”

“I’m fine, now that I know you’re not going to up and die on me any time soon.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I called Bianca.”

“A regular Ma Bell are you? You didn’t get her on the phone, did you?”

“No, one of her company’s people said they’d pass the word onto her.”

“They usually do.” I pulled the oxygen tube from my nose and set it under my chin. Her brow furrowed at me while she put it back into my nostrils and tucked the extra tubing behind my ears. I wanted to bat the annoying thing away, but Meg’s stare told me otherwise.

Looking as if she was restraining tears, she said, “I’m sorry I upset you.” So, that’s what the feigned anger was about. Megan thought that she caused the heart attack, and she didn’t want me to see her cry. She thinks she’s so tough. I smirked at her and patted her hand, seeing for the first time the IV tubing that was coming from mine own and the staining of iodine beneath the tape.

“You did no such thing. If I remember correctly, I was the one itching for a fight.”

“You were looking for a stroke, but your heart gave out instead,” she said. Now getting up and turning away from me, I saw that her gorgeous ass was encased in my favorite hip-huggers, the acid washed ones that hugged every bit of it.

“Your life is going to change drastically when I get you home, Alexander Corwynn. I’ll be damned if this ever happens again on my watch.”

“Oh, Hell--” I said, as she turned back with her hands on her hips, her brow furrowed, and her tits about to fall out of that tapered blouse. Maybe if I get her a little more upset they’ll fall right out of that push-up bra already bursting the button at the bra line open.

“Yeah, that’s where you’ll end up if you don’t start behaving yourself. Damn it, Alex, the nurse told me that you haven’t been taking your blood pressure meds regularly either, and you know better,” she said. When she noticed that my eyes were not with hers but that they were watching her tits, she quickly re-buttoned the blouse.

“Now, you didn’t have to go and do that. I was enjoying the view. Are you going to be my nurse now?”

“Nurse, assistant, whatever—”

When she walked into the adjoining bathroom and checked her blouse in the mirror, I said, “Personal pain in the ass is what you’re trying to be.”

After Meg put out the bathroom light and returned to my room, she said, “You need your rest.”

“So do you. If I tell you how to get to my condo, will you go away?”

“No, not until I talk to the doctor.”

“Meg, I’m not going anywhere.”

“You can give me the keys and the address. I’ll take a cab, but I’m not leaving until after I talk to your doctor.”

“Who died and made you my Mommy?”

“Your Mommy appointed me. She believes you have met your match and said that if you don’t behave yourself, I’m to call her and she’ll come to stay with you while you convalesce. So, you got a choice, Alexander, your mother or me.”

See, she said that to piss me off. Meg knew that my mother called me Alexander, especially when she nagged me. When Meg wants to get under my skin, she’ll call me Alexander, which makes grit my teeth.

While I adored my mother, the last thing I wanted was for her caring for me after this heart attack. After the last one, I wished I had died when she moved into the house. I was no longer Alex Corwynn, music mogul, no, I was reduced to Alexander her five-year-old boy all over again. That was one experience I did not want to revisit any time soon, and Megan knew it.

I rolled my eyes. The last thing I needed was Mom there riding my ass every minute of the day. Meg may not have been too pleased with me, but I was glad to see her, especially in those tight hip huggers with that tapered blouse and push up bra. As she lowered the bed rail, I watched her taut belly. The scar was hardly noticeable now. Meg kicked off her sandals and sat on the bed with me, putting my hand in her lap as she held it. Her hand combed through the curls on my head, as she attempted to relax me back to sleep. When I moved my legs, I instantly felt uncomfortable and picked up my head to investigate what they had attached to me down there.

“You’re cathed,” she said, noticing my uncomfortable expression. I set my head down again and sighed.


The blood pressure cuff began to inflate again. Her eyes were glued to the monitor with each heartbeat, staring at the diastolic and systolic readings as if she knew what they meant.

“I hate hospitals,” she muttered.

“Me too, at least you could leave if you want to. I think I’m stuck here until they’re done torturing me.”

“Any higher and you’d be dead,” she said, shaking her head and groaning at me with disdain.

“You think?”

“I know, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of you until you’re well again,” she replied, rubbing my evening beard with her thumb.

“Quit being so damn nice.”

“You brought this on yourself, just remember that.”

When Megan returned from the condo the next morning, the nurses understood why I called her my personal pain in the ass. I had been in and out of tests all day, and it seemed like someone was always poking and prodding at me. By the late afternoon, I was moved onto a regular floor and into a private room that had a pull out bed for Megan so she didn’t have to leave my side. How I wished she would after the first night. God love her, she truly cares but she’s too protective of me. Everyone who mattered to me telephoned--but Bianca. Sean and Ryan had called twice that day while I was having tests and they called again when I was having my vitals done for the tenth time that day. Megan decided to fill them in on the whole event before I had a chance to say hello.

Why must they constantly do that? If I’m breathing and bitching, then damn, why bother wasting time doing a temperature reading and my pulse? Hospitals are so inefficient. I wanted the phone, but Megan moved away from the bedside so she could purposely give Sean an earful without any restraint from me—as if I was in any position to restrain her.

“He definitely had a heart attack, Sean. He’s going home to New York as soon as he can travel. Then I’m not letting him out of my sight until he’s healthy again.”

Finally, I wrangled my cell phone from her ear, glad it was plugged into the charger with a swift jerk of the cord, causing it to slip from where she had perched it between her ear and shoulder. As a result, I got “the look.”

We were at the hospital for seventy-two hours before I was discharged into Megan’s custody. I say that because she went from being my sexy assistant who teased me to my nurse and Mommy within days. No longer did she feel that her duties remained in the office. She monitored what I ate and whatever Anna cooked for me. Meg administered my medications, and according to her schedule, she sent me upstairs for a nap every afternoon. Now that, I didn’t mind. Before the heart attack, I’d sack out in my leather executive chair after lunch for a half-hour, and she’d just shut the door and let me be until the phone rang requiring my attention.

Now, like a toddler, I was required to go upstairs and take an afternoon nap in my bed. At first, I supposed this would be great. Let her deal with the foundation and field any calls that came in from the label and I’d take a gander at the soap opera vixens or those trashy broads on the talk shows. Fat chance.

Meg realized my plan on day one. No sooner did I have the guide up on the flat screen and found a show to watch when she walked into my bedroom with those hands perched on her hips, her eyes glaring at me for disobeying her direct order.

In a huff, Meg took my remote from me and put on a classical music station. I pouted as she covered me with the chenille throw from the winged-back chair, making certain my pillows were fluffed and shutting the sunlight out by closing the drapes. As long as I didn’t argue with her, Megan would fuss over me and do almost anything I wanted her to do.

Mind you, I didn’t mind her fussing all of the time. If I worked it well, she’d sit with me and tease me with those sweet hands, all the while, I enjoyed the view of the woman who was almost twelve years younger than me and perched on my bed. Since it was summer, Meg had switched her T-shirts for tank tops, but the low swooping neckline of the crop tops was my personal favorite when she’d twist or turn or bend over to kiss my forehead. That was my favorite thing she did at nap time--bend over and kiss my forehead so that I got a full view of that lavish valley between her perfect tits.

Do you have any idea how much restraint it took not to lift my head so my nose would land right in that cleavage? Inhale that lovely sweet perfume which I knew she purposely doused them with every morning just to tease me? Meg caught me staring at them one afternoon and found it very flattering, so she said before she kissed my cheek. If she patted my head, I think I would have killed her, but she didn’t. When she woke me that afternoon, I was certain that I was still dreaming because she stood over me in a new bikini.

“Are you trying to give me another heart attack?”

“No, I thought you should decide which one I should keep. I bought two but I can only afford one.”

“You can’t return swimsuits, Megan. It’s against the law.”

I loved that bikini with the royal blue triangles over her tits and the front of her sex. I motioned her to turn around. She giggled and showed off the thong back.

“I think I’m going to have another heart attack,” I jested. “Back up a little, I see a string hanging from it.” She backed up. Ha! She fell for it! I didn’t go for a string, but I felt up her ass pretty good instead. It was rock hard against the hip, soft, and fleshy at its base. Meg indulged me and held still while my hand inspected it and landed in between her legs at the top of her thighs. All the while, I could hear the shrill of a giggle climbing up her throat as she thoroughly enjoyed my toying with her.

“Your tits and ass look great in that one. Go put on number two.”

“It’s a one piece.”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t cover much.”

“I bought it with you in mind.”

“This I got to see.”

Megan knew how much I enjoyed watching her. I swore she got a charge out of it, and personally, I didn’t mind the fire she put in my pants. It reassured me that the new blood pressure pills hadn’t ruined my mechanics. She changed in my bathroom and opened the door for me to see the coral one piece that seemed like strips of material that stretched from her shoulders to her sex in the front, just barely covering the rosy aureoles of her tits. My eyes must have bulged out of my head as she turned slowly about on sexy heeled sandals so I could get a full view of her barely covered body in coral spandex.

“Where’s the suit?”

“You like it?”

“Let’s just say I don’t have to use my imagination anymore.”

As if she expected another grope, Meg stepped closer to the bed and turned so I could see the thong on that one too. The cris-crossed lacing up the back was very appealing to the eye and made the suit hug her figure even more.

“Don’t wear that around Angie,” I said, reaching up and strumming the laces with my fingers, settling on the V of the thong, snapping it and making her laugh.

“Oh, no, I’d never,” she replied, quickly turning about and bending over so her tits bobbed in front of my face. “I’ll make a deal with you. If you don’t fuss at me about your diet and take your pills, I’ll wear one out to the pool with you.”

“Neither will last the first dive.”

“I’m going to get you well, Alex,” she said, sitting down at my side and leaning forward to kiss my cheek. Her hand slipped between my legs and her thumb caressed my hardened member as she winked at me before she got up to fetch my shorts from the dresser. She tossed them at me, and I caught them before they hit my face.

“I’ll see you at the pool,” she said, leaving the coral one-piece on and forgetting the bikini on my winged-back chair as she sashayed down the hall in the swimsuit and the little-heeled sandals. Megan had lit my fire and she was proud of it.

A few minutes later, I found her poolside sitting in a chaise lounge. She must have made a stop at the office because she had that blasted clipboard and calculator with her, which meant she was doing figures for that grant proposal. Before she began her lecture on skin cancer for the fifth time that week, I reached for the sunscreen. Meg opened her legs astride the lounge and patted it, setting the clipboard on the table. How I enjoyed this. She didn’t seem to mind it herself as her dainty hands spread the lotion across my back. Always the tease, Megan slowed up some when she got to my lower back. Finally realizing that if she teased me any more my embarrassment would manifest itself, I reached for her hand and led her to the pool. I dove in first and she followed me.

After I checked to see if there was any fall out from her dive, I said, “The water’s nice today.”

Damn, they held rock solid in that suit. We swam some gentle laps since she wouldn’t race me like she had at the start of the season. I loved watching her in the water, and for a few minutes more, I could forget Randy, Connor, Angela and Bianca and all the other problems that stressed me out before the heart attack. As I climbed out of the water, she handed me a fresh plush towel. Although I wanted to pull her against me, she was too busy squeezing the water out of the thick braid that hung from the nape of her neck. I helped her squeeze it out into a puddle on the concrete before we sat down together.

“What are you working on?”

“A proposal to AFGAR.”

“They’ve rejected us two years in a row.”

“They’ve never rejected any proposal I ever wrote them.”

“But you were in Cancer research before—” I said, stopping myself, and letting her have her moment of self-confidence.

Anna came out to the pool just then. She had one of those worried hens looks about her and had the phone in her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s for Megan. It’s him again.”

“Give it to me,” I said, taking the phone.

“Look here, Davenport,” I said into the phone as he hung up.

“He’s been calling here almost five times a day,” reported Anna. Meg tried to act as if it was news to her, but I knew better. She didn’t want to upset me, and before she could say it, I thought it and let it go, knowing that I’d be listening for the phone more than I had in the last week.

“Call the phone company tomorrow and have his number blocked from the house and foundation phones, Megan. That goes for your cell phone too.”


“Anna, if he calls again, you bring me the phone, understood?”

“Yes, Mr. Corwynn but your heart—”

“My heart can handle the likes of Davenport any day. The man’s a coward or he wouldn’t take his aggressions out on women. A cowardly misogynist at best is not worth any woman’s effort, especially Megan’s.”

Meg winked at me. I protected her and she knew it. She took the phone from my hand and called Brandon to see when he would be returning Angie home.

“We’re doing dinner and an exhibit in the village. Tell Alex he might have his baby home by midnight. I adore this child. An art fanatic! Tell Alex I said that, damn it, it’s about time we get custody of Angela and keep her!”

We sunned ourselves for an hour before a final swim. Meg had finished the calculations she had made and I glanced at the tablet, having to move it back from my face in order to see the tallied numbers.

“You’re not serious!” I said to her as she stood up to jump back in the pool again.

“Absolutely. Aim High, Mr. Corwynn. The higher the better, even if the return is low, at least it’s a return,” she said, pulling her thong out of the crack of her ass. She was teasing me out of my chair.

“Come on, one more,” she said, pulling me up by my hand, “the exercise will do you good.”

The phone rang while we were in the pool and once more Anna came out with another extension. Now, Megan, had two to carry into the house and replace on their pedestals. I had them all numbered inconspicuously on the sides for this very reason.

“It’s Lilly,” she said, making us get out of the pool. I let Megan go up the ladder first and watched as the water dripped off her perfect legs. I knew that if Anna hadn’t been there, I would have definitely pulled Megan back down against me, phone call or not.

While I climbed the ladder, Meg dried off and talked to Lilly first. She and my niece Casey would be here in two days and within the week, Angie would leave with them for the summer. I had offered to rent them an RV, but on second thought, I decided to purchase one, that way I’d have it for later treks across these fifty states.

After saying goodbye to my sister, I told Megan that we had a date with a luxury recreational vehicle salesman after dinner. She smiled and went upstairs to shower and change out of her swimsuit. To get that kind of treatment again, I’d behave myself for the next week at least!

We had a ball that night. If we saw one trailer, I think we toured a dozen of them. Meg would always find the bunk bed up above and she’d drop her braid down for me to see her acting like Rapunzel up there in her tight shorts and crop top. When the sales guy wasn’t looking, she’d give me a full view of her cleavage, enjoying my raised eyebrows and one time, even giving him a show. The poor sap about lost it then. I think he was ready to toss his commission to the wind for five minutes alone with Megan.

He got his right mind back as she rolled over and told me how comfortable the mattress was on the loft, and I took her word for it. After I signed all the necessary papers and cut the check, I drove the RV home and Meg followed me in my Cadillac. Glad that I hadn’t taken the Jag since I forgot that Meg didn’t know how to drive a standard, I told her that would have to change.

She laughed at me and asked if I was going to give her lessons. I watched her in the rearview mirror with my Caddy. She’s not the greatest driver in the world, but she managed fine, making me realize that I would wait on those lessons until my heart had recovered from this bout.

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