Unspoken Vows, Book 1 of the Heartbeat Series

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Chapter 32. Weekend Visit

My first week in L.A. landed me in the office for a sixty-hour week filled with meetings, lunches, dinners and contracts. By the time I got back to the condo, it was eight at night. Meg was in bed, eleven o’clock Eastern daylight time. All week we argued about her leaving the house in New York to come out here for a weekend. I called anyway. I needed to hear her voice. I took off my tie, grabbed a Guinness from the fridge and dialed the phone.

Before she could get a hello out of her mouth I said, “Come to L.A.”

“No. I can’t leave the foundation. I have too much work to do.”

“So do it on Monday. Take a break and come to LA. I need you in a bad way.”

“Oh Alex.”

“Please? I miss you.”

“Okay, I’ll be there.”

“I’ll send the jet for you.”

I arranged for Meg to fly out at noon, having her arrive before dinner in Los Angeles. The day seemed to move slower than ever. Every meeting and appointment dragged on. Then, Daniel Stockton stopped me in the hall as I got a cup of coffee.

“Alex, you wanted to see me?”

“Yeah, get a cup of coffee, we need to talk.”

Unlike Brandon, Daniel’s idyllic lover, Daniel was all butch. If you didn’t know that Daniel was gay, you’d be setting him up with your sister. A brilliant lawyer, clean cut All-American athlete in college; Daniel was every mother’s dream for a son-in-law. Tall, dark, handsome, successful, he went on hundreds of first dates out of kindness only to burst the girl’s bubble at the door when invited in for a nightcap. Any social life Daniel had was kept a secret. He wasn’t “out” here in the ACR office by his own volition, and I honored that.

When Daniel walked into my office, I was at my desk reading email and found an E-card from Megan. I opened it and found a cartoon character blowing kisses at me. Without thinking, I left it on the monitor.

“What’s up, Alex?” he asked, seeing the monitor, “Maybe I should ask what’s not up?”

“Funny, Daniel. It’s from Meg.”

“I heard a rumor that you two finally became an item.”

“I’m sure a little bird in Manhattan told you.”

“Of course he did, he’s a blue jay you know.”

“I know, certainly too much prowess for a pigeon. Do me a favor and keep it to yourself. We’re pretty shaky yet and any press sneaking around would only bring upon more stress.”

“No problem,” he replied as I motioned for him to sit in one of the leather chairs across from my desk.

“I want to discuss something of an extreme confidential nature.”

“My ears are open and my lips are sealed.”

“I want to sell ACR.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not.”


“I’m too old for trekking across the country.”

“So move out here.”

“Nah, I need New York.”

“You want to settle down with Megan.”

“Yeah, I do, eventually. Has anyone been sniffing around or dropping hints of a takeover?”

“A few, but I’ve held them off.”

“I appreciate that. I’d rather sell it than be bought out.”

“It’s more profitable, that’s for sure.”

“So who’s been sniffing?”


“Really?” Andre Merker was no stiff in the industry. He wanted his own label but didn’t want to start at square one. I knew him well, and I knew that he had a firm grasp when it came to investments.

“Who else?”


“Neil Cramer? Never.”

“He has more capital than Merker.”

“Merker has business sense, Cramer only knows how not to handle acts. I know, I was one of them, remember?”

“Right. I forgot you two had a history.”

“Who are his backers?”

“I don’t know, I’ll check it out.”

“I don’t want to move fast but smart. Daniel, I don’t want the staff in a frenzy over this. This is on the QT, got me?”

“I got it, boss.”

“Mr. Corwynn, it's four o’clock,” said Mrs. Simms’ voice on the intercom.

“Page Stefan.”

“Yes sir,” she replied.

I watched the jet touch down within minutes of spying it circling the airfield. When Meg stepped off, she had a bag in her hands. Typically I would stay seated in the limo, but missing her as much as I did, I couldn’t resist and met her on the tarmac, seeing that beneath her coat she wore a sexy black sleeveless dress that was tight in the right places and short where it should have been.

When she saw me, Meg dropped her bag and rushed into my arms. I kissed her and wanted to peel her dress off her that minute, but I knew if I did we’d spend the weekend in jail for lewd conduct than with each other. I picked up her bag and took her to the limo. As soon as we were inside, Stefan drove straight to the condo. Meg and I sat very close and cuddled like teenagers in a car alone for the first time. I kissed her for the whole half an hour we were stuck in traffic. Before we arrived, I had Meg’s back against the seat, and I was straddling her.

“Mr. Corwynn,” announced Stefan over the intercom, “we’re within two minutes of the condo.”

“Thanks, Stefan,” I said. Sitting up, I straightened Meg’s skirt that I had bunched up about her waist like some horny teenage boy trying to bang his date in the back seat before he had to have her home before curfew.

When we entered the condo, we found a candlelit dining room, soft jazz on the stereo, and a bottle of champagne chilling in the bucket. Mrs. Vegas had made us a lovely dinner, and the house smelled like roasted peppers and steak with a faint scent of baked potatoes.

After I put Meg’s bag down near the staircase and hung up our coats, she reached around me and kissed me while Mrs. Vegas set the salads on the table.

I popped the champagne and tossed the cork and wrapper in the kitchen trash can when I saw the lovely plates she had made us of sliced steak, potatoes, and roasted peppers. She was just covering them with tin foil and set them in the oven to keep warm.

“Dinner looks amazing, Mrs. Vegas.”

“Gracias, Senor Corwynn. Your dinners are in the oven to stay warm. Use the potholders to get them out, they’ll be hot.” Mrs. Vegas washed up the broiler pan then got her coat and purse to leave while we ate our salads.

“I almost forgot, Senor Corwynn, dessert is in the refrigerator.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Vegas. Have a nice evening.”

“You too, nice seeing you again, Ms. Beal.”

“Same here, Mrs. Vegas.”

Mrs. Vegas locked the door behind her, making one less thing for me to do. When she left, Meg smiled at me.


“I got all dressed up,” she pouted.

“You look so amazing that I don’t want to share you with anyone else.”

“Aren’t you sweet?”

I held her hand across the table.

“I’ve missed you,” I admitted.

“Same here. It’s too cold to sleep alone.”

“I’ll keep you warm tonight.”

Meg took our salad dishes to the kitchen and fetched our dinners from the oven. We ate a leisurely dinner together, enjoying each other’s company. When we were done, she took the dishes out to the kitchen, rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher for Mrs. Vegas, although I insisted that wasn’t necessary. Before I could get her out of the kitchen again, Meg started the dishwasher and took the dessert out of the fridge while I put the kettle on the stove.

Mrs. Vegas had made us banana cream pie with a high whipped cream topping that Meg sliced and dished out for us while I brewed some tea and set the tea tray with the pie and filled two mugs.

“Mmm, that tea, it smells lovely, what is that?”

“Mrs. Vegas found these fruity herbal teas. This is my favorite, Passionate Peach.”

We sat at the table enjoying our pie and tea, and when we were done, Meg returned to the kitchen and cleaned up. I followed her and wrapped my arms around her waist as she stood at the sink. Without restraint, I devoured her neck with kisses before then attacking her earlobe.

“Mmm,” she sighed, “I have something for you.”

“You do?” I asked, as she led me out of the kitchen and put me down into the large soft chair in the living room.

“Tell me,” I said, holding her hand.

“No, it’s a surprise,” she said, bending down to kiss my hand then setting it in my lap. She walked to her bag in the foyer and opened it, taking out a golden tie box wrapped in a red satin ribbon.

“I like surprises,” I said, untying the bow. As I opened the gold box and parted the white tissue paper from the contents, I found a lady’s black silk scarf inside the box. I took it out and realized that it had Megan’s perfume on it.

“Nice, but what am I supposed to do with a lady’s silk scarf?” I asked, putting it to my face to inhale the crisp scent of the perfume that I purchased for her for Christmas. Meg tugged it free from my hands and wrapped it around my neck, and then she climbed on my lap and straddled me, teasing me with the silk before kissing me and heightening the surprise.

“I have another surprise for you,” she said, moving the scarf back and forth between the collar of my button-down dress shirt and my designer suit coat.

“Oh my, two surprises in one night, I don’t know if I can take it, the ticker you know.”

“The ticker runs fine now that you have me, remember?” she teased, raising the scarf to my face and then wrapping it so it covered my eyes.

“Can you see me?”

“No,” I laughed.

“Good, now leave it alone. No peeking.”

“What are you up to?”

“You’ll see.” She kissed me deeply on the mouth, prying it open with her tongue. My hands found her breasts and rubbed her nipples taut as she kissed me. When she pulled away, she kissed each hand then left me. I heard her heels clickety-clack up the wooden staircase.

I listened to her move about the upstairs while I waited, figuring that part she was exploring to see if I changed anything since the last time she was there. I closed my eyes and rested, not worrying about whatever she was up to since I’d find out soon enough. After that dinner and whatever she has planned for this evening, I had better rest up. No sooner had I gotten comfortable, when the phone rang.

“Damn it,” I said, “Meg, can you get that?”

“Sure, love,” she called down the staircase. She chatted with whoever was on the other end and hung up before I heard her heels on the stairs.

“It was Brandon,” she replied, as she moved across the room.

“Is Angie—”

“She’s fine, she misses you though. Please call her tomorrow, she’s out with friends tonight.”

“Anything else I need to know?”

“About what?”

“About Brandon’s call. Just what did Bran’ want anyway?” I heard her heels stepping down the few marble steps from the foyer and knew she was in the living room when the sound of them was masked in the carpeting.

“He just wanted to know if I chickened out, or if I was really going through with this.”

“Interesting, so he’s in on it too?”

“Mmm hmm, we went shopping yesterday.”

She put the toe of her high heels between my legs near my crotch and reached for my hand that she placed on her leg.

“I’m liking this all the more,” I said, moving my hand up her calf and realizing that she was wearing silk stockings. I found its seam lining the back of her leg and moved my hand farther up the inside of her thigh until I discovered the garter belt, which I gladly snapped and smiled in approval. She stood absolutely still as a statue as I investigated the satin thong.

“What color is this ensemble?”


“White’s for brides.”

“Okay, consider it wishful thinking.”

“Is that a hint?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she replied, as my hand traveled up from the lace thong panty to her bare tummy. I felt for the belly button, expecting to find the scar. I didn’t find it. What I found, was a stud where the scar should have been.

“Hey,” I said with a smile, tugging the blindfold away from my face.

“You found it.”

I pulled her tummy close to me and kissed it. “Did it hurt?”

“A little because of the scar tissue, but I knew that you’d love it,” she replied, pulling the silk scarf from my neck. I stared at the little stud twinkling at me.

“I’m buying a diamond stud for that belly button.”

“Mmm, make that a diamond studded A. It’s yours after all,” she said, purring at my touch. I loved her ensemble of white, the thong panties, the garters and the push-up bra that extenuated her gorgeous cleavage. But most of all the belly button stud.

“You’ve been so patient with me,” she purred taking me by the hand.

“Yes, I have,” I replied. Meg led me by the hand up the steps. I gladly watched her ass sashay up those stairs. When we got to my bedroom, Meg undressed me. She put my suit coat on my gentleman’s rack and then did the same with my trousers and tie. With each piece, her hands and lips lingered upon me. Button by button she opened my shirt, her lips and tongue glided across my chest as I heard her purr and wanted her bent over the bed, her rounded ass perked up at me invitingly, but Meg was bound to tease me to frustration.

When she knelt before me to remove my briefs, I didn’t expect her to have me sit on the bed and part my legs. I accepted her gift and groaned with satisfaction as my hands kneaded her hair and guided her face in motion, shocked that she would even go there as it seemed like something she would never do. I needed her snatch to expel, so I pulled her up to her feet and bent her over the side of the bed. Meg giggled as I moved the thong over and took control of the situation. My hands squeezed her tits as I pulled her on me, thrusting all that I had stored up for this reunion all week. For only five days, I was as frustrated as if it had been five months. Megan gasped and moaned under my forceful thrusts as she writhed beneath me trying to escape her approaching orgasm.

I loved her in this state since she couldn’t control the situation and she had to endure it with me in charge. Relentlessly, I continued the rushed motion until she let go. I held on for an hour once, trying to convince her to let herself enjoy the satisfaction of pleasure again. My dear skillful Megan could get me off in five minutes, the way she moved those hips sitting astride of me, but for her, I held out. My hands moved to her hips, and tugged her against me as I plummeted deeply into her. She couldn’t escape me now or ever as she neared her orgasmic cliff. What I loved the most was her begging when she got this far along.

“Oh Alex, please, Alex, please cum. Please, please,” she’d sigh as she moaned. I never answered her. It was more fun listening to her carry on under my grasp. Damn, I needed to let loose so I slowed up just for a moment to pull her up to me and then attack her shoulder with wet kisses to distract her. When my final thrusts succeeded and Meg burst into orgasm, I released into the depths of her, enjoying the sound of her sated purr mingled with little pants.

“God, I’ve missed you,” I sighed, kissing her shoulder, and moving to her cheek after I sandwiched her between the bed and me. I wanted Megan again within minutes. All weekend I had this insatiable desire for her, not leaving the condo for long.

When I put her on the jet Sunday afternoon, Meg had the silk scarf around her neck outside the lapel of her trench coat that flapped in the wind. I kissed her on the tarmac and she smiled at me. Then I noticed. All weekend we were together and I hadn’t noticed her teeth!

“Smile again,” I said, and she obliged with a laugh. “They look incredible. I’m sorry I didn’t notice.”

“You had more important parts of me to attend to,” she giggled, not taking offense.

“I wish I could climb on that jet and go home with you.”

“I know.”

“I’d like to send that attendant home and make love to you at 20,000 feet,” I said, nodding at the pretty brunette who stepped from the cabin to the door, giving me the high sign that the pilot awaited only Megan.

“Mmm, we’ll have to do that sometime.”

“Indeed, that would be lovely.”

“Did you like your surprise?”

“I loved every single one. Tell Bran’ it was a success.”

“I won’t tell him,” she denied.

“You tell him everything,” I laughed, making her countenance fall again.

‘Stupid me,’ I scorned myself, ‘open mouth insert foot.’

“It’s okay,” I replied, trying to make up for her hurt feelings. “I don’t care. Bran is like my best friend in the world. If anyone knows me and what I like, it’s him.”

“I’m getting to know you more and more. I really adore you outside of the office, do you know that?”

“That I do. I love the belly ring. I’m serious about that diamond stud.”

Meg’s hand reached below my belt and glided up my erection’s bent.

“You’re making this good-bye even harder.”

“I should take care of that.”

“It will be there when you return next weekend.”

“Mmmm, if you insist,” she replied, playing with the lapel of my leather jacket again. She unzipped it and took off her scarf, wrapped it around my neck, then shut the zipper again.

Again, the attendant gave me the high sign.

“Until next time,” I said, as she cradled my face in her hands and kissed me deeply once more.

“Call Angie and Brandon.”

“I will, I promise,” I said, leading her up the staircase.

“I love you, Alex, come home soon.”

“I will, I promise. I love you too, Megan,” I replied, kissing her hand once more before she disappeared into the jet.

I sat in the Benz and watched the jet taxi down the runway. It glided into the sky, and I unzipped the jacket and felt the scarf that hung about my neck. I raised it to my face and drank in the scent of her perfume, wishing she were back in my arms and not climbing to 20,000 feet.

As I drove back to the condo, alone, I promised myself that soon, I wouldn’t return to the condo by myself if I had anything to do with it.

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